Vancouver Business Licence

Jurisdiction: City of Vancouver, BC
Source: Vancouver, Community Services Group - Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date Status
Finlink Construction Ltd 596 Draycott St, Coquitlam 2018-03-27 Issued
Shentall Construction Ltd 2355 W 16TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-27 Issued
Canadian Master Builder Construction Ltd 2298 KINGSWAY, Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
JM & BD Construction · Bridget A Dornian & Darryl J McGee 1109 Regan Ave, Coquitlam 2018-03-23 Issued
Acro Construction Group Ltd 3711 Delbrook Ave, Unit#111, North Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Douglas Park Construction Ltd 604 E 54TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Ample Construction Ltd 243 E 49TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-21 Issued
Home City Construction Group Inc 4567 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby 2018-03-20 Issued
Vantrades Construction Ltd 3502 Bluebonnet Rd, North Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
Lee Construction · Xu Li 6351 Buswell St, Unit#902, Richmond 2018-03-19 Issued
Aquilini Construction Ltd 510 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#200, Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
Himalyan Construction Ltd 15667 81A Avenue, Surrey 2018-03-16 Issued
Andama Construction Ltd 7772 197 Street, Langley 2018-03-16 Issued
CBB Construction Limited 1755 W BROADWAY, Unit#310, Vancouver 2018-03-16 Issued
VCP Ink Construction · VCP Media Inc 2383 BURQUITLAM DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-03-16 Inactive
CBB Construction Limited 1755 W BROADWAY, Unit#310, Vancouver 2018-03-16 Issued
VCP Ink Construction · VCP Media Inc 2383 BURQUITLAM DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-03-16 Issued
Evolute Construction Ltd 4255 Sardis St, Unit#217, Burnaby 2018-03-15 Issued
Irvine Construction · Irvine Construction Ltd 1408 E 15TH AV, Unit#304, Vancouver 2018-03-15 Issued
B & D Construction Services & Management · Benedict R Deis (Benedict Deis) 584 LILLOOET ST, Vancouver 2018-03-14 Issued
J R & J Construction · J R & J Construction Ltd 3225 WAVERLEY AV, Vancouver 2018-03-14 Issued
DK Conquest Construction Inc 1496 W 72ND AV, Unit#207, Vancouver 2018-03-14 Issued
OO Construction LD · Quang Chau Nguyen (Quang Nguyen) 863 E 10TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-14 Issued
Bagga Construction Ltd 6695 ARGYLE ST, Vancouver 2018-03-13 Issued
Prado Construction Group Ltd 3225 WAVERLEY AV, Vancouver 2018-03-13 Issued
UnBuilders · UnBuilders Deconstruction Inc 618 E KENT AV SOUTH, Unit#114, Vancouver 2018-03-13 Issued
Echoem Construction · Echoem Market Inc 3665 KINGSWAY, Unit#300, Vancouver 2018-03-12 Issued
EKNG Construction · Kenneth K C Ng (Kenneth Ng) 1089 E 58TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-12 Issued
TCL Construction · Talent Construction Ltd 3411 Regina Av, Richmond 2018-03-09 Issued
Berliner Construction Company · Tommy Ng 5645 Barker Ave, Unit#1205, Burnaby 2018-03-09 Issued
Semlin Construction Ltd 949 Esmond Ave, Burnaby 2018-03-09 Issued
Preferred Steel Construction Inc 12007 Lakeshore Dr, Summerland 2018-03-09 Issued
Weapons of Mass Construction Enterprises · Joel Ross Williams (Joel Williams) 870 W 7TH AV, Unit#56, Vancouver 2018-03-09 Issued
Keyho Construction Ltd 534 Granada Crescent, North Vancouver 2018-03-08 Issued
Hudson Construction & Millwork Limited 11451 Bridgeport Road, Unit#140, Vancouver 2018-03-08 Issued
PR Pomeroy Restoration & Construction Ltd 2075 Brigantine Dr, Unit#18, Coquitlam 2018-03-07 Issued
Jonet Construction (2012) Ltd 1735 Mt Lehman Rd, Unit#C, Abbotsford 2018-03-07 Issued
New Great Wall Construction Company · Jian Ping Lin (Jian Lin) 3268 E 20TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-06 Issued
Anova Constructions Ltd 8550 ADERA ST, Vancouver 2018-03-06 Issued
Claire & Hayden Landscape Construction Ltd 3520 CROWLEY DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-03-05 Issued
San Hwa Construction & Decorating Co Ltd 1243 E 12th Av, Vancouver 2018-03-02 Issued
Palsum Construction Ltd 1323 HOMER ST, Unit#2801, Vancouver 2018-03-02 Issued
Kinip Construction Ltd 713 COLUMBIA ST, Unit#217, New Westminster 2018-03-01 Issued
ConVerge Construction Ltd 31413 Gill Ave, Unit#108, Mission 2018-03-01 Issued
ML Construction · Martin Poznanski 144 19th St E, Unit#304, North Vancouver 2018-03-01 Issued
Kinip Construction Ltd 713 COLUMBIA ST, Unit#217, New Westminster 2018-03-01 Issued
Kinip Construction Ltd 713 COLUMBIA ST, Unit#217, New Westminster 2018-03-01 Issued
Navco Construction Corp 3049 Sienna Ct, Coquitlam 2018-03-01 Issued
Hartford Construction Ltd 1427 Bellevue Av, West Vancouver 2018-03-01 Issued
Mancon Construction Management Ltd 1008 CAMBIE ST, Unit#507, Vancouver 2018-03-01 Issued
Waller Construction Ltd 7626 HUDSON ST, Vancouver 2018-03-01 Issued
Bamford Construction Ltd 2601 Kilmarnock Cres, North Vancouver 2018-02-28 Issued
Blu Summit Construction Group Ltd 1128 W BROADWAY, Unit#202, Vancouver 2018-02-28 Issued
Louis & Sons Construction Company Ltd 25842 112 Av, Maple Ridge 2018-02-27 Issued
JL Pacific Construction · Nicholas D J Arseneau (Nicholas Arseneau) 270 Cochrane Rd, Gibsons 2018-02-27 Issued
Stocco Construction Co Ltd 1515 Broadway St, Unit#508, Port Coquitlam 2018-02-27 Issued
DMACD CONSTRUCTION LTD 1833 W 4TH AV, Vancouver 2018-02-27 Issued
Crana Construction Inc 1250 W 12TH AV, Unit#203, Vancouver 2018-02-27 Issued
Accel Construction Inc 426 E 10th Street, North Vancouver 2018-02-26 Issued
Space Design Construction · Giving Tree Enterprises Ltd 7640 Wright St, Burnaby 2018-02-26 Issued
Paul Y Construction Ltd 2077 Nelson St, Vancouver 2018-02-26 Issued
Bahia Construction Ltd 6139 PRINCE ALBERT ST, Vancouver 2018-02-26 Issued
Jutland Construction · Christopher Donald Booth (Christopher Booth) 1305 W 15TH AV, Unit#11, Vancouver 2018-02-26 Issued
Aquilini Construction Ltd 510 W HASTINGS ST, Vancouver 2018-02-22 Issued
Art Green Construction Ltd 10600 Dennis Cresent, Richmond 2018-02-21 Issued
Prodigy Retail Construction Inc 315B Humberline Drive, Toronto 2018-02-21 Issued
Whistler Coast Construction Group Ltd 4557 Blackcomb Way, Whistler 2018-02-21 Issued
Trasolini & Sons Construction (BC) Ltd 1211 Douglas Rd, Burnaby 2018-02-20 Issued
Werner Construction Ltd 828 Harbourside Dr, Unit#102, North Vancouver 2018-02-20 Issued
JK's Construction Inc 1672 Ralph St, North Vancouver 2018-02-20 Issued
Maxalan Construction Ltd 35637 Zanatta Pl, Abbotsford 2018-02-20 Issued
Bizzarri Construction · Gavin F C Bizzarri (Gavin Bizzarri) 878 Westview Cr, North Vancouver 2018-02-20 Issued
Scandic Constructions Ltd 1241 Malvern Pl, Delta 2018-02-20 Issued
D P D Construction Ltd 205 W 11TH AV, Vancouver 2018-02-20 Issued
Lehail Construction Ltd 4731 MOSS ST, Vancouver 2018-02-20 Issued
R A S Construction Ltd 549 E 57TH AV, Vancouver 2018-02-20 Issued
QV Construction · Quan H Vuong (Quan Vuong) 2689 KINGSWAY, Unit#708, Vancouver 2018-02-20 Issued
Cole Campbell Construction Inc 781 SAWYER'S LANE, Vancouver 2018-02-20 Issued
Pacifex Construction Ltd 13341 58B Ave, Surrey 2018-02-19 Issued
Golden Flame Construction Ltd 15741 Goggs Ave, White Rock 2018-02-19 Issued
Andy Hoang Construction · Van Phong Hoang (Van Hoang) 2709 NANAIMO ST, Vancouver 2018-02-19 Issued
JDP Construction Ltd 1066 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#2000, Vancouver 2018-02-19 Issued
Big O Construction · Owen William Ray (Owe Ray) 889 PRIOR ST, Vancouver 2018-02-19 Issued
JDP Construction Ltd 1066 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#2000, Vancouver 2018-02-19 Issued
Odds and Ends Construction · Jeffrey Colin Ward (Jeffrey Ward) 12060 No 5 Road, Richmond 2018-02-17 Issued
Domicile Construction · Richard David L James (Richard James) 520 Keith Rd, West Vancouver 2018-02-17 Issued
S Jeske Construction Ltd 230 W 10th Av, Vancouver 2018-02-16 Issued
Rishi Constructions Limited 6638 FRASER ST, Vancouver 2018-02-16 Issued
Getting It Right Construction & Consulting Inc 5723 192nd St, Surrey 2018-02-15 Issued
CT1 Construction Ltd 1401 Crown St, Unit#B, North Vancouver 2018-02-15 Issued
Tsang Chu Construction Ltd 1540 Taylor Way, West Vancouver 2018-02-15 Issued
Hilton Brothers Construction · Dennis Hilton 818 St Andrews Av, North Vancouver 2018-02-15 Issued
Victorson Construction Group Ltd 2828 SW MARINE DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-02-15 Issued
Trust Ming Construction Ltd 1876 E 39TH AV, Vancouver 2018-02-15 Issued
Sanvan Construction Ltd 969 RICHARDS ST, Unit#1505, Vancouver 2018-02-15 Issued
Kardo Construction Inc 939 EXPO BOULEVARD, Unit#1107, Vancouver 2018-02-15 Issued
Grand Villa Construction Ltd 14248 103A St, Surrey 2018-02-14 Issued
Predom Construction · Miroslaw Bronislaw Soltysik (Miroslaw Soltysik) 12667 227th St, Maple Ridge 2018-02-14 Issued
Welbourn Construction Ltd 6458 QUEBEC ST, Vancouver 2018-02-14 Issued
LECO Construction Ltd 3007 E 5TH AV, Vancouver 2018-02-14 Issued