Shubie Trail Head

Shubie Canal Greenway Corridor, Waverley, NS B2R, Canada

Place Overview

Place Name Shubie Trail Head
Average Rating 2
Place Address Shubie Canal Greenway Corridor
Vicinity Shubie Canal Greenway Corridor, Waverley
Place Type park, point_of_interest, establishment


  • ★★☆☆☆ Starlene Donovan

Place Location

Full Address Shubie Canal Greenway Corridor, Waverley, NS B2R, Canada
Geo (Latitude, Longitude) (44.7394177, -63.5571564)
Route Shubie Canal Greenway Corridor
Locality Waverley
Administrative Division - Level 3 Halifax
Administrative Division - Level 2 Halifax Regional Municipality
Administrative Division - Level 1 Nova Scotia (NS)
Country Canada (CA)
Postal Code Prefix B2R

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Shubie Canal Dam ruins Shubie Canal Greenway Corridor, Waverley, NS B2R, Canada 4

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