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Jurisdiction: Canada
Source: Corporations Canada

This dataset includes 826 thousand corporation entities registered with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

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Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
Canada Tattoo Supply Inc. 2134 St. Joseph Blvd, Orleans, ON K1C 1E6 2019-08-12
11557378 Canada Inc. 21 Woodview Cres, Orleans, ON K1B 3B1 2019-08-07
Clean-ed Support Services Limited 1959 Montmère Avenue, Orleans, ON K4A 0E3 2019-08-05
11532863 Canada Ltd. 2253 Pagé Road, Orleans, ON K1C 7K5 2019-07-24
11526065 Canada Inc. 1079 Esprit Drive, Orleans, ON K4A 4G3 2019-07-19
11519735 Canada Inc. 1512 Launay Ave, Orleans, ON K4A 3S1 2019-07-17
3key Renovations Inc. 840 June Grass Street, Orleans, ON K4A 1H4 2019-06-28
Bcft Technologies Inc. 107-1803 Saint Joseph Boulevard, Orleans, ON K1C 6E7 2019-06-19
M.g.a. Construction Enterprises Inc. 304 Pintail Terrace, Orleans, ON K1E 2A1 2019-06-19
Royal Car Dealer Inc. 254 Dragonfily Walk, Orleans, ON K1W 0K1 2019-06-19
11470825 Canada Incorporated 842 Ashenvale Way, Orleans, ON K4A 0S1 2019-06-18
Caulking S.o.s. (ontario) Inc. 210, Centrum Boulevard, Orleans, ON K4E 3V7 2019-05-28
Prestigious Cleaning Services Inc. Silvermoon, Orleans, ON K4A 0P6 2019-05-21
11421506 Canada Inc. 6195 Ravine Way, Orleans, ON K1C 2V5 2019-05-21
11407694 Canada Inc. 1110 Marchant Dr, Orleans, ON K4A 4A7 2019-05-13
Centre Messianique D'eaux Vives 2397 Glandriel Crescent, Orleans, ON K4A 4T1 2019-05-10
Prestigious Cleaning Services Inc. 578 Sunlit Circle, Orleans, ON K4A 0V4 2019-05-02
11385313 Canada Association 602, Calla Lily Terrace, Orléans, ON K4A 0V3 2019-05-01
11383817 Canada Corporation 7910 Decarie Drive, Orleans, ON K1C 2K3 2019-04-30
11369962 Canada Inc. Arrowgrass Way, Orleans, ON K4A 0H9 2019-04-22
Mf Concepta Inc. 84-1940 Boulevard Saint Joesph, Orleans, ON K1C 7K4 2019-04-19
11348507 Canada Inc. 222 Cardoness Pvt, Orleans, ON K1W 0G5 2019-04-09
Ckoh Consulting Inc. 6642, Orleans, ON K1C 1J6 2019-04-05
Nicholas Labrosse Real Estate Broker Inc. · Nicholas Labrosse Courtier Immobilier Inc. 2229 Descartes Street, Orleans, ON K4A 0W4 2019-04-02
Bhc Power Inc. 200 Sittelle Pvt, Orleans, ON K4A 1G1 2019-04-02
11331051 Canada Inc. 501 Clarington Ave, Orleans, ON K4A 0A3 2019-04-01
11327917 Canada Corporation 6195 Arbourwood Dr., Orleans, ON K1C 7L5 2019-03-29
Miranexus Inc. 1408 Hayes Street, Orleans, ON K1E 3M7 2019-03-28
Itt Expert Inc. 291 Willow Aster Circle, Orleans, ON K4A 1C5 2019-03-27
Danco Sports-med Inc. 250 Esturgeon St, OrlÉans, ON K4A 1G5 2019-03-20
Okay Inc. 1804 Aspenview Way, Orleans, ON K1C 6S6 2019-03-04
11206699 Canada Inc. St. Josept Blvd, Orleans, ON K1E 1E1 2019-03-01
11275631 Canada Inc. 267 Montmorency Way, Orleans, ON K4A 0J4 2019-02-28
11267892 Canada Corporation 2067 Rolling Brook Drive, Orleans, ON K1W 1E2 2019-02-24
Klean Sol Inc. 1367 Boyer Road, Orleans, ON K1C 1P9 2019-02-22
Tishtar Corp. 1525 Kamouraska Circle, Orleans, ON K1C 3J1 2019-02-21
11252143 Canada Inc. 1595 Des Grives Crescent, Orleans, ON K1C 5C3 2019-02-15
B.bigelow Consulting Inc. 6302 Sablewood Place, Orleans, ON K1C 7M6 2019-02-15
Mancia Drywall Inc. 652 Cartographe Street, Orléans, ON K4A 1B6 2019-02-11
Ujeengo Global Community 1230 Joseph Drouin Ave., Orleans, ON K1C 7B2 2019-02-07
Ebota Bwang Bo OcÉan 2206, Silverado Crescent, Orleans, ON K4A 4V2 2019-01-24
11213601 Canada Inc. 3018, Orleans, ON K1E 1E1 2019-01-23
Baby Mama Hustle 1473 Corsham Ave., Orleans, ON K4A 3M5 2019-01-10
11188607 Canada Inc. 1495 Bonneville Cr, Orleans, ON K1C 4N1 2019-01-09
11167022 Canada Inc. 391 Amiens Street, Orleans, ON K1E 1P3 2019-01-01
11155083 Canada Inc. 1442 Talcy Crescent, Orleans, ON K4A 3C7 2018-12-19
11126024 Canada Inc. 1748 Bonaventure, OrlÉans, ON K1C 1W4 2018-12-03
11113755 Canada Inc. 1132 Charest Way, Orleans, ON K4A 4A5 2018-11-25
Filament Realty Management Inc. 1403 Forest Valley Drive, Orleans, ON K1C 5M8 2018-11-20
Gestion ImmobiliÈre Ajs Inc. 2194 Sunmeadow St, Orléans, ON K4A 4W1 2018-11-01
Consigliere Security Inc. 62004 - 6491 Boul Jeanne D'arc, Orleans, ON K1C 7H8 2018-10-31
11044010 Canada Inc. 570 Renaissance Drive, Orleans, ON K4A 4E9 2018-10-15
Ottawa Kurdish Community Association 522 Lakeridge Drive, Orleans, ON K4A 5G2 2018-10-07
Equanim Consulting Inc. 837, Orleans, ON K1W 0C9 2018-10-01
S. Thibault Investment Inc. 1482, Bourcier Drive, Orléans, ON K1E 3J8 2018-10-01
Barranco Consulting Inc. 899 Ethier Avenue, Orleans, ON K1C 0A1 2018-09-27
11014145 Canada Inc. 2096 Bergamot Circle, Orleans, ON K4K 4R4 2018-09-26
Expired Games Inc. 1959 Orchardview Ave, Orleans, ON K4A 3H2 2018-09-25
#1 Pitstop Auto Ltd. 308 Oakcrest Way, Orleans, ON K4A 0L4 2018-09-13
Bradley J. Smith Professional Services Corporation 1661 Country Walk Drive, Orleans, ON K1C 8E2 2018-09-12
10978108 Canada Inc. 2181 St. Joseph Blvd., Orleans, ON K1C 1E7 2018-09-05
Giovany's Carpeting Ltd. 728 Jerome Jodoin Dr, Orleans, ON K4A 4E1 2018-09-03
Community Bonus Communautaire 1633 Bottriell Way, Orléans, ON K4A 1W5 2018-08-31
Clever Endeavor Inc. 120 Topham Terrace, Orleans, ON K4A 5B7 2018-08-23
Marseille Events Inc. 2069 Breezwood Street, Orleans, ON K4A 4R8 2018-08-16
Sec8 Digital Security Incorporated 1779 Arrowgrass Way, Orleans, ON K4A 0C7 2018-08-15
Osetawa, Inc. 1812 Mickelberry Crescent, Orleans, ON K4A 0E6 2018-08-08
Les Entreprises J. Akochi Inc. 703 Decoeur Drive, Orleans, ON K4A 1H2 2018-08-07
10931080 Canada Inc. 281 Casa Grande Cir, Orleans, ON K4A 1A2 2018-08-03
Hestia Investment Group Ltd. 2022 Melette Crescent, Orleans, ON K4A 4X1 2018-08-02
10926981 Canada Inc. 1956 Pennyroyal Crescent, Orleans, ON K4A 0S7 2018-08-01
Capital Foundation for Athletic Excellence · Fondation De La Capitale Pour L'excellence Athlétique 473 Rougemount Cres., Orleans, ON K4A 2Z7 2018-07-30
Wild & Free Hair Boutique Inc. 3891 Innes Road, Orléans, ON K1C 1T1 2018-07-26
Oh My Cheesecakes Inc. 14 Bergeron Private, Orleans, ON K1C 0C2 2018-07-26
Crescon Inc. 259 Enclave Walk, Orleans, ON K1W 0J5 2018-07-25
10902144 Canada Inc. 6407 Viseneau Dr, Orleans, ON K1C 5J2 2018-07-24
10898899 Canada Incorporated 9-2020 Lanthier Dr, Suite #227, Orleans, ON K4A 3V4 2018-07-23
10824267 Canada Inc. 356 Saddleridge Drive, Orleans, ON K1W 0B8 2018-06-05
Pkc Electric Inc. · Pkc Électrique Inc. 639 Des Aubepines Drive, Orleans, ON K4A 0Z3 2018-06-01
Bangladeshi Association of Canada,ottawa 1511 Rumford Drive, Orleans, ON K4A 4B7 2018-05-30
Apl International Traders Inc. 1640 Prestwick Drive, Orleans, ON K1E 2Y1 2018-05-30
First Leap Consulting Inc. 2138 Assomption St, Orleans, ON K4A 4J9 2018-05-30
House Floof Guinea Pig Rescue 6480 Nuggett Drive, Orleans, ON K1C 4X7 2018-05-28
Morcan Inc. 266, Rustic Hills Crescent, Orleans, ON K4A 5A5 2018-05-25
Perseverance Athletics Limited 1290 Trim Road, Orleans, ON K4A 3P7 2018-05-22
Health Promotion and Research Organization (hpro) 707 Thicket Way, Orleans, ON K4A 3B6 2018-05-07
10728969 Canada Association 148 Potts Private, Orleans,ontario., Orléans, ON K4A 0N7 2018-04-11
A Foot Above Fitness Inc. 104, Lionel Private, Orleans, ON K4A 0X1 2018-04-09
Above All Flooring Inc. 108 Pin Cherry Grove, Orleans, ON K1W 0J5 2018-04-05
Smallworld Live Inc. 6429 Nathan Court, Orleans, ON K1C 5J7 2018-04-04
10685186 Canada Inc. 893 Ashenvale Way, Orleans, ON K4A 0R8 2018-04-01
Bouchard Industries Corp. 1780 Marsala Crescent Suit 108, Orleans, ON K4A 2G3 2018-03-28
Alpha Phi Foundation Canada 754 Hauteview Crescent, Orleans, ON K4A 2C2 2018-03-26
Shalom Restoration Fellowship 2586 St. Joseph Blvd. Unit 'c', Orleans, ON K1C 1G3 2018-03-17
Nostalgia Festival Inc. 1777, Aspenview Way, Orleans, ON K1C 6S5 2018-03-16
Neon Null Incorporated 7-2240 Tenth Line Road, Orleans, ON K4A 0X7 2018-02-28
Nrs Convenience Station Inc. 6561 Colony Square, Orleans, ON K1C 3E4 2018-02-26
10639770 Canada Inc. 276 Du Grand Bois, Orleans, ON K1E 2S6 2018-02-19
Ham Group Limited 308 Dawnlight Street, Orleans, ON K4A 5G3 2018-02-13
Sunshor Developments Corporation 2020-9 Lanthier Drive, Orleans, ON K4A 3V4 2018-02-13