Federal Corporation
Postal L1Y

Jurisdiction: Canada
Source: Corporations Canada

This dataset includes 826 thousand corporation entities registered with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

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Corporation Name Office Address Start Date
LOXLEY INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION 5102 Tom Thomson Court, Pickering, ON L1Y 0A1 2015-09-16
Anything Goes Renovations & Repair Ltd. 5115 Sideline 16, Claremont, ON L1Y 1A1 2008-11-03
Conveyor Parts Supply Incorporated R.r. #4, Claremont, ON L1Y 1A1 2004-04-22
Daniel J. Black Consulting Inc. 5277 Old Brock Rd., Claremont, ON L1Y 1A1 2002-02-18
CLAREMONT POLYMER SHAPES INC. R.r.# 4, Claremont, ON L1Y 1A1 1983-02-22
Pinnokkio OmniStackers Inc. 4440 Sideline 34 Rd, Claremont, ON L1Y 1A2 2018-08-01
Styleware Inc. 3965 Sideline 16 Rd, Claremont, ON L1Y 1A2 2018-05-22
darren pritchard services inc. 440 7th Concession, Pickering, ON L1Y 1A2 2010-12-23
10873357 Canada Inc. 5455 Hoxton St, Claremont, ON L1Y 1A3 2018-07-05
10415235 CANADA INC. Unit 1, 1750 Hoxton Street, Claremont, ON L1Y 1A3 2017-12-01
THEATRE OF THE BEAT INC. 5293 Durham Road 30, Claremont, ON L1Y 1A3 2015-12-02
JS BuildRite Inc. 5400 Sideline 32, Claremont, ON L1Y 1A3 2013-02-04
Clarke Dental Construction Inc. 5360 Sideline 32 Rr 6, Claremont, ON L1Y 1A3 2011-06-23
SECTOR SEVEN CONSULTING INC. 5010 Sideline 8 Road, Pickering, ON L1Y 1A4 2008-12-21
VICEROY GLOBAL INC. 5010 Sideline 8 Road, Pickering, ON L1Y 1A4 2008-09-10
Knew Consulting Inc. 1537 Kodiak Street, Claremont, ON L1Y 1A8 2017-06-13
10952621 CANADA CORPORATION 5032 Old Brock Road, Pickering, ON L1Y 1B3 2018-08-20
9781129 CANADA INC. 1734 Hoxton Street, Claremont, ON L1Y 1B3 2016-06-06
CALCIMATIC CANADA LIMITED 5014 Brock Rd N, Claremont, ON L1Y 1B3 1973-02-27
PACMANN ENTERPRISES INCORPORATED 1811 Central St., Pickering, ON L1Y 1B4 2014-05-13
Backer Wealth Management Inc. 5056 William Street, Claremont, ON L1Y 1B7 2018-02-12
Mezure Canada Ltd. 5050 William Street, Claremont, ON L1Y 1B7 2017-03-17
8144796 CANADA INC. 5050 William Street, Claremont, ON L1Y 1B7 2012-03-20
Enviromek Services Inc. 5077 Old Brock Road, Claremont, ON L1Y 1C1 1987-01-14
6390056 CANADA INC. 3860, Balsam Road, Pickering, ON L1Y 1C2 2005-05-10
6670792 CANADA INC. 3955 Kinsale Rd, Pickering, ON L1Y 1E3 2006-12-11
PILLOW BLOCKS LIMITED Rr 5, Claremont, ON L1Y1A2 1977-09-12
THE FISHER-POULTON GROUP LTD. 5057 William Street, Claremont, ON L1Y1B7 1998-12-18
NETEAST INC. 969 Wellington Street, Ottawa, ON L1Y2X7 1990-11-28