Township of Langley Business Licences

Jurisdiction: Township of Langley
Source: Township of Langley, the Permit, Licence and Inspection Services Department

This dataset includes 57 thousand business licences issued by the Permit, Licence and Inspection Services Department, Township of Langley. This dataset contains information about specific categories of licences and permits incuding the licence/permit category, licence number, operating name, date issued, client's name, business address, business phone number, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Licence Description Approved Date
Rockron Construction Co Ltd 982 WAVERTREE RD N VANCOUVER BC V7R 1S5 Commercial & Residential Contractor 2020/06/05
Smart Savvy & Associates 260-9220 GLOVER RD LANGLEY BC V1M 2R7 Recruitment Agency & Leadership Coaching 2020/06/04
Softlanding Solutions Inc 1605 555 W HASTINGS ST VANCOUVER BC V6B 4N6 It Services 2020/06/04
Fusion Solutions Inc 213-9780 197B ST LANGLEY BC V1M 3G3 Welding & Thermal Spray Business 2020/06/03
Kar Store 19677 WILLOWBROOK DR LANGLEY BC V2Y 1A6 Used Vehicle Sales 2020/06/03
All Access Autoglass Inc 301-2-19837 TELEGRAPH TRAIL LANGLEY BC V1M 3E6 Auto Glass, Windshield Repair & Replacement 2020/06/03
Justco Enterprises Ltd 19677 WILLOWBROOK DR LANGLEY BC V2Y 1A6 Retail Sales of Used Vehicles 2020/06/03
Exia Academy Inc 428 6325 204 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 3B3 After School Tutoring 2020/06/03
Terry Thiesen Contracting 129-20714 96 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 1Y2 Residential Framing Contractor 2020/06/03
Precision Property Inspections Ltd 19679 71 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 2Z7 Office for Home Inpsections 2020/06/03
Jnj Korea Trading 42-7686 209 ST LANGLEY V2Y 0R5 Office for Online Sales of Health & Beauty Products 2020/06/03
True Steel Strength & Conditioning 4646 221A ST LANGLEY BC V2Z 1A9 Office for Web Based Strength, Conditioning & Training 2020/06/03
Wright 4 You Contracting Ltd 20315 93B AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 1Y7 Residential Construction 2020/06/03
Kevin Kim Rmt B200-20689 WILLOUGHBY TOWN CENTRE DR LANGLEY V2Y 0L7 Registered Massage Therapist 2020/06/03
Together / Counselling & Wellness 21454 93B AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 1R3 Office for Virtual Personal, Family & Relationship Counselling 2020/06/03
Angela Bellini Rmt 7146 198 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0C5 Registered Massage Therapy 2020/06/03
Spectrum Fire Protection 3768 BARMOND AVE RICHMOND BC V7E 1A3 Fire Protection 2020/06/03
Neptune Plumbing & Heating Ltd 7278 BRAESIDE DR BURNABY BC V5A 1E8 Plumbing & Heating Contractor 2020/06/03
Fontaine Contracting 1118 MILLSTREAM RD W VANCOUVER BC V7S 2C7 Excavation & Demolition Contractor 2020/06/03
James Dobney Inspections Ltd 1045 LYNWOOD AVE PORT COQUITLAM BC V3V 6J8 Residential & Commercial Inspections 2020/06/03
Matcon Underground Utilities Ltd 2208 HARTLEY AVE COQUITLAM BC V3K 6X3 Civic Contractors 2020/06/03
Anna Hair Salon 203-21183 88 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 2G5 Hair Salon 2020/06/02
Orion Commercial Construction Ltd 104 3950 191 ST SURREY BC V3Z 0Y6 Commercial General Contractor 2020/06/01
The King's Early Learning Centre 21783 76B AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 2S5 Preschool 2020/05/29
Tall Timbers Before and After / Preschool 4035 207 ST LANGLEY BC V3A 2E2 Before and After School Care Preschool 2020/05/29
Revamp Wellness Inc 120-8029 199 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0E2 Massage, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Clinic 2020/05/29
Melanie Snow Rmt 120-8029 199 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0E2 Registered Massage Therapist 2020/05/29
Walnut Grove Town Pantry 20522 88 AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 2Y6 Gas Station & Convenience Store 2020/05/29
Kristina Tangaro 120-8029 199 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0E2 Body Worker 2020/05/29
Brianna Tham Rmt 120-8029 199 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0E2 Registered Massage Therapist 2020/05/29
Michael Hosseini 120-8029 199 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0E2 Physiotherapist 2020/05/29
Kamran Eghtesad 120-8029 199 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0E2 Chiropractor 2020/05/29
Sage Contracting 19641 34A AVE LANGLEY BC V3A 7X2 General Home Repairs & Maintenance 2020/05/29
Gdk Homes Ltd 27053 29 AVE LANGLEY BC V4W 3C3 Residential General Contractor 2020/05/29
Chelsea G Interiors 4430 196A ST LANGLEY BC V3A 5R2 Office for Interior Design 2020/05/29
Johnny Guan Physiotherapy 120-8029 199 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0E2 Physiotherapist 2020/05/29
Windsor Ridge Developments Ltd 4870 214A ST LANGLEY BC V3A 9E4 Residential Construction 2020/05/29
Big Bins 23617 16 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Z 1K8 Demolition Contractor & Construction Disposal 2020/05/29
Tara Gosse Counselling 306-8047 199 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0E2 Office for Counselling Services 2020/05/29
Kurt Baker Rmt 120-8029 199 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0E2 Registered Massage Therapist 2020/05/29
Fitz Personal Training 63-21867 50 AVE LANGLEY BC V3A 3T2 Independant Fitness Training - Online & Fitness Facility Only 2020/05/29
Jacalyn Lynch Rmt 120-8029 199 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0E2 Registered Massage Therapist 2020/05/29
Precision Earthworks 13646 20A AVE SURREY BC V4A 9V7 Excavation Contractor 2020/05/29
1034127 Bc Ltd 2227 153A ST SURREY BC V4A 4R4 General Contractor 2020/05/28
Frank's Finishing Inc 1202 DUTHIE AVE BURNABY BC V5A 2R4 Renovation Contractor 2020/05/28
Opal Beauty Lounge 9080 GLOVER RD LANGLEY BC V1M 1A0 Hair Salon 2020/05/27
Dealer Shift 120-9347 200A ST LANGLEY BC V1M 0B3 Vehicle Sales 2020/05/21
Alderbrook Health and Wellness Center Inc 27042 28B AVE LANGLEY BC V4W 3A5 Registered Massage Therapist 2020/05/21
1687999 Alberta Ltd 20278 2 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Z 0A3 Office for Lifestyle Blog About Cooking & Food 2020/05/21
Cornerstone Counseling Services 21769 95B AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 4E9 Counseling Services - Virtual Only 2020/05/21
Campbell Valley Contracting Ltd 2360 240 ST LANGLEY BC V2Z 3A4 Commercial & Industrial General Contractor 2020/05/21
Excel Excavating Ltd 2508 232 ST LANGLEY BC V2Z 3B5 Excavation & Demolition Contractor 2020/05/21
Integrative Clinical Counselling 302-23255 BILLY BROWN RD LANGLEY BC V1M 0C8 Office for On-Line and Phone Clinical Counselling 2020/05/21
Arcen Structural Engineers Ltd 200-8661 201 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0G9 Structural Engineering & Drafting Services 2020/05/21
Murrayville Massage Centre Inc 22190 48 AVE LANGLEY BC V3A 3N5 Body Worker 2020/05/20
Cold Hut Productions Ulc RIVER ADMINISTRATION BUILDING 2601 LOUGHEED HWY COQUITLAM BC V3C 4J2 Motion Picture Production 2020/05/19
Columbia Medical 10-8948 202 ST LANGLEY BC V1M 4A7 First Aid & Cpr Training Courses 2020/05/15
Heartsafe Ems 10-8948 202 ST LANGLEY BC V1M 4A7 Delivers First Aid & Cpr Training Courses 2020/05/15
Columbia Paramedic Academy 10-8948 202 ST LANGLEY BC V1M 4A7 Ministry of Health Approved Paramedic Training & Corporate Office 2020/05/15
Accel Drywall & Reno 6808 216 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 2P7 Drywall & Reno Contractor 2020/05/15
Allied Water Services Inc 12409 201 ST MAPLE RIDGE BC V2X 4L4 Bulk Water Transport 2020/05/13
Daikon Construction Inc 5133 106A ST EDMONTON AB T6H 2W6 Commercial General Contractor 2020/05/13
Aldergrove Liquor Store Ltd 26444 32 AVE LANGLEY BC V4W 3E8 Retail Liquor Store 2020/05/12
Mobilinq 108-19705 FRASER HWY LANGLEY BC V3A 7E9 Retail Cell Phones and Accessories 2020/05/12
Huge Projects Ltd 8232 CEDAR ST MISSION BC V2V 3N6 Residential General Contractor 2020/05/12
Ebb Environmental Consulting Inc 3575 41B ST DELTA BC V4K 3N2 Environmental Consulting Services 2020/05/12
B & J Convenience 7-9110 GLOVER RD LANGLEY BC V1M 2R6 Convenience Store 2020/05/08
Mr Mikes Langley 300-20020 WILLOWBROOK DR LANGLEY BC V2Y 1K9 Full Service and Family Restaurant 2020/05/08
Brydon Crescent Properties Lp 125-19664 64 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 1H3 Show Home Display Suite 2020/05/08
Glover Liquor Store 101-6808 216 ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 2P7 Retail Liquor Store 2020/05/08
Kai Glass B423-20716 WILLOUGHBY TOWN CENTRE DR LANGLEY BC V2Y 3J8 Glass Glazing Contractor 2020/05/08
Walnut Games 9139 202B ST LANGLEY BC V1M 3Y2 Online Sales of Games 2020/05/08
Mane Vantage 20391 82A AVE LANGLEY V2Y 0S3 Office for Human Resource Consulting Services 2020/05/08
South Slope Plumbing and Heating Ltd 38 6670 RUMBLE ST BURNABY BC V5E 4L4 Plumbing, Heating & Gas Installations 2020/05/08
Legacy Plumbing & Heating Inc 866 ROYAL ST REGINA SK S4T 4Z4 Plumbing, Heating & Hvac Services 2020/05/07
Cibc 103-9440 202 ST LANGLEY BC V1M 4A6 Office for Cibc Banking Staff 2020/05/06
Lw Fleming Electric Ltd 21438 94B AVE LANGLEY BC V1M 1T3 Office for Elelctrical Contractor 2020/05/06
Raven Plumbing and Heating Ltd 50 1833 COAST MERIDIAN RD PORT COQUITLAM BC BC V3C 6G5 Mechanical Contractor 2020/05/06
Master Stucco Ltd 1048 UPLANDS DR ANMORE BC V3B 5G6 Stucco & Eifs Installations & Repairs 2020/05/06
Pacific Flo Mechanical 76 ROSSER AVE BURNABY BC V5C 5C2 Mechanical & Plumbing Contractor 2020/05/06
Ken-B Holdings Ltd 129-8288 207A ST LANGLEY BC V2Y 0L2 Office for Tow Truck 2020/05/05
Unwabu Bookkeeping & Business Services 23245 40 AVE LANGLEY BC V2Z 2K1 Office for Bookkeeping & Administrative Services 2020/05/05
Dg Chiropractic 4975 215 ST LANGLEY BC V3A 2M1 Chiropractic Office 2020/05/04
Molibu Construction Ltd 5528 189 ST SURREY BC V3S 6X1 Single Family Construction 2020/05/04
The Learning Circle North Langley 2-9497 201 ST LANGLEY BC V1M 4A5 Group Child Daycare 2020/05/01
Wingham Innovations Inc 20377 74B AVE LANGLEY BC V2Y 1V4 Office for On-Line Sales of Skin Care & Hair Products 2020/04/30
Pro-Can Construction Group Corp 117 3993 HENNING DR BURNABY BC V5C 6P7 Commercial General Contractor 2020/04/30
Northview Installations 16656 77 AVE SURREY BC V4N 0L3 Renovations Contractor 2020/04/30
Gwm Construction 2061 OCEAN CLIFF PL SURREY BC V4A 5Y5 Residential General Contractor 2020/04/29
Blue Ocean Construction Inc 220 4388 STILL CREEK DR BURNABY BC V5C 6C6 General Contractor & Project Management 2020/04/28
Novak Contracting & Construction Ltd 18906 69A AVE SURREY BC V4N 5K2 Residential General Contractor 2020/04/28
Seagate Mass Timber Inc 3875 HENNING DR BURNABY BC V5C 6N5 Heavy Timber Framing 2020/04/27
D Star Trucking Ltd 208-9440 202 ST LANGLEY BC V1M 4A6 Dump Truck Services - Office Only 2020/04/23
Prompt Contracting Ltd 5690 268 ST LANGLEY BC V4W 3X4 Labour Placement Agency for Ft Synthetics 2020/04/23
Raincity Rock & Waterscapes Ltd 21278 SMITH CRES LANGLEY BC V2Y 2R2 Rock Work, Pools & Hot Tub Contractor 2020/04/23
Community Driving School 27046 25A AVE LANGLEY BC V4W 3W2 Office for Driving School 2020/04/23
Wolfpack Landscaping 2805 WOODLAND DR LANGLEY BC V2Y 1G7 Office for Landscape Contractor 2020/04/23
Trident Millwork & Display Industries Ltd 11140 RIVER RD RICHMOND BC V6X 1Z5 Millwork Contractor 2020/04/23
Little Mountain Engineering Co Ltd 700 838 W HASTINGS ST VANCOUVER BC V6C 0A6 Consulting Electrical Engineers 2020/04/23
Dini Construction Ltd 9024 BEN-NEVIS CRES SURREY BC V3V 6K5 Concrete Forming 2020/04/23