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Jurisdiction: Canada
Source: Corporations Canada

This dataset includes 826 thousand corporation entities registered with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

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Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
Jc Gillies Holdings Ltd. 342 Morland Rd., Comox, BC V9M 3W2 2020-09-18
Uallas Audio Ltd. 269 Quarry Park Road, Comox, BC V9M 3A9 2020-08-08
12099632 Canada Inc. 510 Haida Street, Comox, BC V9M 3S2 2020-06-02
12032007 Canada Inc. 543 Windslow Rd., Comox, BC V9M 3T8 2020-05-01
Gold Brand Products Inc. 1917 Cougar Cres, Comox, BC V9M 2K4 2020-03-31
Forbidden Axe Throwing Ltd. 1679 East Centennial Avenue, Comox, BC V9M 2W1 2020-01-03
Chol Ok Investments Holding Ltd. 1523 Eton Road, Comox, BC V9M 3Y3 2019-12-05
Ultimate Organix Inc. 840 Shamrock Place, Unit 302, Comox, BC V9M 4G4 2019-10-10
Best Dental Results Inc. 276 Anderton Road, Comox, BC V9M 1Y2 2019-07-03
Nulh'en Film Productions Ltd. 3111 Sahtloot Cres, Comox, BC V9M 4E4 2019-03-29
Comexi Ltd. 2083 Robb Ave, Comox, BC V9M 1M2 2019-01-23
Nyoka Design Corp. 481 Holly Place, Comox, BC V9M 2H8 2018-05-08
10648043 Canada Inc. 2068a Park Dr, Comox, BC V9M 1W2 2018-02-23
10647853 Canada Inc. 2193 Noel Av., Comox, BC V9M 1J5 2018-02-23
Bumpsiedaisy Diaper Cakery Inc. 1277 Beckton Drive, Comox, BC V9M 4G9 2017-03-19
Shelley Harrison Ceramics Incorporated 658 Hornet Way, Comox, BC V9M 0A2 2017-01-02
Rjrwp Import & Distribution Corp. 895 Sandpines Crescent, Comox, BC V9M 3V2 2015-12-25
9292306 Canada Ltd. 1006 Sylvan Rd, Comox, BC V9M 3Z1 2015-05-12
Heads Up Motorcycle Training Limited 2078 Gull Ave, Comox, BC V9M 1L5 2015-04-16
A Solution In A Box Inc. 376 Forester Ave., Comox, BC V9M 0A3 2015-02-02
8931526 Canada Inc. 540 Cheetah Court, Comox, BC V9M 2K1 2014-06-21
8655375 Canada Association #72 - 2300, Murrelet Drive, Comox, BC V9M 4J2 2013-10-05
8626332 Canada Ltd. 991 Sandpines Cres, Comox, BC V9M 3V2 2013-09-05
Proeducation Online Inc. C-1799 Butler Rd, Comox, BC V9M 4B4 2012-07-25
Acid Gas Technology Inc. 1677 Ascot, Comox, BC V9M 1A8 2012-07-18
Infocus Led Lighting Limited 532 Walter Rd, Comox, BC V9M 3V7 2012-06-04
Thebrain.ca Smart Software Inc. 2064 Gull Av, Comox, BC V9M 1L5 2012-02-03
Ro Software Consulting Corporation 687 Woodland Drive, Comox, BC V9M 3H3 2011-10-29
Sunshine Eco Resources Inc. 2260 Noel Avenue, Comox, BC V9M 1J3 2011-10-04
7963157 Canada Inc. 1334 Coastview Drive, Comox, BC V9M 3R2 2011-09-06
7923961 Canada Inc. Unit 304 - 1650 A, Comox, Comox, BC V9N 3N2 2011-07-21
Valour Consulting Corp. 343 Gardener Way, Comox, BC V9M 0B2 2011-03-23
Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers Ltd. 1984 Comox Ave, Comox, BC V9M 3M7 2010-03-17
7115288 Canada Inc. 1677 Ascot Ave., Comox, BC V9M 1A8 2009-01-28
Global Eco Power Corporation 641 Moralee Dr., Comox, BC V9M 1A5 2008-08-22
Deviceworx Engineering Incorporated 1522 Highridge Drive, Comox, BC V9M 3R4 2008-08-01
Megalife Media Ltd. 385 Aitken Street, Comox, BC V9M 1K8 2008-02-08
Viking Forest Services Ltd. 2321 Heron Cres, Comox, BC V9M 4K8 2007-10-31
5ive West Ltd. 694 Moralee Drive, Comox, BC V9M 4H1 2007-10-30
Realstream (aulds-metral) Inc. 230-1829 Beaufort Avenue, Comox, BC V9M 1R9 2007-06-08
Omniscient Aviation Services Inc. 1910 Greenwood Crescent, Comox, BC V9M 4B1 2007-01-05
Canadian Technical Resources Inc. 2292 Heron Crescent, Comox, BC V9M 3Y2 2006-08-01
Mercy League Canada-la Ligue Canadienne De La Misericorde Inc. 689 Woodland Drive, Comox, BC V9M 3H3 2006-02-06
Mediaguide Systems Inc. P.o. Box 1533, Comox, BC V9M 8A2 2005-11-17
Healing Arts Network of Canada Inc. 1950 Robb Avenue, Comox, BC V9M 2E4 2005-08-25
Skinetics Inc. 597 Torrence Road, Comox, BC V9M 3G8 2004-06-03
The Banks Risk Mitigation Group, Inc. #4 - 1310 Wilkinson Road, Comox, BC V9M 0B3 2004-01-29
Sea Otter Oyster Company Limited 1397 Lanson Rd, Comox, BC V9M 3Z4 2004-01-26
The Girls Go Fishing Inc. 10-590 Winslow Road, Comox, BC V9M 3T8 2003-12-08
W Tuepah Consulting Inc. 2285 Heron Crescent, Comox, BC V9M 3Y2 2003-10-25
Keyoti Inc. 642 Colby Rd, Comox, BC V9M 4H8 2003-05-28
Ifind Media Systems Inc. 408 Stewart Street, Comox, BC V9M 2Y1 2000-03-16
Nuken Services Inc. 2450, Dakota Place, Comox, BC V9M 0B9 1997-12-15
Comox Valley Airport Commission 1250 Knight Road, Comox, BC V9M 4H2 1996-02-12
Auctor Consulting Associates Limited 305 -1811 Comox Avenue, Comox, BC V9M 3L9 1996-01-17
Comox Valley Harbour Authority 121 Port Augusta Street, Comox, BC V9M 3N8 1991-12-19
Fergus Consulting Inc. 918 Highwood Drive, Comox, BC V9M 3R5 1989-02-08
R.l. Ford Greed Inc. 1797 Comox Avenue, Suite 203, Comox, BC V9N 4A1 1988-02-08
Nutria Special Foods Inc. 297 Rodello St, Comox, BC V9N 4Z9 1987-06-10
Nevada Bob's Golf and Tennis (1985) Inc. 1984 Comox Avenue, Comox, BC V9M 3M7 1985-06-21
Optical Alignment Services Inc. 394 Gardener Way, Comox, BC V9M 0B2 1982-09-29
Gestions G. & G. Obadia Inc. 1894 Beaufort Ave, Comox, BC V9M 1R1 1981-10-16
Trican Theatre Management Ltd. 1081 Knight Road, Comox, BC V9M 3T2 1968-01-20
Pear Tree Properties Inc. P.o. Box 1533, Comox, BC V9N 8A2 2007-09-23
Smtg Inc. #4 - 1310 Wilkinson Road, Comox, BC V9M 0B3 2009-11-18
Surebridge Partnerships Inc. 2292 Heron Crescent, Comox, BC V9M 3Y2 2010-12-01
8373272 Canada Inc. 1677 Ascot, Comox, BC V9M 1A8 2012-12-07