Federal Corporation

Jurisdiction: Canada
Source: Corporations Canada

This dataset includes 826 thousand corporation entities registered with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

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Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
12197324 Canada Inc. 285, Kesmark, D.d.o, QC H9B 3J1 2020-07-14
9850171 Canada Inc. 27 Rue Trottier, D.d.o, QC H9A 2C8 2016-07-31
Risc-srrc Consulting Ltd. 92 Rue Woodlawn, D.d.o, QC H9A 1Z2 2015-12-30
Targets for Events Solutions Inc. 14 Gauthier, D.d.o, QC H9G 1Z7 2015-06-08
Jagdish Patel Associates Ltd. 2 Rue Wood Haven, D.d.o, QC H9B 1W4 2015-03-03
8071195 Canada Inc. 15 Whiteoak, D.d.o, QC H9B 1K2 2012-01-03
7917422 Canada Inc. 276 Andras, D.d.o, QC H9B 1R6 2011-07-14
6988555 Canada Inc. 3343l Boul. Des Sources, D.d.o, QC H9B 1Z8 2008-06-04
6813585 Canada Inc. 244 Andras D.d.o, D.d.o, QC H9B 1R6 2007-07-25
Chambers Security Canada Inc. 90 B Brunswick Boul., D.d.o, QC H9B 2C5 2007-02-19
Fusion Environment Tech Inc. 175, Rue Spring Garden, D.d.o, QC H9B 2N5 2006-10-17
6541046 Canada Inc. 306 Barberry, D.d.o, QC H9G 1V4 2006-03-21
Meso Pharmaceuticals Inc. 203 Roger Pilon, D.d.o, QC H9G 2W8 2005-07-02
4291913 Canada Inc. 118 Beechwood St., D.d.o, QC H9A 1K5 2005-04-13
6283977 Canada Inc. 33 Alouette Street, D.d.o, QC H9A 3H4 2004-09-13
Master Direct Corporation 3633 Blvd. Des Sources, Local 209, D.d.o, QC H9B 2K4 2004-03-12
Rival Invest Inc. 85 Westpark Blvrd, D.d.o, QC H9A 2J8 2003-04-11
R.v. Akrout Import/export Incorporée 27 Huron, D.d.o, QC H9G 2C2 2003-03-03
Estate Firoze Ichhaporia Inc. 120 Wilson, D.d.o, QC H9A 1W8 2006-08-17
173675 Canada Inc. 120 Wilson, D.d.o, QC H9A 1W8 1990-06-11
Abacus Professional Services Ltd. 120 Wilson, D.d.o, QC H9A 1W8 2003-03-28
Dinesh Gupta & Associates Ltd. 120 Wilson, D.d.o, QC H9A 1W8 2003-04-03
Ridhi-sidhi Investments Inc. 120 Wilson, D.d.o, QC H9A 1W8 2009-10-15