Federal Corporation

Jurisdiction: Canada
Source: Corporations Canada

This dataset includes 826 thousand corporation entities registered with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

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Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
Deliverico Canada Services Inc. 1118-621 Kipps Lane, London, ON N5Y 0B1 2019-04-16
11361694 Canada Inc. 2045 Baker Villa Street, London, ON N6P 0E9 2019-04-16
Rakhra Truck Service Ltd. 198 Colette Drive, London, ON N6E 3S7 2019-04-15
Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School Alumni Association 125 Sherwood Forest Square, London, ON N6G 2C3 2019-04-15
Baillie Automotive Consulting Inc. 37 Havenridge Crescent, London, ON N6H 4L5 2019-04-15
Trueman Thérapeutique Corporation · Trueman Therapeutics Corporation 107 Grand Ave, Apartment 306, London, ON N6C 1M3 2019-04-14
Zambito Consulting Corporation 1141 Bramblewood Street, London, ON N6K 4Y4 2019-04-11
Bridge To All Nations 1884 Aldersbrook Rd, London, ON N6G 3N5 2019-04-10
Brenda Rowe Jewelry Ltd. 227 Speight Boulevard, London, ON N5V 3J7 2019-04-09
Jlmas Consulting Inc. 1008-1605 Dyer Dr., London, ON N6G 0S3 2019-04-08
11344773 Canada Inc. 1412 Kostis Ave, London, ON N5V 3E2 2019-04-08
11347012 Canada Inc. 2419 Daisy Bend, London, ON N6M 0G9 2019-04-08
Canadian Sativa Incorporated 1678 Cherrywood Trail, London, ON N6H 0E1 2019-04-08
11343947 Canada Inc. 43 Alayne Cres, London, ON N6E 2A2 2019-04-07
Bsb Fire Safety Inc. 1796 Creekside St, London, ON N5X 4L8 2019-04-07
Best Express Services Inc. 3079 Tillmann Road, London, ON N6P 0B8 2019-04-07
Exar Studios Inc. 149 King St #202, London, ON N6A 1C3 2019-04-06
London & Dubai Heavy Equipment Machinery Trading Inc. 2222 Debra Dr, London, ON N6P 0E8 2019-04-04
Paramount Children's Residence 837 Talbot Street, London, ON N6A 2V7 2019-04-04
11339893 Canada Corp. 1876 Sedgefield Row, London, ON N6G 0P8 2019-04-04
London Street Company Inc. 520 Wellington Street, London, ON N6A 3R2 2019-04-01
Lonely Road Consulting Inc. 464 Commissioners Road West, London, ON N6J 0A2 2019-04-01
London Games Studio Inc. 44 Crabtree Avenue, London, ON N6G 2H7 2019-04-01
7efforts Inc. 973 West Village Square, London, ON N6H 0J7 2019-03-31
11325434 Canada Inc. 938 Chippewa Dr, London, ON N5V 4G8 2019-03-28
Cannalabs Science Inc. 1401-240 Villagewalk Boulevard, London, ON N6G 5L5 2019-03-28
Bend Bus Inc. 81 Albion St, London, ON N6H 1Z1 2019-03-28
11324071 Canada Inc. 127 Kanata Cres, London, ON N6J 4S1 2019-03-27
Bunting Investment Group Inc. 31 Huron Green, London, ON N5V 3S6 2019-03-26
12th of Bruce Consulting Services Inc. 434 Wortley Road, London, ON N6C 3S8 2019-03-26
Bayanihan Filipino Federation 741 Millbank Drive, London, ON N6E 2Y1 2019-03-26
M and A Property Restoration Ltd. 85 Gardenwood Drive, London, ON N6J 3M5 2019-03-25
Tbv Vape Shops Inc. 388 Sophia Crescent, London, ON N6G 0T4 2019-03-25
11313584 Canada Inc. 903-400 Sandringham Crescent, London, ON N6C 5A8 2019-03-22
11312634 Canada Inc. 1920 Dundas Street, London, ON N5V 3P1 2019-03-21
All Nations Open Door Church 920 Dundas Street, London, ON N5W 3A1 2019-03-20
Powerdrill Communications Inc. 843 Capulet Lane, London, ON N6H 5V2 2019-03-20
Elgin Residential Hospice 402-700 Richmond Street, London, ON N6A 5C7 2019-03-19
11307037 Canada Ltd. 884 Riverside Drive, London, ON N6H 2T3 2019-03-19
Salco Trades Inc. 220-500, Osgoode Dr, London, ON N6E 2G9 2019-03-18
Under Renovations S.e. Corp. 1 Optimist Park Drive, London, ON N6K 4J8 2019-03-17
Minop Invesments Corp. 1518 Mickleborough Dr., London, ON N6G 5R6 2019-03-14
11300466 Canada Inc. 23 Century Place, London, ON N6H 4W9 2019-03-14
11300547 Canada Inc. 1579 Noah Bend, London, ON N6G 0T2 2019-03-14
Ndee Productions Inc. 956 Ormsby Street, London, ON N5Z 1K4 2019-03-13
L&j Home Renovation Ltd. 104 Camden Crt, London, ON N5X 2K4 2019-03-12
St. Joseph Chaldean Catholic Church 89 Charles Street, London, ON N6H 1H1 2019-03-12
11292269 Canada Corporation 277 Adelaide Street South, London, ON N5Z 3K7 2019-03-11
11294059 Canada Inc. 407-175 Emery Street West, London, ON N6J 4E9 2019-03-11
11291513 Canada Inc. 30 Millmead Road, London, ON N5Z 4P6 2019-03-10
Great Canadian Landscape Inc. 766 Cranbrook Road, London, ON N6K 1W9 2019-03-08
11287435 Canada Corp. 129 Mcmahen St., London, ON N5Y 0A2 2019-03-07
11288270 Canada Inc. 54 Kanata Crescent, London, ON N6J 4S6 2019-03-07
Auctor Design Inc. 17 Friars Way, London, ON N6G 2A9 2019-03-05
Sia Heating & Cooling Inc. 1047 Aldersbrook Road, London, ON N6G 2X1 2019-03-05
Wizard of Laws Inc. · Savant Du Droit Inc. 412-695 Talbot Street, London, ON N6A 2T8 2019-03-04
Westmount Consulting Group Limited · Westmount Consulting Group Limitée 55 Woods Edge Close, London, ON N6K 4K8 2019-03-01
Pow Translations Inc. 2150 Thornicroft Crescent, London, ON N6P 1T7 2019-03-01
Withsage Inc. 343 Southcrest Drive, London, ON N6J 1N3 2019-02-28
Projectsoft Corp. 1591 Mcneil Place, London, ON N6M 0A2 2019-02-26
Redo Inc. 1111 - 330 Ridout Street North, London, ON N6A 0A7 2019-02-25
11269836 Canada Limited 1942 Wateroak Drive, London, ON N6G 0M7 2019-02-25
11267493 Canada Inc. 1920 Dundas Street E., London, ON N5V 3P1 2019-02-23
London Area Volleyball Academy 1112-315 Southdale Rd. West, London, ON N6J 0B1 2019-02-20
Yishijet Holdings Inc. 210-1825, Whitney Street, London, ON N5W 2W3 2019-02-20
11257552 Canada Inc. 406 Princess Avenue, London, ON N6B 2B1 2019-02-19
Makiato Enterprises Inc. 705 Freeport Street, London, ON N6G 0R7 2019-02-19
11257102 Canada Inc. 898 Dundas Street, London, ON N5W 3A1 2019-02-18
11255754 Canada Inc. 144 Springbank Drive, London, ON N6J 1E7 2019-02-17
London Uyghur Education Society 1192 Blackmaple Drive, London, ON N5Y 5V3 2019-02-15
Rize Recruitment Inc. 1087 Fogerty St, London, ON N5X 4P3 2019-02-14
Zomaron Integrated Payments Inc. 3200 Wonderland Road South, London, ON N6L 1A6 2019-02-14
Air Bird Travels Inc. 841 Rollingacres Place, London, ON N5X 0L4 2019-02-14
Qualis Contracting Inc. 1069 Silverfox Drive, London, ON N6G 0G2 2019-02-13
11246704 Canada Incorporated 120 Clara Crescent, London, ON N6E 3G6 2019-02-12
Maknis Group Ltd. 155 Clara Cres, London, ON N6E 3H1 2019-02-12
Wani Union Limited 2069 Rollingacres Dr, London, ON N5X 0H2 2019-02-12
Dougal Transportation Services Ltd. 2392 Meadowlands Way, London, ON N6G 5L8 2019-02-11
Sphinx Marketing Corp. 366 Avondale Road, London, ON N5W 5B5 2019-02-10
Nigeria Trade and Investment Centre Canada Inc. 252 South Leaksdale Circle, London, ON N6M 1K3 2019-02-08
11242555 Canada Inc. 546 Boler Road, London, ON N6K 2K7 2019-02-08
Beardwood Consulting & Technologies Inc. 120 Fairview Avenue, London, ON N6C 4T6 2019-02-07
Solitude Window Fashions Ltd. 3030 Tokala Trail, London, ON N6G 0S6 2019-02-07
Owl360it Inc. 18 Littleford Pl., London, ON N6H 4Z9 2019-02-06
Thakor Pharmasave Canada Corp. 637 Dundas Street, London, ON N5W 2Z1 2019-02-06
11235273 Canada Inc. 241 Hawthorne Road, London, ON N6G 5N3 2019-02-05
Kaddour Tiling Inc. 6627 Navin Crescent, London, ON N6P 0B6 2019-02-04
Tjc Consulting Group Inc. 10 Milan Place, London, ON N5Z 5A2 2019-02-01
Overhide Inc. 152 Hartson Road, London, ON N6H 5B3 2019-02-01
Efficionauto Incorporated 603-1420 Beaverbrook Ave, London, ON N6H 5W7 2019-02-01
11226673 Canada Inc. 951 Wonderland Road Unit 806, London, ON N6K 4L3 2019-01-31
11227602 Canada Inc. 495 Commissioners Road East, London, ON N6C 2T9 2019-01-31
Viola Gourmet Inc. 1095 Jalna Boulevard, London, ON N6E 2Y7 2019-01-30
Ascend Applications Inc. 501 King St., London, ON N6A 1C9 2019-01-29
Global Food Corner-gfc Inc. 35-1460 Beckworth Ave, London, ON N5V 2K7 2019-01-25
11217992 Canada Inc. 1732 O’hanlan Lane, London, ON N5X 0N1 2019-01-25
11215051 Canada Ltd. 1541 Aldersbrook Rd., London, ON N6G 2Z1 2019-01-24
Eternity Travel Group Inc. 64 Winding Way Cres, London, ON N6G 3G2 2019-01-24
Successive Corporation 1108 Medway Park Drive, London, ON N6G 0G1 2019-01-23
Mastertech Solutions Ltd. 83 Daleview Crescent, London, ON N5X 1H2 2019-01-22