Federal Corporation

Jurisdiction: Canada
Source: Corporations Canada

This dataset includes 826 thousand corporation entities registered with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

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Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
11235176 Canada Ltd. 8350 Lawson Road, Milton, ON L9T 2X9 2019-02-05
Haven Property Management Niagara Inc. 407 Pine Street, Milton, ON L9T 1L3 2019-02-05
Finsys Group Inc. 889 Hollinrake Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 5T8 2019-02-05
Miss Alex Kitchen Inc. 1605 Gowling Terrace, Milton, ON L9T 5J6 2019-02-04
Faj Plastics Inc. 1554 Clitherow Street, Milton, ON L9E 0A1 2019-02-03
Calibre Consulting Services Inc. 977 Farmstead Drive, Milton, ON L9T 8B9 2019-02-02
Issmz Consulting Inc. 994 Gastle Way, Milton, ON L9T 7B3 2019-01-30
Agile Sloth Studios Inc. 122 B Bronte Street South, Milton, ON L9T 1Y9 2019-01-29
Catalyst Mdm Device Safety Inc. 26 Suitor Court, Milton, ON L9T 8S1 2019-01-29
F&s Concrete and Construction Inc. 846 Miltonbrook Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 8N4 2019-01-28
Trg Technologies Inc. 76 Frost Court, Milton, ON L9E 1G2 2019-01-23
Sail Consulting Group Inc. 415 Highside Drive, Milton, ON L9T 1W9 2019-01-21
Adapt Ontario Corp. 77 Ruhl Drive, Milton, ON L9T 7K3 2019-01-21
Rk Wellness Inc. 495 Wettlaufer Terrace, Milton, ON L9T 8K9 2019-01-21
11209736 Canada Corporation 1442 Day Terrace, Milton, ON L9E 1H8 2019-01-21
Global Negotium Inc. 521 Yates Drive, Milton, ON L9T 8Z7 2019-01-18
Spivas Immigration Consulting Inc. 450 Bronte St S, Unit 202, Milton, ON L9T 8T2 2019-01-18
Canadas Helping Hands 713 Ambroise Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 0M4 2019-01-15
11191918 Canada Inc. 745 Farmstead Dr, Milton, ON L9T 8B2 2019-01-11
11190733 Canada Inc. 238 Rowe Terr, Milton, ON L9T 8E8 2019-01-10
11188569 Canada Inc. 980 Savoline Blvd, Milton, ON L9T 7T1 2019-01-09
Leading Edge Seo Inc. 675 Edwards Avenue, Milton, ON L9T 6B3 2019-01-08
11186256 Canada Inc. 1299 Clark Boulevard, Milton, ON L9T 6L4 2019-01-08
Matz Trading & Consulting Inc. 1180 Houston Drive, Milton, ON L9T 6G5 2019-01-08
11183940 Canada Corporation 535 Nairn Circle, Milton, ON L9T 8A8 2019-01-07
11180363 Canada Inc. 1291 Hamman Way, Milton, ON L9E 1J5 2019-01-06
Tangent Consulting Services Inc. 152 Etheridge Avenue, Milton, ON L9E 1G9 2019-01-06
11178946 Canada Inc. 408-100 Millside Drive, Milton, ON L9T 5E2 2019-01-05
Splash Mobile Aquatics Inc. 66 King St., Milton, ON L9T 1J7 2019-01-05
Uxeed Inc. 1230 Duignan Crescent, Milton, ON L9E 1C5 2019-01-05
Thesix Cannabis Corporation 7880 15 Side Road, Milton, ON L9T 2X7 2019-01-03
Recruitable It Incorporated 60 Livingston Road, Milton, ON L9T 6B7 2019-01-03
11172905 Canada Ltd. 438 Cavanagh Lane, Milton, ON L9T 8G6 2019-01-02
Yayin Consulting Inc. 283 Galbraith Boulevard, Milton, ON L9T 5Y1 2019-01-02
Macro Consulting Latca Corporation 860 Luxton Drive, Milton, ON L9T 6Y4 2019-01-02
What I'm Drinking Inc. 301-1370 Costigan Road, Milton, ON L9T 0Y7 2019-01-01
11170708 Canada Inc. 1224 Main Street East, Milton, ON L9T 8M7 2018-12-31
Smnk Trading Inc. 278 Gleave Terrace, Milton, ON L9T 8N9 2018-12-30
11169165 Canada Inc. 220 Septimus Height, Milton, ON L9T 8N5 2018-12-30
Hii Academics Ltd. 876 Etherington Way, Milton, ON L9T 0Z3 2018-12-29
11167570 Canada Inc. 329 Baverstock Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 5K9 2018-12-28
Miami Global Lines Canada Inc. 464 Laundon Terrace, Milton, ON L9T 7X9 2018-12-21
Centro General Trading Inc. 1315 Whitney Terr, Milton, ON L9E 1K5 2018-12-20
Live Interviewer Corp. 515-630 Sauve Street, Milton, ON L9T 9A6 2018-12-20
11155369 Canada Inc. 1028 Parmenter Point, Milton, ON L9T 8R1 2018-12-19
Hills United Basketball Inc. 1159 Costigan Rd, Milton, ON L9T 6N8 2018-12-18
Iraqi Canadian Information Technology Society 368 Bessborough Drive, Milton, ON L9T 8P6 2018-12-18
11149130 Canada Inc. 225 Whitlock Avenue, Milton, ON L9E 1E4 2018-12-17
11147234 Canada Inc. 873 Farmstead Drive, Milton, ON L9T 8J9 2018-12-14
11143611 Canada Inc. 606 Holly Avenue, Milton, ON L9T 7X2 2018-12-13
Rohit Patil Consulting Inc. 322 Racey Trail, Milton, ON L9T 0B2 2018-12-13
Sisu Construction and Restoration Corporation 834 Ferguson Drive, Milton, ON L9T 6L4 2018-12-13
Uniquekids Party Studio Inc. 1046 Holdsworth Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 0C2 2018-12-13
Jhankis Import & Export Inc. 293 Scott Blvd, Milton, ON L9T 6Z7 2018-12-11
11140973 Canada Inc. 270 Wise Crossing, Milton, ON L9T 0N9 2018-12-11
Eros Led Lighting Inc. 156 Meadowland Crescent, Milton, ON L0P 1B0 2018-12-05
11130846 Canada Corporation 9343 Fourth Line, Milton, ON L9T 2X9 2018-12-05
11132016 Canada Corporation 894 Hepburn Rd, Milton, ON L9T 0L2 2018-12-05
Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Alliance 8560 Tremaine Road, Milton, ON L9T 2Y3 2018-12-04
Zee & Rosh Investments Canada Inc. 721 Scott Boulevard, Milton, ON L9T 0X9 2018-12-04
Hrevoluteq Telecom and Technology Inc. 358 Schreyer Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 7T2 2018-12-04
Nucm Associates Inc. 5218 Sixth Line, Milton, ON L0P 1E0 2018-12-04
11129228 Canada Corporation 397 Leiterman Drive, Milton, ON L9T 8G7 2018-12-04
11127543 Canada Inc. 462 Cavanagh Lane, Milton, ON L9T 8G6 2018-12-03
Momentmedia Digital Inc. 235 Queen St, Milton, ON L9T 1K3 2018-11-30
11124196 Canada Inc. 767 Shanks Heights, Milton, ON L9T 7P8 2018-11-30
Youth Mingling Shoal Inc. 391 Trudeau Drive, Milton, ON L9T 8X9 2018-11-29
11121979 Canada Inc. 1272 Hamman Way, Milton, ON L9E 1J6 2018-11-29
He Pharma Incorporated 959 Ferguson Drive, Milton, ON L9T 6V7 2018-11-27
Mo Manifest Inc. 1247 Mulroney Heights, Milton, ON L9T 7K6 2018-11-26
Rafpmp Software Inc. 1122 Barclay Circle, Milton, ON L9T 5W4 2018-11-23
Pravidma Bio Consulting Inc. 303 Giddings Crest, Milton, ON L9T 7A9 2018-11-23
11112449 Canada Inc. 1673 Clark Boulevard, Milton, ON L9T 5Z6 2018-11-23
Hat Erp Inc. 626, Milton, ON L9T 8Z6 2018-11-21
Mewnet Solutions Inc. 389 Scott Boulevard, Milton, ON L9T 0T1 2018-11-20
11106392 Canada Inc. 1626 Waldie Ave, Milton, ON L9T 5N1 2018-11-20
11106465 Canada Inc. 663 Laughren Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 0G6 2018-11-20
11101951 Canada Inc. 393 Sproat Street, Milton, ON L9T 0A7 2018-11-18
11099027 Canada Inc. 1586 Clark Boulevard, Milton, ON L9T 5T6 2018-11-15
Hadley Family Foundation 420 Main Street East, Suite 205, Milton, ON L9T 4X5 2018-11-15
Rc Smoke and Gifts Inc. 716 Lingen Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 0E5 2018-11-14
Demy Farms Ltd. 804 Banks Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 9A3 2018-11-14
Humza's Information Technology Enterprise Ltd. 779 Dow Landing Rd, Milton, ON L9T 7P7 2018-11-13
Amani Fashions Ltd. 285 Gooding Crescent, Milton, ON L9E 0A9 2018-11-12
Enhanced Reality Consulting Services Inc. Marley Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 5M1 2018-11-09
Just Ask Accountants Inc. 924 Pickersgill Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 7T5 2018-11-08
11087665 Canada Inc. 97 Kendall Dr., Milton, ON L9T 0R5 2018-11-08
Ajak General Contractors Ltd. 536 Nelson Court, Milton, ON L9T 3A6 2018-11-07
Transpire Technologies Inc. 493 Farlow Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 5M8 2018-11-07
Cloud Forces Technologies Inc. 111 Lorne Scots Drive, Milton, ON L9T 2Z5 2018-11-06
11084488 Canada Inc. 696 Hepburn Road, Milton, ON L9T 0M5 2018-11-06
Canada Overseas Chinese Alliance 470, Milton, ON L9T 7Y1 2018-11-05
Lotus Cyj Management Inc. 1640 Gainer Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 5K9 2018-11-02
Introjet Limited 632 Roseheath Drive, Milton, ON L9T 4V6 2018-11-02
Athlzr Wear Inc. 60 Hatt Court, Milton, ON L9E 1G5 2018-11-02
11075985 Canada Ltd. 270 Duncan Lane, Milton, ON L9T 7A8 2018-11-01
Tenacitytek Inc. 310 Fasken Court, Milton, ON L9T 6S9 2018-10-31
Sos Zones Inc. 1577 Jarvie Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 5Z4 2018-10-31
Squared Bean Consulting Ltd. 997 Nadalin Heights, Milton, ON L9T 8R3 2018-10-29
11068296 Canada Inc. 706 Edwards Avenue, Milton, ON L9T 6B4 2018-10-29