Canadian Federal Corporation


This dataset includes over one million business and not-for-profit entities incorporated with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada. Corporations Canada is Canada's federal corporate regulator, responsible for administering laws regarding the incorporation of Canadian businesses, except for financial intermediaries. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

Dataset Information

Subject Economics and Industry
Jurisdiction Federal
Data Provider Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada
Attribution Contains information licensed under the Open Government Licence - Canada.

Dataset Details

A corporation is a new legal entity created when incorporating. In Canada, a corporation has the same rights as a person. Any business and not-for-profit operating in Canada can incorporate federally. This dataset includes:

  • (1) business corporations created under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA),
  • (2) not-for-profit corporations created under the Canada Corporations Act, Part II (CCA II),
  • (3) not-for-profit corporations created under the Canada Not-for profit Corporations Act (NFP),
  • (4) cooperatives created under the Canada Cooperatives Act (COOP),
  • (5) board of trades created under the Boards of Trade Act (BOTA), and
  • (6) other corporations regulated by Corporations Canada (e.g., special act corporation).
This dataset does not include corporations created under financial legislation (such as financial institutions, insurance companies or loan and trust companies) or those created under provincial/territorial legislation or corporate legislation from another jurisdiction.

Information about federal corporations is public information, including a corporation's registered office address, and the names and addresses of its directors, as required by corporate laws that govern federal corporations. This applies even after a corporation has been dissolved, amalgamated or discontinued. Corporate information is made public to help people, like investors, financial institutions and other stakeholders, make timely and informed decisions about corporations, and let people know who is responsible for the corporation. Information and documents filed are not removed from the corporate records even when new information or documents are filed, including documents previously filed, filed for previous years or filed by mistake. Corporate laws require the public disclosure of this information.

Search Result

Corporation NameAddressIncorporation Date
14725794 Canada Inc. 4155 Rue Claude-Henri-Grignon, St-Laurent, QC H4R 3K22023-01-31
14669002 Canada Inc. 201-3075 Thimens Blvd, St-Laurent, QC H4R 1Y32023-01-11
BeautyLaserRefills Inc. 5607 chemin St-François, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1W62023-01-05
14472756 Canada Inc. 3047 Rue Noorduyn, St-Laurent, QC H4R 1A12022-10-22
14406869 Canada Inc. 2497 Rue Guénette, St-Laurent, QC H4R 2E92022-09-28
Principia Aéro Inc. 3724 rue Celine Marier, St-Laurent, QC H4R 3N42022-09-12
Auto 1 esthetic Inc. 312 rue Dubeau, St-Laurent, QC H4N 1B32022-09-09
14178564 Canada Inc. 1535 Rue Decelles, St-Laurent, QC H4L 2E12022-07-04
14119312 Canada Inc. Vanden Abeel, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1S12022-06-11
Enflower Incorporated 6550 Boulevard Henri-Bourassa Ouest, Unit 604, St-Laurent, QC H4R 0G52022-06-08
Sana Pita Inc. 3660 Des outardes, St-Laurent, QC H4R 0H92022-03-20
Zana Investments Inc. · Investissements Zana Inc. 7955 Trans Canada Hwy, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1L32022-03-16
Future services agency SZ Inc. · Agence SZ de services de l avenir Inc. 4655 Henri_Bourassa W Apt 208, St-Laurent, QC H4L 5H62022-03-01
TF Meta Inc. 2198 rue Borée, St-laurent, QC H4R 0K22022-02-08
13476316 Canada Inc. 165 Rue Merizzi, Suite 200, St-Laurent, QC H4T 1Y32021-11-01
IMPAG Inc. 4 Rue Crépeau, St-Laurent, QC H4N 1M72021-09-14
Services Conseils Harroch Inc. · Harroch Consulting Inc. 11111 Boulevard Cavendish, 311, St-Laurent, QC H4R 2M82021-06-30
Olodumare Consulting Inc. 315-0975 Croissant du Ruisseau, St-Laurent, QC H4L 1E22021-06-17
13055892 Canada Inc. 1115 St-Amour St., St-Laurent, QC H4S 1T42021-05-28
12987121 Canada Inc. 2875, rue Sabourin, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1M92021-05-04
Accedian Canada Logiciel Inc. · Accedian Canada Software Inc. 2351 Alfred-Nobel Blvd., Suite N-410, St-Laurent, QC H4S 2A92021-04-21
Nathera Inc. 3605, rue Arthur-Villeneuve, St-Laurent, QC H4R 3K82021-04-21
12944642 Canada Inc. Boul. Henri-Bourassa Ouest, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1P72021-04-20
12847469 Canada Inc. 1055 Cote-Vertu, A-617, St-Laurent, QC H4L 5N12021-03-19
Greensponsable Inc. 5965 Chemin de la Cote de Liesse, St-Laurent, QC H4T 1C32021-01-22
Colorel Inc. 6009 Chemin Saint François, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1B62021-01-17
12260972 Canada Inc. 4231 Garand, St-Laurent, QC H4R 2B42020-08-11
THEA Logtech & Blockchain Group Inc. 2420 Rue De L'Acajou, St-Laurent, QC H4R 2R92020-06-08
12055554 Canada Inc. 1165 rue Montpellier, St-Laurent, QC H4L 4R32020-05-12
12040867 Canada Inc. 10-1685 Grenet, St-Laurent, QC H4L 2R62020-05-05
Macroflex Components & Consulting Inc. 3017B Noorduyn, St-Laurent, QC H4R 1A12020-04-27
Taurus FinServ Inc. 501- 6550 Boulevard Henri-Bourassa Ouest, St-Laurent, QC H4R 0G52020-04-06
11970356 Canada Inc. 501 - 6550 Boul. Henri-Bourassa O., St-Laurent, QC H4R 0G52020-03-20
Mertex Holdings Inc. · Gestion Mertex Inc. 5838 Cypihot Street, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1Y52020-03-06
11724746 Canada Inc. 2719 Carre Denise Pelletier, St-Laurent, QC H4R 2T32019-11-06
11608924 Canada Inc. 355 Isabey Street, St-Laurent, QC H4T 1Y22019-09-06
11541510 Canada Inc. 436A rue Isabey, St-Laurent, QC H4T 1V32019-07-29
Cannabis Compétences Inc. 7526 Henri-Bourassa ouest, St-Laurent, QC H4S 2B22019-05-22
Trunexa Inc. 2305 Guenette St, St-Laurent, QC H4R 2E92019-05-03
Azzi Groupe Financier Inc. · Azzi Financial Group Inc. 450-3333 Boulevard de la Côte-Vertu, St-Laurent, QC H4R 2N12019-04-18
11277162 Canada Limited 1143 Rue Decarie, St-Laurent, QC H4L 3M82019-03-01
Doug Finn Consulting Inc. · Les Consultations Doug Finn Inc. 2218 Rue Maryse-Bastié, St-Laurent, QC H4R 3C52019-02-06
11237187 Canada Inc. 7487, Rue Transcanadienne, St-Laurent, QC H4T 1T32019-02-06
Gestions Dawaf Inc. · Dawaf Holdings Inc. 4230 Place Marcel-Gamache, St-Laurent, QC H4R 2Y22019-01-31
Grassi USA Holdings Inc. 5929 Transcanadienne, Bureau 300, St-Laurent, QC H4T 1Z62018-11-26
L-L Source Technologies Inc. 3177 De Miniac, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1S92018-11-15
Global Health Analytics Inc. 9400 Henri Bourassa W., Suite 200, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1N82018-11-14
AMNAR Inc. 3560 Chemin Du Bois-Franc, St-Laurent, QC H4R 3K92018-10-18
Mainstreet Coalition Rewards Inc. 4612 chemin Bois-Franc, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1A72018-10-15
Greater Bay Holdings Group Inc. 800 Muir, Apt. 501, St-Laurent, QC H4L 5N52018-10-12
Createiiv Inc. 605 rue Filiatrault, Bureau 5, St-Laurent, QC H4L 3V32018-10-10
11036467 Canada Inc. 1910 Rue Du College, St-Laurent, QC H4M 1K82018-10-10
11018051 Canada Inc. 3600 Valiquette, Suite 200, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1X82018-09-28
11012185 Canada Inc. 7955 Trans Canada Highway, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1L32018-09-26
Maria Zehani Courtier Immobilier Rda Inc. 2084 Rue Modigliani, St-Laurent, QC H4R 0C52018-07-01
GNAB Transport Inc. Thompson, St-Laurent, QC H4N 1C22018-06-27
MonGlobe United Trade Agent Inc. App#405 2626 Boul. Poirier, St-Laurent, QC H4R 2X62018-06-21
Rainbo Company Inc. 5945 Chemin Saint François, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1B62018-06-05
Foocore Information Technology Inc. 740 Boul Montpellier, App 1708, St-Laurent, QC H4L 5B12018-02-28
10654035 Canada Inc. 2980 Jean-Gascon Street, St-Laurent, QC H4R 2T42018-02-27
10627046 Canada Inc. 625 Marlatt Street, St-Laurent, QC H4M 2H42018-02-11
Wealth Business School Inc. 13025 Boulevard Cavendish, St-Laurent, QC H4R 2G52018-02-01
10471933 Canada Inc. 707 Place Satim, St-Laurent, QC H4M 2X32017-10-30
J.grill Fashions Inc. · Modes J.grill Inc. 4490 Rue Garand, St-Laurent, QC H4R 2A22017-10-18
None of My Business Inc. 1465 Rue du Collège, St-Laurent, QC H4L 2L82017-09-08
Cyber-Neuf Inc. · Cyber-Nine Inc. 3805 Rue Celine-Marier, St-Laurent, QC H4R 3N32017-08-11
Logistique GlobeTech Inc. · GlobeTech Logistics Inc. 3550 rue Griffith, St-Laurent, QC H4T 1A72017-08-03
10317314 Canada Inc. 2516 rue des Equinoxes, St-Laurent, QC H4R 0L82017-07-11
Property Management FA Inc. 3795 Côte des Liesse, St-Laurent, QC H4N 2N52017-06-08
10246409 Canada Inc. 403-350 Rue Crevier, St-Laurent, QC H4L 0A12017-05-23
Emvata Inc. 2975 Ernest-Hemingway #103, St-Laurent, QC H4R 0B32017-03-27
10036145 Canada Inc. 5595 Cote de Liesse, 302, St-Laurent, QC H4M 1V22017-02-14
10088781 Canada Corporation 9400 Henri Bourassa Blvd. W., St-Laurent, QC H4S 1N82017-02-01
10070173 Canada Inc. 4005 William Chapman, St-Laurent, QC H4R 3G12017-01-20
Quartzforms Canada Inc. 948 rue Begin, St-Laurent, QC H4M 2N52017-01-19
10041475 Canada Inc. 436A Isabey, St-Laurent, QC H4T 1V32016-12-29
9996702 Canada Inc. 345 rue Isabey, St-Laurent, QC H4T 1Y22016-11-24
Royal RedMaple Education Group Canada Inc. 2140 Lucien-Thimens, St-Laurent, QC H4R 1L12016-11-10
SDVoE Alliance 2344 Alfred Nobel, 102, St-Laurent, QC H4S 0A42016-10-14
Caramba Games Inc. 1903 Boul Alexis-Nihon, St-Laurent, QC H4R 3A72016-10-07
Itdex Services Inc. 525, Boul Décarie, St-Laurent, QC H4L 3L12016-09-06
Blunts & Kicks Inc. 2380 Robichaud, St-Laurent, QC H4K 1T32016-08-22
9859551 Canada LimitÉe 730, boul Montpellier 207, St-laurent, QC H4L 5B32016-08-08
Complete AF Solutions Inc. 2300 rue Alfred-Nobel, #230, St-Laurent, QC H4S 2A42016-07-14
9796576 Canada Inc. 790 Brunet, St-Laurent, QC H4M 1Y52016-06-16
9759484 Canada Inc. 3435 Pitfield Boulevard, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1H72016-05-18
Ecolomondo Process Technologies Inc. 3435 Boulevard Pitfield, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1H72016-05-18
Ets La Perche Inc. 227 Varry, St-Laurent, QC H4N 1A42016-03-17
Reqly Inc. 2300 Alfred Nobel Blvd, St-Laurent, QC H4S 2A42016-01-11
9551956 Canada Inc. 8801, route Transcanadienne, Suite 500, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1Z62015-12-16
9545778 Canada Inc. 2292 Rue De L-Envol, St-Laurent, QC H4R 3M22015-12-10
9523740 Canada Inc. 398 Isabey Street, Suite 220, St-Laurent, QC H4T 1V32015-11-25
9522131 Canada Inc. 2995 Diab, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1M12015-11-24
9509291 Canada Inc. 2866 Gaetan Labreche, St-Laurent, QC H4R 2T22015-11-12
Ecolomondo Corporation 3435 Pitfiled Boulevard, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1H72015-09-30
Enlite Lighting Inc. · Eclairage Enlite Inc. 1400 Begin, St-Laurent, QC H4R 1X12015-09-25
Technologie Continental Railworks I Inc. · Continental Railworks Technology I Inc. 7380, Vérité Street, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1C52015-08-13
9385207 Canada Inc. 5400 Chemin St-FranÇois, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1P62015-07-29
9033483 Canada Inc. 7190 rue Frederick-Banting, St-Laurent, QC H4S 2A12015-06-04
E. Torres Aerospace Consulting Inc. 1605 Rochon, St-Laurent, QC H4L 1W52015-05-08