Township of Langley Business Licences

Jurisdiction: Township of Langley
Source: Township of Langley, the Permit, Licence and Inspection Services Department

This dataset includes 57 thousand business licences issued by the Permit, Licence and Inspection Services Department, Township of Langley. This dataset contains information about specific categories of licences and permits incuding the licence/permit category, licence number, operating name, date issued, client's name, business address, business phone number, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Licence Description Approved Date
Rachel Garrett Fitness 16116 111A AVE SURREY BC V4N 4T1 Mobile Community Kinesiologist 2020/07/13
Fitness Depot Langley 102-6375 202 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 1N1 Wholesale, Retail, Repair & Warehouseing of Fitness Equipment
Body By Design Personal Fitness Training Inc 19305 78 AVE SURREY BC V4N 6C7 Personal Fitness Training
Body Mechanics Fitness 4570 198 ST LANGLEY BC V3A 1E8 Personal Fitness Trainer
All Around Fitness and Wellness Centre Inc 104 6375 202 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 1N1 Gym for Personal Training and Rehab Clinic
Body Buster Fitness Langley Inc 47 20821 FRASER HWY SUITE 449 LANGLEY BC V3A 0B6 Office for Group Fitness Classes
Vaughan's Fitness Inc 2504 WILDING CRES LANGLEY BC V2Y 1B5 Mobile Fitness Trainer
Mysfit Fitness 8-6263 202 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 1N1 Personal Training and Group Pole Fitness Classes - Max 7
Limitless Fitness Langley 21467 90 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 1Z2 Personal Trainer
Malaykor Fitness Inc 1071 LILLOOET ROAD NORTH VANCOUVER BC V7J 3H7 Personal Training, Fitness Education and Consulting
Steve Nash Fitness World 200-19925 WILLOWBROOK DR LANGLEY BC V2Y 1A7 Fitness Centre
Dynamic Fitness 21492 90 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 1Z2 Personal Training and Fitness
Orangetheory Fitness 128-19653 WILLOWBROOK DR LANGLEY BC V2Y 1A5 Group & Personal Fitness Training
Swim Clo Aquatics and Fitness Inc 3915 ARBUTUS ST VANCOUVER BC V6J 4T2 Mobile Swim Instructor
Inspire Women's Fitness 1-20178 96 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 0B2 Fitness Franchise
Breakout Fitness 20340 92A AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 2L8 Personal Training & Fitness Classes
Innovative Fitness Walnut Grove 111-9525 201 ST LANGLEY BC V1M 4A5 Personal Training Fitness Club
Ninja Fitness 3 3227 264 ST LANGLEY BC V4W 2X3 Small Group Fitness Training- Maximum Occupant Load 10
Stak Fitness 10401 BOUL RAY-LAWSON MONTREAL QC H1J 1M3 Retail Fitness Equipment
David Boyd Fitness 28744 MYRTLE AVE ABBOTSFORD BC V4X 2P4 Mobile Personal Training Services
Anytime Fitness A102-20159 88 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 0A4 24 Hr Fitness Gym
180 Fitness 2864 267A ST LANGLEY BC V4W 3B8 Personal Training
Dogs Den Fitness (dd Fit) 190 9347 200A ST LANGLEY BC V1M 0B3 Fitness Facility
Flaman Fitness Bc Ltd 3-27355 GLOUCESTER WAY LANGLEY BC V4W 3Y5 Warehouse Distribution of Fitness Equipment
Reward Fitness Inc 101 9181 CHURCH ST LANGLEY BC V1M 2S3 Fitness Class Studio
Little Rock Fitness 205 5740 TORONTO RD VANCOUVER BC V6R 1L2 Mobile and Online Personal Training Services
Bodylicious Fitness 707 39 SIXTH ST NEW WESTMINSTER BC V3L 0B3 Mobile Personal Fitness Trainer
Body Smart Health & Fitness 9-19889 96 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 3C7 Fitness and Health Care Facility
Olga Chekoy Fitness Club 15353 105 SURREY BC V3R 0J1 Fitness Instructor
Strive Fitness 21190 93 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 2B6 Office for Mobile Kinesiology Services
Shannon Friesen Fitness 9610 139 ST SURREY BC V3T 5H3 Personal Trainer
I 4 Fitness Inc 5050 244 ST LANGLEY BC V2Z 1G5 Office for On-Line Sales of Fitness & Sporting Goods
Gns Fitness 7707 BURGESS ST BURNABY BC V3N 3J1 Personal Trainer
Senshi Fitness 25517 73 AVE LANGLEY BC V4W 1V2 Personal Training
Total Fitness 202 20165 91A AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 2G2 Fitness Facility
Flexion Fitness Studio 21673 47A AVE LANGLEY BC V3A 8S2 Personal Training
Elk Fitness Repair 22552 2 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Z 2V8 Mobile Fitness Equipment Repair
Fitness Depot Commercial Inc 2659 LILLOOET ST VANCOUVER BC V5M 4P7 Sales & Purchase of Fitness Equipment
Mommymoves Fitness & Education, Ltd 5702 182 ST SURREY BC V3S 4M6 Pre / Postnatal Fitness
Oxygen Yoga and Fitness Langley Inc 3 20099 91A AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 3A2 Yoga & Fitness Wellness Centre
Apocalypse Training & Fitness 3437 240 ST LANGLEY BC V2Z 2J3 Fitness Centre
Coastal Fitness Services 4 20011 96 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 3C6 Fitness Studio
Pumphouse Fitness 44 3347 262 ST LANGLEY BC V4W 3V9 Warehouse, Storage & Service of Fitness Equipment
Soul Muscle Fitness 2881 WOODLAND DR LANGLEY BC V2Y 1G6 Fitness Classes, Bootcamps & Personal Training
Frontline Fitness 8077 165A ST SURREY BC V4N 0H5 Personal Training & Lifestyle Coaching
Envie Fitness 1-20178 96 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 0B2 Fitness Franchise
Fit 4 Two Langley/Aldergrove Pre & Postnatal Fitness 9015 207B ST LANGLEY BC V1M 2R2 Pre & Postnatal Fitness
Foundry Fitness and Martial Arts 3083 276 ST LANGLEY BC V4W 3L4 Martial Arts & Fitness for Adults & Children - Max Occ 10
Fitness Foundation 109-9295 198 ST LANGLEY BC V1M 3J9 Personal Training & Sport Conditioning - Max Occupants 10
Oxygen Yoga & Fitness - Aldergrove 520-26310 FRASER HWY LANGLEY BC V4W 2Z7 Yoga and Fitness Studio
Crux Fitness 8-8948 202 ST LANGLEY BC V1M 4A7 Personal Fitness & Training Studio - Max Occupant Load 10
Astar Fitness and Training 9436 202A ST LANGLEY BC V1M 3Z4 Fitness and Personal Training
Sfm Fitness Consulting 1071 LILLOOET RD N VANCOUVER BC V7J 3H7 Personal Training
Noble Fitness 4622 217A ST LANGLEY BC V3A 2N7 Office for Mobile Fitness Instructor
Steele Fitness & Wellness 103 19340 65 AVE SURREY BC V4N 0A3 Mobile Personal Training & Group Fitness
Fitness Challenge 9 19889 96 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 3C7 Fitness Centre
Tzone Fitness 3007 265B ST ALDERGROVE BC V4W 3C9 Fitness Contest Prep Coach/Consulting
Chantel Alexis Fitness 2 20229 FRASER HIGHWAY LANGLEY BC V3A 4E7 Personal/Group Training
Fitness Solutions 8564 212 STLANGLEY BC V1M 2E7 Personal Training
Loco Fitness 6950 208 STLANGLEY BC V2Y 0G1 Office for Personal Trainer 04/25/2016
Cross City Fitness Services Ltd 9556 212B STLANGLEY BC V1M 1N4 Mobile Repair of Fitness Equipment
Ivanco Fitness 10181 ALLARD CRESLANGLEY BC V1M 3V7 Mobile Fitness Training
Quattro 'A' Kid's Fitness Enterprises Ltd 108 6375 202 STLANGLEY BC V2Y 1N1 Pre - Gymnastics & Excerise Classes
Freestyle Fitness 26944 33 AVELANGLEY BC V4W 3G5 Mobile Personal Trainer