Ontario Licensed Child Care Facilities

Jurisdiction: Ontario
Source: Province of Ontario, Child Care Licensing System

This dataset includes 6.52 thousand child care facilities in Ontario licensed with the Child Care Licensing System. Each child care facility is registered with licensee name, program type, ministry region, Consolidated Municipal Service Manager (CMSM)/District Social Service Administration Board (DSSAB) name, child care centre or agency name, licence number, original issue date, licence status, language of service delivery, facility address, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date
Queen's Day Care Centre-West Campus 47 Van Order Drive, Kingston, ON K7M 1B6 2015-08-17
F.C.C.C. - L.C.V.I. Childcare Centre 153 Van Order Drive, Kingston, ON K7M 1B9 1987-06-09
Sir John A MacDonald "Y" School-Age Care Program 529 St.Martha Street, Kingston, ON K7M 1Y3 2012-08-08
Service de Garde Polson Park 165 Robert Wallace Drive, Kingston, ON K7M 1Y3 1996-10-24
Polson Park "Y" School Age Program 165 Robert Wallace Drive, Kingston, ON K7M 1Y3 1990-12-13
Little Angels Child Care Centre 1206 Johnson Street, Kingston, ON K7M 2N8 2004-06-07
F.C.C.C. - Centennial School-Age 120 Norman Rogers Drive, Kingston, ON K7M 2R1 1998-11-12
Circle of Friends Day Care 30 Lyons Street, Kingston, ON K7M 2X5 2016-09-03
Active World Children's Centre 76 Smithfield Crescent, Kingston, ON K7M 3C4 1993-02-12
Lord Strathcona "Y" School Age 251 McMahon Avenue, Kingston, ON K7M 3H4 1988-04-18
Frontline Daycare Centre 999 Sydenham Road, Kingston, ON K7M 3L8 2012-06-19
F.C.C.C. - R. G. Sinclair 19 Crerar Boulevard, Kingston, ON K7M 3P7 1993-11-01
Building Blocks Nursery School 130 Lakeview Avenue, Kingston, ON K7M 3T5 1997-04-30
Henderson Child Care Centre 180 Henderson Boulevard, Kingston, ON K7M 3W3 2013-05-23
F.C.C.C. - Henderson School-age Program 361 Roosevelt Drive, Kingston, ON K7M 4A3 1989-12-06
F.C.C.C. - Welborne Public School Age Program 190 Welborne Avenue, Kingston, ON K7M 4G3 1990-12-13
Our Lady of Lourdes Before and After School Programs 20 Cranbrook Street, Kingston, ON K7M 4M9 2014-08-29
Boys and Girls Club - West End Hub After School Connections 1300 Bath Road, Kingston, ON K7M 4X4 2017-08-22
Collins Bay Child Care Centre 4075 Bath Road, Kingston, ON K7M 4Y6 2000-01-01
Bayridge "Y" School Age Program 1066 Hudson Drive, Kingston, ON K7M 5K8 1989-05-17
Before and After School Care at John XXIII Catholic School 736 High Gate Park Drive, Kingston, ON K7M 5Z9 2010-08-01
Coppens Academy 672 Golden Mile Road, Kingston, ON K7M 6K6 2009-06-11
Bay Park Children's Centre 775 Progress Avenue, Kingston, ON K7M 6R8 1979-05-22
Truedell "Y" Before & After School Program 641 Truedell Road, Kingston, ON K7M 6W6 1988-04-18
West End Children's Centre 5 Miles Avenue, Kingston, ON K7M 7G7 1979-05-22
An Apple A Daycare Inc. 645 Gardiners Road, Kingston, ON K7M 8K2 2016-01-22
La Garderie Croque Soleil de Kingston 711 Dalton Avenue, Kingston, ON K7M 8N6 1997-04-09
St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Before/After School Program 355 Waterloo Drive, Kingston, ON K7M 8P5 1999-05-10
Tiny Hoppers Kingston East 1206 Hwy. 15, Kingston, ON K7M 8R1 2018-01-30
Tiny Hoppers Early Learning Centres-Kingston West 375 Select Drive, Kingston, ON K7M 8R1 2014-02-05
Trillium Child Care Centre 790 Edgar Street, Kingston, ON K7M 8S4 2004-03-30
Kingston Family YMCA Arbour Heights Child Care Centre 564 Tanner Drive, Kingston, ON K7M 8Y2 2010-12-06
La Garderie Éducative de Kingston 72 Gilmour Avenue, Kingston, ON K7M 9G6 2012-04-11