Alberta Business Licences

Provider: Service Alberta, Consumer Services Branch
Jurisdiction: Province of Alberta

This dataset includes 4 thousand businesses licenced by Service Alberta, Consumer Services Branch. Certain businesses are required to be licensed and registered by Consumer Services. Each business is registered with business number, business name, dba name, business location, expiry date, etc.

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Business NameAddressLicense TypeExpiry Date
Clyde Auctioneering Ltd.10235 111 St Nw No, Edmonton, AB T5K2V5Auction Sales2026-09-30
Mckinley Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing · Se Canada Inc.11122 156 St, Edmonton, AB T5M1Y1Direct Seller2025-05-31
Lando Auctions · 1697424 Alberta Ltd.10310 124 St Nw Suite, Edmonton, AB T5N1R2Auction Sales2025-02-28
Tradewest Asset Solutions Inc.10180 101 St No, Edmonton, AB T5J4K1Auction Sales2025-01-31
Bamford Michael (mike)3243 21 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6T0K9Home Inspector2025-01-31
Manheim Edmonton · Cox Automotive Canada Company11650 199 St Nw, Edmonton, AB T5S2C6Auction Sales2025-01-31
Beck Auctions Inc.12942 148 St Nw, Edmonton, AB T5L2H8Auction Sales2025-01-31
Andruchow Auctions Ltd16135 99 St, Edmonton, AB T5X4R5Auction Sales2024-12-31
Gd Auctions and Appraisals Inc.14510 124 Ave Nw, Edmonton, AB T5L3B3Auction Sales2024-08-31
Ed Prodaniuk Auctions · Prodaniuk Edward Kenneth7804 132 Ave, Edmonton, AB T5L2B1Auction Sales2024-07-31
Franklin Auction Co. Ltd.1163 35a St Nw, Edmonton, AB T6L2L4Auction Sales2024-05-31
Agco Finance Canada, Ltd10180 101 St, Edmonton, AB T5J3Y2Auction Sales2024-01-31
Cloudtrend Inc1312 Malone Place, Edmonton, AB T6R0G6Employment Agency2023-12-31
Rsi Inc. Recruitment Solutions Integrators10128 80 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6E1T7Employment Agency2023-12-31
The Baby Photographers Inc.11210-142 St Nw, Edmonton, AB T5M1T9Direct Seller2023-12-31
Winston Hawthorne & Co. Immigration Corp.3332 Parsons, Edmonton, AB T6N1B5Employment Agency2023-12-31
Gary Hanna Auctions Ltd11303 Yellowhead Trail Nw, Edmonton, AB T5G3J8Auction Sales2023-12-31
Victoria Immigration Services Ltd.1712 109 St Nw, Edmonton, AB T6J6B5Employment Agency2023-12-31
Alberta Property Inspection Ltd.18927 97 Ave, Edmonton, AB T5T5P5Home Inspection Business2023-12-31
Daymiel Arnel21029 92a Ave Nw, Edmonton, AB T5T6Z2Home Inspector2023-11-30
Jbr Inspections Ltd.165 Dunluce Road, Edmonton, AB T5X4P1Home Inspection Business2023-11-30
Work Plus Recruitment Ltd.10016 29a Ave Nw Unit, Edmonton, AB T6N1A8Employment Agency2023-11-30
Pillar To Post Home Inspectors · 2220019 Alberta Ltd.3604 112 A St Nw, Edmonton, AB T6J1J8Home Inspection Business2023-11-30
My Global Steps Immigration Inc.4216 97 St Nw, Edmonton, AB T6E5Z9Employment Agency2023-11-30
Centurion Home Inspection Ltd.3626 112 Ave, Edmonton, AB T5W0M4Home Inspection Business2023-11-30
Inspection Works · Waldon Works Ltd.9742 70 Ave Nw, Edmonton, AB T6E0V5Home Inspection Business2023-11-30
Cwd And/Or Devoucoux · Groupe Lim Canada Inc./Lim Group Canada Inc.10235 101 St 1700, Edmonton, AB T5J3G1Direct Seller2023-11-30
Pathfind Ltd.9945 50 St No 306, Edmonton, AB T6A0L4Employment Agency2023-11-30
Wadysacare Healthcare Services · Seablunith Canada Inc.6119 7 Ave Sw, Edmonton, AB T6X0G2Employment Agency2023-11-30
Perfect Home Inspections · Perfect Visioncare Inc5623 18 Ave Sw, Edmonton, AB T6X1P8Home Inspection Business2023-11-30
1486628 Alberta Ltd.1209 Wershof Rd Nw, Edmonton, AB T6M2M2Direct Seller2023-11-30
Rennie John A.165 Dunlucce Road, Edmonton, AB T5X4P1Home Inspector2023-11-30
A+ Authorized Home & Property Inspection Services Ltd17724 94 Ave, Edmonton, AB T5T3G8Home Inspection Business2023-11-30
Waldon Mitchell9742 70 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6E0V5Home Inspector2023-11-30
A Buyers Choice Home Inspections Southwest Edmonton · 2185082 Alberta Ltd.11708 11 Ave Nw, Edmonton, AB T6J7C3Home Inspection Business2023-10-31
Pavicic Ivan14320 117 St, Edmonton, AB T5X1S6Home Inspector2023-10-31
Mercan Recruit Ltd10117 Jasper Ave Suite, Edmonton, AB T5J1W8Employment Agency2023-10-31
Horizon Recruitment Inc10303 Jasper Ave 308, Edmonton, AB T5J3N6Employment Agency2023-10-31
Alarm Guard Security Services Inc.5615 94a St Nw, Edmonton, AB T6E4Z1Direct Seller2023-10-31
Trudgeon Troy10322 173a Ave, Edmonton, AB T5X3X2Home Inspector2023-10-31
Ardent Property Inspections · 1707008 Alberta Ltd10322 173a Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5X3X2Home Inspection Business2023-10-31
Celestial Employment and Financial Services Ltd.9814 44 Ave Nw, Edmonton, AB T6E5E5Employment Agency2023-10-31
A Buyers Choice Home Inspections · 2247135 Alberta Ltd3736 65 St Nw, Edmonton, AB T6L1H6Home Inspection Business2023-10-31 Inc.10060 Jasper Ave Suite, Edmonton, AB T5J3R8Payday Loans2023-10-31
2354409 Alberta Inc.1820 Towne Centre Blvd, Edmonton, AB T6R3B7Home Inspection Business2023-10-31
Preferred Personnel of Canada Inc.10335 178 St Suite 204, Edmonton, AB T5S1R5Employment Agency2023-10-31
Iancu Dumitru7905 Erasmus Cres Nw, Edmonton, AB T6M0S3Home Inspector2023-10-31
The Headhunters Recruitment Inc1 Tache St Unit, Edmonton, AB T8N1B4Employment Agency2023-10-31
Slate Personnel Ltd9578 111 Ave Nw, Edmonton, AB T5G0A7Employment Agency2023-10-31
Br Staffing and Placement · Brij Rathi Consultancy Ltd.4333 21 Ave Nw, Edmonton, AB T6L6L8Employment Agency2023-10-31
Jombone Inc.10180 101 St Suite, Edmonton, AB T5J3S4Employment Agency2023-09-30
Home Check Home Inspections · Mcmunn Bill4032 114 Ave Nw, Edmonton, AB T5W0S8Home Inspection Business2023-09-30
A Closer Look Inspections · Murray Randy722 177 St Sw, Edmonton, AB T6W2L7Home Inspection Business2023-09-30
Technologic Inspections Inc10526 71 Ave Nw, Edmonton, AB T6E0X1Home Inspection Business2023-09-30
Guardian Personnel Company · 1444807 Alberta Ltd#206 8657-51 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6E6A8Employment Agency2023-09-30
A Buyers Choice Home Inspection Edmonton South East · 2201723 Alberta Ltd.20231 54 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6M2W6Home Inspection Business2023-09-30
Mcn Canada Immigration Consulting Inc.12406 118 Ave Nw Suite, Edmonton, AB T5L2K4Employment Agency2023-09-30
310-Loan · Direct Credit West Inc.10180 101 St 2900, Edmonton, AB T5J3V5Payday Loans2023-09-30
Murray Randy722 177 Street Sw, Edmonton, AB T6W2L7Home Inspector2023-09-30
Ultimate House Cleaning · Zaporozan Diane3536 13 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6L3B3Direct Seller2023-09-30
Link Japan Careers America Inc.12220 Stony Plain Road No 600, Edmonton, AB T5N3Y4Employment Agency2023-09-30
Beck Home Inspection Corp.15104 81 St Nw, Edmonton, AB T5C1P5Home Inspection Business2023-09-30
Pentyliuk Steven10526 71 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6E0X1Home Inspector2023-09-30
Jak Staffing Solutions Corp.5728 19 Ave Sw, Edmonton, AB T6X1T7Employment Agency2023-09-30
Smart Home Inspections · 1618499 Alberta Ltd.596 Hodgson Road Nw, Edmonton, AB T6R3M2Home Inspection Business2023-09-30
Chhina Singh Ramandeep (rayman)5405 Crabapple Loop Sw, Edmonton, AB T6X1S5Home Inspector2023-08-31
C.k Home Inspection · Kim Chan Ju12050 17 Ave Sw No 55, Edmonton, AB T6W1X4Home Inspection Business2023-08-31
Anders Home Inspection Ltd.10423 164 St, Edmonton, AB T5P3R5Home Inspection Business2023-08-31
Inspecus · 1779290 Alberta Ltd.7132 178 St Nw, Edmonton, AB T5T3E9Home Inspection Business2023-08-31
Kang Home Inspections Ltd.4703 152 Ave Nw, Edmonton, AB T3Y3B7Home Inspection Business2023-08-31
10 Percent Recruiting Ltd10160 103 St Nw, Edmonton, AB T5J0X6Employment Agency2023-08-31
Rondeau Jason B.10493 184 St, Edmonton, AB T5S2L1Home Inspector2023-08-31
Devine David720 Welsh Drive Sw, Edmonton, AB T6X0N3Home Inspector2023-08-31
Opensource Talent Inc.10226 104 St Nw No, Edmonton, AB T5J1B8Employment Agency2023-08-31
Access Home Inspection Services Inc.6707 182 St Nw, Edmonton, AB T5T2C3Home Inspection Business2023-08-31
Mike Holmes Inspections · 2316551 Alberta Inc14032 23 Ave Nw Suite, Edmonton, AB T6R3L6Home Inspection Business2023-08-31
Is2 Workforce Solutions Inc.8023 Roper Road. Nw, Edmonton, AB T6E6S4Employment Agency2023-08-31
Jeff Hou Home Inspections · Hou Jian Jun4850 Terwillegar Common Nw No, Edmonton, AB T6R0T6Home Inspection Business2023-08-31
Cabin To Castle Property Inspections Inc10085 166 St, Edmonton, AB T5P4Y1Home Inspection Business2023-08-31
Kang Jatinderpal S4703 152 Ave, Edmonton, AB T3Y3B7Home Inspector2023-08-31
Valentus Canada · Valentus Health Products Inc.10155 102 St No 2700, Edmonton, AB T5J4G8Direct Seller2023-08-31
Medi Resource International Inc4250 93 St Nw, Edmonton, AB T6E5P5Employment Agency2023-07-31
Homework Cleaning, Inc.10020 101a Ave Nw No, Edmonton, AB T5J3G2Direct Seller2023-07-31
Nikken · Nihon Kenko Zoushin Kenkyukai, Canada Corp10155 102 St Suite, Edmonton, AB T5J4G8Direct Seller2023-07-31
In Demand Recruitment & Consulting Inc10128 - 80 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6E1T7Employment Agency2023-07-31
Dgi Inspections & Consulting Ltd.16236 49 St, Edmonton, AB T5Y3H8Home Inspection Business2023-07-31
Onkar Corp3323 34 St Nw, Edmonton, AB T6T2K6Employment Agency2023-07-31
2100971 Alberta Ltd.5307 90a Ave, Edmonton, AB T6B0P7Home Inspection Business2023-07-31
Veritas Seniors Concierge Inc6211 87 Ave Nw, Edmonton, AB T6B0L1Direct Seller2023-07-31
Modern Health C-Air · 2343797 Alberta Inc.205 Galland Close Nw, Edmonton, AB T5T6P6Direct Seller2023-07-31
Exterior & Interior Home Inspection Inc.1118 Kayne Wynd Nw, Edmonton, AB T6L6T6Home Inspection Business2023-07-31
Payne Home Sales · 1330293 Alberta Ltd13825 130 Ave Nw, Edmonton, AB T5L5B9Retail Home Sales2023-07-31
Gorn's Search · Gorn David123 Caldwell Way Nw, Edmonton, AB T6M2X1Employment Agency2023-07-31
Progress Immigration Consulting and Recruitment · 2314570 Alberta Limited7731 37 Ave Nw, Edmonton, AB T6K1T9Employment Agency2023-06-30
Aasen Douglas J3907 49 St Nw, Edmonton, AB T6L6E8Home Inspector2023-06-30
Jeunesse Global Marketing Ltd.10303 Jasper Ave Suite 2500, Edmonton, AB T5J3N6Direct Seller2023-06-30
Canadian Quality Home Services Inc.9932 70 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6E0V7Direct Seller2023-06-30
Wilsons Security · Wilson Security Limited12412 161 Ave No, Edmonton, AB T5X4W6Direct Seller2023-06-30
Carver Pa Corporation14815 119 Ave Suite 300, Edmonton, AB T5L2N9Employment Agency2023-06-30
Canadian Recruitment Group · 1843302 Alberta Ltd.17311 103 Ave Nw No 200, Edmonton, AB T5S1J4Employment Agency2023-06-30