Vancouver Business Licence

Jurisdiction: City of Vancouver, BC
Source: Vancouver, Community Services Group - Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date Status
Liberate Leadership Coaching & Consulting · Christina E Nikiforuk (Christina Nikiforuk) Surrey 2018-08-31 Issued
Maple Education Consulting · Maple Student Services Inc 698 SEYMOUR ST, Unit#401, Vancouver 2018-08-30 Issued
Kristin McDougall Consulting · Kristin Elizabeth McDougall (Kristin McDougall) Vancouver 2018-08-30 Issued
Allbyte Technology Consulting Inc 938 HOWE ST, Unit#207, Vancouver 2018-08-28 Issued
4T6T Tech Consulting Corp 938 HOWE ST, Unit#207, Vancouver 2018-08-28 Issued
Education Consulting · Jade International Education Consulting Inc Vancouver 2018-08-24 Issued
Moclain Consulting · Maria Daniela Lopez Escobar (Maria Escobar) Vancouver 2018-08-23 Issued
Ozaki Visa & Eijuken Consulting · Naoto Ozaki Vancouver 2018-08-22 Issued
Western Principles Consulting Inc 700 W PENDER ST, Unit#304, Vancouver 2018-08-14 Issued
Summit Canada · Summit & Premier Educational Consulting Canada Inc 2695 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#502, Vancouver 2018-08-14 Issued
Frise Construction & Consulting Co Ltd Richmond 2018-08-13 Issued
iD Design Consulting · ID Design Consulting Ltd 9002 OAK ST, Vancouver 2018-08-09 Issued
Targeted Talent Cerberus Consulting · Noval Holdings Ltd 289 ABBOTT ST, Unit#300, Vancouver 2018-08-09 Issued
Biotech Consulting Services · Mark J Nonni (Mark Nonni) Vancouver 2018-08-08 Issued
24TR Consulting Best Choices · Gyu Hwang Chung (Gyu Chung) Vancouver 2018-08-07 Issued
Lopez West Consulting · Morgan Meredith Vancouver 2018-07-20 Issued
JBR Ventures And Consulting Ltd Vancouver 2018-07-20 Issued
J3 Consulting Inc Vancouver 2018-07-18 Issued
BC Home Drafting and Consulting Ltd 4676 MAIN ST, Unit#201, Vancouver 2018-07-17 Issued
Ixopo Consulting · SustaiNet Software Solutions Inc 1681 CHESTNUT ST, Unit#400, Vancouver 2018-07-13 Issued
Canadian Global Immigration Consulting Services · Liza Clitar Lucion (Liza Lucion) 288 W 8TH AV, Room#208, Vancouver 2018-07-12 Issued
Bill Boons Consulting Services · Bill Boons Coquitlam 2018-07-11 Issued
FSS Korea Consulting Inc 736 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#220, Vancouver 2018-07-11 Issued
E Leaders Consulting · Canada E Leaders Consulting Inc 736 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#220, Vancouver 2018-07-06 Issued
In-Organic Marketing Consulting Inc 112 E 6TH AV, Unit#200, Vancouver 2018-07-06 Issued
In-Organic Marketing Consulting Inc 112 E 6TH AV, Unit#200, Vancouver 2018-07-06 Issued
Canbright Immigration and Education Services · Canbright Consulting Ltd 1030 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#1406, Vancouver 2018-06-29 Issued
Maven Consulting Limited North Vancouver 2018-06-28 Issued
Eric Chene Consulting · Eric Chene Consulting Ltd Vancouver 2018-06-27 Issued
Futureview International Consulting & Management Group · Zhi Gang Che (Zhi Gang Che) Richmond 2018-06-15 Issued
The Talent Town Consulting Inc Burnbaby 2018-06-14 Issued
NCP Consulting · Natasa Cakara - Pekic (Natasa Pekic) Vancouver 2018-06-13 Issued
St. Onge HR Consulting · Glenn A St. Onge (Glenn St. Onge) Vancouver 2018-06-08 Issued
Newson Behaviour Consulting · Leah H L Newson (Leah Newson) Vancouver 2018-06-07 Issued
Yi Feng Immigration · Yi Feng Consulting Group Inc 1200 W 73RD AV, Unit#602, Vancouver 2018-06-06 Issued
Kerrison Consulting Services Inc North Vancouver 2018-06-05 Issued
Reinbold Engineering Group · Edey Consulting Inc 1580 W BROADWAY, Unit#400, Vancouver 2018-06-05 Issued
Columbia Pacific Consulting Ltd 650 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#1550, Vancouver 2018-06-01 Issued
nooCore Technology Consulting · Loki Michael Jorgenson (Loki Jorgenson) Sooke 2018-05-30 Issued
Progression Consulting · Pai Wen Alice Shih (Alice Shih) Vancouver 2018-05-30 Issued
Site Economics Consulting · William Michael Aube (William Aube) Vancouver 2018-05-30 Issued
Howell Academics · P Howell Consulting Ltd 8041 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#201, Vancouver 2018-05-29 Issued
Cicely Blain Consulting · Cicely Belle Sampson Blain (Cicely Blain) Vancouver 2018-05-29 Issued
KPMG · Wish Consulting Limited North Vancouver 2018-05-25 Issued
Ginger Gosnell-Myers Consulting · Ginger Gosnell-Myers (Ginger Myers) North Vancouver 2018-05-24 Issued
Nohproblem Consulting · Jungmin Noh Vancouver 2018-05-23 Issued
Full Circle Life Consulting Services · Michael William Henderson (Michael Henderson) Vancouver 2018-05-22 Issued
Nohproblem Consulting · Jungmin Noh Vancouver 2018-05-22 Issued
H & F Consulting · Lee Lipton Vancouver 2018-05-22 Issued
C.L.I Consulting · Clinton Lomax Vancouver 2018-05-18 Issued
DGL Consulting Ltd North Vancouver 2018-05-17 Issued
Gulzar Meghji & Westbridge Consulting Inc 1133 Homer Street, Unit#806, Vancouver 2018-05-17 Issued
CICS Immigration Consulting Inc 131 WATER ST, Unit#216, Vancouver 2018-05-16 Issued
Diamond Head Consulting Ltd 3559 COMMERCIAL ST, Vancouver 2018-05-15 Issued
Penny Cochrane Energy Management Consulting · Penny Dianne Cochrane (Penny Cochrane) Vancouver 2018-05-14 Issued
Altavista Coaching And Consulting Inc Vancouver 2018-05-13 Issued
ACE Planning And Consulting Inc 1185 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#1140, Vancouver 2018-05-10 Inactive
About Canada Immigration and Eduction Consulting Inc 525 SEYMOUR ST, Unit#115, Vancouver 2018-05-10 Issued
Impactuate Consulting Inc Vancouver 2018-05-09 Issued
Filmex Immigration Consulting Agency · Elvira Gangte 525 SEYMOUR ST, Unit#616, Vancouver 2018-05-07 Issued
Aedify Consulting · 0833874 BC Ltd Vancouver 2018-05-07 Issued
888 Consulting Services · Harsimran Singh Boparai (Harsimran Boparai) Vancouver 2018-05-04 Issued
WAu Consulting · Wendy Wing Yee Au (Wendy Au) Vancouver 2018-05-03 Issued
Canada Ryugaku Compass · Canada Japan Consulting Services Ltd 602 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#403, Vancouver 2018-04-30 Issued
Rhombic Consulting Group Inc Vancouver 2018-04-27 Issued
Westoby Consulting · Philip Scott Westoby (Philip Westoby) Vancouver 2018-04-27 Issued
Corry and Company Communications Consulting · John Charles Corry (John Corry) Vancouver 2018-04-24 Issued
Seero Engineering Consulting Ltd 1285 W BROADWAY, Unit#600, Vancouver 2018-04-24 Issued
Calle Johnson Consulting Inc 250 HOWE ST, Unit#1400, Vancouver 2018-04-24 Issued
Omni Hazmat Consulting Inc Burnaby 2018-04-23 Issued
SubTerra Consulting · Sarah M Conolly (Sarah Conolly) Vancouver 2018-04-23 Issued
Cascadia Strategy Consulting Partners Ltd Vancouver 2018-04-20 Issued
Tobias Hoggard Consulting · Tobias Ash Hoggard (Tobias Hoggard) Vancouver 2018-04-19 Issued
The TIR Consulting Group LLC Bethesda 2018-04-18 Issued
Baby Buona Notte - Pediatric Sleep Consulting · Valentina Marco Vancouver 2018-04-18 Issued
Advanced Legal Consulting · Margaret Emily Stuart (Margaret Stuart) Vancouver 2018-04-18 Issued
Shang Capital Consulting Corp 88 W PENDER ST, Unit#1157, Vancouver 2018-04-17 Issued
ITK Consulting Incorporated 1055 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#300, Vancouver 2018-04-16 Issued
Dakwin Consulting Ltd Vancouver 2018-04-13 Issued
Rolex Boutique · Swiss Consulting Management Ltd 1119 ALBERNI ST, Vancouver 2018-04-12 Issued
Cyberedge IT Consulting · Cyberedge IT Consulting Inc Vancouver 2018-04-12 Issued
First Light Consulting · Paul W Cottle (Paul Cottle) Vancouver 2018-04-11 Issued
Elirons International Consulting Inc 1040 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#1870, Vancouver 2018-04-10 Issued
Tri-Can Consulting · Tri-Can Consulting Ltd 5118 JOYCE ST, Unit#300, Vancouver 2018-04-06 Issued
Arctic Wolf Consulting Group Inc Vancouver 2018-04-06 Issued
Terra Firma Consulting Inc Vancouver 2018-04-05 Issued
JSK Recruitment & Immigration Consulting Corp 88 W PENDER ST, Unit#2099, Vancouver 2018-04-05 Issued
Westcoast International Education Consulting In Canada Ltd 402 W PENDER ST, Unit#216, Vancouver 2018-04-04 Issued
Westcoast International Education Consulting In Canada Ltd 402 W PENDER ST, Unit#216, Vancouver 2018-04-04 Issued
WBM Canada Consulting Engineers Inc 611 ALEXANDER ST, Unit#412, Vancouver 2018-03-28 Gone Out of Business
Daniel Rotman Consulting · Daniel Rotman Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
JMA Health And Safety Consulting Ltd Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
PM4HCM Consulting Inc 989 NELSON ST, Unit#1107, Vancouver 2018-03-25 Issued
Golden Gate Property Consulting · Pavel Kral Vancouver 2018-03-24 Issued
Waves Coffee · Daojing Financial Consulting Ltd 900 HOWE ST, Unit#100, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Wen Immigration Consulting · Wen Zhao 5118 JOYCE ST, Unit#300, Vancouver 2018-03-21 Issued
Saftonhouse Consulting Group Inc Vancouver 2018-03-20 Issued
Ease Immigration Consulting · Chuo Sha Ye (Chuo Sha Ye) Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
MMK Consulting Inc 701 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#1500, Vancouver 2018-03-16 Issued
Lucid Accent Consulting · Kristopher J C Wan (Kristopher Wan) Burnaby 2018-03-13 Issued