Toronto Health Dinesafe Inspections

Provider: City of Toronto, Public Health, Healthy Environments Program
Jurisdiction: City of Toronto, Province of Ontario

This dataset includes 15 thousand eating and drinking establishments and inspections by City of Toronto, Public Health - Healthy Environments Program. DineSafe is Toronto Public Health’s food safety program that inspects all establishments serving and preparing food. Each inspection results in a pass, a conditional pass or a closed notice. Each establishment is registered with establishment number, business name, business location, inspection date, inspection result, infraction details, actions, etc.

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Business NameAddressEstablishment StatusInspection Date
Ghost Kitchens270 Browns Line, Toronto, ONPass2021-11-23
Drake Commissary128 Sterling Rd, Toronto, ONPass2021-10-13
Calii Love Commissary8 Waterloo Ter, Toronto, ONPass2021-08-12
Habiba Home of Middle East Cuisine43 Drummond St, Toronto, ONPass2021-06-17
Isshin Central Kitchen635 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ONPass2021-06-16
Baker's Fiesta133 Manville Rd, Toronto, ONPass2021-06-01
Feast4 Gilead Pl, Toronto, ONPass2020-12-02
Heavenly Dreams Ice Cream Inc12 Vulcan St, Toronto, ONPass2020-08-25
Heirloom Fine Foods289x Horner Ave, Toronto, ONPass2020-07-17
Flock Holdings985 Pape Ave, Toronto, ONPass2019-10-01
Food 4 Students Catering Services Inc.94 Kenhar Dr, Toronto, ONPass2019-09-17
Manipura Doubles46 Noble St, Toronto, ONPass2018-05-11
Bar Reyna Commissary209 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ONPass2018-01-25
Madame Gateaux2034 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ONPass2017-10-12
Moon Shine Mama's Toronto346 Queen St W, Toronto, ONPass2017-09-05
Tavora Portugese Sea Products450 Alliance Ave, Toronto, ONPass2016-06-27
Pizza Pizza58 Advance Rd, Toronto, ONPass2016-06-13
Choice Children's Catering103 Manville Rd, Toronto, ONPass2016-06-02
St Christopher House248 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ONPass2016-04-14
Guy's Snack Service21 Toryork Dr, Toronto, ONPass2016-03-31
The Lunch Lady12 Drummond St, Toronto, ONPass2016-03-21
Toryork Catering Ltd.230 Milvan Dr, Toronto, ONPass2016-03-08
Momofuku - Daisho190 University Ave, Toronto, ONPass2016-03-03
Ali Baba's Corporation8 Jenet Ave, Toronto, ONPass
Healthy Selections91 Kelfield St, Toronto, ONPass
Community Centre Kitchen48 Thorncliffe Park Dr, Toronto, ONPass
Bella - Ocean International Ltd.100 Silver Star Blvd, Toronto, ONPass
Gourmet Food Solutions Inc.75 Horner Ave, Toronto, ONPass
Caee Vegetarian50 Weybright Crt, Toronto, ONPass
Agua Na Boca127 Manville Rd, Toronto, ONPass2021-11-29
1 Hotels - Main Production Kitchen550 Wellington St W, Toronto, ONPass2021-08-19
Daango Cake Lab Commissary3380 Midland Ave, Toronto, ONPass2020-12-07
Daango Cake Lab Commissary 23380 Midland Ave, Toronto, ONPass2020-12-07
Aramark4894 Dundas St W, Toronto, ONPass2020-09-02
Hotel X - Club Lounge - 3rd Floor111 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ONPass2020-07-29
Hotel X - Prep Kitchen & Bakery (b1)111 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ONPass2020-07-29
Hotel X - Room Service Kitchen (b1)111 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ONPass2020-07-29
Hotel X - Pantry - 4th Floor111 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ONPass2020-07-10
Hotel X - Pantry Kitchen 2nd Floor111 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ONPass2020-07-10
Evergreen Prep Kitchen550 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ONPass2020-02-07
New Sun Bbq (commissary)3833 Midland Ave, Toronto, ONPass2017-03-30
Hawker Room South170 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ONPass2016-10-15
Spectra100 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ONPass2016-10-04
Omni King Edward -Banquet Kitchen37 King St E, Toronto, ONPass2016-06-21
Royal York/Main Kitchen100 Front St W, Toronto, ONPass2016-06-17
Winner Trading Company50 Silver Star Blvd, Toronto, ONPass2016-05-19
Woodbine Racetrack - Main Kitchen555 Rexdale Blvd, Toronto, ONPass2016-04-26
Woodbine Race Track - 4th Floor Kitchen555 Rexdale Blvd, Toronto, ONPass2016-04-26
Station Cold Brew Coffee300 Campbell Ave, Toronto, ONPass2016-04-18
Rajah Ram Caterers589 Middlefield Rd, Toronto, ONPass2016-04-14
Pantry A40 Bay St, Toronto, ONPass2016-04-13
Pinnacle Caterers North40 Bay St, Toronto, ONPass2016-04-12
Pantry B40 Bay St, Toronto, ONPass2016-04-12
Pantry D40 Bay St, Toronto, ONPass2016-04-12
Royal York/Banquet Kitchen100 Front St W, Toronto, ONPass2016-03-24
Main Kitchen205 Humber College Blvd, Toronto, ONPass2016-03-11
Shangri-La Hotel - Prep Kitchen188 University Ave, Toronto, ONPass2016-03-04
Momofuku - Basement Commissary190 University Ave, Toronto, ONPass2016-03-03
Mtcc - Main Kitchen North255 Front St W, Toronto, ONPass2016-02-12
Mtcc - South Kitchen255 Front St W, Toronto, ONPass2016-02-12
Delta Hotel - Main Kitchen (p3)75 Lower Simcoe St, Toronto, ONPass2016-02-10
Amex Catering Prep Kitchen909 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ONPass
Art Gallery of Ontario Main Kitchen317 Dundas St W, Toronto, ONPass
Fryer Tent909 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ONPass
Harbour Castle - Banquet1 Harbour Sq, Toronto, ONPass
Ikquid101 Toro Rd, Toronto, ONPass