Vancouver Business Licence

Jurisdiction: City of Vancouver, BC
Source: Vancouver, Community Services Group - Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date Status
Dr Adrian Dental Corp 1788 COLUMBIA ST, Unit#1008, Vancouver 2018-08-13 Issued
Moss Dental Studio · Dr Neri Moss Inc 3668 W BROADWAY, Vancouver 2018-06-15 Issued
Solace Dental Centre · Dr Kay-Wan Aminzadeh Inc 1762 W BROADWAY, Vancouver 2018-06-08 Issued
All Smiles Dental Studio · Rie Ozaki 1037 W BROADWAY, Unit#206, Vancouver 2018-05-31 Issued
Larch Dental Center · Dr Kan Sang Inc 2488 W 41ST AV, Vancouver 2018-04-25 Issued
Enhance Dental Centre · Dr V Pazhoh Inc 2219 W BROADWAY, Vancouver 2018-04-17 Issued
Slocan Dental · Dr Jason Ma Inc 2732 E HASTINGS ST, Unit#101, Vancouver 2018-03-12 Issued
Pacific Dental Temps Ltd Burnaby 2018-03-02 Issued
Brush Dental Clinic · Dr Victoria Wong Incorporated 1861 RENFREW ST, Vancouver 2018-03-02 Issued
AARM Dental Group at Coal Harbour · Beach Avenue Dental Group Ltd 1560 Coal Harbour Quay, Vancouver 2018-02-27 Issued
Arbutus North Dental Centre · Dr Florence Lockhart Inc 1926 W 4TH AV, Unit#202, Vancouver 2018-02-23 Issued
Inliant Dental Technologies Inc 1758 W 8TH AV, Vancouver 2018-02-22 Issued
Royal Centre Dental Group · Dr Ken Phillips Inc 1055 W Georgia St, Unit#210, Vancouver 2018-02-21 Issued
Dental Fix Rx · 0958969 BC Ltd Vancouver 2018-02-16 Issued
Broadway Dental · Dr Katayoun Shayesteh Inc 777 W BROADWAY, Unit#700, Vancouver 2018-02-15 Issued
The Art of Smile Dental Clinic · 0930530 BC Ltd 1437 W PENDER ST, Vancouver 2018-02-14 Issued
City Square Dental Centre · Drs. Potluri Sadeghi Sooch & Appoo Inc 555 W 12TH AV, Unit#5, Vancouver 2018-02-14 Issued
Little Smiles Dental Centre · Dr J Ban Inc 3770 W 10TH AV, Vancouver 2018-02-09 Issued
Able Dental Lab Ltd 5887 VICTORIA DRIVE, Unit#201, Vancouver 2018-02-09 Issued
Dental Clinic at Robson · Dr Leslie Wong Inc 1525 Robson St, Unit#301, Vancouver 2018-02-08 Issued
Acute Dental Clinic · Dr A Kalirai Inc 6325 FRASER ST, Unit#208, Vancouver 2018-02-08 Issued
LoveMySmile Dental · Dr Angel Chen Inc 8307 OAK ST, Vancouver 2018-02-08 Issued
Little Mountain Dental Centre · Dr. P. H. Wu Inc 4480 MAIN ST, Vancouver 2018-02-08 Issued
Advanced BC Dental Diagnostic Inc 3665 KINGSWAY, Unit#211, Vancouver 2018-02-07 Issued
Fifth Avenue Dental Centre · Dr David A Monaghan Inc 1808 W 5th, Vancouver 2018-02-06 Issued
La Vita Dental Centre · Dr Amin Shivji (Amin Shivji) 2259 W 4TH AV, Vancouver 2018-02-06 Issued
Kits Family Dental · Drs. Mak & Iwagami Inc 2223 W BROADWAY, Unit#209, Vancouver 2018-02-05 Issued
AARM Dental Group · Dr Giovanna D'Alfonso Inc 1270 HORNBY ST, Vancouver 2018-02-01 Issued
Dr. Sandy Y Ko Dental Corporation 6977 VICTORIA DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-02-01 Issued
AARM Dental Group on Beach Ave · Dr Geoffrey Dice Inc 1000 BEACH AV, Unit#112, Vancouver 2018-01-30 Issued
Aqua Blue Dental · Dr Reza Entezarion Inc 111 W BROADWAY, Unit#7, Vancouver 2018-01-29 Issued
Ace Dental · Dr Reza Rahgozar Inc 3185 MAIN ST, Vancouver 2018-01-26 Issued
Vancouver Dental Specialists Clinic · Dr Aly B Kanani Inc 1128 HORNBY ST, Unit#109, Vancouver 2018-01-26 Issued
Protec Dental Laboratories Ltd 1880 ONTARIO ST, Vancouver 2018-01-19 Issued
Mount Pleasant Dental Group · Dr Vinay K Dhir Inc 611 E BROADWAY, Vancouver 2018-01-17 Issued
Kingsway Knight Dental Centre · Dr Renzuo Liu Inc 1379 KINGSWAY, Vancouver 2018-01-15 Issued
Dr Philip Kim Dental Corporation 650 W 41ST AV, Unit#S318, Vancouver 2018-01-12 Issued
Jamina Dental Laboratories Ltd 805 W Broadway, Suite#1704, Vancouver 2018-01-09 Issued
Fourth Avenue Dental Clinic · Nishant Goswami 1905 W 4TH AV, Vancouver 2018-01-09 Issued
Ace Dental · Dr R Rahgozar Inc 898 BEACH AV, Vancouver 2018-01-08 Issued
Pioneer Dental Ceramics Inc 3665 KINGSWAY, Unit#228, Vancouver 2018-01-08 Issued
S M Dental Ceramics Ltd 2495 Commercial Drive, Unit#1, Vancouver 2018-01-08 Issued
Frontier Dental Laboratories Ltd 325 W 6TH AV, Vancouver 2018-01-08 Issued
Granville Station Dental · DCC Health Services Inc 678 DUNSMUIR ST, Unit#70, Vancouver 2018-01-05 Issued
South Granville Dental Clinic · Varjan Mensurian 1530 W 7th Av, Floor#2nd, Vancouver 2018-01-03 Issued
New Occidental Education & Technology Group Ltd 1040 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#1500, Vancouver 2018-01-03 Issued
Allstar Dental · Allstar Dental Laboratories Ltd 141 E 7TH AV, Vancouver 2018-01-02 Issued
Eastpointe Dental Centre · Dr Rosemary A Chang Inc 1240 Kingsway, Vancouver 2017-12-30 Issued
Monalisa Dental Centre · Dr Fouad Alethawy Inc 2866 W 4TH AV, Vancouver 2017-12-30 Issued
Dr. Tsai & Dr. Chu Dental Corporation 5763 BALSAM ST, Vancouver 2017-12-29 Issued
Accura Dental Laboratory · Jubilee Dental Laboratory Ltd 550 W BROADWAY, Unit#545, Vancouver 2017-12-29 Issued
Dr Larry Podolsky Dental Corporation 1128 HORNBY ST, Unit#109, Vancouver 2017-12-28 Issued
Dr. K. Kim's Dental Office · Dr K Kim Inc 5780 CAMBIE ST, Unit#270, Vancouver 2017-12-27 Issued
Integral Dental Lab Ltd 805 W BROADWAY, Unit#1402, Vancouver 2017-12-27 Issued
Artisan Dental Laboratories · Hyun Dental Ltd 805 W Broadway, Unit#907, Vancouver 2017-12-25 Issued
M2 Dental · Dr Mahtab Dehghani Inc 323 JERVIS ST, Unit#40 & 50, Vancouver 2017-12-24 Issued
Technident Dental Lab · S & Lee Enterprises Inc 3540 W 41ST AV, Unit#100, Vancouver 2017-12-22 Issued
PDG Pediatric Dental Group Inc 650 W 41ST AV, Unit#S200, Vancouver 2017-12-22 Issued
Hea Dental Laboratory · Chun Kwong Ma (Chun Ma) 2735 E Hastings, Unit#208, Vancouver 2017-12-22 Issued
Crosstown Dental · Crosstown Dental Clinic Inc 615 MAIN ST, Vancouver 2017-12-21 Issued
Unix Dental Lab Ltd 2184 W BROADWAY, Unit#1, Vancouver 2017-12-21 Issued
Excel Dental Lab Sources · Sarah Grunberg 1627 W 2ND AV, Vancouver 2017-12-20 Issued
Larch Dental Center · Dr Jack G Wong Inc 2488 W 41ST AV, Vancouver 2017-12-19 Gone Out of Business
Presidio Dental Management Inc 1055 W BROADWAY, Unit#306, Vancouver 2017-12-19 Issued
Arbutus Point Dental Centre · Dr Chris Kan Inc 2696 ARBUTUS ST, Vancouver 2017-12-18 Issued
Dr Josephine Chung Collingwood Dental Centre · Dr Josephine Chung Inc 5617 HAROLD ST, Vancouver 2017-12-18 Issued
Burnaby Dental Laboratory Ltd 2963 RUPERT ST, Vancouver 2017-12-18 Issued
Westech Dental Laboratories Ltd 828 W 8TH AV, Unit#108, Vancouver 2017-12-18 Issued
BBC Dental Labs Ltd 805 W Broadway, Unit#1501, Vancouver 2017-12-18 Issued
Stardental Studio Ltd 805 W BROADWAY, Unit#1501, Vancouver 2017-12-18 Issued
Joyce Station Dental · Dr Andy S F Lam Inc 5258 JOYCE ST, Vancouver 2017-12-18 Issued
Family First Dental · Dr Christine Park Inc 4850 FRASER ST, Vancouver 2017-12-18 Issued
London Dental Laboratory Ltd 2061 E 27th Av, Vancouver 2017-12-15 Issued
Key Dental Clinic West End · Dr K Alavian Inc 1789 DAVIE ST, Unit#202, Vancouver 2017-12-15 Issued
Alcyone Dental Lab Inc 1083 E KENT AV NORTH, Vancouver 2017-12-15 Issued
Unity Dental Lab · Skyline Dental Laboratory Ltd 805 W BROADWAY, Unit#301, Vancouver 2017-12-15 Issued
Pacific Coast Dental Centre · Dr Jett J J Martires Inc 1144 BURRARD ST, Unit#380, Vancouver 2017-12-14 Issued
Daher Orthostyle · Dr Larry Podolsky Dental Corporation 840 W HASTINGS ST, Vancouver 2017-12-13 Issued
Dr Albertina Chan Dental Corporation 1200 BURRARD ST, Unit#1200, Vancouver 2017-12-13 Issued
Aurum Ceramic Dental Laboratories (BC) Inc 1375 BOUNDARY ROAD, Vancouver 2017-12-13 Issued
Denman Place Dental Centre · Dr. Christopher G Mah Inc 1030 DENMAN ST, Unit#107, Vancouver 2017-12-12 Issued
Krystal Dental Hygiene Inc 1864 W 1ST AV, Unit#2, Vancouver 2017-12-12 Issued
Vogue Dental Studio · Uwe Johannes Blaszak & Monika Blaszak 2425 QUEBEC ST, Unit#303A, Vancouver 2017-12-12 Issued
Teamwork Dental Ceramic Laboratory Inc 1128 HORNBY ST, Unit#209, Vancouver 2017-12-11 Issued
AARM Dental Group · James Leland Armstrong (James Armstrong) 917 DENMAN ST, Vancouver 2017-12-11 Issued
Urban Dental Clinic · Dr K Pouraslani 2011 Inc 1070 W BROADWAY, Vancouver 2017-12-11 Issued
Enamel Dental Clinic · Dr. Jesse Ho Inc 1026 MAINLAND ST, Unit#1, Vancouver 2017-12-11 Issued
Aarm Dental Group on Cambie · Cambie & 6th Dental Group Ltd 2180 CAMBIE ST, Vancouver 2017-12-11 Issued
Seymour & Nelson Dental Group Ltd 993 SEYMOUR ST, Vancouver 2017-12-11 Issued
Under The Sea Dental · Dr F Trinh Inc 3401 FRASER ST, Vancouver 2017-12-11 Issued
J&T Dental Lab Ltd 2511 E Hastings, Suite#101, Vancouver 2017-12-11 Issued
Tooth King Dental Lab · Horng's Dental Lab Inc 1557 W BROADWAY, Unit#208, Vancouver 2017-12-11 Issued
The Exceptional Smile · Beach Avenue Dental Group Ltd 1560 Coal Harbour Quay, Vancouver 2017-12-11 Issued
BC Perio Dental Health And Implant Centre · Peter M Munns Inc 777 W BROADWAY, Unit#501, Vancouver 2017-12-08 Issued
Downtown Dental · Shahin Shahrezai Bozorgzadeh (Shahin Bozorgzadeh) 1328 ALBERNI ST, Vancouver 2017-12-08 Gone Out of Business
Atlantis Dental Centre · Shahin Shahrezai Bozorgzadeh (Shahin Bozorgzadeh) 1278 PACIFIC BOULEVARD, Vancouver 2017-12-08 Issued
Wayne Chiang Dental Service · Wing Chiang Vancouver 2017-12-08 Issued
Camgara Dental Group · Shahin Shahrezai Bozorgzadeh (Shahin Bozorgzadeh) 7575 CAMBIE ST, Vancouver 2017-12-08 Issued
Camgara Dental Group · Shahin Shahrezai Bozorgzadeh (Shahin Bozorgzadeh) 7575 CAMBIE ST, Vancouver 2017-12-08 Issued
Alma Dental Centre · Dr Sandeep Sidhu Inc 2083 ALMA ST, Unit#265, Vancouver 2017-12-07 Issued