Township of Langley Business Licences

Jurisdiction: Township of Langley
Source: Township of Langley, the Permit, Licence and Inspection Services Department

This dataset includes 57 thousand business licences issued by the Permit, Licence and Inspection Services Department, Township of Langley. This dataset contains information about specific categories of licences and permits incuding the licence/permit category, licence number, operating name, date issued, client's name, business address, business phone number, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Licence Description Approved Date
Dunsky Energy Consulting 60 STE-CATHERINE WEST STE 420 MONTREAL QC H2X 3V4 Energy Efficiency Consulting 2020/07/07
Pallas Athene Consulting Inc 805 COYLTON PL PORT MOODY BC V3H 1A9 Occupational Health & Safety Consulting 2020/07/03
Be Fit With Sheryl Training and Consulting 27509 27A AVE LANGLEY V4W 0C4 Virtual Sport & Performance Psycology Consulting, Training & Health Coaching 2020/06/09
Ebb Environmental Consulting Inc 3575 41B ST DELTA BC V4K 3N2 Environmental Consulting Services 2020/05/12
La Boheme Consulting 20292 94B AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 1Y8 Graphic Design Services
Ameritax Consulting Ltd 204 8047 199 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0E2 Us Income Tax Consulting
Eduvisa Consulting and Services 1-20038 70 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 0B4 Office for Immigration Consulting
Sturrock Consulting 8905 GAY ST LANGLEY BC V1M 2S2 Writing & Publishing Consulting
Theresa Whyte Consulting 2 20681 THORNE AVE MAPLE RIDGE BC V2X 8G2 Instruction for The Visually Impaired for Langley School District Only
Bill Sutherland & Associates Consulting Inc 2887 212 ST LANGLEY BC V2Z 2E8 Mediation, Facililation Between Local Government
Jonathan Withers Consulting 260-8328 207A ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0K5 Office for Business Administrative Solutions
Vancouver Computer Consulting Inc 202-23160 96 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 2K6 Website Design
Dawn Whittaker Consulting 8841 213A PL LANGLEY BC V1M 2H9 Parent Consultant
Diamond Head Consulting Ltd 3551 COMMERCIAL ST VANCOUVER BC V5N 4E8 Environmental Consulting
Cts Consulting & Design 7746 227 CRES LANGLEY BC V1M 2J8 Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design & Consulting
Gennix Consulting Inc 20385 64 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 1N5 Computer Technical Support Services
Greenlime Consulting 20842 97B AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 3Z2 Office for Computer & Electronic Services
Trueline Power & Consulting Ltd 200-8661 201 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0G9 Pole Line Contractor
Urban Grove Tree Care & Consulting 15720 RUSSELL AVE WHITE ROCK BC V4B 2S1 Tree Care Operations & Consulting Service
Kuldip Counselling & Consulting Services Inc 201-8047 199 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0E2 Individual, Family and Group Counselling & Consulting Services
Roger Johnson Consulting Ltd 4 19747 TELEGRAPH TRAIL LANGLEY BC V3A 4P8 Heavy Construction Consulting
Canada Jayway International Consulting Corporation 7343 201 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 3G2 Office for Immigration Consulting
Wicke Herfst Maver Consulting Inc 2227 DOUGLAS RD BURNABY BC V5C 5A9 Structural Engineer Consultants
Oracle Pomy's Intuitive Consulting 19791 70 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 3E8 Mobile Feng Shui Consulting, Tarot Card Reading, Energy Healing
Chance Immigration Consulting Corporation 203-19978 72 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 1R7 Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
Martinsen Consulting Inc 24388 61 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 2G2 Smart Grid Utility Consulting
Xue Angela Wang's Consulting 20486 1 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Z 1V3 Student Educational Consulting Services
R Miller Editorial Consulting 6842 198B ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 3B8 Office for Editorial Consulting
Flow Consulting Group Inc 1080 1075 W GEORGIA ST VANCOUVER BC V6E 3C9 Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Services
Maple Express Consulting Co 20793 93 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 2W5 Immigration and Citizenship Consulting Service
Info Lions Consulting Ltd 19641 73A AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 3C4 Office To Recruit Students From China
Raincoast Elemental Wellness and Consulting Inc 1055 CORONA CRES COQUITLAM BC V3J 7J1 Mobile Wellness - Reflexology and Guided Meditation
Mtc Consulting Ltd 20330 37A AVE LANGLEY BC V3A 2T1 Consulting Office for Laser Cleaning Industry
Firewise Consulting Ltd PO BOX 253 SHAWNIGAN LAKE BC V0R 2W0 Consulting
Oh & S Safety Consulting & Training Solutions Ltd 825 J LAVAL CRES KAMLOOPS BC V2C 5P2 Safety & First Aid Training / Sales of First Aid Supplies
Antiquity Environmental Consulting Ltd 8463 214A ST LANGLEY BC V1M 2K6 Environmental Consulting
Aldom Consulting Inc 201-23160 96 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 2S3 Information Technology Consulting and Support Services
Angela Herd Consulting & Clinical Supervision 3063 240 ST LANGLEY BC V2Z 1N3 Councelling & Clinical Supervision
Capri Consulting & Bookkeeping 21512 50A AVE LANGLEY BC V3A 8W4 Bookkeeping
Sbmo Consulting 52-20788 87 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 3W7 Sales & Marketing Consultant
Howard Staples Consulting 30-20543 96 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 3W3 Renovations & Handmany Services
Sk Quality Consulting Inc 73-20875 80 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 0B2 Consulting Services for Quality Auditing for Business Management Standards
Kaleidoscope Training & Consulting 23118 14 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Z 2X1 Executive Coaching & Business Consulting
Home Heart Consulting 7026 196B ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 3A7 Interior Design Consulting & Staging Services
Dl Safety Consulting Ltd 110 5477 152 ST SURREY BC V3S 5A5 Traffic Control
Sureca Immigration Consulting Ltd 5B 8880 202 ST LANGLEY BC V1M 4E7 Immigration Consulting
Konglink Consulting Co 19938 73A AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 3J3 Immigration Consulting
Overwatch Consulting Inc 2466 WAYBURNE CRES LANGLEY BC V2Y 1B7 Scheduling Agent for Fire Arms Training
G6 Consulting Ltd 20388 74B AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 1V4 Office for Bookkeeping & Business Consulting Services
Bng Strategy Consulting Inc 21023 83B AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 0C1 Office for Business Consulting
Sahara Rehab Consulting Ltd 3483 BISHOP PL COQUITLAM BC V3E 0K2 Occupational & Rehabilitation Therapists
John Murray Counselling and Consulting 101-8047 199 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0E2 Counselling Services
Eusupport Consulting Inc 114-20875 80 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 0B2 Business Consulting
Raydan Ic Consulting Ltd 37-21867 50 AVE LANGLEY BC V3A 3T2 Office of Environmental Consulting Firm
Tykhe Online Business Management & Consulting 134-3665 244 ST LANGLEY BC V2Z 1N1 Office for Business Support Services
Hazel Consulting 46-4847 219 ST LANGLEY BC V3A 8C1 Home Office for Management Consulting Services
Nishikawara Consulting Services 306-8047 199 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0E2 Clinical Counselling
Vdz + A Consulting Inc 200 9181 CHURCH ST LANGLEY BC V1M 2R3 Landscape Architects
Cityspaces Consulting Ltd 1111 WEST HASTINGS ST SUITE 585 VANCOUVER BC V6E 2J3 Community Child Care Planning
4 Pillars Consulting Group 150-8621 201 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0G9 Debt Relief Consulting
K P Consulting 2495 269A ST LANGLEY BC V4W 3V8 Office To Conduct Medical Legal Research & File Review
Thc Contracting & Consulting 3975 198A ST LANGLEY BC V3A 5W5 Electrical Contractor
Michelle Saldeba Consulting A203-8929 202 ST LANGLEY BC V1M 0B4 Consulting & Event Planning Services
Ses Consulting Inc SUITE 410 55 WATER STREET VANCOUVER BC V6B 1A1 Energy Consulting Services
Banhall Consulting Ltd 320-8029 199 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0E2 Tax Consulting
Zonneveld Consulting 25403 72 AVE LANGLEY BC V4W 1H7 Office for Business Management Consulting
Beacon of Light Consulting Canada Inc 95 19913 70 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 0S9 Education Consulting
Aiotech Cpc Consulting Inc 20614 88 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 3X2 Consulting Services
De Fleuriot Consulting Inc 21502 84 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 2M1 Office for Civil Engineering Consultant
Am Stevens Consulting 321-9440 202 ST LANGLEY BC V1M 4A6 Counselling Services
Danory Digital Consulting Ltd 202-23160 96 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 2R6 Computer Consulting
Carnahan Consulting 98 WAGON WHEEL CRES LANGLEY BC V2Z 2R1 Office for Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
Points West Heritage Consulting Ltd 23531 8 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Z 2X9 Office for Heritage Consultant
Strix Environmental Consulting BOX 615 8925 BARTLETT ST FORT LANGLEY BC V0X 1J0 Office for Environmental Consulting
Oasis Consulting Ltd 839 200 ST LANGLEY BC V2Z 3B8 Office for Consulting Business
West Counselling & Consulting 305 22112 52 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 2M6 Family & Marital Counselling
Donna Perry Consulting 7014 201 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 2Z8 Sports Trainer
Marcis Consulting 24660 56 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Z 1C1 General Construction Contractor
Anthony G. Yip Consulting Services Ltd 21539 86A CRES LANGLEY BC V1M 2E3 Software & Information Systems Consulting
Citiwest Consulting Ltd 101 9030 KING GEORGE BLVD SURREY BC V3V 7Y3 Consulting Engineers
Next Door Management and Consulting Inc 3769 204A ST LANGLEY BC V3A 6A7 Property Management and Real Estate Consulting
Dillon Consulting Limited 510 3820 CESSNA DR RICHMOND BC V7B 0A2 Engineer Consultants
Wilson Management Consulting Ltd 20665 39A AVE LANGLEY BC V3A 4Z3 Municipal Management Consulting
B Agile Consulting Inc 21628 MONAHAN CRT LANGLEY BC V3A 8N1 Business Consulting
Logan Creek Counselling & Consulting 5 8948 202 ST LANGLEY BC V1M 4A7 Counselling and Consulting Services
Tangenesys Consulting Ltd 8989 TRATTLE ST LANGLEY BC V1M 1A0 Professional Technology and Property Management Consulting
Solstice Facilities Management Consulting 5530 245A ST LANGLEY BC V2Z 1H5 Engineering Consulting Services
Vsp Consulting Inc 203 20381 62 AVE LANGLEY BC V3A 5E6 Consulting Engineering & Sales of Equipment for The Food Industry, Manufacturing of Control Panels
J Mcpherson Consulting 48 3347D 262 ST LANGLEY BC V4W 3V9 Educational R & D and Consulting Services
June Mcpherson Consulting 49 3347 262 ST LANGLEY BC V4W 3V9 Warehouse & Storage for Water Sports Equipment
Ipi Consulting Services A319 8929 202 ST LANGLEY BC V1M 0B4 Residential & Commercial Building Inspections
Advision Management Consulting 21650 48 AVE LANGLEY BC V3A 3M8 Business Analysis and Consulting
Know How Consulting Corp 9140 212 ST LANGLEY BC V1M 2B7 Residential & Commercial Cleaning
Drag Consulting Co 2864 WOODLAND DR LANGLEY BC V2Y 1G5 Industrial Design Services
Hardy Computer Training & Consulting 20480 95A AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 1H5 Computer Training
Dynamic Life Consulting 9311 211A ST LANGLEY BC V1M 2B6 Counselling Services
I.t. Blueprint Solutions Consulting Inc 20852 71A AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 0J1 Internet Sales/Service/Computer Software
Norcon Consulting Group Ltd 5B 1381 GEORGE ST WHITE ROCK BC V4B 4A1 Construction Management & Flooring Inspections 2018-07-11
Social Nerdia Consulting 7666 210A ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0L1 Technology Consulting Service
Sj Vlieg Consulting 8456 214 ST LANGLEY BC V1M 2J2 Executive Search Consulting