Vancouver Business Licence

Jurisdiction: Vancouver, BC
Source: City of Vancouver, Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date Status
Building Balance Consulting Inc 4540 JAMES ST, Vancouver 2017-11-17 Issued
Manoush'eh · Ziad Haddad Food & Beverage Consulting Inc 620 DAVIE ST, Vancouver 2017-11-15 Issued
Starshine International Consulting Ltd 51 E 64TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-01 Issued
Biotech Consulting Services · Mark J Nonni (Mark Nonni) 583 BEACH CRESCENT, Unit#1006, Vancouver 2017-10-31 Issued
Mycana Travel Consulting Services · Mika Yamada 8777 MONTCALM ST, Unit#301, Vancouver 2017-10-27 Issued
Albor Pacific Business & Consulting Ltd 3086 W 2ND AV, Vancouver 2017-10-26 Issued
Syncline IT Consulting Inc 1650 W 7TH AV, Unit#901, Vancouver 2017-10-25 Issued
Faye White Consulting · Faye White Consulting Inc 3065 HEATHER ST, Unit#302, Vancouver 2017-10-24 Issued
Vandev Consulting Limited 1200 W 73RD AV, Unit#910, Vancouver 2017-10-20 Issued
Tao Interiors Design Consulting · John Charles Roderick Bland & Shima-Sadat Alavi-Fard 939 EXPO BOULEVARD, Unit#609, Vancouver 2017-10-19 Issued
IMMI Canada Immigration Consulting Ltd 409 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#1350, Vancouver 2017-10-18 Issued
GWM Consulting · Belinda LeBlanc 4705 LANARK ST, Vancouver 2017-10-18 Issued
WMN Collaborative Consulting CCC Inc 188 KEEFER ST, Unit#1702, Vancouver 2017-10-18 Issued
Lopez West Consulting · Morgan Meredith 1420 W 11TH AV, Unit#706, Vancouver 2017-10-17 Issued
Matchbox · Matchbox Consulting Group Inc 1090 W PENDER ST, Unit#801, Vancouver 2017-10-16 Issued
Lee Education Consulting · Young Cho Lee (Young Lee) 833 SEYMOUR ST, Unit#3803, Vancouver 2017-10-11 Issued
One Stop Healthcare Consulting Inc 5118 JOYCE ST, Unit#300, Vancouver 2017-10-11 Issued
Very Small Transistors Consulting · Martin Hans 3060 E 7TH AV, Vancouver 2017-10-11 Issued
Pathfinder Coaching and Consulting · William Bruce Sandy (William Sandy) 29 Ravine Drive, Port Moody 2017-10-05 Issued
Food & Beverage Consulting · Fabrizio Busso 250 E 6TH AV, Unit#469, Vancouver 2017-10-05 Issued
Croft & Barow Consulting Inc 1111 MELVILLE ST, Unit#602, Vancouver 2017-10-04 Issued
Radical Labs Consulting · 1134397 BC Ltd 501 PACIFIC ST, Unit#2410, Vancouver 2017-10-04 Issued
TLC Consulting · Tallie Lynn Thompson (Tallie Thompson) 1480 ARBUTUS ST, Unit#23, Vancouver 2017-10-04 Issued
Dream Destination Immigration Consulting Services Co · Tien Van Huynh (Tien Huynh) 2947 KINGSWAY, Unit#1, Vancouver 2017-09-29 Issued
FNS Consulting Inc 545 E 47TH AV, Vancouver 2017-09-28 Issued
Lynda Gerty Coaching and Consulting · Lynda Gerty 1420 E 8TH AV, Unit#209, Vancouver 2017-09-28 Issued
Jasmine McMurray Counselling & Consulting · Jasmine Diane McMurray (Jasmine McMurray) 1285 W BROADWAY, Unit#640, Vancouver 2017-09-27 Issued
CGME Consulting Limited 505 BURRARD ST, Unit#660, Vancouver 2017-09-26 Issued
Yoneda & Associates · LWL Consulting Engineers Ltd 1140 W PENDER ST, Unit#720, Vancouver 2017-09-25 Issued
Shane Decker Consulting · Shane Decker & Colin Urquhart 1051 BROUGHTON ST, Unit#1501, Vancouver 2017-09-22 Issued
Encarnacion Immigration Consulting · Ramon Encarnacion 470 KINGSWAY, Unit#107, Vancouver 2017-09-21 Issued
Perennity Consulting Ltd 2228 W BROADWAY, Unit#406, Vancouver 2017-09-20 Issued
Zavosh Consulting Inc 1909 W BROADWAY, Vancouver 2017-09-20 Issued
Jackie Peat Consulting · Jackie Peat 2950 FRASER ST, Vancouver 2017-09-20 Cancelled
PBL Consulting Ltd 3075 WILLOW ST, Unit#302, Vancouver 2017-09-18 Issued
Brad Steyn Counselling & Consulting · Bradly Brink Steyn (Bradly Steyn) 355 BURRARD ST, Vancouver 2017-09-15 Issued
MAM Consulting Ltd 3223 W 5TH AV, Vancouver 2017-09-15 Issued
Terra Firma Consulting Inc 4800 Trimaran Dr, Unit#64, Richmond 2017-09-12 Issued
VeriCare Training · Terra Firma Consulting Inc 4800 Trimaran Dr, Unit#64, Richmond 2017-09-12 Issued
SSM Global Education Consulting Ltd 3540 W 41ST AV, Unit#103, Vancouver 2017-09-08 Issued
Arcom Consulting Ltd 2115 W 57TH AV, Vancouver 2017-09-06 Issued
Zoom Consulting Ltd 2743 W 1ST AV, Vancouver 2017-09-02 Issued
ILSC Consulting Service Canada · 0990465 BC Ltd 555 RICHARDS ST, Vancouver 2017-09-01 Issued
Howell Academics · P Howell Consulting Ltd 1892 W BROADWAY, Unit#200, Vancouver 2017-08-30 Issued
Via Counselling and Consulting · Sharareh Wood 3665 KINGSWAY, Unit#300, Vancouver 2017-08-29 Issued
Kahui Tautoko Consulting (Canada) Ltd 717 JERVIS ST, Unit#2601, Vancouver 2017-08-28 Issued
Renplan Consulting · Renplan Consulting Incorporated 4381 ROSS ST, Vancouver 2017-08-25 Issued
Arcus Consulting Ltd 1200 W 73RD AV, Unit#120, Vancouver 2017-08-24 Issued
Caffe Cittadella · Perun Consulting Group Ltd 2310 ASH ST, Vancouver 2017-08-23 Gone Out of Busi
Western Global Consulting Inc 555 W 12TH AV, Unit#475, Vancouver 2017-08-23 Issued
Integra Medical Consulting · Integra Medical Consulting Inc 1111 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#730, Vancouver 2017-08-22 Issued
Rainbow International Education Consulting Ltd 5777 BIrney Ave, Unit#412, Vancouver 2017-08-18 Issued
Boullard Consulting · Theresa Boullard 1855 BALSAM ST, Unit#107, Vancouver 2017-08-17 Issued
CCEM Consulting Ltd 1199 W PENDER ST, Unit#368, Vancouver 2017-08-16 Issued
Adriana Lopez Consulting Services · Adriana Hansen 2168 W 13TH AV, Vancouver 2017-08-14 Issued
Clara Lai Consulting · Sunya Maryke Lai Thom (Sunya Thom) 4372 FRASER ST, Unit#PH2, Vancouver 2017-08-08 Issued
EBC Evan Brown Consulting Ltd 5511 WEST BOULEVARD, Unit#218, Vancouver 2017-08-08 Issued
J&M Capital & J&M Consulting · Makowsky Enterprises Ltd 701 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#1500, Vancouver 2017-08-02 Issued
CREX Consulting Group Inc 938 HOWE ST, Unit#709, Vancouver 2017-08-01 Issued
Sarah Atkinson Psychotherapy & Consulting Services · Sarah V Atkinson (Sarah Atkinson) 2628 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#220, Vancouver 2017-07-27 Issued
Jason Fidelity Consulting Ltd 5745 Dalhousie Road, Unit#623, Vancouver 2017-07-26 Issued
Rebecca Rauscher Counselling & Consulting · Rebecca Anne Rauscher (Rebecca Rauscher) 2628 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#210, Vancouver 2017-07-14 Issued
Omni Hazmat Consulting Inc 6322 Broadway, Burnaby 2017-07-11 Issued
First Key Consulting Inc 1066 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#1850, Vancouver 2017-07-11 Issued
World-Wise Immigration Consulting Ltd 3588 CROWLEY DRIVE, Unit#1702, Vancouver 2017-07-06 Issued
AWQS Consulting · Adrian Walsh 2617 W 12TH AV, Vancouver 2017-07-06 Issued
Granted Consulting Inc 8278 MANITOBA ST, Vancouver 2017-06-30 Issued
Aldoma Consulting · Vesna Markovina 1288 W CORDOVA ST, Unit#1603, Vancouver 2017-06-30 Issued
Trueline Power and Consulting Ltd 8661 201 St, Floor#2nd, Langley 2017-06-28 Issued
Sunlynn Consulting Ltd 3665 KINGSWAY, Unit#300, Vancouver 2017-06-27 Issued
Wadsley Consulting · Nicholas David Michael Wadsley (Nicholas Wadsley) 2543 BALACLAVA ST, Vancouver 2017-06-20 Issued
Caroline Neufeld Consulting · Caroline Neufeld 568 KEEFER ST, Vancouver 2017-06-12 Issued
CONIMEX Trade Consulting · Seyed Shojaei 1705 Esquimalt Ave, Unit#1552, West Vancouver 2017-06-09 Issued
Can Won Consulting Ltd 15763 96 Av, Surrey 2017-06-08 Issued
Pacific Forward Living And Leisure Consulting Canada Ltd 2180 W 38TH AV, Unit#902, Vancouver 2017-06-07 Issued
Jaydon Chinese Art Consulting Ltd 1091 HORNBY ST, Vancouver 2017-06-07 Issued
VSTAR International · VSTAR International Consulting Inc 625 HOWE ST, Unit#250, Vancouver 2017-06-05 Issued
Compassionate Minds Counselling & Consulting · Julia Ying Qi Cheung-Li (Julia Cheung-Li) 470 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#236, Vancouver 2017-06-02 Issued
Liqun Wang Consulting Inc 422 RICHARDS ST, Unit#300, Vancouver 2017-06-02 Issued
mQ Consulting · MQ Consulting and Business Training Inc 1445 MARPOLE AV, Unit#123, Vancouver 2017-05-31 Issued
Joanne Shum Consulting Inc 88 W 1ST AV, Unit#206, Vancouver 2017-05-31 Issued
Alice Toal Consulting Corporation 889 W 7TH AV, Unit#311, Vancouver 2017-05-31 Issued
Jenna Cooke Consulting · Jenna Michelle Cooke (Jenna Cooke) 1537 BURNABY ST, Unit#12, Vancouver 2017-05-31 Issued
C.L.I Consulting · Clinton Lomax 1755 HARO ST, Unit#903, Vancouver 2017-05-29 Issued
FTA International Consulting Corp 3247 NAPIER ST, Vancouver 2017-05-29 Issued
Progression Consulting · Pai Wen Alice Shih (Alice Shih) 1395 BEACH AV, Unit#1001, Vancouver 2017-05-26 Issued
CrossFit Uncivilized · Rethink Fitness Consulting Inc 2970 W BROADWAY, Vancouver 2017-05-26 Issued
Purely CRM Consulting Inc 1290 HOMER ST, Unit#200, Vancouver 2017-05-26 Issued
Wilson Security Consulting Limited 2017-05-19 Issued
ERS Consulting Inc 412 E 38TH AV, Vancouver 2017-05-19 Issued
Eric Chene Consulting · Eric Chene Consulting Ltd 2833 E 40TH AV, Vancouver 2017-05-19 Issued
Lee's Investment Consulting · Young Cho Lee (Young Lee) 833 SEYMOUR ST, Unit#3803, Vancouver 2017-05-19 Issued
Petrine Consulting · Frances Maria Picherack (Frances Picherack) 1005 BEACH AV, Unit#1802, Vancouver 2017-05-16 Issued
Westoby Consulting · Philip Scott Westoby (Philip Westoby) 189 KEEFER ST, Unit#212, Vancouver 2017-05-16 Issued
Kaizen Consulting Services Inc 1168 HAMILTON ST, Unit#200, Vancouver 2017-05-12 Issued
EY Consulting Group Ltd 3525 CAMBRIDGE ST, Vancouver 2017-05-12 Issued
Antiquity Environmental Consulting Ltd 8661 201 St, Langley 2017-05-10 Issued
BJP Consulting · Bradley Peters 850 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#211, Vancouver 2017-05-10 Issued
Pacific West HSE Consulting · Peter R Van Bakel (Peter Van Bakel) 1155 BEACH AV, Unit#1505, Vancouver 2017-05-04 Inactive
MORR Transportation Consulting Ltd 1465 Buffalo Place, Unit#202, Winnipeg 2017-04-27 Issued