Vancouver Business Licence

Jurisdiction: Vancouver, BC
Source: City of Vancouver, Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date Status
Mod Land Fashion Co / Mod Land Import Co / Mod Land Medical Supply Co / Kube Services · Mod Land International Inc 219 E 38TH AV, Vancouver 2017-10-25 Issued
Liz Fabienne · Liz Fabienne Fashion Boutique Inc 1430 ARBUTUS ST, Vancouver 2017-10-25 Issued
SH Fashion Group Inc 2584 E 22ND AV, Vancouver 2017-10-05 Issued
Xeno Fashion Boutique Ltd 1020 MAINLAND ST, Unit#129, Vancouver 2017-09-25 Issued
Angel Hand Painted Fashions Ltd 2 Powell St, Vancouver 2017-09-18 Issued
Zhana Fashionista & Ressionista The Art of Dressing · Zana Mirosevic 133 April Road, Port Moody 2017-08-16 Issued
Fashion Love Affair · Mandeep Kaur Jaswal (Mandeep Kaur) 882 E 63RD AV, Vancouver 2017-08-02 Issued
Mason J · WLW Fashion Trend Ltd 2623 GRANVILLE ST, Vancouver 2017-07-04 Issued
Fashion Addition · Fashion Plus Merchandising ltd 650 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#B27, Vancouver 2017-05-11 Issued
Fashion Hut · 0965223 BC Ltd 88 W PENDER ST, Vancouver 2017-04-28 Issued
Fashion Hut · 0965223 BC Ltd 88 W PENDER ST, Unit#1111, Vancouver 2017-04-28 Issued
Whiskey & Cake Home · Barefoot Contessa Fashions Ltd 623 KINGSWAY, Vancouver 2017-03-31 Gone Out of Busi
In Again Fashion · In Again Fashion Ltd 1962 W 4TH AV, Vancouver 2017-03-26 Issued
Bridal Fashion Week Events Inc 8128 128th Street, Unit#315, Surrey 2017-03-20 Inactive
La Differencia · La Differencia Fashion Inc 131 WATER ST, Unit#201, Vancouver 2017-03-09 Issued
May's Fashion · Miriam Chik 509 W Pender St, Vancouver 2017-03-06 Issued
Twist Fashions Inc 2952 W 4TH AV, Vancouver 2017-03-03 Issued
Envious Fashion Trading & Wholesale Ltd 1951 GLEN DRIVE, Unit#154, Vancouver 2017-03-02 Issued
On The Go Fashion · On The Go Fashion Boutique Corp 2007 W 41ST AV, Vancouver 2017-02-23 Issued
Modaselle Fashion Ltd 943 SEYMOUR ST, Vancouver 2017-02-23 Issued
Modaselle Fashion Ltd 943 SEYMOUR ST, Vancouver 2017-02-23 Issued
Human Garment Factory Fashion Ltd 165 W 4th Av, Unit#203, Vancouver 2017-02-22 Issued
DKNY Oakridge · Enda B Fashion (1984) Limited 650 W 41ST AV, Unit#121, Vancouver 2017-02-20 Issued
Joyce Fashion Ltd 1522 DURANLEAU ST, Vancouver 2017-02-18 Issued
Two Sisters Fashion House · Amy Jong 2232 KINGSWAY, Vancouver 2017-02-17 Issued
Nurmahal Fashions & Fabrics Ltd 6540 Main St, Vancouver 2017-02-17 Issued
Express Fashion Apparel Canada Inc 701 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#D029, Vancouver 2017-02-08 Issued
Express Fashion Apparel Canada Inc 701 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#D029, Vancouver 2017-02-08 Issued
sub tle tees · Josie's Fashions Ltd 289 ALEXANDER ST, Unit#805, Vancouver 2017-02-01 Issued
Nika Fashion And Design · Neda Pessione 205 ABBOTT ST, Vancouver 2017-01-18 Issued
C&E Window Fashion Ltd 2863 FRANKLIN ST, Vancouver 2017-01-13 Issued
Woo To See you Fashion Inc 3671 MAIN ST, Vancouver 2017-01-12 Issued
Serena Fashions Ltd 1055 W Georgia St, Unit#140, Vancouver 2017-01-11 Issued
Serena Fashions Ltd 2700 W Broadway, Vancouver 2017-01-11 Issued
Bellessa · Serena Fashions Ltd 650 W 41ST AV, Unit#276, Vancouver 2017-01-11 Issued
Angel Snowdonia Fashion Mfg Ltd 68 E 1st, Floor#3/4, Vancouver 2017-01-11 Issued
JAC by Jacqueline Conior · JAC Van Fashion Inc 650 W 41ST AV, Unit#261, Vancouver 2017-01-08 Issued
Delhi Fashions · Delhi Boutique Ltd 6646 Fraser St, Vancouver 2017-01-05 Issued
DK Fashion Imports · Dayaram Khobar & Omwati Khobar 1951 Glen Drive, Unit#120, Vancouver 2017-01-04 Issued
Fashion Addition · Fashion Plus Merchandising Ltd 650 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#1B27, Vancouver 2017-01-04 Inactive
Quorum Fashion Emporium · Quorum Designs International Mens Fashions Ltd 525 W Georgia St, Vancouver 2017-01-04 Issued
Basis Wear Fashions · Basis Wear Fashions Ltd 3626 W 4TH AV, Vancouver 2017-01-04 Issued
Objects of Desire Fashions Inc 1951 Glen Drive, Unit#128, Vancouver 2017-01-04 Issued
Uniquely You Fashion Designs · Sharon Walraven 6880 ARLINGTON ST, Vancouver 2017-01-03 Issued
Scenic Fashion Trading Ltd 258 E 1ST AV, Unit#3, Vancouver 2017-01-03 Issued
Vasanni Fashion · Yi Min Du (Yi Du) 1055 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#164, Vancouver 2016-12-31 Issued
Best Window Fashions Inc 3003 Kingsway, Unit#11, Vancouver 2016-12-30 Gone Out of Busi
Fully Fashion · Fully Fashions Co Ltd 418 MAIN ST, Unit#106, Vancouver 2016-12-29 Gone Out of Busi
The Outlet Luxury Designer Clothing & Accessories · Fashion Hub Inc 1951 GLEN DRIVE, Unit#127, Vancouver 2016-12-28 Issued
Fashion Atelier · Maria Fonseca 470 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#828, Vancouver 2016-12-27 Issued
Fashion Import & Wholesale · Ferdowsi Fashion Ltd 1951 GLEN DRIVE, Unit#162, Vancouver 2016-12-27 Issued
Friesen Floor & Window Fashions Ltd 31726 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford 2016-12-21 Issued
Arista Equestrian · Lilikiks Fashions Ltd 1808 FRANKLIN ST, Vancouver 2016-12-21 Issued
Shoo-Foo Eco Linens · Shoo-Foo Eco Fashion Inc 1445 W 14TH AV, Unit#201, Vancouver 2016-12-21 Issued
Sunflower Fashions Co Ltd 1320 E 3RD AV, Vancouver 2016-12-20 Issued
Dressy Corner Fashion · Anita Fung Kam Mak (Anita Mak) 2685 W 4TH AV, Vancouver 2016-12-20 Issued
Lily's Fashions · 628 Holdings Ltd 1232 W BROADWAY, Vancouver 2016-12-20 Issued
Janet Fashions Co · Sio Kuong Lei (Sio Lei) 2454 E HASTINGS ST, Vancouver 2016-12-20 Issued
Elegant Fashions · Connie Lo 2718 W 4th Av, Vancouver 2016-12-19 Issued
Mulberry Fashions · West Coast China Co Ltd 555 W 12TH AV, Unit#12, Vancouver 2016-12-17 Issued
Headspace Hair Fashion Ltd 950 SEYMOUR ST, Vancouver 2016-12-16 Issued
Erika Fashions · Sui Ching Milton (Sui Milton) 555 W 12TH AV, Unit#011, Vancouver 2016-12-15 Issued
E Shop Fashion · Elex Diep 4514 MAIN ST, Vancouver 2016-12-15 Issued
Kit's Fashion Co Ltd 618 E KENT AV SOUTH, Unit#128, Vancouver 2016-12-14 Issued
Paradise Fashion Studio · Abdul Rayhani 3454 W BROADWAY, Vancouver 2016-12-09 Issued
LT Fashions Co · Kin Juan Lok (Kin Lok) 5787 VICTORIA DRIVE, Floor#Main, Vancouver 2016-12-09 Issued
Paper Pursuits Fashion and Design Print Collectibles · Lucia B Intharangsy (Lucia Intharangsy) 656 E 60th Av, Vancouver 2016-12-09 Issued
Chinatown Gift · G2 Fashion (Canada) Inc 518 MAIN ST, Vancouver 2016-12-08 Issued
I Love Gift · G2 Fashion (Canada) Inc 44 E PENDER ST, Vancouver 2016-12-08 Issued
C&E Window Fashion Ltd 4150 MAIN ST, Vancouver 2016-12-07 Inactive
Xccessori Fashion Jewellery Wholesale Ltd 1951 GLEN DRIVE, Unit#137, Vancouver 2016-12-07 Issued
Sassy Hair Fashion · Hoa Le Chung (Hoa Chung) 1196 DAVIE ST, Vancouver 2016-12-06 Issued
Sienna Fashions Ltd 2001 W 41ST AV, Vancouver 2016-12-06 Issued
Flex Fashions Ltd 1624 FRANKLIN ST, Unit#300, Vancouver 2016-12-05 Issued
New Century Fashion Inc 851 W Broadway, Vancouver 2016-12-03 Issued
Simdy's Fashion Alterations · Ling Kin Tse (Ling Tse) 1062 DAVIE ST, Vancouver 2016-11-30 Issued
Enda B Fashion (1984) Limited 4346 W 10TH AV, Vancouver 2016-11-30 Issued
Threads Fashion Alterations · Michael Thuy Tang (Michael Tang) 3170 CAMBIE ST, Vancouver 2016-11-29 Issued
La Fabrica Fashions · Roberto Castro & Irma Castro 1279 CLARK DRIVE, Vancouver 2016-11-24 Issued
Staccato Fashion Inc 1842 W 1ST AV, Vancouver 2016-11-24 Issued
Olsen Europe · Olsen Fashion Canada Inc 650 W 41ST AV, Unit#255, Vancouver 2016-11-24 Issued
Tinli Fashions Co · Pang Fai Jong (Pang Jong) 292 E Georgia St, Vancouver 2016-11-23 Inactive
Fashion Tress Styling 2799 Yew St, Vancouver 2016-11-21 Issued
Galassia Fashion Link · Sharn Marie McTavish (Sharn McTavish) 285 E 48TH AV, Vancouver 2016-11-21 Issued
Maggie Liu Fashion Designs · Man Li Liu (Man Liu) 2232 W 41ST AV, Unit#202, Vancouver 2016-11-18 Issued
Titley Fashions · Simar Preet Kaur Combow & Pooja Sachdeva 6672 FRASER ST, Vancouver 2016-11-18 Issued
Horton Berner Fashion Group Ltd 1951 GLEN DRIVE, Unit#195, Vancouver 2016-11-17 Issued
Vestis Fashion Group Inc 650 W 41ST AV, Unit#289, Vancouver 2016-11-17 Issued
Blu Bird · Vestis Fashion Group Inc 1055 ALBERNI ST, Vancouver 2016-11-17 Issued
Weekend MaxMara · Vestis Fashion Group Inc 650 W 41ST AV, Unit#275, Vancouver 2016-11-17 Issued
Vestis Fashion Group Inc 3025 GRANVILLE ST, Vancouver 2016-11-17 Issued
Blubird · Vestis Fashion Group Inc 650 W 41ST AV, Unit#119, Vancouver 2016-11-17 Issued
Pomellato · Vestis Fashion Group Inc 701 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#G46A, Vancouver 2016-11-17 Issued
MaxMara · Vestis Fashion Group Inc 701 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#G51A, Vancouver 2016-11-17 Issued
Weekend · Vestis Fashion Group Inc 725 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#R108, Vancouver 2016-11-17 Issued
Vestis Fashion Group Inc 177 W 6TH AV, Vancouver 2016-11-17 Issued
Trinity Fashions · Monita Lam 2633 KASLO ST, Vancouver 2016-11-16 Issued
JJ Fashion · Miranda Man Ying Chan (Miranda Chan) 268 Keefer St, Vancouver 2016-11-15 Issued
One Tooth · One Tooth Fashion Inc 707 W BROADWAY, Vancouver 2016-11-07 Issued
Winsun Fashion Company Ltd 3491 E 23RD AV, Vancouver 2016-11-07 Issued