Money Services Business Registry

Source: Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC)

This dataset includes 26 thousand money services businesses and their agents registered with Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC). The data contains information about registered individuals or entities engaged in the business of any of the following: foreign exchange dealing; remitting or transmitting funds by any means or through any person, entity or electronic funds transfer network; or issuing or redeeming money orders, traveller's cheques or other similar negotiable instruments except for cheques payable to a named person or entity. Each business is registered with registration number, business name, location and branches, current status, agents, registration date, etc.

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Business Name Business Address Registration Status
Easy Wallet · Ipvision Canada Inc 9725 Boulvard Lasalle, Montreal, QC H8R 2N8 2020-11-05 Registered · Checkout Payment Systems Canada Inc. / Systemes De Paiement Checkout Canada Inc 150-5585 Monkland Avenue, Montreal, QC H4A 1E1 2020-10-30 Registered
Crypto Club Inc. / Club Crypto Inc. 5120 Avenue De Courtrai, Suite #101, MontrÉal, QC H3W 1A7 2020-09-16 Registered
9296-0707 Quebec Inc. 184 Hampshire Rd, Montreal, QC H9W 3N7 2020-09-02 Registered
Paysocial · Paysocial Inc. 201 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Suite 500, Montreal, QC H2Y 1T4 2020-08-28 Registered
Africunia Bank / Excoincial / Vendasity · Africunia Incorporated 12680 Avenue Jean Nollet, Montreal, QC H1E 2C6 2020-08-18 Registered
Yong Chang Financial Group Inc. 510-7475 Boul. Newman, MontrÉal, QC H8N 1X3 2020-08-18 Registered
Equibytes · Entreprises Equibytes Inc. 330 Rue Strathmore, Montreal, QC H4G 2E4 2020-07-31 Registered
Paychain Services Inc. 4455 Sherbrooke W, Montreal, QC H3Z 1E7 2020-07-23 Registered
Kokopage Inc 12601 Marc-AurÈle Fortin, Montreal, QC H1E 5W6 2020-07-20 Registered
Pars Royal Exchange · Avant Business Solutions Inc. 306-2055 St-Mathieu Street, Montreal, QC H3H 2J2 2020-07-13 Registered · Fort Consultation Inc. 12614 68e Av, MontrÉal, QC H1C 1W3 2020-06-18 Registered
11971328 Canada Inc. 402-8815 Avenue Du Parc, 8815 Av Du Parc #402, MontrÉal, Qc H2n 1y7, MontrÉal, QC H2N 1Y7 2020-06-05 Registered
Capital Instacoin / Instacoin Capital · Instacoin Capital Inc. 1000-1592 Jarry Street East, Montreal, QC H2E 1B2 2020-05-29 Registered
Arezoo Currency · Arezoo Karimi 4040 Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2W 1Y8 2020-05-27 Registered
Instacoin · Instacoin Atm Quebec Inc. 1000-1592 Jarry Street East, Montreal, QC H2E 1B2 2020-05-20 Registered
Knox · KnØx Industries Inc 101-7755 St Laurent Boulevard, Montreal, QC H2R 1X1 2020-05-01 Registered
Cryptonade · 12015668 Canada Inc. 925 De Maisonneuve West #351, Montreal, QC H3A 0A5 2020-05-01 Registered
Veriphi Inc. 5965 Avenue De Carignan, MontrÉal, QC H1M 3C3 2020-03-10 Registered
Service Ecvitor Inc. 666 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H3A 1E7 2020-03-05 Registered
Griffintown Btc · 9391-3374 Quebec Inc 4874 Avenue Lacombe, Montreal, QC H3W 1R5 2020-02-19 Registered
Bijouterie Kim Hoang · Investissement Kala Maha Inc. 8048 Boulevard Saint-Michel, Montreal, QC H1Z 3E1 2019-11-29 Registered
Jacob Clifford Marmon 6700, Chemin De La CÔte-Des-Neiges (suite #124), Montreal, QC H3S 2B9 2019-11-22 Registered
Mintbroker International, Ltd. 203-7100 Rue Saint-Hubert, Montreal, QC H2S 2M9 2019-10-24 Ceased
9390-5255 QuÉbec Inc 4126 Jean Talon E., Montreal, QC H1S 2V4 2019-10-22 Registered
Rose Exchange · 9398-2940 Quebec Inc. 5301 Queen Mary Road, Montreal, QC H3X 1T9 2019-10-04 Registered
Timechain Technologies Inc 1170 Place Du Frere Andre, 2nd Floor, Montreal, QC H3B 3C6 2019-09-04 Registered
Bureau De Change: Rapide / Currency Exchange Office: Fast · 9401-9973 QuÉbec Inc. 475 Av. Vivian, Montreal, QC H3P 1P6 2019-08-09 Registered
Magic Compass International Capital · Magic Compass International Capital Ltd. 11935 Rue Pavillon Pierrefonds, Montreal, QC H8J 1M6 2019-07-19 Registered
Transcom Canada Inc. 9081, Pie Ix, MontrÉal, QC H1Z 3V7 2019-07-19 Registered
Aerapass Canada · 10784214 Canada Inc. 5056 Chemin De La Cote Des Neiges, Suite 204, Montreal, QC H3V 1G6 2019-06-25 Registered
Transfert Toti Canada · Totipay Canada Inc 360-55 Louvain Ouest, MontrÉal, QC H2N 1A4 2019-05-30 Registered
9394-2076 QuÉbec Inc 11565 Rue Saint Évariste App 101, Montreal, QC H4J 2N6 2019-03-21 Registered
Tao Online Services Inc. / Services En Ligne Tao Inc. 437 St-Zotique E, Montreal, QC H2S 1M1 2019-03-05 Registered
Shaka Express Canada Ltd. 8607 Rue Mance, MontrÉal, QC H1R 2K5 2019-03-05 Registered
Multi Moneta · 9176-5396 QuÉbec Inc. 7335 Boul. Saint-Laurent, MontrÉal, QC H2R 1W6 2019-02-28 Registered
Gestion Latortue · 9296-6498 Quebec Inc 3191 Jarry Est, Montreal, QC H1Z 2E1 2018-12-21 Registered
Solution SoksipÉ Inc. 8255 Av. Mountain Sights, Bur. 140, MontrÉal, QC H4P 2B5 2018-12-18 Registered
E-Transfert Inc 6935 Rue St Hubert, Montreal, QC H2S 2M7 2018-11-19 Registered
Itc Payment Solutions Inc. 2160 De La Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G 1G3 2018-11-02 Ceased
Argent En Direct / Cameroon Airlines / Direk Money / Ligne Aerienne Du Cameroun · Voyages Jetlink Inc. 740 Notre Dame Ouest,Suite 109, Montreal, QC H3C 3X6 2018-10-24 Registered
Seven Money Exchange Inc. / Sept Bureau De Change Inc. 1917 Sainte Catherine West, Montreal, QC H3H 1M3 2018-10-09 Registered
Fintech Gpmo · Gestion Molige Inc. 201-6455, Christophe-Colomb, MontrÉal, QC H2S 2G5 2018-09-14 Registered
9379-6886 Quebec Inc. / La Nacional Money Transfers Inc. / La Nacional Transfert De L'Argent Inc. 450 Rue Jean-Talon Ouest, Montreal, QC H3N 1R3 2018-08-28 Registered
Transfer Fast / Transfert Vite · 9304-8585 QuÉbec Inc. 6257 Av Victoria, MontrÉal, QC H3W 2S2 2018-05-29 Registered
Netdollar Inc. 201 - 294 Chabanel Str. West, Montreal, QC H2N 1G5 2018-05-02 Registered
Dysam Exchange Limited(del) · Dysam Exchange Limited 3488 Cote Des Neige Apt 1206, Montreal, QC H3H 2M6 2018-04-20 Registered
Soleimani Currency Exchange · Global Treasure Inc Num20,1225 Mackay Street, Montreal, QC H3G 2H5 2018-04-13 Registered
Golden Treasure Inc Num20 -1225 Mackay Street, Montreal, QC H3G 2H5 2018-02-26 Registered
Ashna / Ashna · Gorji G.p. / Gorji S.e.n.c 194-4055 Saint Cathrine Westmount, Montreal, QC H3Z 3J8 2018-02-08 Registered
Dominique Lortie 8755 Sherbrooke Est, Montreal, QC H1L 1C2 2018-01-30 Expired
Jappoo Money Transfer Inc. / Transfert D'Argent Jappoo Inc. 4388 Rue Saint-Denis,Bureau 200, MontrÉal, QC H2J 2L1 2018-01-24 Registered
Brightwallet · 8116610 Canada Inc 407 Rue Mcgill Suite 700, MontrÉal, QC H2Y 2G3 2017-12-27 Registered
Monnaie Globe Inc. 2577 Rue Jean Talon Est, MontrÉal, QC H2A 1T8 2017-12-07 Expired
Grand Union · 9352-0534 Quebec Inc. 101-367 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC H3A 1B5 2017-12-07 Registered
Bijouterie Kimma · 9361-1549 Quebec Inc. 370 Rue Jean-Talon E. Unit A, Montreal, QC H2R 1T3 2017-12-01 Registered
Nour - Bureau De Change / Nour Currency Exchange · Nour Bdc Inc. 815 Boul. DÉcarie, MontrÉal, QC H4L 3L7 2017-11-10 Registered
Bureau De Change Lucky Chan Inc. 6652 A St-Hubert, MontrÉal, QC H2S 2M3 2017-10-18 Registered
Bureau De Change Sara · 9356-3575 QuÉbec Inc. 1376 Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montreal, QC H3G 1P8 2017-09-06 Registered
Click Exchange Inc. Clic Échange Inc. 991 Gohier St, MontrÉal, QC H4L 3J4 2017-08-30 Registered
Esy International Inc. 10650 Place De L'Acadie, MontrÉal, QC H4N 0B6 2017-07-14 Registered
Net Money Exchange · MarchÉ Financier Net Inc. 1112 Boul St Laurent, Montreal, QC H2Z 1J5 2017-05-15 Registered
Complete Solution · 8354766 Canada Inc. / Complete Solution Payments Inc. 2160 Rue De La Montagne, Suite 500, Montreal, QC H3G 2T3 2017-04-27 Ceased
Shakepay · Shakepay Inc. 1800-500 Place D'Armes, Montreal, QC H2Y 2W2 2017-02-24 Registered · Quebex Fintech Inc 3715 Boulevard St- Laurent, Montreal, QC H2X 2V7 2017-02-21 Registered
Service Union Mondiale Plus Inc 1855 Rue Saint Catherine West, Montreal, QC H3H 1M2 2017-02-13 Registered
Bureau De Change Persepolis · Seyed Mojtaba Tabatababaei-Rad 5774 Sherbrooke West, MontrÉal, QC H4A 1X1 2017-01-25 Registered
Bureau De Change Z Starforex Inc. 1425 Boul Saint-Laurent, MontrÉal, QC H2X 2S8 2016-12-30 Expired
Bureau De Change Cambio · Oanh Thi Pham Hoang 2955 Fleury East, Montreal, QC H2B 1M3 2016-09-23 Expired
Reza Money Exchange · Abbas Soltanian 4875 Dufferin, Apt #506, Montreal, QC H3X 2Z2 2016-08-26 Ceased
Bureau De Change Mona / Mona Echange · 93275196 Quebec Inc. 1455 Peel Street Cours Mont-Royal Suite 147, Montreal, QC H3A 1T5 2016-07-20 Registered
Pagamus · Pagamus Inc. 1407 - 1115 Sherbrooke Rd W, Montreal, QC H3A 1H3 2016-07-05 Expired
Alescio Consultations · 7167709 Canada Inc 5056 Chemin De La CÔte Des Neiges, Suite 204, Montreal, QC H3V 1G6 2016-06-30 Registered
Econo-Forex Inc. / Écono-Change Inc. 1438, Rue Ste-Catherine O., Montreal, QC H3G 1R3 2016-06-30 Registered
Bijouterie Kim Van · 9334-0271 QuÉbec Inc. 7176 Rue St-Hubert, MontrÉal, QC H2R 2N1 2016-05-03 Ceased
Echange Montreal 2010 · 9228-2177 QuÉbec Inc. 391 Sherbrooke O, MontrÉal, QC H3A 1B5 2016-04-27 Registered
Bull Bitcoin / Bylls · Bull Bitcoin / Satoshi Portal Inc. 249 Rue Saint-Jacques #300, Montreal, QC H2Y 1M6 2016-03-30 Registered
Hocine Zellagui 1425 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2X 2S8 2016-03-30 Ceased
Exchange Currency Ss · L'Honneur D'Investissement Inc. 908 Maisonneuve East, Montreal, QC H2L 1Z1 2016-03-24 Expired
Va Phat Inc. / Abondance ProspÉritÉ Inc. 7734 Boulevard Saint-Michel, Montreal, QC H2A 3A5 2016-02-19 Expired
Bijouterie & Bureau De Change Hong Phuc · Thi Thu Hong 8048 Boulevard St-Michel, MontrÉal, QC H1Z 3E1 2016-01-25 Registered
I.m.t. Canada Inc. / T.i.a. Canada Inc. 120-6500 Rue Transcanadienne, Montreal, QC H4T 1X4 2016-01-08 Expired
Superplus · 9329-6291 QuÉbec Inc. 2116 Rue Guy, Montreal, QC H3H 2M8 2015-11-24 Ceased
Colow-So Tm · Colow-So Inc. 1242 Rue Stanley, Bureau 206, Montreal, QC H3B 2S7 2015-10-02 Registered
Onlineremit Service / RÉmittence En Ligne · Bonkoto Guy Likangwa 3503 Blvd Pierre Bernard, MontrÉal, QC H1K 2R3 2015-07-22 Registered
Bijouterie Bejewelled · 9319-1302 QuÉbec Inc. 7052 Rue St-Hubert, MontrÉal, QC H2S 2M9 2015-06-29 Expired
Squares Union Inc. 1000 La GauchetiÈre Ouest, Suite 2400, Montreal, QC H3B 4W5 2015-04-16 Registered
Bijouterie Kim Dung · Thanh Hung Truong 403 Belanger, Montreal, QC H2S 1G3 2015-04-16 Registered
Maria Rosanna Arbollente Apt 6, 4610 Linton, Montreal, QC H3W 1K1 2015-01-19 Expired
Ty PC-Tech Inc. 6599 Avenue Du Parc, Apt 1, Montreal, QC H2V 4J1 2014-11-05 Ceased
Bureau De Change Jade · Nhat Minh Nguyen Tran 6385 St-Hubert, MontrÉal, QC H2S 2L9 2014-10-14 Expired
Union Mondiale Inc. 1863 Sainte -Catherine Ouest, MontrÉal, QC H3H 1M2 2014-09-09 Expired
5 Continents Services · 8601364 Canada Inc 1215 - 1733 Rue Berri, Montreal, QC H2L 4E9 2014-08-11 Registered
Bijouterie Td / Salon Michelle Td · Duc-Trong Nguyen 1885 Rue Jean-Talon E, Montreal, QC H2E 1T7 2014-07-24 Expired
M-H Échange / Transfert Express Plus · 9228-2177 Quebec Inc. 391 Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC H3A 1B5 2014-05-21 Expired
8727384 Canada Inc. 6385 St-Hubert, MontrÉal, QC H2S 2L9 2014-05-16 Ceased
Multi-Transferts, Inc. 9012 Boul. Saint-Michel, MontrÉal, QC H1Z 3G4 2014-05-16 Ceased
Paysafe Financial Services (canada) Inc. 3500 De Maisonneuve Blvd West, Suite 700, Montreal, QC H3Z 3C1 2014-05-14 Ceased
Icimex / Solutions Expertfx · Partia Traders Inc. / CommerÇants Partia Inc. 1405 Maisonneouve, Montreal, QC H3G 1M6 2014-04-26 Registered
Bijouterie Wing Sun · 9128-9488 Quebec Inc. 7734 Boul. St-Michel, Montreal, QC H2A 2A5 2014-04-17 Ceased