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Jurisdiction: Canada
Source: Corporations Canada

This dataset includes 826 thousand corporation entities registered with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

Calgary · Search Result

Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
11454234 Canada Corporation 427 Maidstone Drive Northeast, Calgary, AB T2A 4B3 2019-06-10
Calgary Mental Health Peer Support A-1011 Mckinnon Drive Northeast, Calgary, AB T2E 6A7 2019-06-10
11454323 Canada Ltd. 103 Walden Heights Se, Calgary, AB T2X 2J3 2019-06-10
11455303 Canada Inc. 33 Hidden Valley Gate, Nw, Calgary, AB T3A 5M1 2019-06-10
11455800 Canada Ltd. 59 Sunlake Way Se, Calgary, AB T2X 3E4 2019-06-10
The Ethiopian Communities Council for Peace and Development #115 Skyview Point Road Ne, Calgary, AB T3N 0K4 2019-06-07
Damn Good Jerky Company Inc. 4503 Namaka Crescent Nw, Calgary, AB T2K 2H5 2019-06-06
Maplelife Consulting Services Inc. 1204-125 Panatella Way Northwest, Calgary, AB T3K 0R9 2019-06-06
Strongeru Senior Fitness Inc. 76 Auburn Bay Blvd Se, Calgary, AB T3M 0V7 2019-06-05
Copychaser Games Inc. 1213 13 Avenue Sw, Calgary, AB T3C 0T2 2019-06-04
11447521 Canada Ltd. 168 Taralake Crescent Northeast, Calgary, AB T3J 0A9 2019-06-04
Smy Boxes Inc. 156 Coral Spring Blvd Ne, Calgary, AB T3J 3M3 2019-06-04
Scopex International Inc. 28 Cougar Ridge Place Sw, Calgary, AB T3H 0V3 2019-06-03
Joanna Jensen Photography Inc. 111 Marquis Cres Se, Calgary, AB T3M 1Y1 2019-06-01
Gotaste Inc. 109 Village Heights Southwest, Calgary, AB T3H 2L2 2019-06-01
Long Daze Inc. 1008 108 Waterfront Court Southwest, Calgary, AB T2P 1K7 2019-06-01
Coconnect Global Corporation 180 Bridlepost Green Southwest, Calgary, AB T2Y 3X3 2019-06-01
Technologies Anteligen Inc. · Anteligen Technologies Inc. 400 3 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2P 4H2 2019-05-31
Hanssem Construction Ltd. 171 Hawkwood Boulevard Northwest, Calgary, AB T3G 2X8 2019-05-30
11438093 Canada Inc. Maddock Dr Ne, Calgary, AB T2A 3W4 2019-05-29
Zumchee Global Enterprise Limited 616 Walden Circle Southeast, Calgary, AB T2X 0Y4 2019-05-29
Miracle Men Landscapes Ltd. 137 Coverton Circle Northeast, Calgary, AB T3K 4R7 2019-05-27
Blue Ribbon Logistics Inc. 58 Cranbrook Hill Se, Calgary, AB T3M 2K8 2019-05-25
11430351 Canada Inc. 105 26 Ave Sw, Calgary, AB T2S 0M3 2019-05-25
Luxidea, Inc. 40 Winslow Crescent Southwest, Calgary, AB T3C 2R1 2019-05-24
Q Foundation for Kids 255 Alandale Place Sw, Calgary, AB T3Z 3L7 2019-05-23
Efc Sg Holdings Inc. 335 Silverado Range Place Southwest, Calgary, AB T2X 0B9 2019-05-23
11422561 Canada Corp. 199 Panatella Square Nw, Calgary, AB T3K 0Z3 2019-05-22
Higgle Incorporated 104-715 15th Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2R 0R8 2019-05-22
Nap Liquor Ltd. 76 Del Ray Close Ne, Calgary, AB T1Y 6Y9 2019-05-22
Little Mountain Tires Inc. 121 Skyline Crescent Northeast, Calgary, AB T2K 5X2 2019-05-22
Ambush Softworks Corp. 400 Cantrell Drive Sw, Calgary, AB T2W 2K7 2019-05-21
11420640 Canada Corp. 243072 Rr31, Calgary, AB T3Z 3J7 2019-05-21
Marmo Pietra Ltd. 2304, 99 Spruce Place Sw, Calgary, AB T3C 3X7 2019-05-21
Shortchase.com Limited 410 5656 3 St Sw, Calgary, AB T2H 1H7 2019-05-20
Basic Contracting & Plumbing Inc. 3546 Catalina Boulevard Northeast, Calgary, AB T1Y 6W5 2019-05-18
11418360 Canada Inc. 126 Coral Keys Drive Ne, Calgary, AB T3J 3W7 2019-05-18
Centralized Giving Foundation #109 5760 9th Avenue Se, Calgary, AB T2H 1Z9 2019-05-17
Kahn Boys 3 Inc. 402 - 1540 29 Street Northwest, Calgary, AB T2N 2V1 2019-05-17
One Stop Furnishing Inc. 38 Tararidge Drive Northeast, Calgary, AB T3J 2R3 2019-05-17
Mama Bear Shares Incorporated 135 Hunterhorn Manor Northeast, Calgary, AB T2K 6C7 2019-05-16
Kita Analytics Inc. 2615 Morley Trail Nw, Calgary, AB T2M 4G6 2019-05-16
Rugged Products Inc. 210 Covebrook Place Northeast, Calgary, AB T3K 0C9 2019-05-16
Nepal Life Improvement Foundation 4812 Elbow Drive Sw, Calgary, AB T2S 2L1 2019-05-15
World Heart Caregivers 3 Rockcliff Hill Northwest, Calgary, AB T3G 0C8 2019-05-15
Kp Trucking Solutions Incorporated 33 Cityside Gardens Ne, Calgary, AB T3N 1J2 2019-05-15
Flore Botanica Inc. 135 Aspen Stone Terrace Sw, Calgary, AB T3H 5Z1 2019-05-15
11413481 Canada Inc. 851 17 Avenue Northwest, Calgary, AB T2M 0P1 2019-05-15
Lundi, Inc. 88 - 9 Street Northeast, Calgary, AB T2E 4E1 2019-05-15
11407449 Canada Corporation 718 8 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2P 1H2 2019-05-13
11403389 Canada Inc. 640 5 Avenue Sw, Calgary, AB T2P 3G4 2019-05-10
Fair Value Global Service Limited 320 Nolancrest Circle Northwest, Calgary, AB T3R 0T8 2019-05-10
Dashify Inc. 8956 Scurfield Drive Northwest, Calgary, AB T3L 2A9 2019-05-09
Bessie Box Inc. 307 Silver Valley Boulevard Nw, Calgary, AB T3B 4B7 2019-05-09
Enviroteck Inc. #65, 39 Strathlea Common Southwest, Calgary, AB T3H 5P9 2019-05-09
Paysend Ca Limited 400, 906 12 Avenue Sw, Calgary, AB T3L 2E3 2019-05-09
11403028 Canada Corp. 214-515 4 Avenue Northeast, Calgary, AB T2E 0J9 2019-05-09
11403044 Canada Limited 19 Whitlock Close Ne, Calgary, AB T1Y 4X2 2019-05-09
One 10 Financial Planners Ltd. 210-3115 12 Street Northeast, Calgary, AB T2E 7J2 2019-05-08
Crff Services Incorporated 149 Coventry Place Northeast, Calgary, AB T3K 4A6 2019-05-08
Pink + White Creative Inc. 35 Spring Meadows Lane, Calgary, AB T3Z 3L7 2019-05-08
Fionika Incorporated 540-3545, 32 Ave Ne, Calgary, AB T1Y 6M6 2019-05-07
Talncy Inc. 603-2011 University Dr Nw, Calgary, AB T2N 4T4 2019-05-07
Resynergi Canada, Inc. 136 Woodford Close Sw, Calgary, AB T2W 6E2 2019-05-07
D P S Freightliner Inc. 111 Saddlebrook Point Ne, Calgary, AB T3J 0G3 2019-05-07
11396714 Canada Inc. 2866 Catalina Boulevard Northeast, Calgary, AB T1Y 6P3 2019-05-07
11397699 Canada Inc. 292 Taralake Terr Ne, Calgary, AB T3J 0A1 2019-05-07
Toonie Wraps Inc. 108 - 17 Avenue Nw, Calgary, AB T2M 0M6 2019-05-07
Breakwater Software Inc. 213-2250 162 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2Y 4Z9 2019-05-07
Canada Day Night Trucking Ltd. 115 Taracove Estate Dr Ne, Calgary, AB T3J 4R1 2019-05-06
Glacial Beauty Limited · Glacielle Beauté Limitée 40 Scenic Gardens Nw, Calgary, AB T3L 1Y6 2019-05-04
11391844 Canada Ltd. 7 Templeside Bay Ne, Calgary, AB T1Y 3L6 2019-05-04
11391984 Canada Ltd. 18 Tuscany Vista Road Northwest, Calgary, AB T3L 2Z9 2019-05-04
11390406 Canada Ltd. 1816 16a Street, Sw, Calgary, AB T2T 5S2 2019-05-03
Dreamable Inc. 644 Killarney Glen Court, Calgary, AB T3E 7H4 2019-05-03
Talent Screener Inc. 238 Saddlefield Place Northeast, Calgary, AB T3J 4Z3 2019-05-03
Sapheena Inc. 22 Aspen Summit Manor Southwest, Calgary, AB T3H 0V7 2019-05-02
Calex Foundation Inc. 141 Appleglen Pl. Se, Calgary, AB T2A 7T4 2019-05-01
Be(cause) Social Marketing Inc. 1702-912 6th Avenue Sw, Calgary, AB T2P 0V6 2019-05-01
Chromtec Extraction Inc. 707 7 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2P 3H6 2019-05-01
Surf Yyc Ltd. 19 Pumpmeadow Cres. Sw, Calgary, AB T2V 5C8 2019-05-01
Abound Energy Corporation 8775 17ave Se, Calgary, AB T1X 0L5 2019-05-01
Stockholm Precision Tools Canada Corp. 200 602 11 Ave Sw, Calgary, AB T2R 1J8 2019-04-30
Infora Consulting Services Ltd. Unit No. 101, Calgary, AB T2N 1W4 2019-04-30
Cz Smart Solutions Inc. 124 Shawmeadows Cres Sw, Calgary, AB T2Y 1A9 2019-04-30
11381512 Canada Inc. 119 Thorncrest Road, Calgary, AB T2K 3B5 2019-04-29
Dare To Begin Business Education Inc. 235, 3545 32 Avenue Ne, Calgary, AB T1Y 6M6 2019-04-29
Abacus Posts and Telecommunications Limited 80 Huntmeadow Rd Ne, Calgary, AB T2K 5H1 2019-04-29
While Study Ing Inc. 93 Deerpath Road Se, Calgary, AB T2J 6J8 2019-04-28
Greater Lifespan Inc. 80 Point Mckay Crescent Nw, Suite 2004, Calgary, AB T3B 4W4 2019-04-27
Trea Cannabis Corporation 10979 Valley Ridge Dr. Nw, Calgary, AB T3B 5P6 2019-04-26
Kenect Marketing Ltd. 41 Marquis Grove Southeast, Calgary, AB T3M 1M5 2019-04-25
4ir Global Vision Inc. 642 Crescent Road Northwest, Calgary, AB T2M 4A6 2019-04-25
Böhringer of Canada Ltd. 25 Rossmere Road Sw, Calgary, AB T3C 2N8 2019-04-24
Hexoticode Inc. 647 1 Ave N.e., Calgary, AB T2E 0B5 2019-04-24
Tooro Artisan Goods Inc. 507-135 13 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2R 0W8 2019-04-24
Neuroacumen Incorporated 96 Hawkwood Crescent Northwest, Calgary, AB T3G 1X5 2019-04-23
Tourism Integration Limited #139 233 16 Ave Nw, Calgary, AB T2M 0H5 2019-04-23
Deepleap Ventures Inc. 2635 14 Avenue Southeast, Calgary, AB T2A 0J4 2019-04-23
Blastoff Technologies Inc. 23 Taralake Mews Northeast, Calgary, AB T3J 0J5 2019-04-23