Vancouver Business Licence

Jurisdiction: City of Vancouver, BC
Source: Vancouver, Community Services Group - Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date Status
Affiniti Construction Inc Langley 2018-08-31 Issued
Giant Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-08-29 Issued
Firmpro Construction Ltd North Vancouver 2018-08-24 Issued
Eurostyle Construction · Eurostyle Construction Ltd Langley 2018-08-24 Issued
Vu Construction · Van Trong Vu (Van Vu) Vancouver 2018-08-24 Issued
KAIH Construction Inc Vancouver 2018-08-24 Issued
Nolan Construction · Ezra Nolan Vancouver 2018-08-24 Issued
North Wolfe Construction Ltd Coquitlam 2018-08-23 Issued
Gloryland Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-08-23 Issued
Mclaughlin Construction · Denis J McLaughlin (Denis McLaughlin) Vancouver 2018-08-23 Issued
Olympic Construction Ltd Port Moody 2018-08-21 Issued
Homeline Construction & Renovation Ltd Vancouver 2018-08-16 Issued
M Tse Construction Inc Vancouver 2018-08-16 Issued
Insulator Construction · A K R Insulation & Rebar Ltd Vancouver 2018-08-16 Issued
Gloryland Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-08-14 Inactive
Frise Construction & Consulting Co Ltd Richmond 2018-08-13 Issued
Yeomanry Construction · Alexander Victor Blazevic (Alexander Blazevic) West Vancouver 2018-08-13 Issued
Big Vogue Construction · Dean David Gibson (Dean Gibson) Vancouver 2018-08-10 Issued
G&G Construction · G&G Conlab Mgmt Services Ltd Burnaby 2018-08-08 Issued
ASI Construction Inc Coquitlam 2018-07-31 Issued
High Concept Construction ltd White Rock 2018-07-30 Issued
Ronse Massey Construction Ltd 28 W 7TH AV, Unit#301, Vancouver 2018-07-26 Issued
Gemco Construction Ltd Langley 2018-07-23 Issued
Navarro Construction · Carlos Manuel Navarro (Carlos Navarro) Surrey 2018-07-23 Issued
Seymour Construction Ltd Burnaby 2018-07-23 Issued
Sota Construction Inc Vancouver 2018-07-23 Issued
Budal Construction · Jeromy Todd McPeek (Jeromy McPeek) Red Deer 2018-07-17 Issued
Wycliffe Construction Ltd 1981 MAIN ST, Vancouver 2018-07-17 Issued
Vanbuild Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-07-17 Issued
Euroline Construction · Ivan Igor Hecimovic (Ivan Hecimovic) White Rock 2018-07-13 Issued
Dai.H&D Construction · Van Dai Le (Van Le) Vancouver 2018-07-12 Issued
Van-L Construction · Paul Gerardus Vanloenen (Paul Vanloenen) Port Coquitlam 2018-07-11 Issued
Ming Hang Construction Ltd Burnaby 2018-07-10 Issued
Wilshire Construction Ltd Abbotsford 2018-07-10 Issued
Murray Wystrach Construction Inc Delta 2018-07-09 Issued
Coastview Construction Ltd Surrey 2018-07-09 Issued
SAO Electrical Construction Ltd Maple Ridge 2018-07-09 Issued
Shield Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-07-06 Issued
Raymond Design Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-07-03 Issued
Jensen Construction · Ronald I Jensen (Ronald Jensen) Vancouver 2018-07-02 Issued
Dunbar Hill Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-06-29 Issued
Webbcon Construction Ltd North Vancouver 2018-06-26 Issued
Macanta Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-06-26 Issued
Wu's Construction · Gang Lin Wu (Gang Wu) Vancouver 2018-06-26 Issued
Budal Construction · Jeromy Todd McPeek (Jeromy McPeek) Red Deer 2018-06-25 Issued
Moment Construction · Moment Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-06-25 Issued
Building Blox Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-06-22 Issued
Greyline Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-06-20 Issued
Twin Maple Construction Services Ltd Abbotsford 2018-06-19 Issued
AMJ New Construction · Andreas Michantas Vancouver 2018-06-17 Issued
Brentwell Construction Ltd Vernon 2018-06-14 Issued
Avicor Construction Inc Merrit 2018-06-14 Issued
Dingo Construction · Zane R Holmes (Zane Holmes) Vancouver 2018-06-13 Issued
West Continent Construction Ltd Richmond 2018-06-07 Issued
Northline Construction · Dean Matthew Brandolini (Dean Brandolini) North Vancouver 2018-06-05 Issued
John Schilling Construction · Johann Robert Schilling (Johann Schilling) North Vancouver 2018-06-05 Issued
C3M Construction Contractor Group Inc Aldergrove 2018-06-04 Issued
DCI Building Service & Construction Management · 114096 BC Ltd North Vancouver 2018-05-30 Issued
Antares Construction LLP 1100 MELVILLE ST, Unit#838, Vancouver 2018-05-30 Issued
Ren Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-05-30 Issued
Lancewood Construction Management · Owen M G Bubb (Owen Bubb) Vancouver 2018-05-29 Issued
Eton18 Construction Group Ltd 250 E 10TH AV, Vancouver 2018-05-25 Issued
Sweetwater Construction · Michael Mara Surrey 2018-05-24 Issued
Outer Armour Construction Inc North Vancouver 2018-05-24 Issued
Construction Vergo 2011 Inc Laval 2018-05-24 Issued
K.A.O. Construction Design Studio Inc Burnaby 2018-05-23 Issued
Golden Rule Construction Ltd Richmond 2018-05-17 Issued
B L T Construction Services Inc 89 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#950, Vancouver 2018-05-16 Issued
JCL Construction Ltd Richmond 2018-05-15 Issued
Sabic Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-05-15 Issued
LifeTec Construction Group Inc 3095 HEBB AV, Vancouver 2018-05-14 Issued
Lampi Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-05-14 Issued
Marwynn Construction Corp Garibaldi Highland 2018-05-11 Issued
Index Construction · Index Construction (BC) Inc Port Coquitlam 2018-05-11 Issued
Rosha Construction Ltd North Vancouver 2018-05-11 Issued
WMZ Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-05-09 Issued
Artbuild Construction · Mohammad Fazl North Vancouver 2018-05-08 Issued
Takt Construction · Takt Construction Services Ltd Bowen Island 2018-05-07 Issued
Good Construction · Dong Jun Kwon (Dong Kwan) Coquitlam 2018-05-07 Issued
MJ Commercial Construction Inc Leduc 2018-05-03 Issued
Stone Heaven Construction Limited West Vancouver 2018-05-03 Issued
Universe Construction Renovation Ltd Vancouver 2018-05-03 Issued
New Tradition Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-05-03 Issued
KKMK Construction · Manjit Singh Kalia (Manjit Kalia) Vancouver 2018-04-27 Issued
Artgate Construction Ltd North Vancouver 2018-04-23 Issued
VDG Construction Inc Langley 2018-04-20 Issued
Namo Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-04-20 Issued
Fly On Side Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-04-20 Issued
Louis Hughes Construction · Louis Hughes Vancouver 2018-04-19 Issued
Italia Ceramica Tiles & Renovations & Construction · Carmine Sorace Burnaby 2018-04-18 Issued
3 Line Construction Ltd Surrey 2018-04-16 Issued
Grayli Construction · Mohammad Vossough Grayli (Mohammad Grayli) Coquitlam 2018-04-16 Issued
Virdi Construction Ltd Port Coquitlam 2018-04-13 Issued
Beau Home Construction Ltd North Vancouver 2018-04-13 Issued
Danny & Stuart Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-04-13 Issued
Tony Anderson Construction Ltd Port Moody 2018-04-12 Issued
Lyric Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-04-11 Issued
Versa Platinum Construction Ltd Langley 2018-04-10 Issued
JT Sproule Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-04-10 Issued
Melendy Construction · Rodney S Melendy (Rodney Melendy) Vancouver 2018-04-09 Issued