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This dataset includes 826 thousand corporation entities registered with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

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Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
Ac International Aviation Safety & Strategy Consulting Inc. 5-17724, Boulevard De Pierrefonds, Pierrefonds, QC H9J 3M2 2018-01-12
Tardig Consulting Inc. · Tardig Service Conseil Inc. 6059, Clark, Pierrefonds, QC H8Z 2G3 2017-07-26
Michael Calitri Consulting Inc. · Michael Calitri Conseil Inc. 4718 Rue Snyder, Pierrefonds, QC H9J 3P6 2016-09-02
Zinfra Consulting Group Inc. 5336 Du Sureau, Pierrefonds, QC H8Z 0A7 2015-03-19
Carmine Faraone Consulting Inc. · Carmine Faraone Consultant Inc. 17770 Foster, Pierrefonds, QC H9J 3N6 2014-01-02
Otima Consulting Inc. · Otima Services Conseils Inc. 12805 Brook, Pierrefonds, QC H8Z 1C1 2013-08-23
Donson Consulting Inc. 19186 Palefreniers, Pierrefonds, QC H9K 0A3 2013-01-24
Knkh Trading and Consulting Inc. · Commerce Et Consultation Knkh Inc. 4921, Rue FÉlix-mclernan, Pierrefonds, QC H8Y 3L2 2011-11-11
Eldem Consulting Inc. 18686 Poitiers, Pierrefonds, QC H9K 1P8 2011-08-18
Fsic Consulting Group Inc. · Groupe Conseil Fsic Inc. 17780 Antoine Faucon, Pierrefonds, QC H9J 3N2 2011-04-08
Nathalie Bouchard Consulting Inc. · Consultation Nathalie Bouchard Inc. 4266 Prevost, Pierrefonds, QC H9H 5C5 2010-08-18
Analah Consulting Incorporated 4402 Rue Gilles, Pierrefonds, QC H9H 2N4 2010-07-20
Sharpedge Consulting Ltd. 18422 Lagrange, Pierrefonds, QC H9K 1R4 2009-03-24
Net Intent Consulting Inc. 4202 Desrosiers, Pierrefonds, QC H9H 5H8 2008-08-19
Stott Consulting Services Inc. · Services De Consultation Stott Inc. 14324, Yates, Pierrefonds, QC H9H 1P2 2007-07-17
Exrb Management Consulting Inc. · Conseil En Gestion Exrb Inc. 380 Chemin De La Rive Boisé, Pierrefonds, QC H8Z 3K4 2007-04-19
Bimrah Consulting Inc. · Consultation Bimrah Inc. 18508 Poitiers, Pierrefonds, QC H9K 1K6 2006-07-31
Brian Down Consulting Inc. · Consultant Brian Down Inc. 4350 Graham Drive, Pierrefonds, QC H9H 2B8 2005-12-20
Camecy International Consulting Corp. 4489 Rue Cecile, Pierrefonds, QC H9K 1N1 2005-11-18
Cmh Consulting Services Inc. · Services De Consultation Cmh Inc. 35 De Jouvence, Suite 202, Pierrefonds, QC H9H 4T7 2003-07-27
Bicexp Business Intelligence Experts Conseils Inc. · Bicexp Business Intelligence Consulting Experts Inc. 4888 Rue Du College Beaubois, Pierrefonds, QC H8Y 3T1 2003-03-21
Corso It Consulting Inc. 15642 Gaucher, Pierrefonds, QC H9H 4C3 2003-02-14
Cyberknight Consulting Ltd. · Solutions Cyberknight Ltee 301-9240 Ceres, Pierrefonds, QC H8Y 3N5 2002-08-26
Advicore Consulting Group Inc. · Groupe De Consultation Advicore Inc. 4231 Harold St., Pierrefonds, QC H9H 2V9 2001-08-13
Cogniverse Consulting Inc. 676 Rive BoisÉe, Pierrefonds, QC H8Z 2Y5 2000-04-12
Azimov Conseil/consulting Inc. 5261 Riviera, Pierrefonds, QC H8Z 3H7 1996-08-29
Kevin M. Desousa (kmd) Consulting Inc. 4713 Dugas Street, Pierrefonds, QC H9J2B5 1994-12-01
New-mind Consulting Inc. · Les Consultants New-mind Inc. 4314 Rue Alain, Pierrefonds, QC H9H2R6 1992-06-22
Bill Tolias Consulting (international) Inc. · Les Consultants Bill Tolias (international) Inc. 4160 Acres Street, Pierrefonds, QC H9H2T5 1986-07-10
G. Brink Mining Consulting Ltd. 13086 Monk Blvd, Pierrefonds, QC H8Z1V2 1978-06-13
Les Consultants Bill Tolias Inc. · Bill Tolias Consulting Inc. 4160 Acres, Pierrefonds, QC H9H2T5 1978-05-25
Ashridge Consulting Group Inc. · Groupe De Consultants Ashridge Inc. 4600 Rene Emard, Pierrefonds, QC H9A2Y1 1993-04-16
Glosys Consulting Inc · Conseillers Glosys Inc. 14332 Harris, Pierrefonds, QC H9H 1L4 1998-08-27