Township of Langley Business Licences

Jurisdiction: Township of Langley
Source: Township of Langley, the Permit, Licence and Inspection Services Department

This dataset includes 57 thousand business licences issued by the Permit, Licence and Inspection Services Department, Township of Langley. This dataset contains information about specific categories of licences and permits incuding the licence/permit category, licence number, operating name, date issued, client's name, business address, business phone number, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Licence Description Approved Date
Bedford Counselling and Mediation 101-23160 96 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 2R6 Clinical Counselling Practice 2020/06/30
Agency Media 200-19951 80A AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 0E2 Sales & Production of Digital Marketing 2020/06/25
Malick Media Group Inc 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 20280 97 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 4B9 Broadcast & Filming Studio, Production, Publishing & Content Delivery Network
Darnell & Company Lawyers & Mediators 202 205 6351 197 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 1X8 Law Offices
Glass Canvas Media Inc 220-9220 GLOVER RD LANGLEY BC V1M 1A0 Independent Creative Marketing Studio
Dr Bolgar Counselling & Family Mediation 306-8047 199 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0E2 Counselling and Family Mediation Services
Gibson Media Works Ltd 23195 96 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 1A0 Advertising Agency, Media Planner & Buyer
Media Blasting 107-19661 96 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 3C9 Media Blasting of Old Cars and Commercial Material
Satluj Multimedia Ltd 20464 76 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 1W2 Wedding Videography & Photography
Swivel New Media 900 232 ST LANGLEY BC V2Z 2X2 Office for Business Consulting Services
Dsa Media Inc 110-20091 91A AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 3A2 Office for Advertising Agency
Media Maintenance Inc 2 13891 VIKING PL RICHMOND BC V6V 1K8 Sign & Billboard Maintenace
Tulloch Media Services 2881 WOODLAND DR LANGLEY BC V2Y 1G6 Office for Media Productions
Virtuosi Media Inc 94 8888 216 ST LANGLEY BC V1M 3Z8 Website Design & Development
Oakhill Counselling & Mediation Ltd 109 19610 64 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 1H3 Personal Counselling Services
Dsa Media 110-20091 91A AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 3A2 Advertising Agency
Dolon Media Group Inc 7836 123A ST SURREY BC V3W 3W2 Sign Installation Contractor
The Capital Media Company Inc 45 7 AVE W VANCOUVER BC V5Y 1L4 Tv Commercial for Cox Cable
Vraeyda Multimedia Inc 9131 207B STLANGLEY BC V1M 2P5 Office for Multimedia
K Mediacube 19860 69A AVELANGLEY BC V2Y 3A9 Office for Trading
Media 360 67 6450 199 STLANGLEY BC V2Y 2X1 Web Design, Virtual Tour Pictures & Electronic Repairs
Chewie Media Inc 42 20540 66 AVELANGLEY BC V2Y 1P4 Online Software Development and Web Design