Vancouver Business Licence

Jurisdiction: City of Vancouver, BC
Source: Vancouver, Community Services Group - Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

Delta · Search Result

Business Name Office Address Issue/Expired Date
Mdh Enterprises Ltd 5712 112 St, Delta, BC V4K 3N3 2018-12-11 ~ 2019-12-31
Jlk Projects · Jlk Projects Ltd 8208 Swenson Way, Unit#160, Delta, BC V4G 1J6 2018-01-02 ~ 2018-12-31
Mk Photography · Kyle Harris Macpherson (kyle Macpherson) 4684 Cannery Cr, Delta, BC V4K 3Y9 2016-10-26 ~ 2016-12-31
Vietnamese Cultural Heritage Society 11365 Kendale Way, Delta, BC V4C 3P8 2016-03-11 ~ 2016-03-13
Barry Mckenzie Madden (barry Madden) 7101A 120 Street, Unit#500, Delta, BC V4E 2A9 2016-02-10 ~ 2016-02-16
Lhl Enterprises Ltd 6320 Sunwood Dr, Delta, BC V4E 3E3 2015-12-30 ~ 2016-12-31
Simplexgrinnell 1485 Lindsey Pl, Delta, BC V3M 6V1 2015-12-04 ~ 2016-12-31
Nicole Van Damme 1428 56th St, Unit#107, Delta, BC V4L 2A7 2015-11-08 ~ 2016-12-31
Dzs Foods Inc 10605 Delson Cr, Unit#3, Delta, BC V4C 0A4
Karsgaard Construction Ltd 4660 54a St, Delta, BC V4K 2Z8
Precision Restorations Inc 7449 Hume Av, Unit#9, Delta, BC V4G 1C3
Prism Construction Ltd 1525 Cliveden Av, Unit#201, Delta, BC V3M 6L2
Persona Construction Ltd 6718 1a Av, Delta, BC V4L 1A9
Solterra Construction Corp 460 Fraser Pl, Delta, BC V3M 6H4
Vero Construction Ltd 5389 Wellburn Dr, Delta, BC V4K 2H8
W R Contracting · Jared Wheatley and Blake Richards 5013 Marine Pl, Delta, BC V5K 4J4
Precision Construction $ Maintenance · Grzegorz Ostrowka 6188 Rosewood Dr, Delta, BC V4E 2X9
Western Display · Intergraph Investments Limited 1250 Cliveden Av, Delta, BC V3M 6G4
Kensington Homes Ltd 5893 Cove Link Rd, Delta, BC V4K 5G8
United City Properties Ltd 7228 Progressive Way, Unit#11, Delta, BC V4G 1H2
Hiak Homes Ltd 4985 53rd St, Delta, BC V4K 2Z3
Graham Construction & Engineering · Graham Infrastructure Ltd 7216 Brown St, Delta, BC V4G 1G8
Infinite Drywall · Infinite Drywall Ltd 10280 Sheaves Way, Delta, BC V4C 8G4
Urban Handyman Inc 926 Bayview Dr, Delta, BC V4M 2R4
Tnr Construction Ltd 1505 55th St, Delta, BC V4M 3K4
Jrd Development · Jrd Development Ltd 11632 82 Avenue, Delta, BC V4C 2C4
Andres Homes · Te Andres Home Building Ltd 5095 44b Ave, Delta, BC V4K 1J2
Frontline Restoration & Decks · Gurinder Pal Singh Sangha (gurinder Sangha) 6450 Knight Drive, Delta, BC V4E 1S1
Stargate Building Maintenance Ltd 7333 113th St, Delta, BC V4C 5B2
Skr Contracting Solutions Incorporated 11638 87a Avenue, Delta, BC V4C 3B3
0963186 Bc Ltd 8532 116b Street, Delta, BC V4C 7V2
Arding Construction Ltd 5065 6th Avenue, Delta, BC V4M 1L3
Rjl Construction Ltd 5681 Fairlight Cres, Delta, BC V4E 1B3
Panacasa Homes Ltd 9488 116 St, Delta, BC V4C 5X2
Neway Development Ltd 9488 116 Street, Delta, BC V4C 5X2
Pro Trade Construction Ltd 3657 Arthur Drive, Delta, BC V4K 3N2
Sirwal Construction Ltd 11831 82 Ave, Delta, BC V4C 2C6
Harrison Contracts · 0966545 Bc Ltd 4633 Riley Pl, Delta, BC V4K 1N9
Panorama Contracting · Cypressview Projects Ltd 5674 Abbey Dr, Delta, BC V4E 1B8
Wesbridge Steelworks Limited 7480 Wilson Av, Delta, BC V4G 1H3
Jim Galbraith Trucking Ltd 10625 Harrogate Dr, Delta, BC V4C 8E2
J J M Construction Ltd 8218 River Way, Delta, BC V4G 1C4
Oliver Irrigation Ltd 4840 Delta St, Unit#201, Delta, BC V4K 2T6
San Contracting & Excavating Ltd 6574 Holly Park Dr, Delta, BC V4K 4Y7
Bestway Excavating & Demolition 2008 Ltd 7921 120 St, Delta, BC V4C 6P6
Sunrise Irrigation · Patrick Eric Campbell (patrick Campbell) 6435 Wade Rd, Delta, BC V4E 2G3
Tri T Wall and Ceiling Ltd 7198 Vantage Way, Unit#110, Delta, BC V4G 1K7
Mdt Technical Services Inc 7402 Progress Way, Unit#105, Delta, BC V4G 0A1
National Graphic Solutions Incorporated 1520 Cliveden Av, Unit#12, Delta, BC V3M 6J8
Hi Tech Excavating & Demolition Ltd 11518 87a Av, Delta, BC V4C 3A6
Green Scapes Irrigation · Mardene Patricia Wild (mardene Wild) 11093 Patricia Dr, Delta, BC V4C 3A5
Hg Trucking Ltd 11738 82a Avenue, Delta, BC V4E 2E4
Redirack · The Econo-rack Group Inc 810 Cliveden Avenue, Delta, BC V3M 5R5
A-1 West Demolition & Excavating Ltd 7533 Malton Drive, Delta, BC V4C 6W7
More Excavating Ltd 7805 117th St, Delta, BC V4C 6A7
Weaver Wireworks Inc 7734 Wansford Drive, Delta, BC V4C 7S9
Simple Sign Inc 5464 Maple Cres, Delta, BC V4K 1G2
Gold Star Excavating Ltd 7533 Malton Dr, Delta, BC V4C 6W7
Never Idle Telecom · C & H Data Services Inc 4964 12th Ave, Delta, BC V4M 2A6
Masarsky Solutions Inc 295 52a St, Delta, BC V4M 2Z7
Best West Moving · Wayne Timothy Lucier (wayne Lucier) 11741 92 Ave, Delta, BC V4C 3L3
John W Smalley (john Smalley) 11263 Kendale View, Delta, BC V4C 3R1
Mountain West Electric 5372 5b Av, Delta, BC V4M 1K5
Thermocool Refrigeration & Hvac Ltd 7405 116th St, Delta, BC V4C 5T1
Dsl Electric · Douglas Seng Lowe (douglas Lowe) 8667 Delcrest Dr, Delta, BC V4C 3Z5
Activo (alberta) Inc 1659 Fosters Way, Delta, BC V4B 3N6
Brenmack Electric Ltd 4810 Cannery Cres, Delta, BC V4K 3Y9
Fused Rite Electrical Inc 11369 75b Avenue, Delta, BC V4C 1K2
Baker Electric Ltd 5300 Admiral Way, Unit#40, Delta, BC V4K 5G6
D&y Electric Ltd 11820 Staples Cr, Delta, BC V4E 2T7
Lore Electric Inc 7218 Progress Way, Unit#8, Delta, BC V4G 1H2
Just Electric Inc 11573 76 Ave, Delta, BC V4C 1K7
Hrc Installations · Robert Harold Almrud (robert Almrud) 997 Gale Dr, Delta, BC V4M 2P7
Axel Electric Ltd 7266 Fairfield Place, Delta, BC V4C 8H2
White Rock Electric Ltd 6603 Cabeldu Crescent, Delta, BC V4E 1R2
Allied Security Systems Ltd 1173 Kuma Cr, Delta, BC V4M 2K8
Lloyd Stanley Paskall (lloyd Paskall) 4806 47th Av, Delta, BC V4K 1P6
Laminair Sheet Metal · Robert Primar 5004 56th Street, Delta, BC V4K 3C5
Fit Body Athletics · Sukhminder K Cheema (sukhminder Cheema) 7315 112th St, Delta, BC V4C 4V6
Harp's Landscaping and Lawn Services · Harpreet Virk 8310 119a St, Delta, BC V4C 6M1
Spicnmix · Daljit Bains 11620 Ridgecrest Drive, Delta, BC V4E 3A5
Sjn Construction & Renovation Ltd 6622 Baker Road, Unit#86, Delta, BC V4B 2V1
Pacific Training Consultants · Robert J Aitken (robert Aitken) 8450 Brooke Rd, Delta, BC V4C 4G1
Davies Geotechnical Inc 1520 Cliveden Ave, Unit#2, Delta, BC V3M 6J8
Diplomat Coffee System Div Vs Services Ltd 1585 Cliveden, Suite#1, Delta, BC V3M6M1
Mountain Maple Garden and Tree Service · Kerin Lee Matthews (kerin Matthews) 10972 Mcadam Rd, Delta, BC B4C 3E8
Ray Davis Plumbing · Raymond J Davis (raymond Davis) 5338 1a Avenue, Delta, BC V4M 1C5
Ali & Ali Plumbing and Heating Ltd 7867 120th St, Unit#14, Delta, BC V4C 6P6
Powar Plumbing & Heating Ltd 11834 90th Av, Delta, BC V4C 3H6
Precision 1 Plumbing · Richard Paul Wegner (richard Wegner) 5494 Westminster Av, Delta, BC V4K 2J6
Delta Plumbing & Heating Ltd 7781 119a St, Delta, BC V4C 6T8
Avg Plumbing Inc 7824 110a St, Delta, BC V4C 4K6
Easy Flow Plumbing & Heating · Jordan Hooper 5013 Mariner Pl, Delta, BC V4K 4J4
Jnl Plumbing · Jason Norman Leigh (jason Leigh) 5345 50 Av, Delta, BC V4K 4R5
Ag Plumbingheating Ltd 1190 Jackson Way, Delta, BC V4L 1W4
Gs Plumbing Ltd 10711 Hermossa Drive, Delta, BC V4C 6S8
Earnshaw Plumbing & Heating Ltd 7410 112th St, Delta, BC V4C 4V8
Delta T Energy Services Ltd 4930 59th St, Delta, BC V4K 3J7
Vancan Mechanical Solutions Ltd 11816 Pinewood Dr, Delta, BC V4E 2Y1
Code Green Plumbing · Code Green Plumbing & Heating Ltd 7068 115a Street, Delta, BC V4E 2E5