Vancouver Business Licence

Jurisdiction: Vancouver, BC
Source: City of Vancouver, Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date Status
Interalia Designs · Lucy Russell 30 E 10TH AV, Unit#1002, Vancouver 2017-12-01 Issued
Liza Child Design · Sylvia Elizabeth Child (Sylvia Child) 2036 W 10TH AV, Unit#504, Vancouver 2017-11-29 Issued
Re.De.Fine Renovation Design Lighting · Jose Estevez Fajardo 538 E 26TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-28 Issued
New World Designs · Jenna Kabatoff 434 W HASTINGS ST, Vancouver 2017-11-27 Issued
Iron + Ash Design and Goods · Trevor Eyeford & Justin Cooke 1529 W 75TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-24 Issued
Emily Carr University of Art & Design 520 E 1ST AV, Vancouver 2017-11-16 Inactive
Martin Mobini Design · Andrew Martin 2173 W 6TH AV, Unit#202, Vancouver 2017-11-16 Issued
iGFX Software & Design Agency · Aymen Salim Yaseen (Aymen Yaseen) 1155 W PENDER ST, Unit#708, Vancouver 2017-11-16 Issued
Debut Event Design Inc 1310 E PENDER ST, Vancouver 2017-11-15 Issued
Emergence Design Studio · Leigh Ann Pawliuk 3651 CITY EDGE PLACE, Vancouver 2017-11-09 Issued
Fluff Rentals · Fluff Design & Decor Ltd 1121 WILLIAM ST, Vancouver 2017-11-07 Issued
Pollen Nation Designs Co · Susana Chang 1240 E 11TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-06 Issued
AGL Interior Design · Andres G Lopes (Andre Lopes) 1055 RICHARDS ST, Unit#1009, Vancouver 2017-11-06 Issued
Lovely Flower Design · Sung Sheng Trading Ltd 4364 W 10TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-02 Issued
Sonnen Sloan Design Office · Sonnen Marcella Sloan (Sonnen Sloan) 712 Pine St, Victoria 2017-10-27 Issued
Janaki Larsen Design · Janaki Larsen -Rattray (Janaki Rattray) 17 E 7TH AV, Vancouver 2017-10-26 Issued
Kurtzdesign Inc 388 W 1ST AV, Unit#204, Vancouver 2017-10-24 Issued
Tao Interiors Design Consulting · John Charles Roderick Bland & Shima-Sadat Alavi-Fard 939 EXPO BOULEVARD, Unit#609, Vancouver 2017-10-19 Issued
Rhino Design Inc 5835 Sprott St, Burnaby 2017-10-18 Issued
Colors Interior Design Group Ltd 7749 TEAKWOOD PLACE, Vancouver 2017-10-17 Issued
Alix Arthur Design Inc 2567 W BROADWAY, Vancouver 2017-10-13 Issued
Christine Designs Ltd 807 POWELL ST, Unit#110, Vancouver 2017-10-03 Issued
Phase Designs · Casandra Faith Werner (Casandra Werner) 1328 W PENDER ST, Unit#2103, Vancouver 2017-10-03 Issued
Kenorah Design/Build Ltd 23160 96th Avenue, Unit#105, Fort Langley 2017-09-29 Issued
Versailles Building & Design · Versailles Building & Design Inc 4111 Hastings St, Unit#450, Burnaby 2017-09-27 Issued
Ben's Interior Design Ltd 2848 Nash Dr, Coquitlam 2017-09-26 Issued
CYC Design Corporation 2772 NATAL ST, Vancouver 2017-09-25 Issued
Essential Landscape Design & Installation Limited 11516 272 Street, Maple Ridge 2017-09-21 Issued
Step It Up Design · Stewart Syskakis 2518 BALSAM ST, Vancouver 2017-09-21 Issued
Daniel Choi Design Inc 402 W PENDER ST, Unit#412, Vancouver 2017-09-19 Issued
Hindeleh Engineered Quality Design For Assembly, Manufacturing and Maintenance (Heq-Dfam) Ltd 8775 OSLER ST, Unit#210, Vancouver 2017-09-19 Inactive
Erwan Carof- Graphic Design · Erwan Pol Maurice Carof (Erwan Carof) 749 E 22ND AV, Vancouver 2017-09-19 Issued
Sherwood Design Concepts · Nelson E Holland (Nelson Holland) 2675 ALDER ST, Unit#205, Vancouver 2017-09-18 Issued
Eikcam Design · Grace Lee 965 VERNON DRIVE, Vancouver 2017-09-15 Issued
Ciel Design Lab · Caitlin Lepla 1305 E 18TH AV, Vancouver 2017-09-15 Issued
Giant Union Design Architecture & Planning Ltd 838 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#800, Vancouver 2017-09-12 Issued
Modern Coup Design Studio · Cathy Bich Uyen Trieu (Cathy Trieu) 2017-09-11 Issued
Ditrie Marie Bowie Writing, Editing, Marketing and Design · Ditrie Marie Sanchez (Ditrie Sanchez) 1611 E 3RD AV, Unit#105, Vancouver 2017-09-11 Issued
KBD Kitchens by Design Ltd 238 Fell Av, North Vancouver 2017-09-01 Issued
Jags Project Management · Grand Pacific Construction and Design Consultant Ltd 8600 Cambie Road, Unit#225, Richmond 2017-08-30 Issued
Pico Design & Renovation Ltd 6842 208 St, Langley 2017-08-29 Issued
Crystal Moon Design · Crystal M Moon (Crystal Moon) 2173 W 6TH AV, Unit#104, Vancouver 2017-08-24 Issued
Regenerate · Regenerate Design Building and Maintenance Inc 3602 MARSHALL ST, Vancouver 2017-08-22 Issued
Hudson Interior Design · Shellee O'Leary 1590 W 1ST AV, Unit#610, Vancouver 2017-08-18 Issued
Leafman Landscape Design · Ryan A O'Shea (Ryan O'Shea) 2150 PANDORA ST, Unit#417, Vancouver 2017-08-18 Issued
Amber Sign & Design · Danny Shane Phillips (Danny Phillips) 1104 CLARK DRIVE, Unit#110, Vancouver 2017-08-16 Issued
Amber Sign & Design · Danny Shane Phillips (Danny Phillips) 1104 CLARK DRIVE, Unit#110, Vancouver 2017-08-16 Issued
Greige Designs · Rose Mary Lo (Rose Lo) 43 W 17TH AV, Vancouver 2017-08-16 Issued
Celerity Design · Celerity Engineering Limited 535 W 10TH AV, Unit#1, Vancouver 2017-08-16 Issued
Otic Hair and Beauty Salon · Otic by Andy Hair Design Ltd 7902 GRANVILLE ST, Vancouver 2017-08-15 Issued
Alina's Garden Design & Landscape · Alina Kouneva Tremblay 888 Gauthier Ave, Unit#401, Coquitlam 2017-08-11 Issued
Parker Carpentry Designs · Tony M W Lee (Tony Lee) 2640 Rhum and Eigg Dr, Garibaldi Highlands 2017-08-10 Issued
Rokotype Design Inc 907 BEACH AV, Unit#1201, Vancouver 2017-08-08 Issued
Industrial Design and Production Import Export · Simplex Industries Ltd 2095 E 39TH AV, Vancouver 2017-08-04 Issued
Zwada Design Inc 525 SEYMOUR ST, Unit#814, Vancouver 2017-08-02 Issued
Treetrunk Garden Design · Cleo Dominique Protz (Cleo Protz) 3035 YUKON ST, Unit#1, Vancouver 2017-08-01 Issued
Toko Garden Design · Tamotsu Tongu 522A Clarke Rd, Unit#312, Coquitlam 2017-07-27 Issued
iiStudio Graphic Design · Maggie Yu 2222 CAMBRIDGE ST, Unit#210, Vancouver 2017-07-26 Issued
iiStudio Graphic Design · Cheryl Swan 2137 E 13TH AV, Vancouver 2017-07-26 Issued
Coze Design · Leanne Marie Yee (Leanne Yee) 2017-07-25 Issued
LO Interior Design & Management · Lison Ouellette 7248 KNIGHT ST, Vancouver 2017-07-25 Issued
Inflorescence Design · Gregory Hood & Anne Johannessen 3603 NAPIER ST, Vancouver 2017-07-24 Issued
Tina Presley Designs & Staging · Tina Elizabeth Presley (Tina Presley) 3308 McTavish Crt, Coquitlam 2017-07-21 Issued
Architectural Design Service Alterations & Repairs · Aform Development Inc 1139 W BROADWAY, Unit#1103, Vancouver 2017-07-21 Issued
PEAC Painting And Design · Robert McNarland 1381 Martin St, Unit#301, Whiterock 2017-07-20 Issued
Ecstatic Designs Inc 936 CLARK DRIVE, Vancouver 2017-07-20 Issued
Leckie Studio Architecture + Design Inc 309 W CORDOVA ST, Unit#215, Vancouver 2017-07-20 Issued
Lidi Design + Build · Ferdinand Boyoccan Linobhot (Ferdinand Linobhot) 1650 E 58TH AV, Vancouver 2017-07-19 Issued
Baby's Best Designs Ltd 1868 GLEN DRIVE, Unit#111, Vancouver 2017-07-17 Issued
Pandora Flora Design · Anna-Maria D'Aoust 1825 HARO ST, Unit#207, Vancouver 2017-07-17 Issued
Chloe Angus Design · Chloe Kathleen Angus (Chloe Angus) 45 E 6TH AV, Unit#100, Vancouver 2017-07-11 Issued
Bocci Design & Manufacturing Inc 495 RAILWAY ST, Unit#100, Vancouver 2017-07-11 Issued
Indesigns By Michele · 0996925 BC Ltd 3065 E BROADWAY, Vancouver 2017-07-07 Issued
IM Designs Inc 11967 80th Av, Unit#3301, Delta 2017-07-06 Issued
2 Guys With Knives · PS Food Design Inc 9265 SHAUGHNESSY ST, Vancouver 2017-07-06 Issued
GKY Designs Inc 2770 Nadina Dr, Coquitlam 2017-07-04 Issued
Bloodline Design · David Malcom Bradford Norman (David Norman) 2735 W 20TH AV, Vancouver 2017-07-04 Issued
Establishment Design · Amber Johnson & Jessica Bell 4268 Lozells Av, Unit#110, Burnaby 2017-06-29 Issued
DA Future Studio · DC2W Design Limited 3536 W 41ST AV, Vancouver 2017-06-29 Issued
Elizabeth Skotnicki Design · Elizabeth Skotnicki 1238 SEYMOUR ST, Unit#202, Vancouver 2017-06-28 Issued
Eco Lime Design · Cherryl-Anne M Ayotte (Cherryl-Anne Ayotte) 1790 W 10TH AV, Unit#107, Vancouver 2017-06-27 Issued
Made by Human 2 Designs Inc 1628 W 75TH AV, Vancouver 2017-06-26 Issued
CERO Lighting Design · Cori Elena Ruteage Ortiz (Cori Ruteaga Ortiz) 422 RICHARDS ST, Unit#170, Vancouver 2017-06-26 Issued
Culham Interior Design · Felicia May-Ying Culham (Felicia Culham) 1391 DEVONSHIRE CRESCENT, Vancouver 2017-06-23 Issued
Clima Design Technologies Ltd 1128 Kensal Pl, Unit#307, Coquitlam 2017-06-22 Issued
HB Design Vancouver · Hamid Reza Babaei Asad Ghazvini (Hamid Ghazvini) 1155 Ross Road, Unit#202, North Vancouver 2017-06-22 Issued
Devise Design Inc 275 E 1ST AV, Unit#220, Vancouver 2017-06-22 Issued
Husk Interior Design Limited 1968 E 6TH AV, Vancouver 2017-06-21 Issued
ABK Interior Design · Ashley M Kitchen (Ashley Kitchen) 2230 W 3RD AV, Unit#1, Vancouver 2017-06-20 Issued
Gaile Guevara Interior Design · Gaile Guevara Studio Ltd 55 E CORDOVA ST, Unit#512, Vancouver 2017-06-16 Issued
DLB DESIGN + RENOVATION · David L Brown (David Brown) 1762 DAVIE ST, Unit#302, Vancouver 2017-06-14 Issued
Drayguns Infinite Design · Shayfaye Jadia Baylis (Shayfaye Baylis) 2017-06-13 Issued
Trepp Design Inc 675 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#300, Vancouver 2017-06-12 Issued
Landhouse Design Inc 700 W PENDER ST, Unit#750, Vancouver 2017-06-12 Issued
Be In Harmony Design · Kimberly A Hogan (Kimberly Hogan) 2017-06-09 Issued
Miso Design · Byeongseon Kim 3540 NAPLES WAY, Vancouver 2017-06-09 Issued
Greatview Design & Development Inc 409 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#923, Vancouver 2017-06-07 Issued
Blackcomb Design Automation Inc 555 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#1200, Vancouver 2017-06-05 Issued
Pamela MC Design · Pamela Mota E Cunha De Aparicio (Pamela Aparicio) 5850 LARCH ST, Unit#701, Vancouver 2017-06-03 Issued
Seven Ravens Design · Katrina Keep 2017-05-29 Issued