Vancouver Business Licence

Jurisdiction: City of Vancouver, BC
Source: Vancouver, Community Services Group - Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date Status
P Murray Contractors Ltd 1124 Lonsdale Ave, Unit#1139, North Vancouver 2018-03-20 Issued
Ocean Pacific Contractors Ltd 2616 St Gallen Way, Abbotsford 2018-03-15 Issued
Trinity Builders and General Contractors, ULC One Jewel Dr, Unit#322, Wilmington 2018-03-14 Issued
Hi-Beam Contractors Ltd 7235 FRASER ST, Vancouver 2018-03-06 Issued
Compro Commercial Contractors · 0824843 BC Ltd 7954 Finch Terrace, Mission 2018-03-02 Issued
RenoPro · RenoPro Contractors Inc 19889 96th Ave, Unit#15, Langley 2018-02-16 Issued
Westmark Mechanical Contractors Inc 4634 Clovelly Walk, West Vancouver 2018-02-15 Issued
KP Contractors Inc 7809 VICTORIA DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-02-14 Issued
PGP Contractors Ltd 5450 ALBERTA ST, Vancouver 2018-02-09 Issued
Horizon Landscape Contractors · Dougherty Investments Ltd 4104 232 Street, Langley 2018-02-07 Issued
Compro Commercial Contractors · 0824843 BC Ltd 7954 Finch Terrace, Mission 2018-02-02 Issued
KBE · KBE Electrical Contractors Inc 1430 Hope Rd, North Vancouver 2018-02-02 Issued
Trademark Electrical Contractors Inc 24235 55th Av, Langley 2018-01-31 Issued
Pacific Integrated Contractors Inc 1646 156A Street, Surrey 2018-01-25 Issued
The Bertling Group Electrical Contractors Inc 1610 PANDORA ST, Unit#101, Vancouver 2018-01-25 Issued
O Diomasach Plastering Contractor · Ian Gerard Dempsey (Ian Dempsey) 791 W KING EDWARD AV, Vancouver 2018-01-24 Issued
JJB General Contractor's · JJB General Contractor's Ltd 5315 TAUNTON ST, Vancouver 2018-01-23 Issued
Calabria Concrete Contractors Ltd 2750 E 1ST AV, Vancouver 2018-01-22 Issued
Charlie and Sons Contractor Ltd 3543 PRICE ST, Vancouver 2018-01-20 Issued
MDE Electrical Mechanical Contractors · MDE Enterprises Ltd 3947 Graveley St, Burnaby 2018-01-19 Issued
Ellis Design And General Contractors · Hubert George Ellis (Hubert Ellis) 341 Boyne St, New Westminster 2018-01-13 Issued
Great Wall Contractor · Guo Yi Cao (Guo Cao) 2481 E 4th Av, Vancouver 2018-01-10 Issued
Wynn's Electrical Contractors Ltd 6460 Steele Ct, Richmond 2018-01-08 Issued
Fusion Mechanical Plumbing Contractor Ltd 985 E 22nd Av, Vancouver 2018-01-07 Issued
The Little Contractor · Steven Lloyd Seaborn (Steven Seaborn) 5440 Cathay Rd, Richmond 2018-01-04 Issued
Shing Fai Contractor Limitd 895 Dollarton Hwy N, North Vancouver 2018-01-04 Issued
Turner Bros Contractors Ltd 2793 208th St, Langley 2018-01-02 Issued
Sunlight Construction Contractor Ltd 3017 Plateau Blvd, Coquitlam 2018-01-02 Issued
Bill Barker General Contractor · William Barker 1780 VERNON DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-01-02 Issued
Expo Tile Contractor · Tammy Tran 2250 E 40TH AV, Vancouver 2017-12-30 Issued
G Trasolini Contractors Ltd 908 Sherwood Av, Coquitlam 2017-12-29 Issued
Vimta Contractors Inc 7795 115 St, Delta 2017-12-29 Issued
Aikam Electrical Contractors Ltd 1154 Wilson Cres, Squamish 2017-12-24 Issued
Cambie Roofing Contractors Ltd 1367 E KENT AV NORTH, Vancouver 2017-12-20 Issued
Cambie Roofing Contractors Ltd 1367 E KENT AV NORTH, Vancouver 2017-12-20 Issued
EC Contractors Inc 28371 Donnes Road, Abbotsford 2017-12-19 Issued
Glastech Glazing Contractors Ltd 1613 Kebet Way, Port Coquitlam 2017-12-19 Issued
BCA Contractors Ltd 3542 PRICE ST, Vancouver 2017-12-19 Issued
A & B Rail Contractors Ltd 2560 Simpson Rd, Unit#202, Richmond 2017-12-18 Issued
Safebridge Contractors Ltd 831 E 26TH AV, Vancouver 2017-12-16 Issued
Faraday Electrical Contractors Ltd 5502 224th St, Langley 2017-12-12 Issued
Rebco Electrical Contractors Ltd 1192 PREMIER ST, North Vancouver 2017-12-12 Issued
MDE Electrical Mechanical Contractors · MDE Enterprises Ltd 3947 Graveley St, Burnaby 2017-12-12 Issued
JG Custom Home Builder + Contractor · Gurminder S Grewal (Gurminder Grewal) 4975 59A St, Ladner 2017-12-11 Issued
Lisi Mechanical Contractors Ltd 573 Sherling Pl, Unit#1155, Port Coquitlam 2017-12-11 Issued
P T General Contractors Ltd 505 Schoolhouse St, Coquitlam 2017-12-07 Issued
Samco General Contractors Ltd 62647 Dawson St, Burnaby 2017-12-07 Issued
J W Freeman Painting Contractors Ltd 9386 156th St, Surrey 2017-12-07 Issued
Titan Security Contractors · J7 Security Solutions Ltd 2529 Shaughness St, Unit#41045, Port Coquitlam 2017-12-06 Issued
Hi-Beam Contractors Ltd 7235 FRASER ST, Vancouver 2017-12-06 Inactive
Berto Contractors Ltd 5271 Regent Street, Burnaby 2017-12-04 Issued
Iko Ankaar Contractor Limited 2842 E 54TH AV, Vancouver 2017-12-04 Issued
Traugott Building Contractors Inc 1520 RAND AV, Unit#103, Vancouver 2017-12-04 Issued
Vancouver Tim's Electrical Contractor · Che Tim Chan (Che Chan) 3126 E GEORGIA ST, Vancouver 2017-12-04 Issued
Pedre Contractors Ltd 26620 56th Ave, Unit#101, Langley 2017-12-01 Issued
Naidus Contractor · Ganga Raju Naidu (Ganga Naidu) 3683 E 29TH AV, Vancouver 2017-12-01 Issued
Ocean Labour Contractor Ltd 2812 E 49TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-26 Issued
R-Tech Metal Forming Contractor · Angelita Cruz Rivera (Angelita Rivera) 586 E 57TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Luo Contractor Ltd 3065 E 3RD AV, Vancouver 2017-11-21 Issued
Binny Lin Contractor · Sheng Bin Lin (Sheng Lin) 3436 E 24TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-21 Issued
K & T Tile Contractor Ltd 2677 E 40TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-21 Issued
Glass & Glazing Contractor · Eagon Windows & Doors Canada Co Ltd 999 CANADA PLACE, Unit#404, Vancouver 2017-11-17 Issued
Garibaldi Electrical Contractors Ltd 41520 Government Road, Squamish 2017-11-15 Issued
Vancouver General Contractors · VGC Vancouver General Contractors Inc 3689 E 1ST AV, Unit#220, Vancouver 2017-11-15 Issued
Pacific Northern Rail Contractors Corp 2595 Deacon St, Abbotsford 2017-11-14 Issued
Wespac Electrical Contractor Ltd 106 Blue Mountain St, Coquitlam 2017-11-14 Issued
Bhandal Contractors (2011) Inc 2369 E 41ST AV, Vancouver 2017-11-14 Issued
Madesin General Contractors · Marjan Misiurak 1120 Eglinton Av East, Mississauga 2017-11-13 Issued
O S General Contractor · Manuel Oscar Da Silva (Manuel Da Silva) 4148 Kaslo St, Vancouver 2017-11-13 Issued
Hing-Sui Contractor · Hing Sui Cheung & Li Xia Yang 1711 E 59TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-13 Issued
Paul Lee Contractor · Paul Lee 15163 91A Av, Surrey Pending
Canafornia General Contractors Ltd 7131 Petts Rd, Richmond Pending
G & G Contractors · Georgios Mentizis 6840 Imperial St, Burnaby Pending
Newstar Contractor · Quoc Phu Pham (Quoc Pham) 11842 80th Ave, Delta Pending
Tri Brothers · Tri-Brothers General Contractors Incorporated 4759 Mapleridge Dr, North Vancouver Pending
Rick Watson Contractor · Richard Allen Watson (Richard Watson) 245 Francis Way, Unit#2, New Westminster Pending
Bison Pacific Contractors Ltd 1101 Edinburgh St, New Westminster Pending
Antonio General Contractors Ltd 9664 120th St, Surrey Pending
Hallmark Electrical Contractors · Manjit Johal 10170 129 Street, Surrey Pending
Sangran Electrical Contractor Ltd 8166 128th St, Unit#127, Surrey Pending
Anxing Electrical Contractor · Chao Huang 620 7th Ave, Unit#504, New Westminster Pending
Lehmor Electrical Contractors Ltd 15272 19th Av, Unit#206, Surrey Gone Out of Busi
RWJ & Co Electrical Contractors · Robert Jones 109 Wallis St, Parksville Pending
E & G Contractors · Wai Ming Fan (Wai Fan) 6930 Kitchener St, Burnaby Pending
E & G Contractors · Wai Ming Fan (Wai Fan) 6930 Kitchener St, Burnaby Pending
Jamieson Mechanical Contractors · James Fry 1249 Plymouth Crescent, Port Coquitlam Pending
SIA Mechanical Contractors 13288 89A Ave, Surrey Pending
Rowley Bros Electrical Contractors · William Jason Rowley (William Rowley) 4500 W Water Dr, Unit#414, Richmond Gone Out of Busi
Oasis Contracting · Van-1 Building Contractor Ltd 7415 INVERNESS ST, Vancouver Pending
MFFC Contractor Ltd 3289 E 45TH AV, Vancouver Pending
Nicole Reader Contractors · Nicole Reader 2228 WILLOW ST, Vancouver Pending
Penacho Contractors · Juan Carlos Manriquez Ahuatzin & Mariana Guillermina Gomez Hinojosa 2575 WINDSOR ST, Unit#305, Vancouver Pending
Chew Yeung Tile Contractor · Si Zhuo Li (Si Lee) 2215 QUALICUM DRIVE, Vancouver Pending
Limestone City Contractors Ltd 950 CAMBIE ST, Unit#1403, Vancouver Pending
RBG Electrical Contractor & Services · Romeo Gelera 4705 EARLES ST, Vancouver Gone Out of Busi
Oscar Giron General Contractor · Oscar Mauricio Giron (Oscar Giron) 423 SE MARINE DRIVE, Vancouver Pending
Naidus Contractor · Ganga Naidu 2858 Euclid Av, Vancouver 2016-12-06 Issued
Trinity Builders and General Contractors ULC One Jewel Dr, Unit#322, Wilmington 2016-11-27 Issued
Fred Thompson Contractors (1991) Ltd 7379 Gilley Av, Burnaby Gone Out of Busi
Trainor Mechanical Contractors Ltd 510 Latimer St, Nelson Cancelled