Toronto Dinesafe Inspections

Jurisdiction: City of Toronto
Source: City of Toronto, Public Health - Healthy Environments Program

This dataset includes 16 thousand eating and drinking establishments and inspections by City of Toronto, Public Health - Healthy Environments Program. Each establishment information includes business name, address, inspection date, inspection result, infraction details, actions, etc.

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Business Name Establishment Type Establishment Address Inspection Date Status
Ticketmaster Lounge Cafeteria 1 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, ON 2019-04-24 Pass
Royal Crown Academic School Cafeteria 4620 Finch Ave E, Toronto, ON 2019-02-08 Pass
Trios Catering Service Cafeteria 5559 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON 2018-01-05 Pass
Norelco Cafeteria Cafeteria 2 Norelco Dr, Toronto, ON 2017-11-09 Pass
Portage Trail Cafeteria Cafeteria 100 Sidney Belsey Cres, Toronto, ON 2017-10-26 Pass
Tim Hortons Cafeteria 844 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON 2017-05-02 Pass
Eli Lilly Co Cafeteria 3650 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON 2017-03-02 Pass
Dana Hospitality / Toyota Canada Cafeteria 1 Toyota Pl, Toronto, ON 2017-02-14 Pass
Dana Hospitality Cafeteria 830 Progress Ave, Toronto, ON 2017-02-14 Pass
Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport - Cafeteria Cafeteria 33 Carlson Crt, Toronto, ON 2016-12-29 Pass
Orient Exodus Cafeteria 1000 Arrow Rd, Toronto, ON 2016-12-20 Pass
Portage Trail Nutrition Program Cafeteria 100 Sidney Belsey Cres, Toronto, ON 2016-12-08 Pass
Celestica Cafeteria 844 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON 2016-11-23 Pass
Bellwood Cafeteria Cafeteria 175 Brentcliffe Rd, Toronto, ON 2016-11-08 Pass
Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel Cafeteria Cafeteria 901 Dixon Rd, Toronto, ON 2016-10-28 Pass
Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute Cafeteria 135 Overlea Blvd, Toronto, ON 2016-10-06 Pass
Toronto District School Board Cafeteria Cafeteria 1 Civic Centre Crt, Toronto, ON 2016-09-06 Pass
Mtcc - Staff Cafeteria Cafeteria 255 Front St W, Toronto, ON 2016-06-28 Pass
Canada'S National Ballet School - Cafeteria Cafeteria 400 Jarvis St, Toronto, ON 2016-06-23 Pass
Sunny Rosa Cafeteria 75 Rexdale Blvd, Toronto, ON 2016-06-21 Pass
Loretto Abbey Cafeteria 101 Mason Blvd, Toronto, ON 2016-06-14 Pass
Loretto Abbey School Cafeteria Cafeteria 101 Mason Blvd, Toronto, ON 2016-06-14 Pass
S & C Electric Canada Ltd. Cafeteria 90 Belfield Rd, Toronto, ON 2016-06-09 Pass
Rockcliffe Middle School Cafeteria 400 Rockcliffe Blvd, Toronto, ON 2016-05-27 Pass
Druxy'S Famous Deli Cafeteria 225 Yorkland Blvd, Toronto, ON 2016-05-25 Pass
Northern Secondary School Cafeteria Cafeteria 851 Mount Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON 2016-05-03 Conditional Pass
Molson Compass Group Cafeteria 33 Carlingview Dr, Toronto, ON 2016-05-03 Pass
The Bay Cafeteria 145 Carrier Dr, Toronto, ON 2016-05-02 Pass
Campbell'S Cafeteria 60 Birmingham St, Toronto, ON 2016-04-15 Pass
Apotex Research Facility Cafeteria 465 Garyray Dr, Toronto, ON 2016-04-13 Pass
Ikea - Cafeteria Cafeteria 15 Provost Dr, Toronto, ON 2016-03-23 Pass
Global Kitchens Cafeteria 81 Barber Greene Rd, Toronto, ON 2016-03-14 Pass
Tre-Sette Social Clubb Cafeteria 1974 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON 2016-03-14 Pass
Sony Cafeteria Cafeteria 115 Gordon Baker Rd, Toronto, ON 2016-03-11 Pass
Compass Group Toronto Hydro Employee Cafeteria Cafeteria 14 Carlton St, Toronto, ON 2016-02-12 Pass
Purolator Hub Cafeteria-Eurest Cafeteria 62 Vulcan St, Toronto, ON 2016-02-11 Pass
Delta Hotel - Staff Cafeteria Cafeteria 75 Lower Simcoe St, Toronto, ON 2016-02-11 Pass
The Badminton & Racquet Club of Toronto Cafeteria - Private Access 25 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON 2020-12-02 Pass
Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship Cafe Cafeteria - Private Access 272 Attwell Dr, Toronto, ON 2020-11-04 Pass
Lal'S Kittchen Cafeteria - Private Access 130 Westmore Dr, Unit-13, Toronto, ON 2020-09-24 Pass
Osstf Cafeteria Cafeteria - Private Access 49 Mobile Dr, Toronto, ON 2020-09-10 Pass
Google Kitchen Cafeteria - Private Access 111 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON 2020-08-05 Pass
Hotel X - Staff Cafeteria (b1) Cafeteria - Private Access 111 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ON 2020-07-29 Pass
Royal York/Cafeteria Cafeteria - Private Access 100 Front St W, Toronto, ON 2020-07-28 Pass
Hearty Catering Cafeteria - Private Access 1255 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON 2020-07-02 Pass
Madonna Separate School Cafeteria Cafeteria - Private Access 20 Dubray Ave, Toronto, ON 2020-03-12 Pass
Omni King Edward Staff Cafeteria Cafeteria - Private Access 37 King St E, Bsmt, Toronto, ON 2020-03-12 Pass
Christian Community Centre Kitchen Cafeteria - Private Access 270 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON 2020-03-10 Pass
Marriott Hotel - Cafeteria Cafeteria - Private Access 525 Bay St, Toronto, ON 2020-03-10 Pass
Tycos/Dsc Cafeteria - Private Access 95 Bridgeland Ave, Toronto, ON 2020-03-10 Pass
Parkdale Public School Cafeteria - Private Access 78 Seaforth Ave, Toronto, ON 2020-03-09 Pass
St Clair Coffee Shop Cafeteria - Private Access 45 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON 2020-03-09 Pass
St. Augustine Cafeteria - Private Access 2661 Kingston Rd, Toronto, ON 2020-03-09 Pass
Leaside Curling Club Cafeteria - Private Access 1075 Millwood Rd, Toronto, ON 2020-03-05 Pass
Scican Cafeteria - Private Access 1440 Don Mills Rd, Flr-2nd, Toronto, ON 2020-03-05 Pass
The Sterling Hall Cafeteria Cafeteria - Private Access 99 Cartwright Ave, Unit-1, Toronto, ON 2020-03-04 Pass
Ef School Cafeteria - Private Access 127 Portland St, Toronto, ON 2020-03-03 Pass
Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel Cafeteria Cafeteria - Private Access 801 Dixon Rd, Toronto, ON 2020-02-28 Pass
Queen Victoria Public School Cafeteria - Private Access 100 Close Ave, Toronto, ON 2020-02-27 Pass
Yes I Can Nursery School Cafeteria - Private Access 25 Old York Mills Rd, Toronto, ON 2020-02-27 Pass
Angie'S Catering Cafeteria - Private Access 5 Bermondsey Rd, Toronto, ON 2020-02-20 Pass
Heydon Park Secondary School-Cafeteria Cafeteria - Private Access 70 D Arcy St, Toronto, ON 2020-02-20 Pass
Pumpernickel'S Catering Cafeteria - Private Access 200 Front St W, Toronto, ON 2020-02-19 Pass
Ubisoft Cafeteria Cafeteria - Private Access 224 Wallace Ave, Toronto, ON 2020-02-18 Pass
Allied Centres for Dental Education Cafeteria - Private Access 660 Petrolia Rd, Toronto, ON 2020-02-13 Pass
New College Cafeteria - Private Access 40 Willcocks St, Toronto, ON 2020-02-13 Pass
Vilnius Manor Kitchen Cafeteria - Private Access 1700 Bloor St W, Flr-3rd Floor, Toronto, ON 2020-02-11 Pass
Cafe Tsom Cafeteria - Private Access 22 College St, Toronto, ON 2020-02-06 Pass
Fly By (kiosk) Cafeteria - Private Access 123 Garratt Blvd, Toronto, ON 2020-02-05 Pass
On The Go Cafe Cafeteria - Private Access 123 Garratt Blvd, Toronto, ON 2020-02-05 Pass
Russell Street Cafe Cafeteria - Private Access 33 Russell St, Toronto, ON 2020-02-05 Pass
Sodexo Cafeteria - Private Access 2180 Yonge St, Toronto, ON 2020-02-04 Pass
Aramark Canada Cafeteria - Private Access 1 Toyota Pl, Toronto, ON 2020-01-30 Pass
Toyota - Pdc Cafeteria Cafeteria - Private Access 830 Progress Ave, Toronto, ON 2020-01-30 Pass
Pinewood Cafe - David Mintz Cafeteria - Private Access 225 Commissioners St, Toronto, ON 2020-01-29 Pass
The York School Cafeteria - Private Access 1320 Yonge St, Toronto, ON 2020-01-28 Pass
Bombardier Dehavilland - Main Cafeteria - Private Access 123 Garratt Blvd, Toronto, ON 2020-01-27 Pass
St Matthews Bracondale House Cafeteria - Private Access 707 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON 2020-01-24 Pass
Brookfield Cafeteria Cafeteria - Private Access 39 Wynford Dr, Toronto, ON 2020-01-23 Pass
Ministry of Transport Cafeteria - Private Access 145 Sir William Hearst Ave, Toronto, ON 2020-01-20 Pass
Southside Betty'S Cafeteria - Private Access 333 King St E, Toronto, ON 2020-01-16 Pass
Procter & Gamble Cafeteria Cafeteria - Private Access 4711 Yonge St, Flr-Main, Toronto, ON 2020-01-15 Pass
Teknion Employee Dining Lounge Cafeteria - Private Access 1150 Flint Rd, Toronto, ON 2020-01-15 Pass
The Cable Cafe Cafeteria - Private Access 855 York Mills Rd, Toronto, ON 2020-01-10 Pass
Lyndhurst Centre Patient Kitchen Cafeteria - Private Access 520 Sutherland Dr, Bsmt-B38/Servery, Toronto, ON 2020-01-09 Pass
Marshall Mcluhan Catholic Secondary School Cafeteria - Private Access 1107 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON 2020-01-07 Pass
Toronto Real Estate Board Cafeteria Cafeteria - Private Access 1400 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON 2020-01-06 Pass
Bon Appetite Goose Market Cafeteria - Private Access 250 Bowie Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-12-27 Pass
Amex Cafeteria Cafeteria - Private Access 2225 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON 2019-12-23 Pass
Sun Life Atria Cafeteria Cafeteria - Private Access 2255 Sheppard Ave E, Unit-101, Toronto, ON 2019-12-23 Pass
Julisa Cafeteria - Private Access 195 The West Mall, Toronto, ON 2019-12-20 Pass
Bank of Nova Scotia Cafeteria Cafeteria - Private Access 2201 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON 2019-12-19 Pass
Dante Alighieri Cafeteria & Breakfast Program Cafeteria - Private Access 60 Playfair Ave, Unit-2, Toronto, ON 2019-12-18 Pass
Holiday Inn - Staff Cafeteria Cafeteria - Private Access 970 Dixon Rd, Toronto, ON 2019-12-17 Pass
Loretto College Cafeteria - Private Access 70 St Mary St, Toronto, ON 2019-12-17 Pass
Malvern Collegiate Cafe Cafeteria - Private Access 55 Malvern Ave, Unit-1, Toronto, ON 2019-12-17 Pass
Scfc Cafeteria - Private Access 969 Eastern Ave, Unit-23013, Toronto, ON 2019-12-17 Pass
Bishop Strachan School (cafeteria) Cafeteria - Private Access 298 Lonsdale Rd, Toronto, ON 2019-12-13 Pass
Woodbine Racetrack - Staff Cafeteria Cafeteria - Private Access 555 Rexdale Blvd, Toronto, ON 2019-12-13 Pass
Griffith Laboratories Cafeteria - Private Access 757 Pharmacy Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-12-12 Pass