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Jurisdiction: Canada
Source: Corporations Canada

This dataset includes 826 thousand corporation entities registered with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

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Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
Caferri & Associate Inc. Waterloo Ave, Downsview, ON M3H 4A3 2017-04-03
10026697 Canada Ltd. 1593 Wilson Avenue, Suite 202, Downsview, ON M3L 1A5 2016-12-16
Afsa Traders Inc. 4728 Jane St, Downsview, ON M3N 2L2 2016-08-18
9428275 Canada Ltd. 33 Nash Dr, Downsview, ON M3M 2L2 2015-09-02
Mirna Infotech Inc. 701- 5 Frith Road, Downsview, ON M3N 2L5 2015-07-19
8995508 Canada Inc. 1 Gosford Blvd #8, Downsview, ON M3N 2G7 2014-08-21
Granite Ridge Financial Inc. 20b-4610 Dufferin Street, Downsview, ON M3H 5S4 2014-05-21
Les Habitations Aquablu I Inc. · Aquablu I Homes Inc. 3625 Rue Dufferin, Bureau 500, Downsview, ON M3K 1N4 2014-04-11
Kickit2winit Inc. 100 Yorkgate Blvd, Downsview, ON M3N 2C4 2013-10-02
Neway R & D Inc. 855 Alness Street, Unit # 19, Downsview, ON M3J 2X3 2011-12-19
Primeshare Canada Inc. 47 Cuffley, Cres S, Downsview, ON M3K 1X4 2011-07-14
7804792 Canada Inc. 81 Winston Park Blvd, Downsview, ON M3K 1C2 2011-03-15
7230877 Canada Inc. 1170 Sheppard Ave. W., Downsview, ON M3K 2A3 2009-08-26
Osei Holdings Inc. 1593 Wilson Avenue, Downsview, ON M3L 1A5 2009-01-30
7063539 Canada Inc. 33 Sandale Gardens, Downsview, ON M3H 3V3 2008-10-20
7054807 Canada Limited 2855 Jane Street, Downsview, ON M3N 2J5 2008-10-02
Inter Global Logistics Inc. 61 Alness Street, Downsview, ON M3J 2H2 2007-02-05
Metro Auto Centre Ltd. Unit 1 - 70 Lepage Court, Downsview, ON M3J 1Z9 2007-01-27
Cello Cleaning Incorporated 24 Seeley Drive, Downsview, ON M3M 2V6 2006-11-06
Jingimo! Inc. 4325 Steeles Ave West, Downsview, ON M3N 1V7 2006-08-24
6613373 Canada Inc. 48 Ashwarren Road, Downsview, ON M3J 1Z5 2006-08-17
6515967 Canada Inc. 315 Flint Rd., Downsview, ON M3J 2J2 2006-02-02
Voxtone Communications Inc. 4325 Steels Ave, W. Suite#913, Downsview, ON M3N 1V7 2005-08-31
6416420 Canada Inc. 2850 Jane Street, Downsview, ON M3N 2J4 2005-07-08
Jeorgi Ltd. 592 Sheppard Ave West, Suite 583, Downsview, ON M3H 6A7 2005-04-15
Pleasuretime Parties Inc. Po Box 30051, 1027 Finch Ave W, Downsview, ON M3J 3L6 2004-11-17
Christian Congregation of Canada 1431 Wilson Avenue, Downsview, ON M3M 1H9 2004-11-16
Screen Print Consultants Inc. 18 Buxton Road, Downsview, ON M3M 1Y5 2004-10-01
Sbs Television Canada Limited 750 Oakdale Road Unit 60, Downsview, ON M3N 2Z4 2004-09-14
Canada Inmates Rehabilitation Foundation and Refugee Reunification Program - · La Fondation Canadienne Rehabilitation Des 4340 Dufferin St., Downsview, ON M3H 5R9 2003-06-23
4143035 Canada Inc. 2600 Jane Street, Downsview, ON M3L 1S3 2003-06-16
6049460 Canada Inc. 56 Tobermory Drive, Downsview, ON M3N 2R8 2002-12-27
6042058 Canada Inc. 3460 Keele Street, Downsview, ON M3J 1L9 2002-12-02
Canadian Campus Media Inc. 216 Canarctic Dr., Downsview, ON M3J 2P4 2002-11-12
Swipe It Solutions Ltd. 3885 Chesswood Drive, Downsview, ON M3J 2R8 2002-05-23
The Hemingway Condominium Residences Inc. 125 Norfinch Dr., Downsview, ON M3N 1W8 2002-05-03
940 Gateway Portfolio Inc. 3625 Dufferin Street, Downsview, ON M3K 1N4 2002-03-25
3980006 Canada Inc. 369 Rimrock Road, Downsview, ON M3J 3G2 2001-12-06
Evrica Windows & Doors Inc. 1179 Finch Avenue West, Downsview, ON M3J 2G1 2001-11-14
Canada-italy Consulting Agency Inc. 1017 Wilson Avenue, Downsview, ON M3K 1Z1 2001-03-21
3738396 Canada Inc. 312 Dolomite Drive, Downsview, ON M3J 2N2 2000-03-28
Home Tech Alarms Incorporated 130 Bridgeland Ave., Downsview, ON M6A1Z4 1998-12-15
Spectralink Inc. 3910 Bathurst St., Downsview, ON M3H5Z3 1998-10-19
National Association of Evaluation Rehabilitation Outcomes 12 Ashwarren Road, Downsview, ON M3J1Z5 1998-01-21
3446344 Canada Inc. 25 Eddystone Avenue, Downsview, ON M3N1H5 1997-12-17
The Joseph Rubin Foundation 25 York Downs Drive, Downsview, ON M3H 1H7 1997-08-11
Eco Essentials (canada) Inc. 135 Spalding Rd, Downsview, ON M3K1K3 1997-05-30
Sigmacon Surgical Products Ltd. 436 Limestone Crescent, Downsview, ON M3J2S4 1997-02-21
Interserv Data Services Inc. 4190 Bathurst, Downsview, ON M3H9P9 1997-01-13
Medibooks for Patients Inc. 9 Gladiola Court, Downsview, ON M3H5X5 1996-03-07
Sigmacon Ophthalmic Devices Inc. 436 Limestone Cres, Downsview, ON M3J2S4 1995-11-23
3183246 Canada Inc. 1170 Sheppard Ave. W., Downsview, ON M3K2A3 1995-09-14
Unicare Medical (u.s.a.) Inc. 560 Supertest Rd., Downsview, ON M3J 2M6 1995-08-14
3166775 Canada Inc. 560 Supertest Road, Downsview, ON M3J2M6 1995-07-19
Falconmet Engineering and Laboratories Inc. 1111 Flint Rd, Downsview, ON M3C3J9 1995-07-13
Elecpack Consulting Inc. · Consultant Elecpack Inc. 60 Plewes Road, Downsview, ON M3K 1K5 1995-05-31
Primetime Home Computing & Entertainment Centres Inc. 401 Champagne Dr, Downsview, ON M3J2C6 1995-02-10
The Radomer Foundation 18 Reiner Road, Downsview, ON M3H2K9 1995-01-06
Duo-glas North America Ltd. 40 St-regis Cres N, Downsview, ON M3J1Z2 1994-11-18
Koebra Holdings Inc. 24 Dresden Rd, Downsview, ON M3H 1W9 1994-11-15
Flomat Canada Inc. 1120 Finch Ave West, Downsview, ON M3J3H7 1994-08-23
Sno Biz Shave Ice Inc. 25 Strongcourt, Downsview, ON M3N1P1 1994-08-11
Medsport Health Management Centre Inc. 12 Ashwarren Rd, Downsview, ON M3J1Z5 1994-07-26
G. Rosenzweig Quality Management Consulting Inc. 1018 Finch Avenue West, Downsview, ON M3J2E1 1994-07-04
Cybermind Canada Inc. 1110 Finch Ave W, Downsview, ON M3J2T2 1994-02-07
Canada Youth Missions International 4325 Steeles Ave W, Downsview, ON M3N1V7 1993-12-08
2914697 Canada Inc. 2597 Keele St, Downsview, ON M6L2P2 1993-04-23
2870754 Canada Inc. 62 Alness Street, Downsview, ON M3J2H1 1992-11-23
Futuremed Specialties Inc. 75 Wildcat Road, Downsview, ON M3J2P5 1992-08-25
One Stop Medical Inc. 560 Supertest Road, Downsview, ON M3J 2M6 1992-08-19
2749394 Canada Inc. 560 Supertest Rd, Downsview, ON M3J2M6 1991-09-05
2729725 Canada Inc. 430 Flint Road, Downsview, ON M3J2J4 1991-06-28
United Stationers Canada Ltd. 101 Canarctic Drive, Downsview, ON M3M2W2 1991-03-22
Society of Mortgage Finance of Canada 951 Wilson Ave, Downsview, ON M3K2A7 1991-01-17
176500 Canada Inc. 1270 Finch Ave. West, Downsview, ON M3J3J7 1991-01-17
I.v.t. Computer Technologies Inc. · Les Technologies Informatiques I.v.t. Inc. 3889 Chestwoot Drive, Downsview, ON M7A2R8 1990-12-24
Kino Mobility Freedom Inc. 18 Lepage Court, Downsview, ON M3J1Z9 1990-12-10
Ship & Sons International Inc. · Ship & Fils International Inc. 1691 Flint Road, Downsview, ON M3J 2W8 1990-10-16
Elpee Textiles Inc. · Textiles Elpee Inc. 107 St-regis Crescent South, Downsview, ON M3J 1Y6 1990-10-01
A.p. Automobile Dealers Directory Across Canada Inc. 40 Kodiak Crescent, Downsview, ON M3J3G5 1990-09-19
Simcon: Software for Integrated Manufacturing Consortium · Consortium Des Logiciels Pour La Fabrication Intégrée 78 Bideford Avenue, Downsview, ON M3H1K4 1990-07-20
Performance Plus Electronics Inc. 62 Orchard Croft Crescent, Downsview, ON M3J1A8 1990-07-18
Candia Techno Inc. 600-a Magnetic Drive, Downsview, ON M3J2C4 1990-07-11
Les Systemes De Securite Consec (que) Ltee. 5050 Dufferin Street, Downsview, ON M5H5T5 1990-07-06
Innovative Adhesives International Inc. 920 Alness Street, Downsview, ON M3J2H7 1990-05-30
Helmsey Mechanical Contractors Corp. 265 Rimrock Road, Downsview, ON M3J3C6 1990-05-22
Seaworthy Film Production Inc. · Productions De Films Seaworthy Inc. 44 Kodiak Crescent, Downsview, ON M3J3G5 1990-04-17
D.n.a. Roadtrans Systems Inc. 1111 Flint Road, Downsview, ON M3J3C7 1990-03-26
Sigmacon Surgical Products Inc. 436 Limestone Crescent, Downsview, ON M3J 2S4 1990-02-09
Sterling Moving & Storage Inc. 601 Magnetic Drive, Downsview, ON M3J3J2 1990-01-17
171896 Canada Inc. 75 Alexdon Road, Downsview, ON M3J2B5 1990-01-09
Super Swim Canada Inc. 185 Cocksfield Avenue, Downsview, ON M3H3T4 1989-09-25
169526 Canada Inc. 845 Wilson Avenue, Downsview, ON M3K1E6 1989-08-24
Uniformes Prestige (ontario) Inc. · Prestige Uniforms (ontario) Inc. 2 Assiniboine Road, Downsview, ON M3J1L1 1989-08-18
Ursomarzo Investment Corporation 53 Tobermory Drive, Downsview, ON M3N2R4 1989-07-11
R.e.c. Equity Capital Corp. 24 Martin Ross Avenue, Downsview, ON M3J 2K9 1989-05-12
Techskill Aero Canada Inc. 2065 Finch Avenue West, Downsview, ON M3N2V7 1989-04-27
Marky's Delicatessen (1989) Inc. 280 Wilson Avenue, Downsview, ON M3H 1S8 1989-03-17
Amgro Marketing Products Corporation 2004 Sheppard Ave West, Downsview, ON M3N1A2 1989-01-13
Testeq Systems Corp. 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Downsview, ON M3K1Z9 1988-09-29