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Jurisdiction: Canada
Source: Corporations Canada

This dataset includes 826 thousand corporation entities registered with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

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Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
Centre Canadien De Soutien Et D’Éducation Pour La Drépanocytose · Canadian Centre for Sickle Cell Disease Support and Edu 334 Springfield Road, Winnipeg, MB R2G 4E8 2019-12-07
Plaha Business Solutions Inc. 79 Turnstone Terrace, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 0R8 2019-12-06
Edgeforce Consulting Inc. 284 Southview Crescent, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 0E6 2019-12-05
Crateness E-commerce Inc. 614 311 Alexander Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3A 0M9 2019-12-03
Conovita Technologies Inc. 807 John Bruce Road East, Winnipeg, MB R3X 1Y3 2019-12-03
11762532 Canada Corp. 339-410 Webb Place, Winnipeg, MB R3B 3J6 2019-11-27
The Jinnah Society of North America 3 Sunstone Bay, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 0N5 2019-11-26
Norametrics Incorporated 603 - 245 Wellington Crescent, Winnipeg, MB R3M 0A1 2019-11-25
Réseau Pour L'enseignement Des Sciences Sociales Du Canada · Social Studies Educators Network of Canada 39 Greenlea Cove, Winnipeg, MB R2G 2J4 2019-11-22
Dynamicpro Technology Management Inc. 31 Edington Point, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 0A2 2019-11-22
Shahjeewna & Co. Limited 362 Dalhousie Drive, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2Z5 2019-11-22
Lerbay Inc. 360 Main Street, Unit 13b, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3Z8 2019-11-22
Lot 49 Inc. Olschewski Davie, Winnipeg, MB R3B 1C9 2019-11-20
Ajorosun Descendants' Union Manitoba, Canada 19 Goodfellow Way, Winnipeg, MB R3W 0K1 2019-11-20
Reconciliation Thunder Inc. 1201-1044 Bairdmore Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3T 5J7 2019-11-17
11742167 Canada Inc. 205-2211 Mcphillips Street, Winnipeg, MB R2V 3M5 2019-11-17
Satva Tech Inc. 229 Kearney Street, Winnipeg, MB R2M 4B5 2019-11-16
Multirail Stainless Inc. 135 Eagleview Road, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 0M8 2019-11-14
Twomad Inc. 485 River Grove Drive, Winnipeg, MB R2V 1P2 2019-11-11
11731203 Canada Inc. 464 Hargrave Street, Winnipeg, MB R3A 0X5 2019-11-10
Dapro Trading & Services Inc. 108 Garwick Cove, Winnipeg, MB R2J 4C1 2019-11-08
The Sober Cousin Canada Ltd. 1115 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg, MB R2G 1L4 2019-11-08
Md5m Lions Childrens Cancer Foundation of Canada 58 Walter Copp Crescent, Winnipeg, MB R2K 4H6 2019-11-07
Ronin Product Development Labs (canada) Inc. 212 Greene Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2K 0L7 2019-11-06
Punjabi Music Factory Inc. 98 Water Ridge Path, Winnipeg, MB R2R 0P8 2019-11-04
Nick Arora Holdings Inc. 14 Luzon Bay, Winnipeg, MB R2R 0R2 2019-11-03
Symbiosis D & C Inc. 115 Park East Drive, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 0T8 2019-11-03
Ostara Films Incorporated 2345 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3J 0M7 2019-11-03
Canadian Cpg Automation Incorporated 386 Hillary Crescent, Winnipeg, MB R2Y 0Y7 2019-11-01
Md Lifestyle Solutions Inc. 23 Almington Bay, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 0E5 2019-10-31
11711784 Canada Inc. 19 Charlottetown Road, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 0E4 2019-10-30
Indigenous Professionals On Demand Inc. 12 Amelia Crescent, Winnipeg, MB R2K 3Z3 2019-10-29
Star Men Corporation 220 Del Monica Road, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 0W6 2019-10-28
Knd Consulting Ltd. #18 385 St Anne's Road, Winnipeg, MB R2M 3C1 2019-10-28
Raptor Secure Solutions (canada) Ltd. 160 Manila Rd., Winnipeg, MB R2P 0S9 2019-10-27
11703234 Canada Inc. 18 Budden Drive, Winnipeg, MB R2K 4C3 2019-10-26
Family Restoration Canada Inc. 610-870 Cambridge Street, Winnipeg, MB R3M 3H5 2019-10-25
11700138 Canada Ltd. 6 Forest Cove Dr, Winnipeg, MB R2R 1Z6 2019-10-24
11698273 Canada Inc. 30 Mandan Rd, Winnipeg, MB R2P 0V3 2019-10-23
11697765 Canada Ltd. 170-115 Vermillion Road, Winnipeg, MB R2J 4A9 2019-10-23
Bolton West Electroniques Incorporée 196 Osborne Street, Winnipeg, MB R3L 1Z3 2019-10-22
11694120 Canada Inc. 611 Archibald Street, Winnipeg, MB R2J 0X8 2019-10-22
Association of Chinese Calligraphers In Manitoba 280 Park East Dr., Winnipeg, MB R3Y 0Y5 2019-10-21
Funnel Experts Inc. 300-136 Market Av., Winnipeg, MB R3B 0P3 2019-10-18
Ismaj Holdings Inc. 226-365 Thames Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2L 2B7 2019-10-17
11686534 Canada Inc. 304-370 Bridge Lake Dt, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 2A4 2019-10-17
Artisans for Life Inc. Unit 24 - 720 Kingsway, Winnipeg, MB R3N 0P3 2019-10-15
Atomic Coach Inc. 110 Foxmeadow Dr., Winnipeg, MB R3P 1T5 2019-10-11
Polynya Consulting Group Ltd. 165 Walnut Street, Winnipeg, MB R3G 1P3 2019-10-11
Forever Ethnic Foods Inc. 222 Ashford Drive, Winnipeg, MB R2N 1R7 2019-10-11
Parwaaz Immigration Services Inc. 75 Water Ridge Path, Winnipeg, MB R2R 0P8 2019-10-11
Enba Foods Limited 996 Betournay Street, Winnipeg, MB R2J 1E1 2019-10-09
Blue Stone Records Inc. 1214 Jefferson Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2P 0K2 2019-10-08
11671863 Canada Inc. 305 Mandalay Drive, Winnipeg, MB R2P 1C6 2019-10-08
Harrison Cyber Security Intelligence Inc. 712-1205 Grant Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3M 1Z3 2019-10-08
Dhaliwal Truckers Moga Inc. 1102-1044 Bairdmore Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3T 5J7 2019-10-08
11668544 Canada Inc. 340 Assiniboine Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0Y1 2019-10-07
Dykes On Bikes® Winnipeg, Ca 212 Henderson Hwy, Unit #3, Suite #187, Winnipeg, MB R2L 1L8 2019-10-04
Fim Services Inc. 176 Ethelbert St, Winnipeg, MB R3G 1V7 2019-10-01
Yoga Rpg Inc. 464, Winnipeg, MB R2K 0J7 2019-09-30
11655540 Canada Ltd. 58 Dexter Street, Winnipeg, MB R2R 1A8 2019-09-30
Berthwell Group Inc. 182 Queenston Street, Winnipeg, MB R3N 0W7 2019-09-30
Apogee Accounting Corp. 65 Guay Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2M 0B8 2019-09-27
Red River Barbecue & Grill Society 300 Waterfront Drive, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0M3 2019-09-27
Jis Foods and Beverages Corporation 201l-85 Fiorentino Street, Winnipeg, MB R3W 0M1 2019-09-27
11649809 Canada Inc. 944 Chancellor Drive Apt 8d, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2K1 2019-09-26
Gunbrig Security Inc. 93 Lombard Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3B 3B1 2019-09-25
Capitalize Technology Advisory Ltd. 35 Queenston Street, Winnipeg, MB R3N 0W4 2019-09-18
11632094 Canada Incorporated 198 El Tassi Drive, Winnipeg, MB R3W 0L7 2019-09-17
Career Vibe Incorporated 43 Baptiste Tourond Road, Winnipeg, MB R3X 0E1 2019-09-15
Trip Factory Inc. 205 366, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 2B1 2019-09-13
Aaa Deals Ltd. 919 Chancellor Drive, Unit 309, Winnipeg, MB R3T 6B5 2019-09-13
Tufo Projects Inc. 560 Transcona Blvd., Winnipeg, MB R3W 0L6 2019-09-11
Future Miles Immigration Services Inc. 33 Timmins Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2R 2M3 2019-09-10
Code Baboon Incorporated 38 Claus Bay, Winnipeg, MB R2G 2A1 2019-09-09
Ozn Limited 10-389 Balmoral Street, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2P7 2019-09-09
11610538 Canada Ltd. 71 Lakeglen Drive, Winnipeg, MB R3T 4L9 2019-09-06
Woods At Sage Ltd. 1100-50 Sage Creek Boulevard, Winnipeg, MB R3X 0J6 2019-09-06
Malagos Cacao Corporation 23 Larter Crescent, Winnipeg, MB R2P 0T9 2019-09-05
11607537 Canada Inc. 412-2033 Henderson Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R2G 4K5 2019-09-05
Ss Chahal Enterprise Ltd. 105-1452 Jefferson Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2P 0Z2 2019-09-05
11604953 Canada Inc. 77 Hillhouse Road, Winnipeg, MB R2V 3P9 2019-09-04
Ahlul-bayt School of Leadership Incorporated 71 Cotter Circle, Winnipeg, MB R2N 4R3 2019-09-01
Eaglesworth Human Empowerment Fundation Inc. 1023 - 806 Allegheny Drive, Winnipeg, MB R3T 5L2 2019-08-28
11591509 Canada Inc. 35 Lavender Bay, Winnipeg, MB R2P 1C2 2019-08-27
Engaging Cultural Heritage Services Incorporated 245 Wellington Crescent, Winnipeg, MB R3M 0A1 2019-08-24
11587153 Canada Inc. 613 Mcadam Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2V 0B1 2019-08-23
11586807 Canada Ltd. 1214 Jefferson Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2P 0K2 2019-08-23
11576755 Canada Inc. 22 Dampsy Crescent, Winnipeg, MB R2K 3L8 2019-08-19
Leitbild Services Limited 319 20 Innsbruck Way, Winnipeg, MB R2P 1T2 2019-08-19
O Foods Ltd. 22nd Floor - 333 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB R3C 4E2 2019-08-19
11564218 Canada Limited 363 El Tassi Drive, Winnipeg, MB R3W 0L8 2019-08-12
11565567 Canada Inc. 160 Hargrave Street, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3H3 2019-08-12
Westernwaves Immigration Consulting Inc. 180 Del Monica Road, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 0W5 2019-08-10
Prairiez Odyssey Incorporated 503-1106 St. Mary's Road, Winnipeg, MB R2M 3T5 2019-08-07
Bomb Squad Nutrition Ltd. 509-316 Ross Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3A 0H5 2019-08-01
Zaildar Freight Systems Ltd. 266 Barnham Crescent, Winnipeg, MB R2R 2T6 2019-08-01
Carhub.io Digital Services Inc. 688 Agnes Street, Winnipeg, MB R3E 1X7 2019-07-30
Canadian Khalsa Darbar 173 Wayfield Drive, Winnipeg, MB R3T 6C8 2019-07-30
Canadatuan Inc. 115 Bethune Way, Winnipeg, MB R2M 5J9 2019-07-29