Ontario Public and Private Schools

Jurisdiction: Ontario
Source: Board School Identification Database (BSID) / Ontario School Information System (OnSIS), Ministry of Education, Ontario

This dataset includes 6.7 thousand public/private schools in Ontario. Each school is registered with school number, school name, board name, school type, school level, language, location, phone, email, etc.

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School Name Office Address Phone
Caring and Safe Schools LC1 1780 Lawrence Ave W, North York, Ontario M6L 1C7 416-395-5128
St Francis Xavier Catholic School 53 Gracefield Ave, Toronto, Ontario M6L 1L3 416-393-5271
Amesbury Middle School 201 Gracefield Ave, North York, Ontario M6L 1L7 416-395-2000
Gracefield Public School 177 Gracefield Ave, North York, Ontario M6L 1L7 416-395-2490
Chaminade College School 490 Queen's Dr, Toronto, Ontario M6L 1M8 416-393-5509
Nelson A Boylen CI 155 Falstaff Ave, Toronto, Ontario M6L 2E5 416-395-3270
Blessed Archbishop Romero Catholic Secondary School 99 Humber Blvd, Toronto, Ontario M6L 2H4 416-393-5555
École élémentaire Mathieu-da-Costa 116 Cornelius Parkway, North York, Ontario M6L 2K5 416-397-2000
St Fidelis Catholic School 9 Bannerman St, Toronto, Ontario M6L 2S5 416-393-5358
P.T.Montessori 280 Culford Road, Toronto, Ontario M6L 2V3 416-242-3725
Maple Leaf Public School 301 Culford Rd, North York, Ontario M6L 2V4 416-395-2670