Federal Corporation

Jurisdiction: Canada
Source: Corporations Canada

This dataset includes 826 thousand corporation entities registered with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

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Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
Dveer Trucking Inc. 14 Churchill Ct., Dartmouth, NS B2X 1N4 2019-02-05
11202502 Canada Ltd. 100 Micmac Boulevard, Dartmouth, NS B3A 4L4 2019-02-01
Nomadic Athletic Lifestyle Apparel Inc. 40 Woodlawn Rd., Dartmouth, NS B2W 2R8 2019-01-07
11177656 Canada Inc. 308-237 Roleika Dr, Dartmouth, NS B2X 1M9 2019-01-04
Torsion Equipment Inc. 17 Wildwood Blvd., Dartmouth, NS B2W 2L7 2019-01-02
11153374 Canada Inc. 71 Ilsley Avenue, Unit 2, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1L5 2018-12-18
Danube Buildmart Ltd. 11 Aberdeen Crt, Dartmouth, NS B2X 1K4 2018-12-13
11137620 Canada Inc. 29 Wheatstone Heights, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4E1 2018-12-10
11128655 Canada Inc. 44 Primrose Street, Dartmouth, NS B3A 4C5 2018-12-04
The Glynmill Inn Inc. 8 Basinview Drive, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1G4 2018-11-14
11095277 Canada Inc. 201-21 Highfield Park Dr, Dartmouth, NS B3A 4S1 2018-11-13
11083678 Canada Limited 14 Symonds Street, Dartmouth, NS B3A 3L2 2018-11-06
All Things Green Hydroponics & Novelties Inc. 51, Bell Royal, Dartmouth, NS B2V 2B4 2018-11-06
Astrumprime Space Research Inc. 3-644 Portland St., Dartmouth, NS B2W 6C4 2018-11-03
Pawsitive Lifestyle Inc. 108 Joffre Street, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 3C9 2018-11-02
Oneposte Limited 87 Craigburn Drive, Dartmouth, NS B2X 3E6 2018-10-24
Rockwood Network Consulting Inc. 5 Dunrobin Drive, Dartmouth, NS B2X 1J3 2018-10-23
Radiation Oncology Academic Enrichment Fund Limited 23 Bass Court, Dartmouth, NS B2V 2R8 2018-10-22
Knockback Games Inc. 25 Havelock Cres, Dartmouth, NS B2W 4T7 2018-10-10
11010522 Canada Inc. 2-78 Woodland Ave, Dartmouth, NS B3A 3K3 2018-09-25
11010832 Canada Corp. 7 Kennedy Drive Apt 302, Dartmouth, NS B2X 1N5 2018-09-25
11000888 Canada Inc. 310-14 Churchill Court, Dartmouth, NS B2X 1X4 2018-09-19
Dreamrooted Solutions Inc. 7 Skeena Street, Dartmouth, NS B2W 1P7 2018-09-12
Greenforce Solutions Ltd. 26 Overdale Lane, Dartmouth, NS B3A 3V3 2018-08-14
Nava Marketing Inc. 45 Portland Estates Blvd, Dartmouth, NS B2W 6A1 2018-08-08
Wmg International Trade Inc. 141 Hampton Green, Dartmouth, NS B2V 2A8 2018-08-08
Supportive Hands Inc. 4-22 High Street, Dartmouth, NS B2W 1C7 2018-07-27
Fleur De Leaf Cannabis Corporation 27 Macdonald Avenue, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1C6 2018-07-23
Larade Electric Inc. 3 Briarlynn Cres, Dartmouth, NS B2V 1K5 2018-07-17
Acoubit Communications Inc. 27 Parker Street, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 2W1 2018-05-29
Happy Drum Inc. 71 Fiddler's Green, Dartmouth, NS B2V 1Z6 2018-04-23
Continental Olive Oils Limited 6 Ranya Lane, Dartmouth, NS B3A 0B8 2018-04-17
Nanuk Vr Technologies Incorporated 39 Oakwood Ct., Dartmouth, NS B2W 5R1 2018-04-11
Waitick Immigration Inc. 18 Tulip Street, Dartmouth, NS B3A 2S6 2018-04-08
Live Planet Inc. 99 Lundy Drive, Dartmouth, NS B2W 3S3 2018-01-29
10600113 Canada Limited 129 Hampton Green, Dartmouth, NS B2V 2A8 2018-01-25
10574015 Canada Inc. #205-6 Ranya Lane, Dartmouth, NS B3A 0B8 2018-01-09
Eoceans Research and Consulting Inc. 44 Medford St., Dartmouth, NS B2Y 1T7 2018-01-04
Standard Tire Ltd. 231-610 Wright Ave, Dartmouth, NS B3B 0H8 2018-01-01
Atlantic Cannabis Caregivers Association 46 Portland Street, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 1H4 2017-12-21
Counter Point Consulting Associates Limited 8 Rosewood Court, Dartmouth, NS B2W 6K3 2017-12-20
Orion Cannabis Corp. 31 Orion Court, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4W6 2017-12-18
10542725 Canada Inc. 610 Wright Avenue, Suite 423, Dartmouth, NS B3B 0H8 2017-12-15
10533718 Canada Inc. 325 Bellbrook Crescent, Dartmouth, NS B2W 0G2 2017-12-11
Futuresafe Services Canada Inc. 12 Rosewood Court, Dartmouth, NS B2W 6K3 2017-11-28
The Kevin Hurley Memorial Scholarship Fund Foundation 5 - 192 Wyse Road, Dartmouth, NS B3A 1M8 2017-11-14
Docktime Bev Co Inc. 120, Thorne Av, Dartmouth, NS B3J 1A7 2017-10-11
Green Light Lounge Incorporated 590 Portland Street, Dartmouth, NS B3J 3T1 2017-10-11
10443824 Canada Inc. 2 Cleveland Crescent, Dartmouth, NS B3A 2L6 2017-10-11
Elevated Edibles & Extractions Inc. 105 Spence Drive, Dartmouth, NS B2V 1X3 2017-10-04
10432709 Canada Inc. 5 Horizon Court, Dartmouth, NS B3A 0C4 2017-10-03
Ocean Yacht Sales Limited 115 Joseph Zatzman Drive, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1N3 2017-09-26
10396982 Canada Ltd. 11 Collingwood Crt, Dartmouth, NS B2W 0G4 2017-09-07
Capstone Project Solutions Inc. 22 Lorne Avenue, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 3E5 2017-08-10
10330272 Canada Inc. 98 Williams Avenue, Dartmouth, NS B3B 0A1 2017-07-20
Highway Branding & Communications Inc. 61 Hickory Lane, Dartmouth, NS B2V 2A2 2017-07-10
Saint Bede The Venerable Catholic Community 118 Belle Vista Drive, Dartmouth, NS B2W 2X8 2017-07-05
Accessible Hearing Solutions Inc. 97 Summerfield Way, Dartmouth, NS B2W 6M9 2017-06-27
Pevtro Consulting Ltd. 97 Thistle Street, Dartmouth, NS B3A 2V6 2017-06-22
Live Learn Now Inc. 112 Woodlawn Road, Dartmouth, NS B2W 2S7 2017-06-08
Panorama Immigration Service Limited 275 Windmill Road, Apt. 139, Dartmouth, NS B3A 4N9 2017-06-06
10201537 Canada Limited 276 Portland Hills Drive, Dartmouth, NS B2W 6R3 2017-06-01
902 Manup 208-530 Portland Street, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4V6 2017-05-26
Spherious Mobile Services Ltd. 6 Tamerlane Court, Dartmouth, NS B2W 4V3 2017-05-15
The Av Kid Technical Services Ltd. 10 Brightwood Avenue, Dartmouth, NS B3A 2X4 2017-05-08
Task Ultra Inc. 94 Windmill Rd, Dartmouth, NS B3A 1C7 2017-04-21
Svendco Inc. 31 Athorpe Drive, Dartmouth, NS B2W 1K9 2017-04-20
Asgard Automation Inc. 86 Nestor Crescent, Dartmouth, NS B2W 4V1 2017-04-19
Ahoy! Productions Inc. 13, Dahlia Street, Dartmouth, NS B3A 2R8 2017-03-29
10093491 Canada Inc. 30 Akerley Boulevard, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1N1 2017-02-06
East Coast Countertops Ltd. 344 Lochmoor Lane, Dartmouth, NS B2W 6C8 2017-01-17
Discountshave.com Inc. 50 Joseph Zatzman Drive, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1N8 2017-01-16
Pop Culture Brew Co. Ltd. 10 Clearview Crescent, Dartmouth, NS B3A 2M8 2017-01-11
Toy Dinosaur Communications Inc. 35 Swanton Drive, Dartmouth, NS B2W 2C3 2016-12-28
10028673 Canada Inc. 99 Wyse Rd #1100, Dartmouth, NS B3A 4S5 2016-12-19
Can-am Hockey Family Advisor Inc. 109 Ilsley Avenue, Suite 12-a, Dartmouth, NS B2B 1S8 2016-12-13
Rede Media Inc. 6 Bayswater Road, Dartmouth, NS B2W 4E1 2016-12-12
Health Vantis Inc. 19 Craigburn Drive, Dartmouth, NS B2X 3E6 2016-11-25
Aguilar Capital Markets Ltd. 63 Valleyfield Road, Dartmouth, NS B2W 1N8 2016-11-23
9994203 Canada Corporation 67-804 Kings Wharf Place, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 0B4 2016-11-22
The Clever Barkeep Limited 18 John Street, Dartmouth, NS B3A 1L4 2016-11-18
The Pirate Locker Ltd. 3 Wamphray Crescent, Dartmouth, NS B2W 5B4 2016-11-08
9961275 Canada Corp. 67 Kings Wharf Pl, Suite 804, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 0B4 2016-10-27
Canada Education Connect (cedc) Inc. 196 Lindenwood Terrace, Dartmouth, NS B2W 0E8 2016-10-12
Scotia Alert Emergency Response Inc. 1 Hampton Green, Dartmouth, NS B2V 1Y4 2016-10-01
Primitive Outpost Inc. 610, Wright Avenue, Suite 439, Dartmouth, NS B3B 0H8 2016-09-28
Utopian Cx Consulting Inc. 31 Capistrano Drive, Dartmouth, NS B2X 3N6 2016-09-28
Novaspectrum Analytics Inc. 20a Locks Road, Dartmouth, NS B2X 2J5 2016-09-19
9902333 Canada Ltd. 70 Ochterloney Street, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 1C6 2016-09-12
9877428 Canada Ltd. 698 Waverley Road, Dartmouth, NS B2X 2G4 2016-08-22
9874666 Canada Ltd. 11 Akerley Bld Suite 300, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1V7 2016-08-18
Orthofit Atlantic Inc. 533 Portland Hills Drive, Dartmouth, NS B2W 6P1 2016-08-11
Maritime Centre for Contemporary Print 98 Victoria Rd, Dartmouth, NS B3A 1V3 2016-06-01
9760482 Canada Ltd. Unit 102 610 Wright Ave, Dartmouth, NS B3B 0H8 2016-05-19
Family Business Association - Atlantic 65 Celtic Drive, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 3G5 2016-05-19
Bb-c Technologies Inc. 83 Stonehaven Crescent, Dartmouth, NS B2V 2S7 2016-05-05
Stonebridge Indigenous Justice Inc. 23 Brock Street, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 3S8 2016-05-02
Homeward Bound Air Medical Transport Inc. 1000 Windmill Road, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1L7 2016-05-02
Love Organic Vital Energy Inc. 12 Guy St., Dartmouth, NS B3A 2P5 2016-03-29
Comfy Zone Home Beddings Limited 317-27 Brookdale Crescent, Dartmouth, NS B3A 4N5 2016-03-22