Federal Corporation

Jurisdiction: Canada
Source: Corporations Canada

This dataset includes 826 thousand corporation entities registered with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

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Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
The Stop Smoking for Good Corporation 1495 Hobson Avenue, Courtenay, BC V9N 6P2 2020-10-14
12357089 Canada Inc. 1720 Tames Road, Courtenay, BC V9J 1Y2 2020-09-21
Rok Films Incorporated 6656 Fitzgerald Rd., Courtenay, BC V9J 1N6 2020-08-30
12231573 Canada Inc. 2091 June Rd, Courtenay, BC V9J 1X8 2020-07-29
Contracts Market Inc. 5564 Prendergast Road, Courtenay, BC V9J 1P6 2020-06-05
Coastal Cannabis Company Ltd. 2091 June Road, Courtenay, BC V9J 1X8 2019-11-27
11680846 Canada Limited 4696 Montrose Drive, Courtenay, BC V9N 9S8 2019-10-14
Castor & Renard Ltd. 2686, Meadowbrook Court, Courtenay, BC V9N 5Z5 2019-08-12
Grand Challenge Technologies Ltd. 1279 A Martin Place, Courtenay, BC V9N 9A2 2019-07-15
Asynix Ltd. 3666 Royal Vista Way, 323, Courtenay, BC V9N 9X8 2019-06-01
Intrepid Moto Inc. 6395 Treherne Road, Courtenay, BC V9J 1V5 2019-05-09
Island Precision Surveys Ltd. 3347 Fraser Rd, Courtenay, BC V9N 9P3 2019-05-01
Furniculture Inc. 480 10th Street, Courtenay, BC V9N 1P6 2019-04-01
Cedar Road Group Inc. 367 4th Street, Courtenay, BC V9N 1G8 2018-12-12
Goldfinch Small Home Design Ltd. 1902 Robert Lang Drive, Courtenay, BC V9N 1A3 2018-03-16
10436925 Canada Society 281 Woods Ave, Courtenay, BC V9N 3Y7 2017-10-05
Klubrite Ltd. 2655 Arden Road, Courtenay, BC V9N 9J9 2017-09-20
Coastal Coworking Inc. #4 - 420 Fitzgerald Avenue, Courtenay, BC V9N 7N2 2017-07-21
Spaces Vr Ltd. 1430 Quinsam Place, Courtenay, BC V9N 7W4 2017-06-20
Conscious Profit Leadership Inc. 1845 Robert Lang Drive, Courtenay, BC V9N 1A2 2017-06-15
Blueforce Uav Consulting Inc. C/o Wayne Anderson Law Corporation, 102, 575 - 10th Street, Courtenay, BC V9N 1P9 2017-05-10
10208132 Canada Incorporated 161b Malcom Pl, Courtenay, BC V9N 8X8 2017-04-25
Ferox Industries Inc. 6604 Tsolum River Rd, Courtenay, BC V9J 1N6 2017-02-08
10001074 Canada Incorporated 102, 575 - 10th Street, Courtenay, BC V9N 1P9 2016-11-28
Gpvs Global Trade Ltd. 4198 South Island Highway, Courtenay, BC V9N 9R8 2016-07-06
Abuelo's Foods Inc. 5908 Bates Road, Courtenay, BC V9J 1W6 2016-02-19
Tidysum Planning Limited 2139 Anna Place, Courtenay, BC V9N 9B4 2016-02-06
Visual Effects Society Canada 480 - 10th St, Courtenay, BC V9N 1P6 2015-08-12
Skill Share Hub Ltd. 6265 Headquarters Rd., Courtenay, BC V9J 1M8 2015-03-20
Muze Apparel & Leather Inc. 209-130 Back Rd., Courtenay, BC V9N 3W6 2014-11-18
Salish Sea Hospice Project 2705 Paula Place, Courtenay, BC V9N 6H9 2014-07-25
Gladstone Brewing Co. Incorporated #201 - 467 Cumberland Road, Courtenay, BC V9N 2C5 2014-02-18
Greenhouse Medical Ltd. 6520 Rennie Road, Courtenay, BC V9J 1V1 2014-02-12
Bill Johnstone Consulting Ltd. 575- 10th Street, Suite 102, Courtenay, BC V9N 1P9 2013-10-28
Emta Technologies Ltd. 268-a Mitchell Place, Courtenay, BC V9N 8R8 2013-07-12
Proletariat Consulting Ltd. 2160 Lexington Place, Courtenay, BC V9N 9C5 2013-06-01
Canada West Universities Athletic Association 3660 Monaltrie Drive, Courtenay, BC V9N 9T6 2013-03-27
Crooked Tree Concept and Design Ltd. 1889 Sussex Dr, Courtenay, BC V9N 3Z5 2013-03-21
Bawajigaywin Productions Ltd. Suite 229b, 2270 Cliffe Ave., Courtenay, BC V9N 2L4 2013-02-27
Catalyst Coaching Solutions Inc. 117-303 Arden Rd, Courtenay, BC V9N 0A8 2012-12-21
8337624 Canada Inc. 2969 Elderberry Cres, Courtenay, BC V9N 9W8 2012-10-29
8286086 Canada Inc. 301 - 910 Fitzgerald Avenue, Courtenay, BC V9N 2C5 2012-08-30
Farnsworth Mwd Ltd. 2765 Mansfield Drive, Courtenay, BC V9N 2M2 2012-06-18
Prosalesguy Training Inc. 201-467 Cumberland Road, Courtenay, BC V9N 2C5 2012-02-16
Hemisphere 3 Inc. 4653 Headquarters Rd., Courtenay, BC V9N 9H3 2012-01-02
8065608 Canada Inc. 1540 10th Street East, Courtenay, BC V9N 7Z2 2011-12-31
7967403 Canada Incorporated 2840 Stewart Avenue, Courtenay, BC V9N 6X5 2011-09-11
Spectrum Wastewater Services Inc. 102-635 Fitzgerald, Courtenay, BC V9N 2R4 2011-06-14
Canadian Sports Imports Ltd. 1731 Valley View Drive, Courtenay, BC V9N 9A8 2010-09-14
7532741 Canada Inc. 2323 Suffolk Crescent, Courtenay, BC V9N 3Z4 2010-05-05
Blue Rim Incorporated 2980 Carwithen Road, Courtenay, BC V9J 1M2 2010-04-30
Bdc Strategic Vectors Inc. 1413 Crown Isle Drive, Courtenay, BC V9N 4B1 2010-01-07
Stardust Filmworks Inc. 2326 Seabank Road, Box 3748, V9n 7p1, Courtenay, BC V9N 7P1 2009-08-27
Swinkeygolf Inc. 2440 Stirling Crescent, Courtenay, BC V9N 1Y2 2009-07-09
A/c Logic Inc. #413 3666 Royal Vista Way, Courtenay, BC V9N 9X8 2009-01-28
World Water and Climate Foundation 1348 Crown Isle Blvd, Courtenay, BC V9N 0E2 2008-10-07
Theorice International Development Inc. 5068 North Island Highway, Courtenay, BC V9J 1L4 2008-08-04
Canadian Medical Assistance Teams (cmat) 2644 Steele Crescent, Unit A, Courtenay, BC V9N 0C8 2008-06-16
Women's Resource Sector Network 5001 Forbidden Plateau Rd, Courtenay, BC V9J 1R3 2008-03-05
Vertex Home Inspection Services Inc. 890 Waddington Cres., Courtenay, BC V9N 9H7 2008-02-01
Einarson Log Scaling Ltd. 1484 Larsen Rd, Courtenay, BC V9N 8Y9 2007-11-21
Cm Stanfield Bookkeeping Services Inc. 104 - 389 12th Street, Courtenay, BC V9N 8V7 2007-11-01
Albric Properties Corporation 260 Willemar Ave, Courtenay, BC V9N 3L5 2007-10-15
Embric Corporation 260 Willemar St., Courtenay, BC V9N 3L5 2007-10-15
Gardens Without Borders 3636 Trent Road, Courtenay, BC V9N 9R4 2007-09-18
Arnold Safety Training and Consulting Services Ltd. 2195a Cousins Ave., Courtenay, BC V9N 3N6 2007-07-12
6783104 Canada Ltd. #3 - 2401 Cliffe Ave, Bo346, Courtenay, BC V9N 2N2 2007-06-03
Fishit International Inc. 2440 Willemar Ave, Courtenay, BC V9N 3M8 2006-12-29
*bear Ring ''u'' 'n Mind* Foundation 2250 Clark Road, Courtenay, BC V9J 1T1 2006-10-12
Xone Consulting Ltd. 4645 Gail Crescent, Courtenay, BC V9N 5Y3 2006-01-03
2wheels 1world 2440 B First Street, Courtenay, BC V9N 8X9 2005-11-28
Sustainable Community Enterprises Inc. 691 14th Street, Courtenay, BC V9N 1W5 2005-10-05
Productivity Design Tools Incorporated 2560 Hebrides Cres., Courtenay, BC V9N 3Z7 2004-07-22
Canadainternetwork Corporation Apartment 321, 130 Centennial Drive, Courtenay, BC V9N 9V7 2004-06-09
World Wide Directional Drilling Services Ltd. 2168 Hall Road, Courtenay, BC V9J 1Y5 2004-04-27
6169643 Canada Ltd. Suite 229 B - 2270 Cliffe Ave., Courtenay, BC V9N 2L4 2003-12-09
Shutterbugs Online Ltd. 2361 Seabank Road, Courtenay, BC V9J 1X5 2003-08-12
Ndm Project Consulting Inc. 4318 Island Hwy South, Courtenay, BC V9N 9R9 2003-02-05
Cq Strategy Ltd. 5937 Aldergrove Drive, Courtenay, BC V9J 1W2 2002-10-02
4025717 Canada Inc. 2211 St. Andrews Way, Courtenay, BC V9N 9X9 2002-03-14
Eyegonomic Monitors Canada Inc. 2696 Meadowbrook Crt., Courtenay, BC V9N 5Z5 2002-02-07
Ac Bioresearch Inc. 4689-b Ashwood Place, Courtenay, BC V9N 8S8 2001-12-19
John Finn & Associates Ltd. 1437 Valley View Dr., Courtenay, BC V9N 8T3 2001-03-02
Para Rescue Association of Canada 4659 Western Road, Courtenay, BC V9N 3T1 2000-01-28
Walt's Best Mortgage Brokers Canada Inc. 1695 Trumpeter Cr., Courtenay, BC V9N 8W6 1999-10-04
3660788 Canada Inc. 2193 June Road, Courtenay, BC V9J 1X9 1999-09-13
L'arche Comox Valley Home Society 467 Cumberland Rd, Courtenay, BC V9N 2C5 1999-03-22
Usquebaugh Ventures Ltd. 201 - 467 Cumberland Road, Courtenay, BC V9M 2C5 1999-02-09
R. Monks Medical Practice Inc. 2238 Seabank Rd. Rr2, Site 292, C-54, Courtenay, BC V9N 5M9 1997-05-26
Comox Valley Community Foundation 201 - 467 Cumberland Road, Courtenay, BC V9N 2C5 1996-04-29
2916851 Canada Limited 2872 Caledon Crescent, Courtenay, BC V9M 7E1 1993-04-28
Can Create Education Association 3971 Piercy Rd, Courtenay, BC V9N 7J3 1992-03-09
2692945 Canada Inc. 3180 Maple Glen Dr, Courtenay, BC V9N 5M8 1991-02-22
Agilis Technology (canada) Corp. 2980 Carwithen Rd, Courtenay, BC V9J 1M2 1989-09-28
Brian Mclean Chevrolet Buick Gmc Ltd. 2145 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC V9N 2L5 1987-06-04
151420 Canada Inc. 2580 Crystal Drive, Courtenay, BC V9N 9K1 1986-08-19
Dennis Jonsson Motor Products Ltd. 1426 Mallard Drive, Courtenay, BC V9N 8J8 1986-02-19
Allen Hopwood Enterprises Ltd. 5501 Forbidden Plateau Rd, Courtenay, BC V9J 1R3 1984-06-11
Canelf Resources Inc. 3228 Lockwell Road, Courtenay, BC V9N 9P4 1983-07-27
96213 Canada Ltd. 201-467 Cumberland, Courtenay, BC V9N 2C5 1980-01-02