Federal Corporation

Jurisdiction: Canada
Source: Corporations Canada

This dataset includes 826 thousand corporation entities registered with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

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Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
11782380 Canada Inc. 75 Tilbury Ave, Bedford, NS B4B 0Y1 2019-12-10
11760785 Canada Ltd. 27a Olive Ave, Bedford, NS B4B 1C7 2019-11-27
11735390 Canada Inc. 321 Amesbury Gate, Bedford, NS B4B 1H6 2019-11-12
11683071 Canada Ltd. 420 Larry Uteck Blvd., Bedford, NS B3M 0G5 2019-10-15
Pars Press Ltd. 26 Windridge Lane, Bedford, NS B4A 0E7 2019-09-24
Ways It Inc. 66 Larkview Terrace, Bedford, NS B4B 0P2 2019-09-14
Lucania Software Ltd. 33 First Avenue, Bedford, NS B4A 1Z8 2019-09-11
Cormorant Atlantic Utility Services Limited 205 Bluewater Road, Suite 201, Bedford, NS B4B 1H1 2019-08-28
11551728 Canada Inc. 67 Meadowbrook Dr, Bedford, NS B4A 1R2 2019-08-02
Org 2.0 Organizational Change Consultants Inc. 7 Estelle Avenue, Bedford, NS B4B 1H9 2019-07-22
Tosla & Visla Inc. 303-275 Innovation Dr., Bedford, NS B4B 0N9 2019-07-03
Grico Transport Inc. 39 Serotina Lane, Bedford, NS B4B 0Y3 2019-06-07
11439804 Canada Inc. 30 Bramwell Crt, Bedford, NS B4B 0W2 2019-05-30
Amico Trading Inc. 78 Ternan Gate, Bedford, NS B4A 0G8 2019-05-15
Dawn 131 Thornhill Drive Limitée · Dawn 131 Thornhill Drive Limited 50 Brook Street, Bedford, NS B4A 2Z4 2019-04-15
11307924 Canada Inc. 2 Bluewater Road, Bedford, NS B4B 1G8 2019-03-19
Marruda Solutions Inc. 87 Windridge Lane, Bedford, NS B4A 0E6 2019-03-07
Stacked Rc Inc. 55 Aspenhill Court, Bedford, NS B4B 0M3 2019-01-25
11202561 Canada Limited 153 Ravines Drive, Bedford, NS B4A 0B8 2019-01-17
Bi Arc Consulting Inc. 106 - 86 Nelsons Landing Boulevard, Bedford, NS B4A 4C6 2019-01-01
11158996 Canada Limited 2 Bernard St, Bedford, NS B4B 1C6 2018-12-20
Elm Education Foundation 7 Peruz Court, Bedford, NS B4A 3Z2 2018-12-19
Pravith Tech Inc. 8 Lasalle Court, Bedford, NS B4B 0H8 2018-12-19
Danube Buildmart Ltd. 81 Dellridge Lane, Bedford, NS B4A 0K2 2018-12-13
Lilybird Aviation Inc. 356 Moirs Mill Road, Bedford, NS B4A 3Y3 2018-11-27
11110977 Canada Ltd. 70 Aspenhill Court, Bedford, NS B4B 0M3 2018-11-22
Applied Sap Professionals Inc. 62 Roy Crescent, Bedford, NS B4A 3T2 2018-10-10
Loop Automotive Inc. Unit 1, 325 Rocky Lake Drive, Bedford, NS B4A 2T3 2018-10-09
Weldingaids Atlantic Ltd. 610-230 Larry Uteck Blvd, Bedford, NS B3M 0N1 2018-09-25
Rwjl Reid Holdings Inc. 121 Abbington Avenue, Bedford, NS B4B 0R3 2018-09-19
Np Waste Solutions Inc. 1595 Bedford Highway, Suite 229, Bedford, NS B4A 3Y4 2018-08-27
10847283 Canada Inc. 19, Roy Cres., Bedford, NS B4A 3K3 2018-06-19
Anoche Lawn Cards Limited 75 Bradford Place, Bedford, NS B4B 0R7 2018-06-19
Turn-key Led Solutions Inc. 827 Bedford Highway, Bedford, NS B4A 0J1 2018-05-01
10758248 Canada Limited 7 Sunrise Hill, Bedford, NS B4A 4B2 2018-04-30
Practicality Healthcare Business Solutions Inc. 132 William Borrett Terrace, Bedford, NS B4A 0G7 2018-04-18
Dropout Lab Inc. 1003 Shore Dr, Bedford, NS B4A 2E6 2018-04-11
10714402 Canada Inc. 55 Ternan Gate, Bedford, NS B4A 0G9 2018-04-03
10676080 Canada Inc. 87 Stockton Ridge, Bedford, NS B4A 0E4 2018-03-11
Gorugantu It Consulting Services Ltd. 98 Larkview Terrace, Bedford, NS B4B 0M4 2018-02-15
10463418 Canada Ltd. 27 Olive Street, Bedford, NS B4B 1C7 2017-10-24
Nutrition Secure Solutions Canada Incorporated 1254 Bedford Highway, Bedford, NS B4A 1C6 2017-10-23
Brokerchange Inc. 22 Mcquillan Ln, Bedford, NS B4A 4L3 2017-09-29
10426954 Canada Inc. 14 Mcquillan Lane, Bedford, NS B4A 4L3 2017-09-28
Vukatana Psychological Services Inc. 338 Amesbury Gate, Bedford, NS B4B 0T5 2017-09-08
10396095 Canada Inc. 147 Abbington Ave, Bedford, NS B4B 0R3 2017-09-07
Little Foodie Incorporated 915 Basinview Drive, Bedford, NS B4A 4K9 2017-08-15
One World Alliance Group Limited 44 Rochdale Place, Bedford, NS B4A 0A7 2017-07-31
Monsieur Collections Inc. 56 James Winfield Lane, Bedford, NS B4A 4C3 2017-07-13
Kettle Canada Consulting Inc. 20 Cedar Street, Bedford, NS B4A 2S1 2017-06-22
902 Manup 202 Nine Mile Drive, Bedford, NS B4A 0H4 2017-05-26
Jbw Geospatial Inc. 18 William Borrett Terr, Bedford, NS B4A 0G7 2017-05-07
Vdropp Inc. 28 Windstone Close, Bedford, NS B4A 4L4 2017-05-01
Approved2go Limited 57 Shoreview Dr., Bedford, NS B4A 1V4 2017-04-19
Angad Hundal Society 52 Worthington Place, Bedford, NS B4A 0C5 2017-02-22
Witioo Inc. 789, Chemin Philipsburg, Bedford, QC J0J 1A0 2017-02-01
10071218 Canada Inc. 1067 Bedford Hwy, Bedford, NS B4A 1B5 2017-01-21
Speedy Publishing Canada Limited Apt 410 38 Mast Head Court, Bedford, NS B3M 0C7 2016-12-30
The 420 Friendly Company Incorporated 104-299 Innovation Drive, Bedford, NS B4B 0P8 2016-12-12
Allswater International Inc. 1111 Bedford Highway, Bedford, NS B4A 2B9 2016-11-07
9969365 Canada Inc. 37, Rockpoint Court, Bedford, NS B4A 4M3 2016-11-01
Globecrawlers International Distributors Ltd. 13 Anahid Court, Bedford, NS B4A 3X2 2016-10-06
9927697 Canada Inc. 82 Douglas Drive, Bedford, NS B4A 3A2 2016-09-30
Broad Reach Oil & Gas Consulting Incorporated 169 Millrun Cres, Bedford, NS B4A 3H8 2016-09-05
Trident Maritime Inc. 231 Rocky Lake Drive, Bedford, NS B4A 2S9 2016-08-09
9682996 Canada Inc. 84 Royal Masts Way, Bedford, NS B4A 4B7 2016-07-06
Momexpro Inc. 3-58, Rue De Philipsburg, Bedford, QC J0J 1A0 2016-03-22
Graphene Corp. 275 Rocky Lake Drive, Bedford, NS B4A 2T3 2016-03-03
Hmaa Import and Export Inc. 92 Oceanview Drive, Bedford, NS B4A 4C5 2016-02-23
Flawless Cleaning Partnership Inc. 271 High St., Bedford, NS B4A 1M8 2016-02-04
9589643 Canada Inc. 123 Hammonds Plains Road, Bedford, NS B4A 4A4 2016-01-18
Chautauqua Education and Event Promotions Inc. #212 26 Meadowbrook Drive, Bedford, NS B4A 1P6 2015-11-30
The Halifax Experience Foundation 620 Nine Mile Drive, Suite 208, Bedford, NS B4A 0H4 2015-10-23
9429697 Canada Inc. 30 Waterfront Drive, Unit 308, Bedford, NS B4A 4H2 2015-09-03
Marine Training Consultants Inc. 613-53 Bedros Lane, Bedford, NS B3M 4X4 2015-07-23
9284885 Canada Inc. 18 Binnacle Court, Bedford, NS B4A 4A3 2015-05-05
Rubikon Security Inc. 88 Douglas Dr., Bedford, NS B4A 3A2 2015-04-30
Pd Squirrel Inc. Suite 229, Bedford, NS B4A 3Y4 2015-03-31
Premier Floorball Inc. 620 Nine Mile Drive, Bedford, NS B4A 4H4 2015-03-17
Aaron Ministries Network 24 Fort Sackville Road, Bedford, NS B4A 2G5 2015-03-16
Protea Trading Ltd. 309, 148 Rutledge St, Bedford, NS B4A 1X6 2015-03-01
Genext Corporation 60 Sentry Court, Bedford, NS B3M 0B2 2015-02-04
Power North Holdings Inc. 305c-1597 Bedford Highway, Bedford, NS B4A 1E7 2014-11-25
Greatbay International Inc. 136 Windridge Lane, Bedford, NS B4A 0G2 2014-11-05
Drmg Maritimes Inc. 5 Balsam Road, Bedford, NS B4A 2R4 2014-10-01
Gudea Trading Ltd. 46 Capstone Crescent, Bedford, NS B4B 0H2 2014-07-31
Acadia Performance Training Inc. 15 Peverill Court, Bedford, NS B4A 4G4 2014-07-05
Aerosan 20 Fleet Court, Bedford, NS B4A 4J8 2014-06-27
Balt Pdr Inc. 436 Rockylake Drive, Bedford, NS B4A 2T5 2014-06-25
C5 Id and Fingerprinting Solutions Inc. 8 Arthur Lismer Crt., Bedford, NS B4A 4B4 2014-06-09
Neo Nature Et Ocean Innovation Inc. 6 Rue Rix, Bedford, QC J0J 1A0 2014-02-20
Automobile Brokerage Canada.ca Ltd. 39 Dartmouth Road, Bedford, NS B4A 2L3 2014-01-02
Corvaxian Inc. 23 Eaglewood Dr., Bedford, NS B4A 2J7 2013-09-20
8598983 Canada Inc. 540, Southgate Drive, Suite 204, Bedford, NS B4A 0B1 2013-08-05
Nuatrix It Consultancy Inc. 86, Sedgewick Place, Bedford, NS B4A 0G5 2013-06-19
Exact Deposit Inc. 22 Mcquillan Lane, Bedford, NS B4A 4L3 2013-06-05
8530220 Canada Limited 55 Ridgevale Drive, Bedford, NS B4A 3L8 2013-05-25
Tempest Analytics Ltd. 214 Moirs Mill Road, Bedford, NS B4A 3W2 2013-05-09
Natural Hues Inc. 30 Damascus Road, Suite 201, Bedford, NS B4A 0C1 2013-03-15
Safety P.a.t.h. Ohs Education and Consulting Inc. 401-50 Waterfront Drive, Bedford, NS B4A 4H3 2013-02-06