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Jurisdiction: Canada
Source: Corporations Canada

This dataset includes 826 thousand corporation entities registered with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

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Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
Assured It Inc. 19, Durum Drive, Brandon, MB R7B 3M3 2020-10-01
Greenstone Building Technologies Ltd. 741 Mcdiarmid Drive, Brandon, MB R7B 2J1 2020-09-18
Tidetrak Inc. 1923 9th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 7R7 2020-09-09
Snowjoy Clothing Limited 10 White Ash Drive, Brandon, MB R7A 7T1 2020-09-01
Normal Banana Inc. 4137 Centennial Boulevard, Brandon, MB R7B 3K5 2020-08-16
J2m General Trading (2020) Corp. 130 10th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 4E6 2020-08-01
Domina Construction Incorporated 348 Park Street, Brandon, MB R7A 5M5 2020-06-01
Renu Hygienics Corp. 1209 Patricia Ave, Brandon, MB R7A 7K8 2020-06-01
Keeseekoowenin Recreational Events Committee 21 Westwood Bay, Brandon, MB R7B 2B7 2020-05-27
12040018 Canada Inc. 99 Waverly Drive, Brandon, MB R7B 3Y8 2020-05-04
Red Bridge Immigration Services Inc. 20 Parkdale Drive, Unit 3, Brandon, MB R7B 3C9 2020-04-29
Superior Health and Safety Inc. 323 Park Avenue East, Brandon, MB R7A 7A4 2020-04-18
Tora Brandon (410) Limited 2626 Victoria Avenue, Brandon, MB R7B 0M8 2020-04-01
Zuwaaganhew Inc. 230 Princess Avenue, Brandon, MB R7A 0N4 2020-03-15
Dartageddon Inc. 42 Balmoral Bay, Brandon, MB R7A 6E4 2020-03-09
Thechipride Inc. 3-29 17th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 4Z1 2020-02-10
Aegis Guru Collectible Supplies Inc. 6 Fox Place, Brandon, MB R7B 3H3 2019-11-06
11698117 Canada Corp. 1519 13 Street, Brandon, MB R7A 4S7 2019-10-23
Patsy's Soulful Healing Services Limited 1308 26th St, Unit A, Brandon, MB R7B 2C5 2019-10-10
Tabithadee Ventures Inc. 59 15th Street North, Brandon, MB R7A 2T8 2019-09-20
Hundal Roadlines Ltd. 203 1060 26th St, Brandon, MB R7B 2C1 2019-09-17
11606107 Canada Institute 18 Cornwallis Bay, Brandon, MB R7A 6Y2 2019-09-04
J2m General Trading Corp. 130, 10th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 4E6 2019-08-19
Magik Mitts Inc. 1202 8th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 3Z2 2019-08-14
Master Your Medics Ltd. 46 Aljomac Drive, Brandon, MB R7A 5Y2 2019-08-09
11520130 Canada Corporation 260 10th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 4E8 2019-07-17
11479547 Canada Ltd. 1935 Princess Avenue, Brandon, MB R7B 0H3 2019-06-23
Kaput Inc. 363 - 10th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 4E9 2019-06-21
Frozen Zombie Studios Ltd. Apt #207, 1424 Lorne Ave. East, Brandon, MB R7A 1X2 2019-05-16
11415611 Canada Inc. 1415 3rd Street, Brandon, MB R7A 3G2 2019-05-16
Friendly Neighborhood Comic Megacorp Inc. 1700 Pacific Ave, Brandon, MB R7A 7L9 2019-05-08
Haryang Technology Corporation 65 Aspen Drive, Brandon, MB R7A 7T2 2019-04-19
More Clean Energy Consulting and Construction Management Ltd. F-801 Princess Ave., Brandon, MB R7A 0P5 2019-04-17
Collins & Associates Inc. Meighen Haddad LLP, 110-11th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 4J4 2019-03-29
Canada Top Sellers Inc. 132 26th Street, Brandon, MB R7B 2A3 2019-03-08
Pawsitive Pack Animal Rescue Ltd. 833 8th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 3Y3 2019-03-05
11276662 Canada Corporation 2022 Mcdonald Ave, Brandon, MB R7B 0A5 2019-02-28
11163159 Canada Inc. 11-238 Mcdiarmid Drive, Brandon, MB R7B 2H2 2018-12-24
Stewartdyckenterprise Ltd. 178 Jerome Drive, Site 240 Box 8 Rr#3, Brandon, MB R7A 5Y3 2018-12-12
Grump Weed Inc. 100 Ashgrove Blvd, Brandon, MB R7B 1C6 2018-12-11
11106945 Canada Limited 43 Pine Ridge Crescent, Brandon, MB R7A 6N9 2018-11-20
Stevenson Online Target Marketing Inc. 5-109 Confederation Bay, Brandon, MB R7B 2P7 2018-11-01
Jianhua Trucking Inc. 1241 Rosser Avenue, Brandon, MB R7A 0M1 2018-08-15
Cloudtric Inc. Unit 50, 3300 Victoria Avenue, 110-11th Street, Brandon, MB R7B 0N2 2018-06-21
Leigend International Co., Ltd. 165 Governors Road, Brandon, MB R7B 3L6 2018-06-01
10770639 Canada Inc. 25 Elmdale Blvd, Brandon, MB R7B 1B5 2018-05-07
10762393 Canada Ltd. 504 Brentwood Village Mobile Pk, Brandon, MB R7B 4C1 2018-05-01
Legacy 728 International 1037 Lorne Avenue, Brandon, MB R7A 0V1 2018-04-25
Stamina Specialized Foster Homes Unit A - 862 Russell Street, Brandon, MB R7A 5J2 2018-04-21
Soughtout Ventures Inc. Unit 3 - 1520 10th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 4H7 2018-04-14
10726150 Canada Inc. 4-504 Louise Avenue, Brandon, MB R7A 0X2 2018-04-10
Emergency Management and Mineral Exploration Services Ltd. 241 Mcdiarmid Drive, Brandon, MB R7B 2H3 2018-03-02
10574333 Canada Inc. 71 Aldrin Way, Brandon, MB R7A 2V7 2018-01-09
Wally Costal Inc. 47 Wascana Drive, Brandon, MB R7B 3B3 2018-01-05
Westman Gaming 1303 22nd Street, Brandon, MB R7B 2N7 2017-11-28
Emerald Fresh Farms Inc. 2219 Van Horne Avenue, Brandon, MB R7B 0P8 2017-11-23
Alsmadi & Zazalak Consulting Inc. 305 Victoria Ave, Brandon, MB R7A 0Z5 2017-09-17
Darshen Trading Inc. 319 25 Street, Brandon, MB R7B 1Z2 2017-04-04
Jose-lincoln Inc. #2 2112 Louise Avenue, Brandon, MB R7B 0L6 2016-12-09
Metro49 Construction Ltd. 2404 Park Avenue, Brandon, MB R7B 0S3 2016-09-14
9794557 Canada Ltd. Nw 13-11-19w, Site 520, Box 71, Rr5, Brandon, MB R7A 5Y5 2016-06-15
9724800 Canada Inc. 3-42 Cornell Bay, Brandon, MB R7A 6Y1 2016-04-25
9724869 Canada Inc. 3-42 Cornell Bay, Brandon, MB R7A 6Y1 2016-04-25
Mecca Arts Project 1 Regent Crescent, Brandon, MB R7B 2W7 2016-04-10
Jerbolden Group Inc. 1 Bullrush Bay, Brandon, MB R7B 4H9 2016-02-03
Jacobs Wealth Inc. 24 Lakeview Drive, Brandon, MB R7B 4G9 2016-02-01
Happy Cubed Inc. 76 Elmdale Blvd., Brandon, MB R7B 1B8 2016-01-25
Poplar Technologies Incorporated 5 Poplar Dr, Brandon, MB R7B 1B3 2016-01-03
Nextplay Promotions Inc. 355 23rd Street, Brandon, MB R7B 1V6 2015-10-26
Open Road Pilot Car Services Ltd. 522 22nd St., Brandon, MB R7B 1S3 2015-09-30
9438319 Canada Limited 710 6th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 3P4 2015-09-13
9419845 Canada Inc. 727 Princess Ave E, Brandon, MB R7A 6C7 2015-08-26
Mikadel Limited 512, Franklin Street, Brandon, MB R7A 5P8 2015-07-02
International Gospel Christian Ministries 302 8th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 3X4 2015-06-26
Assiniboine Theatre Company 71 Riverheights Dr, Brandon, MB R7B 2Y1 2015-06-17
9283528 Canada Limited 4-211 College Ave East, Brandon, MB R7A 7M7 2015-05-04
Fel Scott Holdings Inc. 216 3rd Street, Brandon, MB R7A 2C0 2015-04-27
9160078 Canada Ltd. 2-3b 26th St, Brandon, MB R7B 4H3 2015-01-20
Greenstone Structural Solutions Inc. 4000b Richmond Ave. E., Brandon, MB R7A 7P8 2014-08-12
8931925 Canada Inc. Suite# 8, 1110-20th, Brandon, MB R7B 1M9 2014-06-22
8882088 Canada Limited 4-211 College Ave. East, Brandon, MB R7A 7M7 2014-05-08
Cities Church Ministries Inc 327 8th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 3X5 2014-04-01
Dehola Group Inc. 7 Harvest Bay, Brandon, MB R7B 4H9 2013-08-15
Stephanie's Captivating Copywriter Coaching Corp. 171 Oak Bluff Road, Brandon, MB R7C 1A3 2013-06-20
8559112 Canada Inc. 102-6 Driedger Bay, Brandon, MB R7A 5S7 2013-06-18
Lubercan Inc. 4 Garnet Place, Brandon, MB R7B 0M4 2013-06-06
Mision Jesus Inc. 95 Clement Drive, Brandon, MB R7B 0X4 2013-02-01
A Tidy Mind Software Inc. 5 Poplar Drive, Brandon, MB R7B 1B3 2012-12-04
322 Inc. 555 3 St, Brandon, MB R7A 3C7 2012-10-30
Triple Play Projects, Inc. 417, 5th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 3K9 2012-09-24
Dreamspace Studio Incorporated 1018 Kingston Place, Brandon, MB R7A 2P9 2012-04-04
8065276 Canada Inc. 541 Franklin Street, Brandon, MB R7A 5P7 2011-12-30
Iron Earth Lawn & Garden Inc. 148-8th St, Brandon, MB R7A 3X1 2011-04-28
One-step Weed Stomping Tools Inc. 806 39th Street, Brandon, MB R7B 4G2 2011-01-01
Mnrs Inc. 46 Lakeview Dr, Brandon, MB R7B 4G7 2010-12-08
First Look Inc. 1 - 1040 Princess Avenue, Brandon, MB R7A 0P8 2010-10-12
Rh Drilling Limited 645 15th, Brandon, MB R7A 4W6 2010-09-09
7591306 Canada Ltd. 34 Elmdale Blvd, Brandon, MB R7B 1B7 2010-07-02
Innovative Audiology Incorporated 1-1040 Princess Ave, Brandon, MB R7A 0P8 2010-03-31
Fbi Books Inc. 1300-18th Street, Unit 100, Suite 141, Brandon, MB R7A 6X7 2010-03-15