Federal Corporation

Jurisdiction: Canada
Source: Corporations Canada

This dataset includes 826 thousand corporation entities registered with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

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Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
Ricmar Inc. 127 Devins Drive, Aurora, ON L4G 2Z5 2019-08-13
11556517 Canada Inc. 350 William Graham Drive, Aurora, ON L4G 7C7 2019-08-07
Samin Investments Limited 142 Mcclellan Way, Aurora, ON L4G 6M5 2019-08-01
Delthings Ltd. 227 Birkshire Dr, Aurora, ON L4G 7S1 2019-07-31
Paw Express International Ltd. 73 Reynolds Cres., Aurora, ON L4G 0J1 2019-07-27
11538144 Canada Inc. 39 Chadburn Crescent, Aurora, ON L4G 4V7 2019-07-26
Supreme Assembly Corp. 177 Orchard Heights Boulevard, Aurora, ON L4G 3A6 2019-07-25
C.e.s. Medical & Pharmacy Ltd. 555 William Graham Drive, Aurora, ON L4G 7C4 2019-07-17
Comfycan Settlement Services Inc. 45 Sandusky Crescent, Aurora, ON L4G 3N3 2019-07-17
Bushesland Inc. 11 Alm Court, Aurora, ON L4G 6W7 2019-07-16
11518585 Canada Incorporated 223 Deerglen Terr, Aurora, ON L4G 6Y5 2019-07-16
11512579 Canada Corp. 32 Peter Miller St, Aurora, ON L4G 0W3 2019-07-12
North Stone Inc. 126 Ivy Jay Cres, Aurora, ON L4G 0E9 2019-07-11
Marie Laporte Real Estate Inc. · Marie Laporte Immobilier Inc. 165 Orchard Heights Boulevard, Aurora, ON L4G 3A3 2019-07-05
11494775 Canada Inc. 16 Kitimat Crescent, Aurora, ON L4G 3C3 2019-07-03
Louixy Inc. Radial Drive, Aurora, ON L4G 0Z8 2019-07-03
Majr Inc. 5 Cowie Court, Aurora, ON L4G 6X2 2019-07-02
Cmc Logistix Inc. 105 Conover Ave, Aurora, ON L4G 7T9 2019-07-02
11489658 Canada Ltd. 249 Chouinard Way, Aurora, ON L4G 1A6 2019-06-28
11489798 Canada Incorporated 15 Kashani Court, Aurora, ON L4G 0W6 2019-06-28
Ascension Trampoline 23 Reynolds Crest, Aurora, ON L4G 7X7 2019-06-25
Port De Pingouin Canada Inc. · Penguin Port Canada Inc. 35 Hackwood Crescent, Aurora, ON L4G 0V1 2019-06-22
Moon Optik Inc. 38 Raiford Street, Aurora, ON L4G 6J3 2019-06-21
11473506 Canada Corp. 91 Edward Street, Aurora, ON L4G 1W1 2019-06-19
North Forest Flooring Inc. 164 Hollandview Trail, Aurora, ON L4G 7K4 2019-06-19
Pano Entertainment Inc. 33 Patrick Drive, Aurora, ON L4G 2A6 2019-06-12
Caribbean Skin Inc. 14845 Yonge St. Suite 184, Aurora, ON L4G 6H8 2019-06-10
Alice Bellevie Foundation 211 Bilbrough Street, Aurora, ON L4G 7X1 2019-06-05
Collared Consulting Services Corp. 76 Murray Drive, Aurora, ON L4G 2C3 2019-06-03
Fam Transportation Inc. 17 Marshview Ave., Aurora, ON L4G 7W2 2019-05-30
Comet Sports Club Incorporated 304-15 Brookland Ave., Aurora, ON L4G 2H7 2019-05-29
11435531 Canada Inc. 15229 Yonge Street, Aurora, ON L4G 1L8 2019-05-28
11409433 Canada Inc. 220 Scrivener Dr, Aurora, ON L4G 0Z1 2019-05-14
Reev Tech Inc. 136 Pinnacle Trail, Aurora, ON L4G 7G7 2019-05-09
11396676 Canada Corp. 276 Murray Drive, Aurora, ON L4G 5X1 2019-05-07
Inventek Solutions Inc. 167 Millcliff Circle, Aurora, ON L4G 7N7 2019-05-04
United In Film 9 Wilton Trail, Aurora, ON L4G 7S9 2019-05-03
11389319 Canada Inc. 15461 Yonge St. Unit 4, Aurora, ON L4G 1P0 2019-05-02
Sinoca Tech Investment & Consulting Corporation 20 Boland Crt, Aurora, ON L4G 0W6 2019-05-01
Taxlighting Inc. 45 Amberhill Way, Aurora, ON L4G 7E2 2019-04-30
11379437 Canada Ltd. 83 Industrial Parkway South, Aurora, ON L4G 3V5 2019-04-27
Flowerpot Island Ltd. 126 Radial Dr., Aurora, ON L4G 0Z8 2019-04-20
Legends Sign Service Inc. 147 Wellington Street West, Aurora, ON L4G 3M1 2019-04-15
Wiho Technologies Inc. 242 Ridge Rd, Aurora, ON L4G 0M3 2019-04-15
11331868 Canada Limited 6 Roth Street, Aurora, ON L4G 0W2 2019-04-03
Innothink Corp. 50 Baber Crescent, Aurora, ON L4G 0Y5 2019-04-03
Sleutech Inc. 42 Pedersen Dr, Aurora, ON L4G 7R2 2019-04-02
Jinyi Capital Inc. 62 Casemount Street, Aurora, ON L4G 7V9 2019-04-02
The Association To Improve Government 115 Windham Trail, Aurora, ON L4G 5L6 2019-03-30
Global Future Venture Inc. 29 Hollingshead Drive, Aurora, ON L4G 5J9 2019-03-25
Thelon Consulting Inc. 177 Murray Dr, Aurora, ON L4G 2C8 2019-03-24
Technodea Solutions Inc. 47 Stone Rd, Aurora, ON L4G 6X9 2019-03-23
11309854 Canada Inc. 63 James Henry Drive, Aurora, ON L4G 6E6 2019-03-20
11307134 Canada Corp. 75 Turnbridge Road, Aurora, ON L4G 7S7 2019-03-19
Lavan Sme Consulting Inc. 8 Cranberry Lane, Aurora, ON L4G 5Y1 2019-03-18
Eldercare Concierge Inc. 147 Gurnett Street, Aurora, ON L4A 1P7 2019-03-13
Sur Ron (canada) Service Center Limited 320 Kennedy Street West, Aurora, ON L4G 6L7 2019-03-13
Mount10 Group Inc. 15917 Bayview Avenue, Aurora, ON L4G 0R8 2019-03-13
Show Cushions Inc. 5 Harmon Avenue, Aurora, ON L4G 5H2 2019-03-12
Champ Challenge Inc. 421 Hollandview Trail, Aurora, ON L4G 7M6 2019-03-10
Anoush Homes Inc. 6 Willis Drive, Aurora, ON L4G 5N8 2019-03-09
Agn International Trading Corp. 53 Match Point Crt, Aurora, ON L4G 3J1 2019-03-08
11290037 Canada Inc. 58 Starr Crescent, Aurora, ON L4G 7X3 2019-03-08
Limitless Wholesale Incorporated 236, Elyse Court, Aurora, ON L4G 2C9 2019-03-06
11279700 Canada Inc. 226 Zokol Drive, Aurora, ON L4G 0B8 2019-03-02
Spa & Nail Lounge Inc. 126 Wellington Street West, Aurora, ON L4G 2N9 2019-03-01
Aurora Software Consulting Services Incorporated 83 Delattay Avenue, Aurora, ON L4G 7V9 2019-02-25
11270419 Canada Inc. Unit10, 125 Don Hillock Dr, Aurora, ON L4G 0H8 2019-02-25
Master Class Basketball Association 17 Twelve Oaks Dr., Aurora, ON L4G 6J6 2019-02-24
Loopomatics Inc. 135 Brookeview Drive, Aurora, ON L4G 6R5 2019-02-21
Palitra Freight Inc. 5 Barr Crescent, Aurora, ON L4G 0C4 2019-02-20
Chizuru Corporation 16 Boulding Drive, Aurora, ON L4G 2V7 2019-02-09
Casalingo Burger Inc. 11 Harmon Ave, Aurora, ON L4G 5H2 2019-02-01
Ocean Divine International Trade Co., Ltd. 28582-14800 Yonge St., Aurora, ON L4G 6S6 2019-02-01
Synergy Cannabis Labs Inc. 15 Brookland Avenue, Aurora, ON L4G 2H7 2019-01-29
11223364 Canada Limited 262 Degraaf Cres, Aurora, ON L4G 0X1 2019-01-29
Homes 2b Design Corporation 104 Seaton Drive, Aurora, ON L4G 3X1 2019-01-29
Apollo International Montessori School Inc. 17 Baber Crescent, Aurora, ON L4G 0X9 2019-01-28
11211234 Canada Inc. 104 Dawlish Ave, Aurora, ON L4G 6R3 2019-01-22
Crosswing Solutions Inc. 238 Wellington Street East, Suite 214, Aurora, ON L4G 1J5 2019-01-21
Kenny Cheng Consulting Inc. 7 Boland Crt, Aurora, ON L4G 0W6 2019-01-19
11206281 Canada Inc. 65 Dunning Avenue, Aurora, ON L4G 1A4 2019-01-18
Infinity Children Education Ltd. 2 Trillium Drive, Aurora, ON L4G 5X4 2019-01-17
Dansii Foundation 15105 Yonge Street, Suite 205, Aurora, ON L4G 1M3 2019-01-16
11194755 Canada Inc. 53 Attridge Drive, Aurora, ON L4G 6J4 2019-01-13
Nature's Gifts and Organic Spa Corporation 372 Hollandview Trail Unit 302, Aurora, ON L4G 0A5 2019-01-13
Pico Volt Ltd. 85 Gilbank Drive, Aurora, ON L4G 5E4 2019-01-09
Jiahe C&a International Consultation Ltd. 93 Joseph Hartman Crescent, Aurora, ON L4G 7C4 2019-01-08
11186167 Canada Inc. 76 Closs Square, Aurora, ON L4G 5H9 2019-01-08
11177508 Canada Inc. 31 Deerhorn Crescent, Aurora, ON L4G 6S4 2019-01-07
Green Canada Home Advisors Inc. 247 Tamarac Trail, Aurora, ON L4G 5W2 2019-01-07
Sunmi Canada Technology Corp. 26 Closs Square, Aurora, ON L4G 5H4 2019-01-02
11169726 Canada Inc. 22 Skipton Trail, Aurora, ON L4G 7P5 2019-01-01
Corsativa Trading Incorporated 83 Cobb St., Aurora, ON L4G 0W7 2018-12-29
6five Holdings Inc. 18 Pattemore Gate, Aurora, ON L4G 0C5 2018-12-28
11164899 Canada Inc. 14 Rush Road, Aurora, ON L4G 7G3 2018-12-27
Kindcare Home Health Incorporated 18 Hollingshead Dr, Aurora, ON L4G 5J8 2018-12-23
11162314 Canada Limited 119 Stone Road, Aurora, ON L4G 6Y1 2018-12-22
Dynamic Balloons Inc. 14800 Yonge Street #114, Aurora, ON L4G 1N3 2018-12-21
11147358 Canada Inc. 179 Milestone Crescent, Aurora, ON L4G 3M2 2018-12-14