Ontario Licensed Child Care Facilities

Jurisdiction: Ontario
Source: Province of Ontario, Child Care Licensing System

This dataset includes 6.52 thousand child care facilities in Ontario licensed with the Child Care Licensing System. Each child care facility is registered with licensee name, program type, ministry region, Consolidated Municipal Service Manager (CMSM)/District Social Service Administration Board (DSSAB) name, child care centre or agency name, licence number, original issue date, licence status, language of service delivery, facility address, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date
MOFFAT CREEK CHILD CARE 710 Myers Road, Cambridge, ON N1R 2V5 2012-09-01
STEWART AVENUE SCHOOL AGE PROGRAM 145 Stewart Avenue, Cambridge, ON N1R 2V5 2012-08-01
YWCA Ryerson Child Care Centre 6 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, ON N1R 3R6 2009-09-03
YWCA LINC Preschool 6 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, ON N1R 3R6 2001-09-07
The Crayon Club 82 Beverly Street, Cambridge, ON N1R 3Z7 2001-09-07
Montessori School of Cambridge - Roseview 9 Roseview Avenue, Cambridge, ON N1R 4A5 1985-10-15
Pluto Day Care Centre - Cambridge 25 Brook Street, Cambridge, ON N1R 4B9 1981-04-02
East Side Day Care Centre 95 East Street, Cambridge, ON N1R 4P5 1984-03-13
CHRISTOPHER CHILDREN'S CENTRE 30 Christopher Drive, Cambridge, ON N1R 4R4 2010-10-15
Chalmers Youth Development 35 Chalmers Street, Cambridge, ON N1R 5B4 2014-08-20
The Oaks Early Learning Childcare 147 Elgin Street, Cambridge, ON N1R 5H6 2009-08-21
Jumping Jacks Child Care Centre 685 Myers Road, Cambridge, ON N1R 5S2 2008-01-21
EDUKIDS Child Care - Cambridge 499 Hespeler Road, Cambridge, ON N1R 6J2 2013-08-19
Cambridge Christian School Preschool 229 Myers Road, Cambridge, ON N1R 7H3 2012-09-04
CoronationELCC 765 Coronation Boulevard, Cambridge, ON N1R 7S9 2017-11-02
YMCA of Cambridge - Elgin Street YMCA Child Care 685 Elgin Street, Cambridge, ON N1R 7W6 1997-07-03