Toronto Dinesafe Inspections

Jurisdiction: City of Toronto
Source: City of Toronto, Public Health - Healthy Environments Program

This dataset includes 16 thousand eating and drinking establishments and inspections by City of Toronto, Public Health - Healthy Environments Program. Each establishment information includes business name, address, inspection date, inspection result, infraction details, actions, etc.

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Business Name Establishment Type Establishment Address Inspection Date Status
Wow! Factor Desserts Food Depot 110 Claireport Cres, Toronto, ON 2020-10-21 Pass
Tamil Kadai Online Shopping Food Depot 126 Select Ave, Unit-3, Toronto, ON 2020-10-14 Pass
Kws Herbal Chinese Store Food Depot 1571 Sandhurst Crcl, Unit-131, Toronto, ON 2020-09-29 Pass
Salvation Army Food Bank Food Depot 2085 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON 2020-09-28 Pass
Centre Island Food Services Ltd Food Depot 1 Centre Island Pk, Toronto, ON 2020-07-31 Pass
The Gift Group Food Depot 1399 Kennedy Rd, Toronto, ON 2020-07-13 Pass
Three Star Cash & Carry Food Depot 260 Bartley Dr, Toronto, ON 2020-06-15 Pass
Imperial Coffee & Service Inc. Food Depot 12 Kodiak Cres, Toronto, ON 2020-03-04 Pass
Tai Ton Trading Inc. Food Depot 3441 Mcnicoll Ave, Toronto, ON 2020-03-04 Pass
Sheik Halal Farms Food Depot 125 Belfield Rd, Toronto, ON 2020-02-14 Pass
Tradows Food Depot 2056 Ellesmere Rd, Unit-4-5, Toronto, ON 2020-02-04 Pass
Humber Valley Produce Food Depot 30 Scarlett Rd, Toronto, ON 2020-01-30 Pass
J.l. Trading Co. Ltd. Food Depot 1 Turbina Ave, Toronto, ON 2020-01-24 Pass
Herat Rugs & Carpet Food Depot 1221 Markham Rd, Unit-8, Toronto, ON 2020-01-23 Pass
S & S Cash and Carry Food Depot 1800 Midland Ave, Toronto, ON 2020-01-22 Pass
St. Stephen'S Foodbank Food Depot 3817 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON 2020-01-22 Pass
Fkk Wholesale C & C Food Depot 920 Caledonia Rd, Toronto, ON 2020-01-21 Pass
Evergreen Trading Inc. Food Depot 1361 Huntingwood Dr, Unit-12, Toronto, ON 2020-01-14 Pass
Chef'S Depot Food Depot 5590 Finch Ave E, Toronto, ON 2020-01-13 Pass
Heart To Home Meals Food Depot 40 St Regis Cres, Unit-4, Toronto, ON 2020-01-13 Pass
Sunrise Soya Foods Food Depot 4500 Sheppard Ave E, Unit-39, Toronto, ON 2020-01-13 Pass
Nutrifresh Juice Distributors Food Depot 465 Norfinch Dr, Toronto, ON 2020-01-09 Pass
Penguin Pick-Up Food Depot 1401 Lawrence Ave W, Toronto, ON 2020-01-09 Pass
Vaaniy Food Food Depot 515 Milner Ave, Unit-1, Toronto, ON 2020-01-07 Pass
James Produce Food Depot 4490 Sheppard Ave E, Unit-#11, Toronto, ON 2020-01-03 Pass
Asian Foods Distribution Centre Food Depot 350 Humberline Dr, Toronto, ON 2020-01-02 Pass
Perlman Vegetable Food Depot 4490 Sheppard Ave E, Unit-8, Toronto, ON 2020-01-02 Pass
Skor Cash & Carry Food Depot 1453 Dupont St, Unit-1, Toronto, ON 2019-12-30 Pass
Minh Phat Trading Co. Ltd. Food Depot 16 Dublin St, Toronto, ON 2019-12-19 Pass
Li Win Produce Food Depot 31 Windsor St, Toronto, ON 2019-12-18 Pass
Lee Chum Produce Ltd. Food Depot 875 Islington Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-12-10 Pass
Albion Bakery Supplies Food Depot 25 Connell Crt, Unit-8, Toronto, ON 2019-12-09 Pass
Miller & Smith Food Depot 33 Connell Crt, Toronto, ON 2019-12-09 Pass
The Royal Produce Food Depot 33 Connell Crt, Toronto, ON 2019-12-09 Pass
Penguin Pick Up Food Depot 250 University Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-12-05 Pass
New Kantamanto Market Food Depot 266 Eddystone Ave, Unit-0, Toronto, ON 2019-12-04 Pass
Penguin Pick-Up Food Depot 453 Parliament St, Toronto, ON 2019-11-28 Pass
Woobine Racetrack -Warehouse Food Depot 555 Rexdale Blvd, Toronto, ON 2019-11-27 Pass
Soloway'S Hot Dog Factory Food Depot 79 Richmond St E, Toronto, ON 2019-11-25 Pass
Dempsey Corporation Food Depot 51 Esandar Dr, Toronto, ON 2019-11-19 Pass
Toronto Halal Meat Inc. Food Depot 101x Westmore Dr, Unit-115, Toronto, ON 2019-11-18 Pass
Bloorcourt Village Market Food Depot 868 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON 2019-11-13 Pass
Gambles Ontario Produce Inc Food Depot 302 Dwight Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-11-06 Pass
Aramark Food Depot 105 The East Mall, Toronto, ON 2019-11-05 Pass
Penguin Pick Up Food Depot 531 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON 2019-10-18 Pass
Richmond Traders Inc. Food Depot 153 Eddystone Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-10-07 Pass
Genesis African Market Food Depot 3428 Weston Rd, Unit-0, Toronto, ON 2019-10-03 Pass
Sun Sun Food Depot 501 Passmore Ave, Unit-26, Toronto, ON 2019-09-19 Pass
Nutcracker Sweet Food Depot 3717 Chesswood Dr, Toronto, ON 2019-09-17 Pass
Flare Star International Inc. Food Depot 71 Dynamic Dr, Unit-5, Toronto, ON 2019-09-09 Pass
Nature Trading Co. Food Depot 5310 Finch Ave E, Unit-35, Toronto, ON 2019-09-09 Pass
Henry Trading Co. Food Depot 130 Dynamic Dr, Unit-3, Toronto, ON 2019-09-06 Pass
Crescent Food Depot 825 Middlefield Rd, Unit-5, Toronto, ON 2019-09-05 Pass
Genuine Tea Food Depot 100 Sunrise Ave, Unit-103, Toronto, ON 2019-09-03 Pass
Toronto Zoo Food Warehouse Food Depot 361a Old Finch Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-08-30 Pass
Food Hawker 500 Level Food Depot 170 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ON 2019-08-28 Pass
Food Hawker East Food Depot 170 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ON 2019-08-28 Pass
Food Hawker West Food Depot 170 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ON 2019-08-28 Pass
Koyo Foods Inc Food Depot 51 Scottfield Dr, Toronto, ON 2019-08-21 Pass
Hawaii Produce Co Food Depot 589 Middlefield Rd, Unit-32, Toronto, ON 2019-08-19 Pass
Ocean Seafood Company Food Depot 81 Scottfield Dr, Toronto, ON 2019-08-01 Pass
Bayan Grocers Food Depot 40 Tiffield Rd, Unit-8, Toronto, ON 2019-07-31 Pass
M & M Twins Ltd Food Depot 100 Dynamic Dr, Unit-18&19, Toronto, ON 2019-07-24 Pass
Kiskadee Food Depot 130 Dynamic Dr, Unit-15, Toronto, ON 2019-07-17 Pass
Andrews Warehousing & Distribution Food Depot 5900 Finch Ave E, Toronto, ON 2019-07-11 Pass
Habiba Home of Middle Eastern Cuisine Food Depot 43 Drummond St, Toronto, ON 2019-07-09 Pass
Diwa Products Ltd. Food Depot 589 Middlefield Rd, Unit-5&6, Toronto, ON 2019-07-04 Pass
Tokushin Enterprises Ltd. Food Depot 589 Middlefield Rd, Unit-3738, Toronto, ON 2019-07-04 Pass
Champs Food Supplies Food Depot 11 Widmer St, Toronto, ON 2019-06-26 Pass
Garden Valley Produce Inc Food Depot 186 Bartley Dr, Toronto, ON 2019-06-20 Pass
Penguin Pick-Up Food Depot 68 Abell St, Unit-2, Toronto, ON 2019-06-20 Pass
S & A Foods Restaurant Supplies Food Depot 186 Bartley Dr, Unit-2, Toronto, ON 2019-06-20 Pass
Indo Africa Impex Inc. Food Depot 50 Leading Rd, Toronto, ON 2019-06-06 Pass
Stop 33 Meat Shop Food Depot 33 Gunns Rd, Toronto, ON 2019-06-06 Pass
Healthy Planet Food Depot 47 Railside Rd, Toronto, ON 2019-06-05 Pass
Byford Dairy Products Ltd Food Depot 141 Dolomite Dr, Toronto, ON 2019-06-04 Pass
Papagino Foods Inc Food Depot 150 Milner Ave, Unit-7, Toronto, ON 2019-05-30 Pass
Tamisha Trading Inc Food Depot 140 Milner Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-05-29 Pass
Rogers Centre Warehouse Food Depot 1 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, ON 2019-05-23 Pass
Tomato King Ltd. Food Depot 165 The Queensway, Toronto, ON 2019-05-23 Pass
Chakula Tamu Food Depot 1690 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON 2019-05-17 Pass
Unattended Markets Inc. Food Depot 1510 Birchmount Rd, Toronto, ON 2019-05-15 Pass
Fair Trading Co. Ltd Food Depot 110 Dynamic Dr, Unit-45, Toronto, ON 2019-05-09 Pass
Kenlin Trading Inc. Food Depot 39 Nettlecreek Cres, Unit-Garage, Toronto, ON 2019-05-08 Pass
Local Food Hub Food Depot 19 Colville Rd, Toronto, ON 2019-04-25 Pass
Tropic Trading Inc. Food Depot 150 Milner Ave, Unit-41, Toronto, ON 2019-04-23 Pass
Ontario Nutrition Co Food Depot 110 Dynamic Dr, Toronto, ON 2019-04-12 Pass
Gi Ocean International Ltd. Food Depot 145 Select Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-04-10 Pass
Gns Party Rentals Food Depot 1782 Midland Ave, Unit-A, Toronto, ON 2019-03-08 Pass
Sea Treasure International Inc Food Depot 605 Middlefield Rd, Unit-12, Toronto, ON 2019-02-22 Pass
Skyland Warehouse Food Depot 152 Shorting Rd, Toronto, ON 2019-02-22 Pass
Penguin Pick-Up Food Depot 609 Church St, Toronto, ON 2019-02-20 Pass
C. Go Meat Trading Inc. Food Depot 38 Thornmount Dr, Unit-19, Toronto, ON 2019-02-11 Pass
Great Lake Seafood Trading Inc Food Depot 140 Milner Ave, Unit-20, Toronto, ON 2019-02-08 Pass
Fairview Trading Company Food Depot 20 Melham Crt, Unit-4, Toronto, ON 2019-01-24 Pass
Baskets & Boards Food Depot 130 Sparks Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-01-22 Pass
Zhong Wei Company Food Depot 200 Silver Star Blvd, Unit-312, Toronto, ON 2019-01-18 Pass
Agno Food & Dairy Products Food Depot 80 Barbados Blvd, Unit-20, Toronto, ON 2019-01-14 Pass
Frontier Fresh Food Depot 489 Brimley Rd, Unit-6, Toronto, ON 2019-01-14 Pass
Beech Bros. Ltd Food Depot 23 Canmotor Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-01-10 Pass