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Jurisdiction: Canada
Source: Corporations Canada

This dataset includes 826 thousand corporation entities registered with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

WILLOWDALE · Search Result

Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
11125176 Canada Inc. 109 Santa Barbara Rd, Willowdale, ON M2N 2C4 2018-12-02
10498912 Canada Inc. 49 Heathcote Avenue, Willowdale, ON M2L 1Y9 2017-11-16
Al-hilal Community Services 338 Hollyberry Trail, Willowdale, ON M2H 2P6 2016-06-01
Jze Company Inc. 604 - 96 Fifeshire Rd, Willowdale, ON M2L 2X9 2016-05-18
Housecallsnow Inc. 1110 Sheppard Avenue E., Willowdale, ON M1T 1W5 2015-12-07
Chamagudao Canada Inc. 32 Mcnicoll Ave, Willowdale, ON M2H 2A8 2015-09-08
Strategic Marketing Matters, Inc. 6 George Henry Blvd, Willowdale, ON M2J 1E2 2015-09-03
9172904 Canada Inc. 133 Shaughnessy Boulevard, Willowdale, ON M2J 1J7 2015-01-30
Alsel Inc. 94 Wild Briarway, Willowdale, ON M2J 2L4 2014-01-20
8604932 Canada Limited #606-4981 Bathurst St, Willowdale, ON M2R 1Y5 2013-08-12
8333726 Canada Inc. 100 Jenny Wrenway, Willowdale, ON M2H 2Z2 2012-10-24
8288992 Canada Inc. 62 Hollywood Avenue, Willowdale, ON M2N 3K1 2012-09-05
7915284 Canada Inc. 5925 Leslie Street, Willowdale, ON M2H 1J8 2011-07-12
Break of Dawn International Inc. 60 Ruddington Drive, Willowdale, ON M2K 2J9 2011-05-24
Gm Precision Services Inc. 29 Black Hawkway, Willowdale, ON M2R 3L5 2011-03-03
7592710 Canada Inc. 51 Tournament Drive, Willowdale, ON M2P 1K2 2010-07-06
Traxmedica Inc. 332 Sheppard Avenue East, Willowdale, ON M2N 3B4 2010-05-19
Salamander and Salt Financials Corporation 17 Farmstead Road, Willowdale, ON M2L 2G1 2010-01-07
Neopanora Investment Canada Inc. 408 Ellerslie Ave., Willowdale, ON M2R 1C2 2009-08-05
Haycy Investments Inc./investissements Haycy Inc. 3 Bluffwood Drive, Willowdale, ON M2H 3L4 2008-11-24
Soltech Energy Innovations Inc. 7 Sirocco Drive, Willowdale, ON M2H 2E7 2008-11-06
Chris Desnouck Services Inc. 1803 - 260 Seneca Hill Dr, Willowdale, ON M2J 4S6 2008-03-18
Golden Grace Financial Group Inc. 708-2550 Victoria Park Ave., Willowdale, ON M2J 5A9 2008-02-28
6921124 Canada Inc. 11 James Gray Dr., Willowdale, ON M2H 1N8 2008-02-11
Dredias Business Solutions Inc. 350 Horsham Avenue, Willowdale, ON M2R 1G6 2008-01-18
6871577 Canada Ltd. 80 Antibes Dr, Willowdale, ON M2R 3N5 2007-11-09
Gsc Health Inc. 8 Hi Mount Dr, Willowdale, ON M2K 1X4 2007-07-27
6764835 Canada Inc. 333 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 105, Willowdale, ON M2N 3B3 2007-05-02
Turtec Design Inc. 1111 Steeles Avenue West, Willowdale, ON M2R 3M9 2007-04-27
6710263 Canada Inc. 7 Harrington Cres, Willowdale, ON M2M 2Y6 2007-01-28
Pcchan Consulting Ltd. 11b Cashew Court, Willowdale, ON M2J 4W1 2006-12-18
The Pluralist Foundation 76 Wild Briarway, Willowdale, ON M2J 2L4 2006-12-14
Ovayocon International Inc. 14 Leaf Willoway, Willowdale, ON M2J 2B2 2006-05-30
6491898 Canada Inc. Centrepoint Shopping Centre, Willowdale, ON M2M 3X4 2005-12-12
6469825 Canada Inc. 12 Goldfinch Apt. 1105, Willowdale, ON M2R 2C4 2005-10-30
The Shirley and Jerome Giblon Charitable Foundation 53 Montressor Drive, Willowdale, ON M2P 1Z3 2005-08-31
Middle East Christians Association 1800 Sheppard Ave. E., Willowdale, ON M2J 5B9 2005-06-30
Studio City North Inc. 408-60 Ruddington Dr., Willowdale, ON M2K 2J9 2005-05-16
Maple Innovations Ltd. 14 Allenbury Gardens, Willowdale, ON M2J 2Z3 2005-01-25
4198727 Canada Inc. 11 Craigmount Dr, Willowdale, ON M2H 1C6 2004-11-26
Jar Trading Ltd. 288 Churchill Avenue, Willowdale, ON M2R 1E4 2004-01-22
Yongcheng International Inc. Suite 2802, 8 Hillcrest Ave, Willowdale, ON M2N 6Y6 2003-05-02
Defiant Engineering Incorporated 239 Dunforest Avenue, Willowdale, ON M2N 4J8 2002-10-01
Machik Canada 35 Hi Mount Drive, Willowdale, ON M2K 1X3 2002-05-06
Home Owners Natural Gas Corp. 120 Torresdale Ave Suite 907, Willowdale, ON M2R 3N7 2002-05-03
Rankfirstonline Inc. 87 Lorraine Drive, Willowdale, ON M2N 2E3 2002-04-18
4045238 Canada Inc. 105 Gordon Baker Road, Willowdale, ON M2H 3P8 2002-04-12
Shuangdeng Power Source Canada Inc. 40 Godstone Road, Willowdale, ON M2J 3C7 2002-03-15
Sheriff Capital Corporation Limited 25 Junewood Crescent, Willowdale, ON M2L 2C3 2002-01-22
Haka Technologies Canada Inc. 107-4001 Bayview Avenue, Willowdale, ON M2M 3Z7 2002-01-03
Praxis Knowledge Systems Inc. 28 Farmstead Road, Willowdale, ON M2L 2G2 2001-12-24
S.b.a Counsultants Inc. 20 Marathon Crescent, Willowdale, ON M2R 2L7 2001-10-04
Cup On Us Coffee Inc. 5 Tangreen Court, Suite 1610, Willowdale, ON M2M 3Z1 2001-08-24
Spi Software Playground Inc. 8 Willowwood Court, Willowdale, ON M2J 2M3 2001-07-19
Armenian Relief Society Roubina Chapter Toronto 45 Hallcrown Place, Willowdale, ON M2J 4Y4 2001-06-26
Why Pay More for Group Benefits Inc. 1200 Sheppard Avenue East, Willowdale, ON M2K 2S5 2001-02-09
Lawcpa Limited 5 Crossen Drive, Willowdale, ON M2M 1N7 2000-12-08
3832104 Canada Inc. 235 Dunforest, Willowdale, ON M2N 4J8 2000-11-17
3830853 Canada Inc. 39 Beaver Hall Drive, Willowdale, ON M2L 2C8 2000-11-06
3767922 Canada Ltd. 74 Heathcote Avenue, Willowdale, ON M2L 1Z2 2000-05-29
Easylaw.ca Incorporated 54 Angus Drive, Willowdale, ON M2J 2X1 2000-02-07
3655989 Canada Limited 300 Sheppard Ave West, Willowdale, ON M2N 1N5 1999-08-25
Acier Webcan (quebec) Inc. · Webcan Steel (quebec) Inc. 106 Mossgrove Trail, Willowdale, ON M2L 2W5 1999-07-30
Hormesis Lasers Inc. 16 Kirtling Place, Willowdale, ON M2L 1W4 1999-04-09
Similar Colours Inc. 15 Pinnacle Road, Willowdale, ON M2L 2V6 1999-03-11
Tejarat Consulting Inc. 300 Antibes Drive, Willowdale, ON M2R3N8 1999-01-22
James E. Forrest Consulting Inc. 243 Hollyberry Trail, Willowdale, QC M2H2P3 1999-01-18
Armenian Democratic Liberal Organization of Canada 25 Esterbrooke Avenue, Willowdale, ON M2J 2C5 1998-12-30
3555429 Canada Inc. 146 Mossgrove Trail, Willowdale, ON M2L 2W5 1998-11-18
Mida Meat and Food Industrial Company Inc. 5927 Yonge Street, Willowdale, ON M2M3V7 1998-11-17
Basix Clinical Research Inc. 29 George Henry Blvd., Willowdale, ON M2J 1E3 1998-09-23
C.s. Paper & Packaging Products Ltd. · C.s. Papier & Produits D'emballage Ltee 88 Rockford Road, Willowdale, ON M2R3A7 1998-06-08
Millport Direct Canada Ltd. 30 Yucatan Road, Willowdale, ON M2H2K8 1998-03-02
Conserver 21 of Canada Inc. 40 Restwell Cres., Willowdale, ON M2K2A3 1997-07-25
Gem Ideas Enterprises Inc. 23 Michigan Drive, Willowdale, ON M2M3H9 1997-05-21
Eastern Mediterranean Shipping Corp. 6083-a Yonge Street, Willowdale, ON M2M3W6 1996-11-07
Rasa Holdings Inc. 5987 Bathurst St, Willowdale, ON M2R1Z3 1996-09-09
3291596 Canada Inc. 100-500 Sheppard Ave East, Willowdale, ON M2N 6H7 1996-08-30
3235947 Canada Inc. 20 Godstone Road, Willowdale, ON M2J3C5 1996-03-07
Sunrock Ventures Inc. 64 Mosedale Cres, Willowdale, ON M2J3A4 1996-02-23
Jiangsu Shihua Electric Appliance Group Corporation 69 Gypsy Roseway, Willowdale, ON M2N5Z1 1996-01-24
3195911 Canada Limited 4211 Yonge St, Willowdale, ON M2P2A9 1995-10-26
Manjusri Foundation 100 Aspenwood Dr, Willowdale, ON M2H 2E9 1995-09-14
Netstar Enterprises Inc. 2225 Sheppard Ave E, Willowdale, ON M2J5C2 1995-06-14
Jskv Investment Ltd. 7 O'lean Court, Willowdale, ON M2H1E1 1995-05-30
Gw Welkin Capital Corporation of Canada 24 Winlock Park, Willowdale, ON M2M1Z2 1995-05-25
Canadian Archives Foundation · Fondation Canadienne Des Archives 332 Sheppard Avenue East, Willowdale, ON M2N3B4 1995-04-20
Globelite Travel Marketing Inc. · Marketing De Voyage Globelite Inc. 3 Bluffwood Dr, Willowdale, ON M2H3L4 1995-04-13
Cathedral of Hope Ministries 35 Esterbrooke Avenue Apt # 803, Willowdale, ON M2Z 2C6 1995-03-08
Scl Plastics Inc. 5255 Yonge St, Willowdale, ON M2N6P4 1995-01-13
D. Dunsmuir Investments Canada Limited · Investissements D. Dunsmuir Canada Limitee 78 Owen Blvd., Willowdale, ON M2P 1G3 1994-09-26
Gestions Fraidel Inc. · Fraidel Holdings Inc. 5987 Bathurst, Willowdale, ON M2R 1Z3 1994-08-10
Tipperary Manufacturing Inc. 1110 Sheppard Avenue East, Willowdale, ON M2K 2W2 1994-08-08
Prince Alladin's Restaurant Inc. 5529 Yonge St, Willowdale, ON M2N5S3 1994-06-14
Humanitarian Fund "dusan Silni" 197 Sheppard Ave.w.2nd Floor, Willowdale, ON M2N1M9 1994-06-14
Top Designs Optical Inc. · Optique Top Designs Inc. 25 Crest Fernway, Willowdale, ON M2J4M1 1994-06-08
Scuba Equipment & Apparel Manufacturers Association of Canada 4 Berbane Place, Willowdale, ON M2J1Y8 1994-03-10
Incas of The Americas Inc. 33 Churchill Avenue, Willowdale, ON M2N1Y6 1993-12-20
Quick Edit Video International Inc. 8 Clarinda Drive, Willowdale, ON M2K2W7 1993-09-29
The Congregation of God, Seventh Day 640 Sheppard Avenue East, Willowdale, ON M2K1B8 1993-08-23