Federal Corporation

Jurisdiction: Canada
Source: Corporations Canada

This dataset includes 826 thousand corporation entities registered with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

KINGSTON · Search Result

Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
Prehabmd Inc. 220 Green Bay Road, Kingston, ON K7K 7C4 2019-08-13
11564153 Canada Inc. 3119 Princess St, Kingston, ON K7P 0K6 2019-08-12
Yathu Foundation Canada 921 Swanfield Street, Kingston, ON K7M 0A6 2019-08-08
11557424 Canada Limited 211-844 Princess Street, Kingston, ON K7L 1G3 2019-08-07
Verigirl Ltd. 110-118 Virginia Street, Kingston, ON K7K 5Y4 2019-08-06
11545027 Canada Inc. 29 Picard Place, Kingston, ON K7M 2W5 2019-07-31
Libre Financial Solutions Inc. 186 Rose Abbey Dr., Kingston, ON K7K 7L9 2019-07-29
Herohub Inc. Herohub, 69 Union Street West, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6 2019-07-29
Kingston Dynamics Inc. 290 Kingscourt Avenue, Kingston, ON K7K 4R3 2019-07-28
Wellaby Inc. 905 Newcastle Street, Kingston, ON K7P 2C1 2019-07-26
Doppl Inc. 69, Union Street, Kingston, ON K7L 1N9 2019-07-23
11523058 Canada Inc. 65 Wolfe Street, Kingston, ON K7M 1H4 2019-07-18
Big Spoon Inc. 284 Earl Street, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6 2019-07-18
Renew Me Inc. 37 Glencoe Crescent, Kingston, ON K7M 7H9 2019-07-13
Little Giant's Rockin' Dog Town 1313 Anderson Drive, Kingston, ON K7P 0C6 2019-07-12
11513273 Canada Inc. 208 Bicknell Cres., Kingston, ON K7M 4T6 2019-07-12
11508245 Canada Inc. Room 101j, Mitchell Hall, Kingston, ON K7L 2N9 2019-07-10
Wyndo Inc. 69 Union Street West, Kingston, ON K7L 2N9 2019-07-08
Alphadog Moving Solutions Inc. 1378 Tremont Drive, Kingston, ON K7P 0M6 2019-07-08
Cpd Reed Trucking Limited 102-1225 Gardiners Road, Kingston, ON K7P 0G3 2019-07-04
Kingston Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences Centre 324 King Street West, Kingston, ON K7L 2X2 2019-07-04
Elmagtrans Inc. 5029 Fox Run Place, Kingston, ON K7P 0E4 2019-07-04
Planted Cbd Topicals Inc. 24 Karlee Court, Kingston, ON K7K 0C5 2019-07-03
11492705 Canada Incorporated 1109 Woodhaven Dr, Kingston, ON K7P 0R7 2019-07-02
King God Mighty One Church 162 Sutherland Drive, Kingston, ON K7K 5W5 2019-06-28
11486527 Canada Inc. 885 Stonewalk Drive, Kingston, ON K7K 0H3 2019-06-26
11480731 Canada Inc. 821 Blackburn Mews, Kingston, ON K7P 2N6 2019-06-24
Abmd Pharmacy Services Inc. 7-199 Weller Avenue, Kingston, ON K7K 5T7 2019-06-24
11481118 Canada Inc. 415 Mccallum Street, Kingston, ON K7K 7L6 2019-06-24
Katarokwi Property Management Corporation 446 Mcewan Drive, Kingston, ON K7M 3W5 2019-06-14
Livingston Company Corporation 35 Gibson Avenue, Kingston, ON K7L 4R1 2019-06-04
Synergize Organics Ltd. 657 Princess Street, Kingston, ON K7L 0E7 2019-06-01
Partigo Networks Ltd. 123 Colborne Street, Kingston, ON K7K 1E1 2019-05-31
Allowme Technologies Inc. 411 Morin Ave., Kingston, ON K7K 7C8 2019-05-30
Shree Sankheshwar Parshwanath Inc. 240 Conacher Drive, Kingston, ON K7K 2X2 2019-05-23
Bitstream Energy Solutions Inc. 799 Fairbanks Street, Kingston, ON K7P 0K6 2019-05-16
Tasck Inc. 1326 Grace Avenue, Kingston, ON K7P 0B9 2019-05-14
Bridge Nutrition Inc. 800 John Marks Avenue, Kingston, ON K7K 0J7 2019-05-13
Authentically Bold Incorporated 204 Alfred St., Kingston, ON K7L 3R9 2019-05-11
11402625 Canada Inc. 55 Seaforth Road, Kingston, ON K7M 1E1 2019-05-09
11396153 Canada Ltd. 178 Ontario Street, Kingston, ON K7L 2Y8 2019-05-07
11395335 Canada Inc. 434 Weston Cres, Kingston, ON K7M 9E7 2019-05-06
Black Sheep Thinking Inc. 1105 Dunham Street, Kingston, ON K7P 2K2 2019-05-02
Balayo Brothers Land Inc. 3446 Kingston 2, Kingston, ON K7L 5H6 2019-05-01
Precision Process Solution Inc. 389 Cooke Cres., Kingston, ON K7P 3J5 2019-04-29
11376268 Canada Inc. 22 Redden Street, Kingston, ON K7M 3K5 2019-04-25
11357581 Canada Inc. 1664 Shore Rd, Kingston, ON K7L 0C1 2019-04-15
New Era Interiors Inc. 114 Smithfield Crescent, Kingston, ON K7M 3C4 2019-04-15
Make It Matter Media Inc. 524 Savannah Court, Kingston, ON K7P 0L3 2019-04-05
Gearsix Consulting Inc. 1275 Atkinson Street, Kingston, ON K7P 0H9 2019-04-03
Dome In A Box Incorporated 45 Metcalfe Avenue, Kingston, ON K7M 2W7 2019-04-01
Expronics Inc. 635 Braeside Crescent, Kingston, ON K7P 1G6 2019-03-27
11312278 Canada Ltd. 287 Collingwood Street, Kingston, ON K7L 3Y1 2019-03-21
Kingston Coalition for Active Transportation 123 Beverley Street, Kingston, ON K7L 3Y7 2019-03-20
Kingston East End Community Church C/o Catherine R. Oliver, Kingston, ON K7M 6A9 2019-03-15
Genvira Biosciences Inc. 303 Bagot St, Kingston, ON K7K 5W7 2019-03-12
Seniors On The Move Inc. 640 Cataraqui Woods Drive, Kingston, ON K7L 2Y5 2019-03-08
11279262 Canada Incorporated 4 Grenville Cres, Kingston, ON K7M 3A7 2019-03-02
X-quester Trade Inc. 604-90 Curtis Crescent, Kingston, ON K7M 5V6 2019-03-01
Dark Fortress Holdings Ltd. 391 Brimley Crt, Kingston, ON K7M 7V1 2019-02-27
11270940 Canada Inc. 309-835 Milford Drive, Kingston, ON K7P 1A7 2019-02-26
Contractor Ninjas Inc. 829 Norwest Road, Suite 718, Kingston, ON K7P 2N3 2019-02-25
White Cardinal Inc. 154 Napier St., Kingston, ON K7L 4G5 2019-02-25
Rake Home Renovations Ltd. 162 Morenz Crescent, Kingston, ON K7K 2X3 2019-02-24
Wormtree & Company Incorporated 1032 King Street West, Kingston, ON K7M 8H3 2019-02-18
Cold Plasma Group Inc. 243 Mack St., Kingston, ON K7L 1P8 2019-02-14
Gaime-ed Artificial Intelligence Inc. 363 College St., Kingston, ON K7L 4M6 2019-02-05
11232177 Canada Inc. 1412 Princess Street, Kingston, ON K7M 3E5 2019-02-04
The Coloured Smoke Corporation Basement, 107 Main Street, Kingston, ON K7K 3Y7 2019-02-01
Technotronik Canada Inc. 73 Virginia Street, Kingston, ON K7K 5Y3 2019-02-01
11212826 Canada Inc. 729 Ridley Drive, Kingston, ON K7P 2A2 2019-01-23
Theia Markerless Inc. 27 Sydenham Street, Kingston, ON K7L 3G8 2019-01-22
Akwishay Inc. 404 - 290 Bath Road, Kingston, ON K7M 1C2 2019-01-21
Pedalred Research and Development Inc. 784 Ashley Cres, Kingston, ON K7M 4E3 2019-01-20
Salsbury Immigration Consulting Ltd. 870 Lancaster Dr., Kingston, ON K7P 1R6 2019-01-17
Grapnel Security Solutions Inc. 926 Edinborough Crescent, Kingston, ON K7P 2C5 2019-01-15
Dr. Shawerma Inc. 383 Princess Street, Kingston, ON K7L 1B9 2019-01-14
Ray Pye Advertising Specialties Inc. 780 Midpark Dr Suite 101, Kingston, ON K7M 7P6 2019-01-05
Forenti Corp. 1445 Middle Rd, Kingston, ON K7L 4V3 2019-01-01
Robert Mundle Productions Inc. 1232 Rockwood Dr., Kingston, ON K7P 2L1 2018-12-27
11157272 Canada Inc. 401-90 Virginia Street, Kingston, ON K7K 5Y4 2018-12-20
11155342 Canada Corp. 445 Boxwood Street, Kingston, ON K7M 9C4 2018-12-19
Les Cajoutiers - Canada 367 Conlon Court, Kingston, ON K7M 8K5 2018-12-16
Agape International Fellowship Canada 1082 Johnson Street, Kingston, ON K7M 2N5 2018-12-13
Jeosal Materials Research Corporation 1065 Hickorywood Crescent, Kingston, ON K7P 2E6 2018-12-11
Bookingo Inc. 3-23 Elm Street, Kingston, ON K7K 1M8 2018-12-10
Society for The Recovery and Preservation of Canadian Military Artefacts 14 Shaw St, Kingston, ON K7K 4Y4 2018-12-10
Ubis Enterprise Ltd. 3 - 77 Cowdy Street, Kingston, ON K7K 3W1 2018-11-30
11123408 Canada Inc. 29 Fergus St., Kingston, ON K7K 4L1 2018-11-30
Vega Cannabis Inc. 3b Queenston Heights, Kingston, ON K7K 5J3 2018-11-22
Jquinn Holdings Limited 1131 Seale Court, Kingston, ON K7P 0A2 2018-11-21
Novelant Scientific Research Inc. 90 Metcalfe Avenue, Kingston, ON K7M 2W6 2018-11-19
Naptor 402 Barrie Street, Kingston, ON K7K 3T7 2018-11-11
Fine Balance Brewing Company Ltd. 9 Kennedy Street, Kingston, ON K7M 2G8 2018-11-09
Iscitech Inc. 811 Robson Place, Kingston, ON K7P 1B5 2018-11-07
Baseera Vision International 555 Braeside Crescent, Kingston, ON K7P 1G6 2018-11-05
Kingston Malayali Association 838 Marsh Crescent, Kingston, ON K7P 2R2 2018-10-28
Doula Support Foundation · Fondation De Support Des Doulas 482 Mccallum Street, Kingston, ON K7K 7L9 2018-10-18
11041061 Canada Inc. 280 Holden Street, Kingston, ON K7P 0M2 2018-10-12
11041096 Canada Inc. 659 Sussex Boulevard, Kingston, ON K7M 5A9 2018-10-12