Vancouver Business Licence

Jurisdiction: Vancouver, BC
Source: City of Vancouver, Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date Status
F & S Electrical Ltd 8828 HEATHER ST, Unit#108, Vancouver 2017-11-20 Issued
Ener Tec Electrical Services Ltd 7622 Peterson St, Mission 2017-11-16 Issued
Smart Choice Electrical Ltd 12196 97 Av, Vancouver 2017-10-31 Issued
Fer Electrical · Fer Electrical Ltd 9590 125th St, Surrey 2017-10-10 Issued
Thomas Electrical Solutions · Michael N Thomas (Michael Thomas) 22319 50th Ave, Langley 2017-10-03 Issued
RPM Electrical Installations · Rodney Paul Mantel (Rodney Mantel) 2128 Salisbury Ave, Port Coquitlam 2017-09-19 Issued
Voltas Electrical Inc 1265 CARDERO ST, Unit#204, Vancouver 2017-09-14 Issued
M A Hamilton Electrical Contracting Ltd 6653 Monck Park Rd, Merritt 2017-09-11 Issued
DTP Electrical Solutions · Harman Sandhu & Jaspreet Tagger 7129 DUMFRIES ST, Vancouver 2017-09-01 Issued
RWJ & Co Electrical Contractors · Robert Jones 109 Wallis St, Parksville 2017-08-26 Issued
Power Pros Electrical Ltd 30445 Progressive Way, unit#2B, Abbotsford 2017-08-16 Issued
Nationwide Electrical Services Ltd 34850 Moffat Ave, Mission 2017-07-26 Issued
Creative Electrical Inc 8588 FRENCH ST, Vancouver 2017-07-25 Issued
Accura Electrical Systems Inc 22225 50 Ave, Unit#51, Langley 2017-07-13 Issued
Wired Electrical Contracting · James Ujimoto 2333 Jones Ave, North Vancouver 2017-07-12 Issued
Save On Electrical Ltd 2351 BONACCORD DRIVE, Vancouver 2017-07-11 Issued
Smart Electrical Services Ltd 10720 Whistler Ct, Richmond 2017-07-07 Issued
Canbrit Electrical Systems Inc 287 W Kings Rd, North Vancouver 2017-07-06 Issued
New Function Electrical Company Limited 3361 E 28TH AV, Vancouver 2017-07-06 Issued
New Function Electrical Company Limited 3361 E 28TH AV, Vancouver 2017-07-06 Issued
Aidan Clemens Electrical Contracting · Aidan Clemens 2020 Bellwood Ave, Unit#1006, Burnaby 2017-06-30 Issued
Lumenix/Infalite · Infalite Electrical Inc 73 E 6TH AV, Unit#208, Vancouver 2017-06-28 Issued
AHB Electrical · AHB Electrical Ltd 1551 RUPERT ST, Vancouver 2017-06-26 Issued
Cityscape Electrical Ltd 531 East Keith Rd, North Vancouver 2017-06-14 Issued
Dyck Electrical Services Ltd 32610 Esquimalt Terrace, Abbotsford 2017-05-26 Issued
Wilson & Associates Electrical Contracting Ltd 1621 Hamilton Av, Unit#111, North Vancouver 2017-05-18 Issued
Rivers Electrical Service and Installation · Warren Keith Rivers (Warren Rivers) 3154 Plimsoll St, Coquitlam 2017-05-17 Issued
Luma Electrical Ltd 40258 Braemar Dr, Garibaldi Highland 2017-05-16 Issued
RI Electrical Ltd 16671 27th Ave, Surrey 2017-05-16 Issued
Volt Amps Electrical Ltd 32740 Swan Av, Mission 2017-05-11 Issued
Sound Electrical Ltd 769 E 18th Ave, North Vancouver 2017-05-05 Issued
Youwin Plumbing & Heating · Youwin Plumbing & Heating & Electrical Ltd 188 KEEFER PLACE, Unit#3201, Vancouver 2017-05-04 Issued
Kaler Electrical Ltd 476 E 49TH AV, Vancouver 2017-04-27 Issued
Samreet Electrical Services Ltd 1021 E 57TH AV, Vancouver 2017-03-24 Issued
Infield Electrical Systems Inc 14850 96th Av, Surrey 2017-03-22 Issued
Norfolk Plumbing & Electrical Supplies Ltd 7580 6th St, Burnaby 2017-03-22 Issued
Townline Electrical Installation · Townline Electrical Installation Ltd 3164 Swallow Place, Abbotsford 2017-03-21 Issued
INT Electrical Ltd 11491 Kingston St, Unit#12, Maple Ridge 2017-03-21 Issued
McGladdery Electrical Services Ltd 6295 Edson Dr, Chilliwack 2017-03-16 Issued
Lehmor Electrical Contractors Ltd 15272 19th Av, Unit#206, Surrey 2017-03-13 Issued
Partap Electrical Ltd 9256 126 St, Surrey 2017-03-06 Issued
Hopemate Electrical Solutions Inc 736 W 62ND AV, Vancouver 2017-03-06 Issued
Precision Electrical Installations Ltd 9422 202A St, Langley 2017-03-03 Issued
The Bertling Group Electrical Contractors Inc 1610 PANDORA ST, Unit#101, Vancouver 2017-03-03 Issued
Garibaldi Electrical Contractors Ltd 41520 Government Road, Squamish 2017-03-02 Issued
All Star Electrical Ltd 5878 124th St, Surrey 2017-02-24 Issued
Kybe Electrical Contracting · Kybe Electrical Contracting Ltd 4657 Hoskins Rd, North Vancouver 2017-02-24 Issued
Hi Power Electrical Heating & AC Ltd 860 E 18TH AV, Vancouver 2017-02-24 Issued
Cupit Electrical Services Ltd 1365 McKeen Av, North Vancouver 2017-02-22 Issued
CPS Electrical Ltd 23021 75th Ave, Langley 2017-02-21 Issued
Mountain Pacific Electrical Ltd 610 ASCOT ST, Coquitlam 2017-02-20 Issued
Lo-Cost Electrical Ltd 13117 67A Av, Surrey 2017-02-20 Issued
BGM Electrical Ltd 349 E 6th St, North Vancouver 2017-02-20 Issued
Callcome Electrical Services Ltd 8061 12th Ave, Burnaby 2017-02-19 Issued
Levan Electrical Services Inc 2004 Fullerton Av, Unit#706, North Vancouver 2017-02-17 Issued
Mitchell Systems Electrical Contracting · Mitchell Systems Ltd 7860 Redrooffs Rd, Halfmoon Bay 2017-02-16 Issued
SR Electrical · Shaun Rutledge 26777 Dewdney Trunk RD, Maple Ridge 2017-02-14 Issued
Specialized Electrical and Contracting Services · Ryan Charles Pagnossin (Ryan Pagnossin) 804 E 18TH AV, Vancouver 2017-02-14 Issued
KBE · KBE Electrical Contractors Inc 1430 Hope Rd, North Vancouver 2017-02-09 Issued
Hall Electrical · Hall Electrical Ltd 62 W 1ST AV, Vancouver 2017-02-09 Issued
Ajit's Plumbing Heating & Electrical Contracting Ltd 976 E 52ND AV, Vancouver 2017-02-03 Issued
Colwin Electrical Group 2829 Murray St, Port Moody 2017-02-02 Issued
Universal Electrical Services · Michael John Nicholson & Scott Kristopher Coles 46310 Valleyview Road, Chilliwack 2017-02-02 Issued
Athwal Electrical Corp 15117 67 Av, Surrey 2017-01-30 Issued
JF Electrical Inc 1826 W 16TH AV, Unit#1, Vancouver 2017-01-30 Issued
Pattullo Electrical Installations Ltd 19552 117th Av, Pitt Meadows 2017-01-29 Issued
Mark Electrical Service · Xian Zhao 4711 KILLARNEY ST, Vancouver 2017-01-26 Issued
Westcan Plumbing and Electrical · 0981760 BC Ltd 1749 Mahon Av, Vancouver 2017-01-26 Issued
ACP Electrical · Andrea Cosimo Petruzzelli (Andrea Petruzzelli) 4338 William St, Burnaby 2017-01-25 Issued
Wolton Electrical Ltd 11875 210th Street, Unit#2, Maple Ridge 2017-01-24 Issued
Bright Solutions Electrical · Bradley Fraser Cameron 41050 Tantalus Rd, Unit#23, Squamish 2017-01-24 Issued
SRJ Electrical Contracting Ltd 1589 Eagle Run Dr, Unit#1, Brackendale 2017-01-24 Issued
Arc & Spark Electrical · Gary B Willis (Gary Willis) 362 W 14TH AV, Vancouver 2017-01-24 Issued
GV Electrical Inc 8695 Cook Crescent, Richmond 2017-01-23 Issued
Vey Electrical Services · Bradley J Vey (Bradley Vey) 13771 232A St, Unit#18, Maple Ridge 2017-01-20 Issued
MBA Electrical Ltd 24926 Smith Ave, Maple Ridge 2017-01-19 Issued
WH Electrical Services Ltd 21102 Wicklund Av, Maple Ridge 2017-01-19 Issued
Joe Fata Electrical · Joseph Fata 9300 Parksville Dr, Unit#410, Richmond 2017-01-18 Issued
Coles Electrical Ltd 1405 East Road, Anmore 2017-01-18 Issued
DC Electrical Services · David Stein 21618 89th Av, Langley 2017-01-17 Issued
Bluephase Electrical Ltd 548 Foster Ave, Unit#153, Coquitlam 2017-01-17 Issued
AMS Electrical Services Ltd 251 E 7TH AV, Unit#404, Vancouver 2017-01-17 Issued
Lil' Red Truck Electrical Company · John Hartley Olson (John Olson) 12455 217th St, Maple Ridge 2017-01-16 Issued
Asli Electrical Services Ltd 1320 Halifax Avenue, Port Coquitlam 2017-01-13 Issued
Hall Electrical · Eliot Hall 62 W 1ST AV, Vancouver 2017-01-13 Inactive
DH Electrical Services · Doug A Henry (Doug Henry) 177 Montgomery st, Coquitlam 2017-01-11 Issued
Allbranch Electrical · Allbranch Electrical Systems Inc 5022 208A St, Langley 2017-01-11 Issued
Control Tech Electrical Corp 1558 Dent Ave, Burnaby 2017-01-11 Issued
MDE Electrical Mechanical Contractors · MDE Enterprises Ltd 3947 Graveley St, Burnaby 2017-01-11 Issued
AA Electrical Services Ltd 13367 Cypress Place, Surrey 2017-01-10 Issued
West Cascades Electrical Limited 1459 Eastern Dr, Port Coquitlam 2017-01-10 Issued
Elpol Electrical Services (BC) Inc PO Box 674, Surrey 2017-01-07 Gone Out of Busi
MP Electrical Contracting Ltd 4471 No 6 Road, Unit#140, Richmond 2017-01-06 Issued
SMS Electrical Ltd 7806 PRINCE ALBERT ST, Vancouver 2017-01-06 Issued
East Village Electrical Services · Michele Di Giovanni 909 WINDERMERE ST, Vancouver 2017-01-06 Issued
Fina Electrical Systems Ltd 4055 First Ave, Burnaby 2017-01-05 Issued
Can-Tec Electrical Services Ltd 12979 80th Av, SURREY 2017-01-04 Issued
High Volt Electrical Service Corp 3915 Elmwood St, Burnaby 2017-01-04 Issued
INT Electrical Ltd 11491 Kingston St, Unit#12, Maple Ridge 2017-01-04 Inactive
Sangran Electrical Contractor Ltd 8166 128th St, Unit#127, Surrey 2017-01-03 Issued