Marble Hill Parkette Davenport (17), York

20 Ennerdale Rd, York

Marble Hill Parkette is a place located in the City of Toronto. The municipality is York. The ward is Davenport (17).

Address Overview

Place Name Marble Hill Parkette
Full Address 20 Ennerdale Rd, York
Street Name Ennerdale Rd
Street Number - Low Range 20
Municipality Name York
Ward Name Davenport (17)
General Use 106001 - Municipal Park
Address Class Land
Maintenance Stage REGULAR
Centreline Side L
Centreline Measure 62.03

Places with the same name

Name Address Ward
Marble Hill Parkette 22A Ennerdale Rd, York Davenport (17)

Nearby Addresses

Name Address Ward
Marble Hill Parkette 22A Ennerdale Rd, York Davenport (17)
St. John Bosco Catholic School 75 Holmesdale Rd, York Davenport (17)
Toronto United Brethren Church 48 Bloem Ave, York Davenport (17)
Charles Caccia Park 348 Nairn Ave, York Davenport (17)
Fairbank Memorial Park 2213 Dufferin St, York Eglinton-Lawrence (15)
St John Bosco Church 402 Westmount Ave, York Eglinton-Lawrence (15)
Berean Church Of God Of Toronto 236 Nairn Ave, York Davenport (17)
Fairbank Memorial Park 50 Keywest Ave, York Eglinton-Lawrence (15)
Fairbank Memorial Community School - Building Grounds 555 Harvie Ave, York Davenport (17)
D. B. Hood Community School 2327 Dufferin St, York Eglinton-Lawrence (15)
Bible Way Of Jesus 24 Innes Ave, Toronto Davenport (17)
St Hildas Anglican Church 2353 Dufferin St, York Eglinton-Lawrence (15)
D'Arcy McGee Catholic School 20 Bansley Ave, York Eglinton-Lawrence (15)
Hughes Public School 19 Innes Ave, Toronto Davenport (17)
Bert Robinson Park 400 Caledonia Rd, York Davenport (17)
Ennerdale Road Baptist 228 Ennerdale Rd, York Davenport (17)
Beatrice House 177 Caledonia Rd, Toronto Davenport (17)
Fairbank Middle Public School 2335 Dufferin St, York Eglinton-Lawrence (15)
Patterson Presbyterian Church 115 Harvie Ave, Toronto Davenport (17)
F. H. Miller Junior Public School 300 Caledonia Rd, York Davenport (17)
Name Address Ward
66 Hatherley Rd 66 Hatherley Rd, York Davenport (17)
29 Ennerdale Rd 29 Ennerdale Rd, York Davenport (17)
81 Hatherley Rd 81 Hatherley Rd, York Davenport (17)
64 Hatherley Rd 64 Hatherley Rd, York Davenport (17)
79 Hatherley Rd 79 Hatherley Rd, York Davenport (17)
25 Ennerdale Rd 25 Ennerdale Rd, York Davenport (17)
22B Ennerdale Rd 22B Ennerdale Rd, York Davenport (17)
315 Earlscourt Ave 315 Earlscourt Ave, York Davenport (17)
62 Hatherley Rd 62 Hatherley Rd, York Davenport (17)
51 Hatherley Rd 51 Hatherley Rd, York Davenport (17)
Marble Hill Parkette 22A Ennerdale Rd, York Davenport (17)
77 Hatherley Rd 77 Hatherley Rd, York Davenport (17)
313 Earlscourt Ave 313 Earlscourt Ave, York Davenport (17)
62B Hatherley Rd 62B Hatherley Rd, York Davenport (17)
23 Ennerdale Rd 23 Ennerdale Rd, York Davenport (17)
62A Hatherley Rd 62A Hatherley Rd, York Davenport (17)
311 Earlscourt Ave 311 Earlscourt Ave, York Davenport (17)
60 Hatherley Rd 60 Hatherley Rd, York Davenport (17)
73 Hatherley Rd 73 Hatherley Rd, York Davenport (17)
21 Ennerdale Rd 21 Ennerdale Rd, York Davenport (17)


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Street Name Ennerdale Rd
General Use 106001 - Municipal Park

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