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Jurisdiction: Canada
Source: Corporations Canada

This dataset includes 826 thousand corporation entities registered with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

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Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
11203100 Canada Inc. 100a Fenmar Drive, Weston, ON M9L 1M5 2019-01-17
Techsolutions R.j. Inc. 100 Fenmar Drive, Weston, ON M9L 1M5 2019-01-16
Zion Assembly Church of God 33 Riverton Drive, Weston, ON M9L 2N8 2017-09-11
Smartlinks Interactive Inc. 789 Arrow Rd Unit 7, Weston, ON M9M 2L4 2016-11-16
Selectone Paints Inc. 30 Gail Grove Road, Weston, ON M9M 1M4 2016-10-07
9831797 Canada Inc. 2 Fern Ave, Weston, ON M9N 1M1 2016-07-15
Pop Cherry Music Inc. 90 Fenmar Dr, Weston, ON M9L 1M3 2015-06-10
9259139 Canada Inc. 5 Topeka Road, Weston, ON M9L 1A3 2015-04-16
8704716 Canada Inc. 179 King St., Weston, ON M9N 1L8 2013-11-22
8281688 Canada Limited 11 San Pietro Way, Weston, ON M9L 2V3 2012-08-24
Naveesh Transport Inc. 71 West Oak Crescent, Weston, ON M9N 3Z4 2012-06-25
Injury Free Consulting Inc. 259 Weston Rd, Weston, NB E7K 1A3 2012-04-25
Thermal Technology Services Canada Inc. 150 Turbine Drive, Weston, ON M9L 2S2 2010-09-16
New World Atlantic Inc. 376 Wasson Road, Weston, NB E7K 1B4 2010-03-04
Maple Jessco Limited 26 Queens Drive, Weston, ON M9N 2H4 2009-09-02
Mirkwood Laminated Wood Products Inc. #427 Wasson Road, Weston, NB E7K 1B4 2009-07-27
Times Caregivers and Domestic Agency Inc. 99 Fenmar Dr., Weston, ON M9L 1M3 2009-04-07
7067372 Canada Corporation 38a St.george's Blvd, Weston, ON M9R 1X2 2008-10-27
Educational Evolution Inc. 134 King St., Weston, ON M9N 1L5 2008-09-11
Brian Daniels Enterprises Inc. 2283 Weston Road, Weston, ON M9N 1Z5 2006-05-20
Printerus Ltd. 2036 Weston Road, Weston, ON M9N 1X4 2006-02-07
Hi Speed Truck Transportation Service Inc. 81 Navenby Cr, Weston, ON M9L 1B3 2005-01-19
6228844 Canada Incorporated 236 Albion Street, Weston, ON M9W 6A6 2004-04-30
4196945 Canada Inc. 25 Duncan Woods Drive, Weston, ON M9L 2C5 2003-11-17
Number One Auto Repair Centre Ltd. 3227 Weston Road, Weston, ON M9M 2T4 2003-08-21
Skookum Technologies Inc. 8 Royaleigh Avenue, Weston, ON M9P 2J5 2003-08-20
Empyreal Productions Inc. 3060 Weston Rd, Weston, ON M9M 2S7 2003-04-02
Elkab Developments Inc. 31 Pettit Drive, Weston, ON M9R 2W6 2002-07-25
6002862 Canada Inc. 103 Poynter Drive, Weston, ON M9R 1L7 2002-07-09
Waheguru Textile Inc. 2580 Finch Avenue West, Unit 3, Weston, ON M9M 2G3 2002-05-03
Bt Marble & Granite Limited · Bt Marbre & Granite Ltee. 94 Kenhar Dr., Weston, ON M9L 1N2 2000-03-07
The Olive Oil Company (cilento) Inc. 191 Toryork Drive, Weston, ON M9L 1X9 1999-11-01
Sahara Charitable Association 2365 Finch Avenue West, Weston, ON M9M2W8 1998-04-24
Xtreme Caution B Wear Inc. 24 Riverton Drive, Weston, ON M9L2N9 1997-10-17
Adria International J-v Corporation 23 York Rd, Weston, ON M9R3E2 1997-09-30
A.c. Islington Technical Services Inc. 2978 Islington Avenue, Weston, ON M9L 2K6 1997-04-23
Testa Slim Biological Products Inc. 2978 Islington Avenue, Weston, ON M9L2K6 1997-02-17
Pituitary Tumor Support Network of Canada 59 Lanyard Road, Weston, ON M9M1Y8 1996-08-26
Apotex Pharmaceutical Holdings Inc. 150 Signet Drive, Weston, ON M9L 1T9 1996-03-18
Kingston Contracting Limited 59 Penn Dr, Weston, ON M9L2A8 1995-12-21
3178978 Canada Limited 840 Garyray Drive, Weston, ON M9L1X1 1995-08-30
Printers Are Us Inc. 57 Pettit Drive, Weston, ON M9R2W6 1995-02-06
Royal Plastics Group Limited · Le Groupe Plastiques Royal Limitee 4945 Steeles Avenue West, Weston, ON M9L1R4 1994-09-26
3057607 Canada Inc. 195a King Street, Weston, ON M9N1L8 1994-08-08
African Trade and Investment Centre · Centre De Commerce Et D'investissement Africain 2 Dellbrook Cres, Weston, ON M9L1E2 1993-07-05
Grand Specialities (1992) Inc. 650 Barmac, Weston, ON M9C2X8 1992-02-10
Springhill Bedding Ltd. 567 Fenmar Dr, Weston, ON M9L2R6 1992-01-31
Canada Electric Limited 127 Milvan Drive, Weston, ON M9L 1X8 1991-12-24
Sunguard Wood Finishes Inc. 61 Howbert Drive, Weston, ON M9N3L1 1991-10-07
Norm & Gerry Baird Foundation 67 Penn Drive, Weston, ON M9L2A6 1991-07-24
Remca Distributors of Canada Ltd. 2007 Lawrence Ave. West, Weston, ON M9N3T6 1991-02-12
Mcleod Communications Ltd. 24 Academy Rd., Weston, ON M9N3K2 1991-02-05
175863 Canada Limited 213 Signet Drive, Weston, ON M9L1V1 1990-12-03
Sports Idols Ltd. 1436 Royal York Road, Weston, ON M9P3S9 1990-11-09
Steribar Stone Quarry Inc. 805 Arrow Road, Weston, ON M9M2L4 1990-01-03
169307 Canada Inc. 301 Dixon Road, Weston, ON M9R1S2 1989-08-10
Childhood's End Inc. 18 Shadwick Drive, Weston, ON M9R2V7 1989-07-05
W.h.e. Process Technology Group Inc. 100 Klondike Drive, Weston, ON M9L1X3 1989-05-30
Brass Hut Leasing Inc. 4 Crossroads Place, Weston, ON M9N3W2 1989-01-24
Stone Tech Designs (canada) Inc. · Designs Stone Tech (canada) Inc. 5783 Steeles Avenue West, Weston, ON M9L2W3 1989-01-17
164947 Canada Inc. 99 Fenmar Drive, Weston, ON M9L1M3 1988-12-02
Acan Windows Inc. 101 Rossdean Drive, Weston, ON M9L1S6 1988-11-17
162598 Canada Limited 4 Hillgarden Road, Weston, ON M9P1X7 1988-07-19
Bee Electronics (canada) Inc. 334 Garyray Drive, Weston, ON M9L1P5 1988-06-20
Cutegen Hygiene & Cosmetics Canada Inc. · Cutegen, Produits De BeautÉ Et D'hygiene Du Canad A Inc. 2000 Islington Avenue, Weston, ON M9P3S7 1988-04-22
161166 Canada Limited 800 Arrow Road, Weston, QC M9M2Z8 1988-03-18
Xili International Inc. 807 Fenmar Drive, Weston, ON M9L1C8 1988-03-15
Jardin Solariums Inc. 52 Arrow Road, Weston, ON M9M2L8 1988-02-29
Val Belair Transport & Leasing (1988) Inc. 16 Galewood Drive, Weston, ON M9N3L7 1988-02-26
Atkinson Moore Canada Inc. 2011 Lawrence Avenue West, Weston, ON M9N3V3 1988-02-09
Tastefully Yours Window Fashions Limited 64 A St George Blvd, Weston, ON M9R1X4 1988-02-02
W.h.e. Automation Inc. 100 Klonkike Drive, Weston, ON M9L1X3 1987-11-04
Lancelot Maple Products Ltd. 33 Waterbury Drive, Weston, ON M9R3X9 1987-10-29
First Response Home Security Systems Ltd. 719 Clayson Road, Weston, ON M9M2H4 1987-10-19
158219 Canada Limited 14 York Street, Weston, ON M9R3E1 1987-09-23
156687 Canada Inc. 59 Hobden Place, Weston, ON M9R3R6 1987-07-15
Vineyard Revival Outreach Ministries, Inc. 94 Arron Rd., Weston, ON M9M2L8 1987-07-07
154857 Canada Inc. 301 Dixon Rd, Weston, QC M9R1S2 1987-06-09
Zamindar Leasing Ltd. 5 Penn Drive, Weston, ON M9L2A6 1987-04-23
Points Unlimited Transport Inc. · Transport Points Illimites Inc. 3636 Weston Road, Weston, QC M9L1W2 1987-03-03
152244 Association Canada Inc. 20 Gulfstream Road, Weston, ON M9M 1S3 1986-10-06
Bowles Ventalert Corporation 1082 Barmac Drive, Weston, ON M9L2X3 1986-09-09
Transitalia Freight Forwarders Ontario Inc. 800 Arrow Road 2nd Floor, Weston, ON M9M2Z8 1986-05-01
Kingston Contracting Limited 129 Milvan Drive, Weston, ON M9L 1X8 1985-12-24
148064 Canada Inc. 3077 Weston Road, Weston, ON M9M3A1 1985-12-17
Aqua-taur Distribution Co. Ltd. 28 Royaleigh Ave, Weston, ON M9P2D5 1985-09-05
Canada Wide Wholesale Foods Limited 340 Dixon Road, Weston, ON M9R1T1 1985-08-30
I.a.j. Research Hair Arts & Sciences Ltd. 1 Deerfoot Rd., Weston, ON M9P1L2 1985-08-02
Roehg Trading and Investment Corp. 10 Hartsdale Drive, Weston, ON M9R2S2 1985-04-10
Senior Christian Life Fellowship International, Inc. 44 Laybourne Drive, Apt. 404, Weston, ON M9R2M7 1985-01-17
Accutrol Systems (canada) Ltd. 4701 Steeles Ave. W., Weston, ON M9L1X2 1984-11-14
Furn-air Mfg. Inc. 61 Signet Dr., Weston, ON M9L2W5 1984-10-17
Arad Energy Products Inc. 471 Garyray Drive, Weston, ON M9L1P9 1984-10-09
Madison Cleaners Inc. 1818 Jane Street, Weston, ON M9N2S8 1984-08-30
Hicorp Investments Limited 1765 Weston Road, Weston, ON M9N3P7 1984-08-29
Tes Time Energy Systems (canada) Inc. 15 Oakland Avenue, Weston, ON M9M2H9 1984-06-27
Comdev Community Development Canada - · Comdev Developpement Communautaire Canada 53 Widdicombe Hill Boulevard, Weston, ON M9R1Y3 1984-05-16
Diversified Water-eze Products Ltd. 155 Fenmar Drive, Weston, ON M9L1M7 1984-04-04
Nieman-yale Ltd. 102 Rivalda Road, Weston, ON M9M2M8 1984-03-29
Megtel Retail Information Systems & Services Ltd. 161 Deerhide Crescent, Weston, ON M9M2Z2 1984-03-27