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Jurisdiction: Canada
Source: Corporations Canada

This dataset includes 826 thousand corporation entities registered with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

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Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
All World Networks Inc. 46513-3607 Sheppard Ave East, Agincourt, ON M1T 3K8 2020-07-02
7228392 Canada Inc. 55 Milliken Boulevard, Agincourt, ON M1V 1V4 2009-08-21
Laurenz Candy Corporation Po Box 63592, 1571 Sandhurst Circle, Agincourt, ON M1V 1V0 2002-11-21
Sidney Smith Pharmaceutical Consulting Inc. 1 Rainier Square, Agincourt, ON M1T 2Z8 1997-10-21
3243711 Canada Inc. 44 Redheugh Cres, Agincourt, ON M1W 3C3 1996-03-27
Tiano Customer Service Solutions Incorporated 4181 Sheppard Avenue East, Agincourt, ON M1S 1T4 1995-05-17
Disassembly Diversion Industries Group Inc. 4240 Sheppard Ave E, Agincourt, ON M1S 1T6 1994-08-05
Toyordor Groceries (canada) Inc. 30 Timberbank Boulevard, Agincourt, ON M1W 1Z5 1992-08-13
Tsukushi International Inc. 850 Huntingwood Drive, Unit 64, Agincourt, ON M1T 3T3 1991-10-23
2698391 Canada Inc. 3850 Sheppard Avenue E, Unit 30, Agincourt, QC M1T 3L4 1991-03-14
Linshin Canada, Inc. 47 Marblemount Cres., Agincourt, ON M1T 2H5 1991-03-12
John Bridge Sales Agencies Inc. 34 King Louis Crescent, Agincourt, ON M1T 1W8 1989-08-31
Cue Paging (canada) Inc. 54 Melva Crescent, Agincourt, ON M1V 1A3 1988-06-14
Ness Home Security Network Ltd. 75 Blueberry Drive, Agincourt, ON M1S 2X9 1988-05-09
Executive Mentor Associates Inc. 42 Ravencliff Crescent, Agincourt, ON M1T 1R8 1988-03-18
Donn K. Wilson & Associates Ltd. 128 Heatherside Drive, Agincourt, ON M1W 1T9 1986-09-19
Kormos, Harris & Associates (canada) Ltd. 4240 Sheppard Avenue East, Agincourt, ON M1S 1T6 1985-11-26
Cgp Consultant-general of Portugal, Laws Corp. 3845 Sheppard Ave., Suite 707, Agincourt, ON M1T 3S8 1985-11-22
146213 Canada Inc. 40 Gorsey Square, Agincourt, ON M1B 1A7 1985-07-24
Mitsulba Canada Tradings Ltd. P.o. Box 376, Agincourt, ON M1S 3B9 1985-05-17
Micro-blossom Laboratory Inc. 21 Longford Crescent, Agincourt, ON 1985-03-20
World Red Swastika Society Canada 4184 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 4, Agincourt, ON M1S 1T3 1985-02-19
Second Corinth 911 Holdings Inc. 19 Glenstroke Drive, Agincourt, ON M1S 3A1 1984-12-07
136320 Canada Inc. 40 Hepscott Terrace, Agincourt, ON M1W 1E1 1984-11-05
135457 Canada Limited 1 Blueberry Drive, Agincourt, ON M1S 3E8 1984-08-31
Designtrend Furniture Inc. 136 Brimwood Blvd., Agincourt, ON M4V 1C4 1984-07-06
Hopelight Developments Limited 11a Glenwatford Drive, Suite 7, Agincourt, ON M1S 2B8 1984-05-07
Kanhai & Narain Import-export Co. Ltd. 68 Copperwood Square, Agincourt, ON M1V 2C1 1984-02-07
The Consortium for Computer Assisted Learning 4386 Sheppard Avenue East, Agincourt, ON M1S 3B6 1983-12-13
M.j.m. Miller Trading & Distributing Inc. 25 Bay Mills Blvd., Suite 812, Agincourt, ON M1T 3P4 1983-05-18
Sanano Holdings Inc. 3428 Sherppard Ave. East, Suite 203, Agincourt, ON M1T 3K4 1983-04-26
Cti-canoz Investments Inc. 31 Rooksnest Trail, Agincourt, ON M2S 3W1 1983-04-20
Ses Satellite Electronic Systems Inc. 65 Broomfield Dr., Agincourt, ON M1S 2W3 1983-02-18
K C E Wholesale & Distribution Limited 41 Belgreen Avenue, Agincourt, ON M1S 1G3 1982-11-24
Dom-can Financial Underwriters Limited 33 Bowater Drive, Agincourt, ON M1T 1T4 1982-10-14
Natcomper Inc. 92 Agincourt Drive, Agincourt, ON M1S 1M6 1982-06-15
Les Produits Pargeter Limitee 2245 Kennedy Rd., Agincourt, ON M1T 3G8 1982-03-15
The Talk Exchange Inc. 75 Huntsmill Blvd., Agincourt, ON M1W 2Z8 1982-03-12
Arcan Plastics Manufacturing Ltd. 270 Timberbank Blvd., Unit 70, Agincourt, ON M1W 2M1 1981-12-02
Specico Enterprises Ltd. 213 Silver Springs Boul, Agincourt, ON M1V 1G5 1981-10-20
J. K. Macleod Thermal Enterprises Inc. 101 Bushmills Square, Agincourt, ON M1V 1K5 1981-10-15
Goenz Nursing Registry Limited 3765 Sheppard Avenue East, Unit 118, Agincourt, ON M1T 3R7 1981-01-22
Waterbrook Holdings Limited 164 Commander Blvd., Agincourt, ON M1S 3C7 1981-01-13
Awl Marking Systems Ltd. 2950 Kennedy Road, Unit 5, Agincourt, ON M1V 1T1 1980-11-10
Trindom Industries International Limited 81 Brookmill Blvd, Unit 26, Agincourt, ON M1W 2Z8 1980-08-29
Duffyco Investments Ltd. 33 Blairwood Terrace, Agincourt, ON 1980-08-25
Mhi Markham Holdings Inc. 107 Carolbreen Square, Agincourt, ON M1V 1J1 1980-06-17
Hansfeld Industries Corp. 28 Crowfoot Place, Agincourt, ON M1W 2X7 1980-04-21
1001 Imports Inc. 404 Huntingwood Dr., Agincourt, ON M1W 1E8 1979-12-18
Indians Abroad Investors and Consultants Ltd. 42 Marydon Crescent, Agincourt, ON M1S 2H1 1979-12-18
Baredon Trans-canada Home & Garden Distribution Group Inc. 40 Cowdray Court, Agincourt, QC M1S 1A2 1979-12-05
Ivac Canada, Inc. 1401 Huntingwood Drive, Agincourt, ON M1S 3R9 1979-05-24
Pbk Industrial Equipment Ltd. 17 Longford Crescent, Agincourt, ON M1W 1P3 1979-04-04
Duorhythms International Inc. 34 Ulysses Place, Agincourt, ON M1V 1H9 1979-01-08
Xanadu Imports Ltd. 2a Invergordon Avenue, Agincourt, ON 1978-12-18
Canadian Chito-ryu Karate-do Association 1 Harfleur Road, Agincourt, ON M1T 2X4 1978-11-27
Montana Foods Ltd. 84 Darnborough Way, Agincourt, ON M1W 2G1 1978-11-23
Hanik Consultants Limited 49 Manorglen Crescent, Agincourt, ON M1S 1W3 1978-10-31
Dlk Diversified Marketing Inc. 4 Delroy Court, Agincourt, ON M1W 2Y7 1978-08-14
Bodimetric Profiles Canada Limited 4002 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 404, Agincourt, ON M1S 1S6 1978-06-14
Services De Rafraichissements Du 21e Siecle Ltee 100 Sprucewood Ct, Apt 701, Agincourt, ON M1W 2P2 1978-01-16
Les Entreprises De L'orient Chen Co. Ltee 21 Wintermute Blvd., Agincourt, ON M1W 3M4 1977-11-30
Irving Uniforms Inc. 2727 Victoria Park Avenue, Suite 601, Agincourt, ON 1977-09-16
Canadian Compucrafts Ltd. 4240 Sheppard Ave East, Agincourt, ON M1S 1T6 1977-06-07
Champlain Brokerage (ontario) Ltd. 22 Marilake Drive, Agincourt, ON 1977-03-17
Delices Importes (canada) Ltee 3015 Kennedy Road, Unit 4, Agincourt, ON 1977-03-02
Canstat Consultants Limited 2220 Warden Ave, Agincourt, ON M1T 1V6 1977-01-05
Tachtex Corp. 77 Charlemont Crescent, Agincourt, ON 1976-10-27
Kestrel Industrial Fasteners Corp. 77 Charlemont Cres, Agincourt, ON M1T 1M3 1976-10-18
F.d. Catton Planning and Development Limited 16 Sommerton Place, Agincourt, ON M1T 2K7 1976-01-14
Unidist Universal Warehousing Limited 61 Middlefield Road, P.o.box 4200, Agincourt, ON M1S 3Y5 1975-08-08
Courtborough Co. Ltd. 59 Farmcrest Drive, Agincourt, ON M1T 1B8 1975-06-24
Garvid Consultants Ltd. 91 Bushmills Sq., Agincourt, ON 1975-06-04
Shammas International Consulting Ltd. P.o.box 363, Agincourt, ON M1S 3B9 1975-02-06
Bauma Fashions Limited 2061 Bridletowne Circle, Unit # 55, Agincourt, ON M1W 2J7 1975-01-14
John P. Bernhardt Associates Ltd. 39 Morgandale Crescent, Agincourt, ON M1W 1S2 1974-01-07
Anglo-canadian Staff Ltd. 67 Hornshill Drive, Agincourt, QC M1S 3J3 1973-04-27
Canadian Fried Chicken Limited 100 Agincourt Drive, Agincourt, ON M1S 1M6 1972-08-17
Common Market Ink Consultants Limited 2380 Kennedy Rd, Agincourt, ON M1T 3H1 1971-08-17
National Bowling Association Kennedy Rd & Hghwy 401, Agincourt, ON 1971-04-01
The Grote Manufacturing Canada Limited 151 Nugget Avenue, Agincourt, ON M1S 3B1 1970-04-14
T.h. Jackson Enterprises Limited 32 Charlemont Cres, Agincourt, ON 1970-02-25
Era Consultants Limited 107 Broomfield Dr, Agincourt, ON 1970-01-28
Quantum Technology Ltd. 60 Nugget Avenue, Unit 16, Agincourt, ON 1969-09-22
Lumberking Home and Garden Centres Limited 4181 Sheppard Ave, Agincourt, ON 1969-08-12
Sportserv Limited 50 Salome Dr., Agincourt, ON M1S 2A8 1969-07-11
Bbr Western Limited P.o.box 37, Agincourt, AB 1968-12-05
Noritake Canada Limitee 90 Nugget Ave, Agincourt, ON M1S 3A7 1968-05-13
Shepcourt Enterprises Ltd. 4080 Sheppard Ave, Agincourt, ON 1967-08-16
Overland Tours (canada) Ltd. 3850 Sheppard Ave East, Agincourt, ON M1T 3L4 1964-02-28
Michigan Tech Canadian Foundation 34 Silver Spruce Dr, Agincourt, ON M1W 1V5 1961-10-19
Cross-canada Shoe Machinery Limited 2419 Kennedy Rd, P.o.box 224, Agincourt, ON 1959-11-12
Stefco Ltd. 190 Nugget Avenue, Agincourt, ON M1S 3A7 1959-07-21
The M-p Foundation 3251 Shepperd Ave East, Agincourt, ON M1T 3W2 1957-11-13
Sterling Engineered Welderies (1957) Limited 4490 Sheppard Avenue East, Agincourt, ON 1957-01-23
153108 Canada Inc. 5600 Finch Avenue East, Agincourt, ON M1B 1T1 1952-01-25
International Waxes Limited 50 Salome Dr, Agincourt, ON M1S 2A8 1945-05-21
Carter Transportation Limited 27 Adencliffe Rd, Agincourt, ON 1945-02-20
Elizabeth Arden Du Canada Limitee 1401 Huntingwood Dr, Agincourt, ON M1S 3R9 1929-06-12
The Carswell Company Limited 2330 Midland Ave, Agincourt, ON M1S 1P7 1891-09-07