Vancouver Business Licence

Jurisdiction: Vancouver, BC
Source: City of Vancouver, Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date Status
On Top Cleaning Service · Jeffrey Albarracin 2182 E 55TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Sunny Cleaning Services · Asuncion Hablado Alwazzan (Asuncion Alwazzan) 3532 E HASTINGS ST, Unit#102, Vancouver 2017-11-22 Issued
Nora Cleaning Business Service · Nora Kollar 7330 REBEKAH DRIVE, Vancouver 2017-11-21 Issued
N and B Cleaning Solutions · Nadia Lisette Chasse (Nadia Chasse) 2184 WALL ST, Unit#404, Vancouver 2017-11-14 Issued
AP Cleaning Agency · Rainier John Paige (Rainier Paige) 4411 RUPERT ST, Vancouver 2017-11-10 Issued
Pabandero Cleaning Service · Gerry Laguardia Pabandero (Gerry Pabandero) 833 E 57TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-08 Issued
Dustless Cleaning Ltd 626 W PENDER ST, Unit#810, Vancouver 2017-11-01 Issued
Elisa's West Coast Cleaning Service · Jose Vladimir Pinto Paquete & Patricia Lynn Miller 1829 E 12TH AV, Vancouver 2017-10-23 Issued
Angie D's Cleaning Services · Ageleke Douvas 3637 E 46TH AV, Vancouver 2017-10-23 Issued
CFJM Excel Cleaning Services · Merey Frances Simondac (Merey Simondac) 615 E 62ND AV, Vancouver 2017-10-17 Issued
JMCS Express Cleaning · Mary Custodio Salabante (Mary Salabante) 715 E 50TH AV, Vancouver 2017-10-13 Issued
Best Cleaning Services · Mario Munoz Ramirez 985 NICOLA ST, Unit#211, Vancouver 2017-10-12 Issued
Panda Cleaning Services Ltd 21646 92B Avenue, Langley 2017-10-04 Issued
Happy Home Cleaning Services · Rosa Galatea Osorio (Rosa Osorio) 3307 DIEPPE DRIVE, Unit#BSMT, Vancouver 2017-10-04 Issued
Dolphin Cleaning Services · Sukhvir Singh Vishram (Sukhvir Vishram) 13060 Westminster Hwy, Richmond 2017-10-02 Issued
Cut 2 Fit Dry Cleaning Services · Minh T Doan (Minh Doan) 88 W PENDER ST, Unit#1137, Vancouver 2017-09-27 Issued
Cut 2 Fit Dry Cleaning Services · Minh T Doan (Minh Doan) 88 W PENDER ST, Unit#1137, Vancouver 2017-09-27 Issued
Pigment Painting and Cleaning · Asmatullah Khan 151 E KING EDWARD AV, Vancouver 2017-09-18 Issued
Cleaning 4U · Sean's Cleaning 4U Ltd 1630 BURNABY ST, Unit#3, Vancouver 2017-09-13 Issued
J R Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning · Renato G Pagal & Mercy P Escobar 1179 E 11th AVE, Vancouver 2017-09-06 Issued
More Than Tidy Cleaning Services · Gail Darlene Howell (Gail Howell) 2255 Monashee Court, Coquitlam 2017-08-24 Issued
Condor Carpet Cleaning · Mario Hueche Linco 333 Johnston St, New Westminster 2017-08-16 Issued
Serenity Home Cleaning Services · Jane Reyes 2638 WARD ST, Vancouver 2017-08-11 Issued
Little Lady's Cleaning Service · Emily Rose Wycotte & Anothony Joseph Wist 2109 SKEENA ST, Vancouver 2017-07-27 Issued
J & R Cleaning Services · Jay-R C Alaba (Jay-R Alaba) 886 E 56TH AV, Vancouver 2017-07-26 Issued
Corporate Cleaning Services Ltd 20285 Stewart Crescent, Unit#106, Maple Ridge 2017-07-20 Issued
Busy Bee Dry Cleaning · Nidhi Enterprises Ltd 3558 W 41ST AV, Vancouver 2017-07-12 Issued
Good Cleaning Services · Ivana Drapalova 720 Farrow St, Unit#209, Coquitlam 2017-07-11 Issued
Oasis Cleaning · Noel Dela Pena (Noel Pena) 757 E 29TH AV, Vancouver 2017-07-06 Issued
Cozy & Comfy Cleaning · Katherine Maguire 1001 RICHARDS ST, Unit#307, Vancouver 2017-07-05 Issued
D and R Cleaning Services · Daniel Santos Cruz (Daniel Cruz) 5801 Pioneer Ave, Burnaby 2017-07-04 Issued
Primero Cleaning Services · Davide Leone 600 DRAKE ST, Unit#1010, Vancouver 2017-07-04 Issued
Eco Cleaning and Construction Services · Denny Rafael Rodriguez Lopez (Denny Rodriguez Lopez) 7440 FRASER ST, Unit#315, Vancouver 2017-06-30 Issued
House Cleaning & House Keeping By Martina · Martina Martinkova 813 WINDERMERE ST, Vancouver 2017-06-22 Issued
Wool Mart Cleaning Services · Esmail Nazif 6462 Fraser St, Unit#207, Vancouver 2017-06-20 Issued
Aim Plumbing · Aim Electric Drain Cleaning And Plumbing (2006) Ltd 2710 Barnet Hwy, Unit#95, Coquitlam 2017-06-19 Issued
Highland Coin Laundry & Dry Cleaning · Kyung A Yeom & Young J Jeon 709 E BROADWAY, Vancouver 2017-06-09 Issued
Michelle Lindsay Cleaning · Michelle Cater 1879 W 14TH AV, Vancouver 2017-05-31 Issued
A Plus Easy Cleaning · Manlu Ke 3254 PARKER ST, Vancouver 2017-05-23 Issued
Vyshusahan Cleaning Service · Sriskandarajah Chandrakumar 2011 E BROADWAY, Vancouver 2017-05-18 Issued
Sparkles Cleaning Services · Andres Manuel Flores (Andres Flores) 2763 CHANDLERY PLACE, Unit#1107, Vancouver 2017-05-16 Issued
Clarity Cleaning Co · Aleksandra Lopez & Jerry Ranario Lopez 7975 LAUREL ST, Vancouver 2017-05-03 Issued
IMG Cleaning Services · Donnabel Duco 1207 E 57TH AV, Vancouver 2017-04-27 Issued
Maia Cleaning Services · Luis Manriquez Ahuatzin (Luis Ahuatzin) 2517 WINDSOR ST, Vancouver 2017-04-26 Issued
Just George Cleaning and Maintenance Inc 3547 EUCLID AV, Unit#305, Vancouver 2017-04-21 Issued
Homeplus Duct Cleaning · Jason G Gray (Jason Gray) 7130 Sperling Ave, Burnaby 2017-04-19 Issued
Dazzle Carpet Cleaning Inc 1661 E 2ND AV, Unit#102, Vancouver 2017-04-19 Issued
Rommillyn Cleaning Inc 486 E 62ND AV, Vancouver 2017-04-19 Issued
Eco Express Cleaning Solutions · Eco Express Cleaning Solutions Inc 1931 W 49TH AV, Vancouver 2017-04-18 Issued
Cleangen Commercial Cleaning Ltd 5711 RHODES ST, Unit#201, Vancouver 2017-04-10 Issued
Double-M Gutter And Window Cleaning · Melchor A Batalla (Melchor Batalla) 9280 122 St, Unit#201, Surrey 2017-04-06 Issued
Pristine Cleaning Services · Rizalina Ramos Rosario (Rizalina Rosario) 442 E 62ND AV, Vancouver 2017-04-05 Issued
Jasmine Cleaning · Massoud Massoudi 9171 Frendale Rd, Unit#707, Richmond 2017-04-03 Issued
Teresa Cleaning Services · Teresa Humarang Daguio (Teresa Daguio) 3408 WELLINGTON AV, Vancouver 2017-03-29 Issued
Tidy Group Cleaning Services Ltd 125 MILROSS AV, Unit#1103, Vancouver 2017-03-22 Issued
Sperle's Valet Fine Dry Cleaning · Asif Abdul Karim (Asif Karim) 1177 DAVIE ST, Vancouver 2017-03-21 Issued
J & J Pinoy Cleaning Services · Jocelyn Garcia Del Rosario (Jocelyn Del Rosario) 3039 E 29TH AV, Vancouver 2017-03-20 Issued
Aldon Cleaning Services Ltd 3615 TURNER ST, Vancouver 2017-03-20 Issued
Phyu & Min Cleaning Services · Phyu Phyu Daw (Phyu Daw) 3091 RENFREW ST, Vancouver 2017-03-14 Issued
Nicola Dry Cleaning · Nicola Dry Cleaning Enterprises Ltd 996 NICOLA ST, Vancouver 2017-03-13 Issued
Cleaning With Love · Gentle Bear Holdings Inc 110 W 1ST AV, Vancouver 2017-03-13 Issued
A B Painting And Cleaning Services · Alberto E Buenavente (Alberto Buenavente) 1265 BURNABY ST, Unit#209, Vancouver 2017-03-13 Issued
Quality Assurance Cleaning Services · Darwin Tumbaga 4888 NANAIMO ST, Unit#609, Vancouver 2017-03-13 Issued
Michael A Smith Duct Cleaning · Grabrielle Smith 10090 152nd Street, Suite#198, Surrey 2017-03-09 Issued
Shimmer & Shine Cleaning Services · Desiree Menendez 658 E KING EDWARD AV, Unit#Bsmt, Vancouver 2017-03-08 Issued
Snappy Cleaning Services · Mary L M Bantique (Mary Bantique) 149 SE MARINE DRIVE, Vancouver 2017-03-08 Issued
West-End Cleaning Service · Hailu Woldesemayat & Woudnesh Wolde 6447 136A Street, Surrey 2017-03-02 Issued
Pacifico Cleaning Services · Raul Videla 3668 RAE AV, Unit#208, Vancouver 2017-03-01 Issued
SLICC Professional Cleaning Services Ltd 2563 E 1ST AV, Vancouver 2017-03-01 Issued
CY-RO Cleaning Business · Rosana Solidari Losa (Rosana Losa) 4952 RUBY ST, Vancouver 2017-03-01 Issued
Boaler Glass Washer Cleaning Inc 6081 #3 Rd, Unit#610, Richmond 2017-02-28 Issued
Thorough Clean Cleaning Services · Colin Andrew Akwei (Colin Akwei) 2864 Nash Dr, Coquitlam 2017-02-27 Issued
Champion Window Cleaning Service · 505401 BC Ltd 5489 Byrne Road, Unit#164, Burnaby 2017-02-27 Issued
Building Cleaning Services · Arturo T Ogalesco (Arturo Ogalesco) 2480 E 33RD AV, Vancouver 2017-02-27 Issued
Anilom Cleaning and Floor Care · Godofredo Molina 6702 138th St, Surrey 2017-02-23 Issued
Wash Me Exterior Cleaning · 0900794 BC Ltd 8988 HUDSON ST, Unit#511, Vancouver 2017-02-23 Issued
Quick Coin Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services · Pierre T Tang & Trang Kieu Thi Nguyen 1072 KINGSWAY, Vancouver 2017-02-22 Issued
Good To Go Residential Cleaning Services · Monita Tribe 2121 FRANKLIN ST, Unit#217, Vancouver 2017-02-21 Issued
Zuke Balcony Cleaning · Cory Edward Hryhorczuk (Cory Hryhorczuk) 1133 BEACH AV, Unit#1901, Vancouver 2017-02-21 Issued
Jasmine Cleaning · Massoud Massoudi 11160 Bird St, Richmond 2017-02-20 Inactive
Habitat Cleaning And Building Services · Cary T Maehara (Cary Maehara) 2579 DUNDAS ST, Vancouver 2017-02-20 Issued
High Standards Cleaning Company · Annelie Darlene Van Der Heyden (Annelie Heyden) 1986 WOODLAND DRIVE, Unit#1, Vancouver 2017-02-20 Issued
Acts Cleaning Services · Marilou Gerasol Viva (Marilou Viva) 312 Strand Av, New Westminster 2017-02-19 Issued
Sunax Cleaning · Yan Ping Yao and Ze Lin Wang 8180 Jones Rd, Unit#204, Richmond 2017-02-19 Issued
GoGo Carpet Cleaning · Goran Minic 1267 MARINASIDE CRESCENT, Unit#617, Vancouver 2017-02-17 Issued
ER Cleaning Services · Eduardo Cu 4911 JOYCE ST, Vancouver 2017-02-17 Issued
Cleaning Bee Services · Brian Elopre 2671 E 28TH AV, Vancouver 2017-02-17 Issued
ES Cleaning Services · Estela Sinay Siblag (Estala Siblag) 1228 E 57th Ave, Vancouver 2017-02-14 Issued
Clean4U Cleaning Services · Olive Mendoze Carino (Olive Carino) 7925 ROSS ST, Vancouver 2017-02-14 Issued
Benchmeg Building Maintenance & Cleaning Services · Christopher Due Luquiaz (Christopher Luquiaz) 807 E 64TH AV, Vancouver 2017-02-14 Issued
Reymel Cleaning · Reymel A Alnas & Maria Alnas 6770 ARLINGTON ST, Vancouver 2017-02-10 Issued
Sheila Kirschner Quality Cleaning · Sheila Valeria Kirschner (Sheila Kirschner) 90 E 11TH AV, Unit#207, Vancouver 2017-02-10 Issued
Mia Dry Cleaning · Aleksandar Stevanovic & Gordana Jelenic Stevanovic 940 Seymour St, Vancouver 2017-02-08 Issued
Millionaires Shine Cleaning · Berta Aleman 1152 E 22ND AV, Vancouver 2017-01-31 Issued
Franciajcw748 Cleaning Services · Francia Esquivel 3423 E PENDER ST, Vancouver 2017-01-31 Issued
Happy Bin Cleaning Ltd 2876 W 16TH AV, Vancouver 2017-01-30 Issued
On Cue Cleaning & Maintenance Service · Dan Danilov Cabal Quirimit (Dan Quirimit) 5860 BEATRICE ST, Vancouver 2017-01-30 Issued
Werkman's Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd 7530 Ruby Place, Chilliwack 2017-01-27 Issued
Xtra Hands Cleaning · Frances Alexandra Marie Shandro (Frances Shandro) 15670 Roper Ave, White Rock 2017-01-23 Issued
J C Cleaning Services · Jame Canzon 5189 Gaston St, #311, Vancouver 2017-01-23 Issued