Ontario Public Sector Employee Salaries

Provider: Province of Ontario, Treasury Board Secretariat
Jurisdiction: Province of Ontario

This dataset includes 30 thousand employees working in public sectors of Government of Ontario. The Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, 1996 makes public sector more open and accountable to taxpayers; it requires organizations that receive public funding from the Province of Ontario to make public, by March 31 each year, the names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of employees paid $100,000 or more in the calendar year. Each employee is disclosed with full name, employer, position, salaries, etc.

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Employee NameJob TitleEmployerSalaryYear
John Malloy Director of EducationToronto District School Board$287,515.772020
Manon Gardner Associate DirectorToronto District School Board$251,351.392020
Kevin Bradbeer Senior ManagerToronto District School Board$155,593.542020
Greg Cummins Regional ManagerToronto District School Board$145,381.012020
Brendan Browne Executive SuperintendentToronto District School Board$147,936.722020
Harmandeep Boyal Manager Cyber SecurityToronto District School Board$121,059.792020
Shameen Sandhu System Leader Mental HealthToronto District School Board$124,795.502020
Anthony Knight Manager Mobile and Website DevelopmentToronto District School Board$121,586.992020
Ambalavanar Jeyarajan Senior Strategic Technology AdvisorToronto District School Board$155,593.532020
Rose D'Alimonte Manager Social Work and AttendanceToronto District School Board$132,133.982020
Anthony Rossi Manager Insurance and RiskToronto District School Board$121,852.342020
June Cameron Manager Organizational ManagementToronto District School Board$120,087.172020
Gregory Chan Staffing Information Systems OfficerToronto District School Board$119,066.292020
Wendy Heis Assistant ComptrollerToronto District School Board$117,528.322020
Michelle Blackie Assistant Coordinator ElementaryToronto District School Board$111,417.642020
Xiaohong Wu Senior Analyst Network ArchitectureToronto District School Board$109,142.592020
Joseph Belliveau Coordinator Special Education ElementaryToronto District School Board$116,222.312020
Paramjit Dhargalkar Disability Case OfficerToronto District School Board$108,831.692020
Kiril Pamporov Manager Enterprise AdministrationToronto District School Board$132,077.592020
Belghith Abidi Teacher ElementaryToronto District School Board$101,729.792020
Stefanie De Jesus Research CoordinatorToronto District School Board$104,578.562020
Valerie Pollak Senior Human Rights OfficerToronto District School Board$109,142.632020
Douglas Fraser EstimatorToronto District School Board$101,254.702020
Debra Martin Senior Analyst TelecommunicationsToronto District School Board$109,142.602020
Patrick Abtan Vice Principal SecondaryToronto District School Board$122,754.622020
Fatima Bhabha Educational Planning OfficerToronto District School Board$109,096.532020
Daljit Soos Manager Client Service DeskToronto District School Board$120,087.162020
Shaikh Uddin Mechanical Energy Project CoordinatorToronto District School Board$108,262.292020
Jing Ding Senior AnalystToronto District School Board$108,892.452020
Ndabazinengi Njobo Facility Permitting CoordinatorToronto District School Board$109,096.492020
Lawrence Coutinho Coordinator Technology IntegrationToronto District School Board$132,133.982020
Ernesto Fidel Garcia Senior Analyst Technology ArchitectureToronto District School Board$109,142.602020
Viktor Kuslikis Manager Design ServicesToronto District School Board$115,544.562020
Jennifer Chan Director, Curriculum Assessment and Student Success Policy BranchToronto District School Board$136,625.092020
Chung Ping Marisa Chiu Executive OfficerToronto District School Board$179,227.032020
Daniel Castaldo Senior Manager PlanningToronto District School Board$155,593.542020
Candide Dovey TeacherToronto District School Board$107,782.782020
Sam Venneri Employee Services OfficerToronto District School Board$109,142.612020
Annie Situ Coordinator Planning SystemsToronto District School Board$109,142.642020
Manuel De Jesus Bujan Coordinator Security AdministrationToronto District School Board$120,087.162020
Andrew Gowdy System Planning OfficerToronto District School Board$183,277.372020
Paul Koven Associate General CounselToronto District School Board$161,938.732020
Maria Pia Bottero Senior CoordinatorToronto District School Board$109,096.532020
Andrea Adams PsychologistToronto District School Board$107,783.192020
Ahmed Dahir Accessibility CoordinatorToronto District School Board$105,530.482020
Rosanna Aceto Consultant Special Education ElementaryToronto District School Board$106,130.822020
Sanwar Alam Lead EstimatorToronto District School Board$104,578.542020
Robert Moore Standards and Compliance CoordinatorToronto District School Board$109,142.662020
Alana Golding Interiors CoordinatorToronto District School Board$109,142.612020
Elizabeth Addo Superintendent of EducationToronto District School Board$191,118.822020
Shirley Adderley Manager Facility IssuesToronto District School Board$120,087.172020
Craig Kirchner Manager Client RelationsToronto District School Board$109,142.572020
Lawrence Acheson ElectricianToronto District School Board$143,504.072020
Lori Higgins Educational AssistantToronto District School Board$125,124.782020
Krista Liston Speech Language PathologistToronto District School Board$100,940.222020
Folusho Abayomi Vice Principal ElementaryToronto District School Board$106,996.402020
Walter Maksymowsky Manager Facility Data SystemsToronto District School Board$120,087.162020
Ernando Silva Senior Analyst Database ServicesToronto District School Board$109,142.622020
Richard Christie Senior Manager SustainabilityToronto District School Board$155,593.512020
Paula Campbell Coordinator ElementaryToronto District School Board$105,428.732020
Larry Forbes SteamfitterToronto District School Board$102,484.502020
Giovanna De Girolamo Educational Planning CoordinatorToronto District School Board$120,087.152020
Jerome Deonarine Caretaking Team LeaderToronto District School Board$114,837.392020
Louise Prince Manager Accounts PayableToronto District School Board$109,142.592020
Foroozan Banifatemi Senior Analyst Network ManagementToronto District School Board$109,142.672020
Lily Szeto Partnership Development CoordinatorToronto District School Board$109,142.622020
Irene Andrianopolitis Curriculum Leader SecondaryToronto District School Board$103,432.422020
Melinda Akbary Chair ElementaryToronto District School Board$104,582.902020
Radu Soreanu Systems and Project ManagerToronto District School Board$120,087.172020
Michael Mueller Manager Business AnalyticsToronto District School Board$132,133.962020
Youssef Idriss Rabati Mechanical CoordinatorToronto District School Board$100,015.912020
Scott Mosher Coordinator Fleet ManagementToronto District School Board$109,142.552020
Carol Boyle Special Assistant To The Director of EducationToronto District School Board$109,142.542020
Lindsay Holley Communications OfficerToronto District School Board$103,101.562020
Ian Allison System SuperintendentToronto District School Board$191,118.712020
Luciana Palumbo Business Process AnalystToronto District School Board$106,009.262020
Benedict Kuye Utility Monitoring CoordinatorToronto District School Board$109,142.562020
Leonard Eng Senior Project CoordinatorToronto District School Board$109,142.552020
Omar Awara Manager Continuing EducationToronto District School Board$120,087.162020
Evelyn Anderson ManagerToronto District School Board$125,103.832020
Rita Simmons Manager Professional LearningToronto District School Board$120,087.192020
Tigist Amdemichael Learning Coach SecondaryToronto District School Board$102,514.422020
Dean Cassie Iron WorkerToronto District School Board$104,232.452020
Rory Keenan Operations CoordinatorToronto District School Board$109,142.582020
Farzana Abdulla Principal ElementaryToronto District School Board$135,797.482020
Tharwat Almootassem Facility Condition SpecialistToronto District School Board$109,142.592020
Rebecca Clark Consultant ElementaryToronto District School Board$104,499.852020
Paul Daley Senior Analyst Information TechnologyToronto District School Board$109,142.622020
Xiang Fu Liu Manager International Liaison and ProgramsToronto District School Board$109,142.592020
Janine D'Ippolito Education OfficerToronto District School Board$100,033.972020
Vanessa Khan Senior Compensation AnalystToronto District School Board$112,972.202020
Russell Gray Senior Analyst System ServicesToronto District School Board$109,142.572020
Sabrina Wang Comptroller Financial Reporting and PlanningToronto District School Board$173,655.822020
Yevgenya Basov Staffing OfficerToronto District School Board$100,015.922020
Baffour Asamoah Social WorkerToronto District School Board$100,444.182020
David Haffner Manager Speech Language PathologyToronto District School Board$132,133.992020
Admir Salillari Coordinator Enterprise DataToronto District School Board$120,087.152020
Abouzar Nasirzadeh Labour Relations AdvisorToronto District School Board$105,024.012020
Leonard Abe Project SupervisorToronto District School Board$109,142.552020
Michael Achilles Manager Maintenance ProjectsToronto District School Board$120,087.122020