Township of Langley Business Licences

Jurisdiction: Township of Langley
Source: Township of Langley, the Permit, Licence and Inspection Services Department

This dataset includes 57 thousand business licences issued by the Permit, Licence and Inspection Services Department, Township of Langley. This dataset contains information about specific categories of licences and permits incuding the licence/permit category, licence number, operating name, date issued, client's name, business address, business phone number, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Licence Description Approved Date
Healthy Monkey Cafe Inc 120-20353 64 AVE LANGLEY BC V3A 4R5 Cafe
We Cafe & Grill 2-2948 272 ST LANGLEY BC V4W 3R4 Family Restaurant
Snowy Village Dessert Cafe 105-21183 88 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 2G5 Korean Dessert Cafe
Delphi Brunch Cafe 100-20121 WILLOWBROOK DR LANGLEY BC V3A 5E6 Family Restaurant
Balance Cafe Inc 104 22198 48 AVE LANGLEY BC V3A 3N5 Coffee Shop
Metrovan Repair Cafes 236 OSBORNE AVE NEW WESTMINSTER BC V3L 1Y8 Repair Events
Lelem Arts and Cultural Cafe 100-23285 BILLY BROWN RD LANGLEY BC V1M 0C8 Restaurant Cafe With Liquor Services
Cornerstone Cafe On 96 205-20167 96 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 3C5 Brunch Cafe Restaurant
Wendel's Bookstore and Cafe Inc 103 9233 GLOVER RD LANGLEY BC V1M 2S5 Retail Bookstore and Cafe
Roadrunner Cafe 1 20475 62 AVE LANGLEY BC V3A 5E6 Restaurant
The Water Shed Arts Cafe 11 20349 88 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 2K5 Coffee Shop
Little White House Salon Cafe 9090 GLOVER RD LANGLEY BC V1M 1A0 Cafe, Restaurant
Planet Java 50's Soda Fountain Cafe 9178 GLOVER RD LANGLEY BC V1M 1A0 Restaurant
Colleen's Cafe 104 26730 56 AVE LANGLEY BC V4W 3X5 Restaurant
Bagel Classic Cafe 206 21183 88 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 2G5 Bagel Cafe
Signature Catering & Cafe Noir 103 20171 92A AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 3A5 Catering Company With Small Retail Cafe
0953350 Bc Ltd Dba Offside Cafe 102 20165 91A AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 3A2 Concession
Aldergrove Cafe 3091 276 ST LANGLEY BC V4W 3L4 Restaurant
Cornerstone Cafe On 96th 205-20167 96 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 3C5 Cafeteria
Mozart Bakery & Cafe 12-20349 88 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 2K5 Bakery and Cafe
Second Wave Cafe 8889 WALNUT GROVE DR LANGLEY BC V1M 2N7 Coffee Shop
Unit 4 Cafe 4-9110 GLOVER RD LANGLEY BC V1M 2R6 Coffee Shop
Alder Inn Cafe & Dining Room BOX 125 27214 FRASER HWY ALDERGROVE BC V4W 3P8 Pub & Beer and Wine Store
La Cafe 27263 FRASER HWY LANGLEY BC V4W 3P9 Coffee Shop
Raven's Nest Cafe Ltd 104-20338 65 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 3J1 Cafe & Bistro
Cafe Plus C1 20202 66 AVELANGLEY BC V2Y 1P3 Coffee Shop
Red Velvet Cafe & Gifts 102-23343 MAVIS AVELANGLEY BC V1M 1A0 Coffee Shop & Giftware
Mon Amie Cafe and Bistro 104-20338 65 AVELANGLEY BC V2Y 3J1 Cafe & Bistro
Better Body Cafe Inc 200-19925 WILLOWBROOK DRLANGLEY BC V2Y 1A7 Cafe