Vancouver Business Licence

Jurisdiction: City of Vancouver, BC
Source: Vancouver, Community Services Group - Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date Status
bokeh urban design · Kevin D King (Kevin King) Vancouver 2018-08-30 Issued
Pesa Interior Design · Susanna Pesa Vancouver 2018-08-28 Issued
Abadi House Design Ltd Vancouver 2018-08-27 Issued
Twinklebelle Design Inc 366 E KENT AV SOUTH, Unit#104, Vancouver 2018-08-24 Issued
Pierobon Design · Peter John Pierobon (Peter Pierobon) 716 E HASTINGS ST, Vancouver 2018-08-23 Issued
Jute Design & Management Inc Vancouver 2018-08-23 Issued
Wendy Taylor Design · Wendy Taylor Vancouver 2018-08-21 Issued
Fiv Designs · Damion T Farrell (Damion Farrell) Vancouver 2018-08-21 Issued
Rise Outdoor · Rise Outdoor Design Inc Vancouver 2018-08-16 Issued
MABRX · MABRX Design & Development Inc Vancouver 2018-08-10 Issued
iD Design Consulting · ID Design Consulting Ltd 9002 OAK ST, Vancouver 2018-08-09 Issued
Yoshika Design · Yoshika Masujima Vancouver 2018-08-08 Issued
Ugly Renos · MS Projekt By Design Inc Coquitlam 2018-08-07 Issued
S&W Design Group Inc Vancouver 2018-08-07 Issued
Costa Design & Project Management · Scott Dominic Neves (Scott Neves) Vancouver 2018-08-01 Issued
Bloodline Design · David Malcom Bradford Norman (David Norman) Vancouver 2018-08-01 Issued
Studio H Interior Design · Jill Deanne Hintze (Jill Hintze) Vancouver 2018-07-31 Issued
Claire Lordon Design · Claire L Lordon (Claire Lordon) Vancouver 2018-07-27 Issued
Atelier Nouveau Interior Design Ltd Vancouver 2018-07-26 Issued
Refine & Design Real Estate Inc 1199 W PENDER ST, Unit#390, Vancouver 2018-07-16 Issued
Giraffe Design · Daniele Marie Nicole Lareau (Daniele Lareau) Vancouver 2018-07-09 Issued
Studio Ten Interior Design Ltd 1595 W 3RD AV, Unit#101, Vancouver 2018-07-08 Issued
Deborah Nielsen Interior Design · Deborah Maria Nielsen (Deborah Nielsen) North Vancouver 2018-07-05 Issued
Haute Chic Design · Kimberly Casselman Abbotsford 2018-07-04 Issued
Raymond Design Construction Ltd Vancouver 2018-07-03 Issued
House of Couture Designs Ltd 110 WATER ST, Vancouver 2018-06-29 Issued
AGL Interior Design · Andre G Lopes (Andre Lopes) Vancouver 2018-06-29 Issued
Rapid Brush Design Painting & Decorating · Istvan Kovacs Coquitlam 2018-06-26 Issued
D'Arcy Jones Design Inc 175 E BROADWAY, Unit#204, Vancouver 2018-06-21 Issued
Studio 2000 Hair Design · Hoa Van Nguyen (Hoa Nguyen) 2725 E HASTINGS ST, Vancouver 2018-06-20 Issued
JV Design Group · Joanna B Vagelatos (Joanna Vagelatos) Vancouver 2018-06-18 Issued
Parker Carpentry Designs · Tony M W Lee (Tony Lee) Garibaldi Highlands 2018-06-15 Issued
Designed Air Systems Limited Nanaimo 2018-06-15 Issued
iiStudio Graphic Design · Maggie Yu 309 W CORDOVA ST, Unit#321, Vancouver 2018-06-11 Issued
Clima Design Technologies Ltd Coquitlam 2018-06-07 Issued
Konoha Landscape Design · Masami Yamaguchi Vancouver 2018-06-07 Issued
Flora Design Landscaping & Maintenance Inc Delta 2018-06-06 Issued
Rayacom Print & Design · Rayavan Printing Inc 786 POWELL ST, Vancouver 2018-06-06 Issued
604 Print & Design · Ameet Sunny Dutta (Ameet Dutta) Vancouver 2018-06-06 Issued
W Lin Construct X Design Ltd Vancouver 2018-06-05 Issued
Lotus Painting & Design · Jorge Arturo Meraz Alvarez (Jorge Alvarez) Vancouver 2018-06-04 Issued
City Art Design · Jin Y Lee (Jin Lee) Burnaby 2018-06-01 Issued
Odyssey Design Products Ltd 1275 W 6TH AV, Room#205, Vancouver 2018-06-01 Issued
Zinc Renovation and Design Corp North Vancouver 2018-05-30 Issued
Profitable Home Staging and Redesign · Petronila Roxas Vancouver 2018-05-30 Issued
Jan Addams Design · Image to Interior Inc 1275 W 6TH AV, Unit#300, Vancouver 2018-05-30 Issued
Leckie Studio Architecture + Design Inc 111 SMITHE ST, Vancouver 2018-05-29 Issued
Aubergine Garden Design · Shannon Brooks Fleming (Shannon Fleming) Vancouver 2018-05-28 Issued
Sean Best Architecture + Design Inc 1650 W 2ND AV, Unit#360, Vancouver 2018-05-24 Issued
K.A.O. Construction Design Studio Inc Burnaby 2018-05-23 Issued
Bimtrix Design Inc Burnaby 2018-05-18 Issued
Mateelda Design · Maryna Hrychana Vancouver 2018-05-16 Issued
Concept to Completion Interior Design Inc White Rock 2018-05-15 Issued
Basalt Designs · Angela Rehallu Vancouver 2018-05-15 Issued
Gardencraft Design Ltd Vancouver 2018-05-14 Issued
Mango Design Co · Tanya McLean 318 HOMER ST, Unit#200, Vancouver 2018-05-10 Issued
La Movida Designs · Laurie K Allan-Franks (Laurie Allan-Franks) 3627 W BROADWAY, Vancouver 2018-05-10 Issued
SKS Engineering · Rempel Holdings Ltd & 8059527 Canada Ltd & 8058865 Canada Ltd & MH Mechanical Design Ltd Burnaby 2018-05-09 Issued
Golden Groove Architectural Wood Design · Sadaf Naji Vancouver 2018-05-09 Issued
Perfect Fabrics Painting and Design · Olesya Aleksandrova North Vancouver 2018-05-07 Issued
Pana Sign & Design · Hassan Tabar Coquitlam 2018-05-07 Issued
Anna Moogk Landscape Design · Anna Moogk Landscape Design Inc Vancouver 2018-05-07 Issued
Eden Designs · Shealand Leigh Campbell (Shealand Campbell) 931 COMMERCIAL DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-05-03 Issued
YED Jewellery · Y&ED Jewellery Design Inc 736 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#1022, Vancouver 2018-05-02 Issued
Avenue Road · Weishaupt Design Group Canada Inc 301 W PENDER ST, Vancouver 2018-04-30 Issued
Sandrine Lejeune Design Inc North Vancouver 2018-04-27 Issued
Creative Engine Communication Design · Creative Engine Brand Strategy Ltd 510 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#312, Vancouver 2018-04-27 Issued
CF Interiors · Canadian Heritage Designs Ltd 858 E HASTINGS ST, Vancouver 2018-04-27 Issued
CF Interiors · Canadian Heritage Designs Ltd 848 E HASTINGS ST, Vancouver 2018-04-27 Issued
R'Innovations By Design Ltd Vancouver 2018-04-26 Issued
Juli Hodgson Design/Build · Juli Hodgson 1650 W 2ND AV, Unit#360, Vancouver 2018-04-25 Issued
Jonchoo Design · Jonathan Choon Hong Choo (Jonathan Choo) Vancouver 2018-04-23 Issued
Design Lab Interiors · Alexis Maureen LaBonte (Alexis LaBonte) Vancouver 2018-04-22 Issued
Lime Design Studio Inc Vancouver 2018-04-21 Issued
Cathy & Henry Design & Development Ltd Vancouver 2018-04-19 Issued
Red Flag Design · Barnaby L S Killam (Barnaby Killam) 318 INDUSTRIAL AV, Vancouver 2018-04-17 Issued
Becca McCreedy Designs · Rebecca McCreedy Vancouver 2018-04-17 Issued
Smithly Muir Interior Design · Julia Anne Lepper (Julia Lepper) Vancouver 2018-04-12 Issued
Vancouver Better Office · Ball Design and Associates Inc Vancouver 2018-04-09 Issued
Designer Apparel Services · Direct Current Manufacturing Inc 1262 VERNON DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-04-09 Issued
Vancouver Better Office · Ball Design and Associates Inc Vancouver 2018-04-09 Issued
Wei Mei Interior Design And Management · Yujie Wu & Zhen H Wu Vancouver 2018-04-09 Issued
Seven Ravens Design · Katrina Keep Vancouver 2018-04-06 Issued
Salt Design Co · Salt Design Co Ltd Vancouver 2018-04-06 Issued
Drafting & Design · Annie Chen Vancouver 2018-04-06 Issued
Jennifer Acquati Lozej Design · Jennifer Acquati Lozej Vancouver 2018-04-06 Issued
Masako Designs Ltd 3466 W BROADWAY, Unit#200, Vancouver 2018-04-04 Issued
Regenerate · Regenerate Design Building and Maintenance Inc Vancouver 2018-04-03 Issued
Premiere · Premiere Designer Collection Ltd 999 CANADA PLACE, Unit#301, Vancouver 2018-04-03 Issued
Footprint HD · Footprint Holding and Design Ltd Vancouver 2018-03-28 Issued
Human Studio Architecture and Urban Design Ltd 1551 JOHNSTON ST, Unit#204, Vancouver 2018-03-27 Issued
ARSA Design Inc Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
Brooke Dedrick Design · Brooke Kelsey Dedrick (Brooke Dedrick) Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
Flora Design Landscaping & Maintenance Inc Delta 2018-03-21 Inactive
3CDesign Inc Vancouver 2018-03-20 Issued
Mesh Design · Sepideh Meshkin Vancouver 2018-03-20 Issued
Marc 3 Design · Marc Caloren Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
DWG Design Studio · Bryce Gauthier and Karen Gauthier Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
KurtzDesign Inc Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
Floresa Floral Design Ltd Vancouver 2018-03-14 Issued