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Jurisdiction: Canada
Source: Corporations Canada

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Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
Goldwing Electrical Ltd. 2307-47 Thorncliffe Park Drive, Toronto, ON M4H 1J5 2020-02-24
Sunrise Electrical Services Since 1999 Ltd. Apt 104, Toronto, ON M2J 1L9 2020-02-06
On-demand Electrical Solutions Ltd. 1 Curran Drive, Toronto, ON M4B 1J3 2020-01-29
Usta Electrical Contracting Corp. 201-12 Bentworth Avenue, Toronto, ON M6A 1P3 2019-12-03
Reslec Electrical Services Incorporated 212 Melita Avenue, Toronto, ON M6G 2A2 2019-10-24
Mariani Electrical Inc. 26 Grandville Avenue, Toronto, ON M6N 4T9 2019-09-11
Ormel Electrical Solutions Inc. 133 Lambton Avenue, Toronto, ON M6N 2S8 2019-08-12
Northern Lights Electrical Contractors Inc. 703-273 Pharmacy Avenue, Toronto, ON M1L 3E9 2019-06-05
Anning Electrical Services Incorporated 33 Lauralynn Crescent, Toronto, ON M1S 2H3 2019-05-18
Clonard Electrical Ltd. 193 Dunn Avenue, Toronto, ON M6K 2S1 2019-04-29
Srh Electrical Ltd. 41 Research Road, Toronto, ON M4G 2G8 2019-02-27
Mrc Electrical Services Inc. 218 Westview Boulevard, Toronto, ON M4B 3J5 2019-02-27
Ph Electrical Solutions Inc. 323-366 The East Mall, Toronto, ON M9B 6C6 2019-02-02
Y Electrical Inc. 8 Brenton St, Toronto, ON M4B 1C8 2018-12-13
Afftech Electrical Services Inc. 43 Kanarick Cres, Toronto, ON M3L 1P3 2018-11-27
Magna Electrical Contractors Ltd. 149 Milady Road, Toronto, ON M9L 2J1 2018-09-05
Macnicol and Shahzada Electrical Inc. 10 Eastview Crescent, Toronto, ON M5M 2W4 2018-03-15
Watt-age Electrical Services Inc. 35 Esterbrooke Avenue, Toronto, ON M2J 2C6 2018-02-01
Twinpaul Electricals Inc. 31 Twin Pauls Crescent, Toronto, ON M1R 3Z6 2017-03-30
Apex Samson Electrical Service Incorporated 3-93 Rameau Dr, Toronto, ON M2H 1T6 2017-03-28
Double Dragon Electrical Services Inc. 25 Alexmuir Boulevard, Toronto, ON M1V 1H2 2017-03-02
Bn1 Electrical Solutions Inc. 111 - 95 Havenbrook Blvd, Toronto, ON M2J 1A9 2017-02-13
Icemice Electrical Incorporated 216 King St, Toronto, ON M9N 1L7 2016-08-10
Haihong Electrical Services Inc. 46 Midcroft Drive, Toronto, ON M1S 1X2 2016-03-28
Patel Electrical & Ref.equipments Inc. 709-4 Forest Laneway, Toronto, ON M2N 5X8 2016-02-24
Circuit 6 Electrical Systems Inc. 1-115 Edwin Ave, Toronto, ON M6P 3Z8 2015-11-24
Hypower Electrical Services Limited 205 Hilda Avenue, Toronto, ON M2M 4B1 2015-01-15
Electrical Web Solutions Inc. 105 Alberta Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 2R7 2014-09-24
Bront Electrical Technology (canada) Inc. 141 Elmwood Ave, Toronto, ON M2N 3M1 2011-11-28
Highsong Electrical Inc. 142 Valdor Dr, Toronto, ON M1V 1R5 2011-10-11
Vasset Electrical Solutions Inc. 55 Stewart Street Suite 607, Toronto, ON M5V 2V1 2011-08-09
Li's Brother Electrical Service Corp. 15 James Gray Dr., Toronto, ON M2H 1N8 2010-12-07
Grid Electrical Ltd. 55 Holmbush Cres, Toronto, ON M1V 2Y8 2010-08-24
Into Power Electrical Services Inc. 131 Kirknewton Rd, Toronto, ON M6E 3Y3 2009-08-06
Ashtonobe Electrical Supplies Ltd. 4-388 Richmond Street W, Toronto, ON M5V 1X6 2008-07-10
Ruz Electrical and Communications Canada Inc. 8 Canterbury Cr., Toronto, ON M9A 5A5 2007-06-07
Major Mack Electrical Contracting Inc. 10 Stella St., Toronto, ON M6L 3A7 2006-06-12
Star Glory Electrical Engineering Ltd. 605-25 Thunder Grove, Toronto, ON M1V 3M2 2006-04-17
Electrical Support for Efficient Solutions Corp. 33 Harbour Square #3026, Toronto, ON M5J 2G4 2006-03-07
The Institution of Electrical Engineers (canada) 41 Valleybrook Dr, Toronto, ON M3B 2S6 2004-10-07
Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association of Canada One Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M5E1R1 1976-02-26
Electrical Bureau of Canada 1 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M5E1R1 1951-11-01
Amp Electrical Products of Canada Limited 40 King Street West, Toronto, ON M5H3Z7 1975-12-04
Canadian Electrical Overstress/electrostatic Discharge Association · Association Canadienne Surcontrainte Electrique/dech 55 University, Toronto, ON M5J2H7 1986-05-01
Preston Electrical & Mechanical Ltd. 15 Polson Street, Toronto, ON M5A 1A4 1981-06-25
Bront Electrical New Technology Researching (canada) Corp. 141 Elmwood Ave, Toronto, ON M2N 3M1 2012-12-31
Dispatch Electrical Services Limited 21 Swanwick Avenue, Toronto, ON M4E 1B2 2015-02-05
Smartlinks Electrical Inc. 35 Suntract Road, Toronto, ON M9N 2V8 2019-05-19
Nor-am Electrical Limited 14 Connell Court, Toronto, ON M8Z1E7