Vancouver Business Licence

Jurisdiction: City of Vancouver, BC
Source: Vancouver, Community Services Group - Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue/Expired Date Status
Seyme British Logistics Ltd Burnaby, BC 2018-10-24 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
Direct Tap · Freshtap Logistics Inc 8385 Fraser St, Unit#40, Vancouver, BC V5X 3X8 2018-10-01 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
ADP-DSL (Canada) Logistics Ltd 550 W Broadway, Unit#726, Vancouver, BC V5Z 0E9 2018-08-16 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
Proship Moving & Logistics · Proship Logistics & Transport Inc Vancouver, BC 2018-07-13 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
Greenz Logistics Inc Vancouver, BC 2018-05-29 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
Canada Asia Logistics Consulting Inc Vancouver, BC 2018-02-10 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
Pangea Logistics Inc 997 Seymour St, Unit#350, Vancouver, BC V6B 3M1 2018-02-06 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
Corporate Couriers Logistics · Corporate Couriers Logistics ULC Burnaby, BC 2018-01-15 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
Baihui International Trading (Logistics) Ltd Surrey, BC 2018-01-12 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
New Pacific Tours and Logistics Ltd 875 Terminal Av, Vancouver, BC V6A 2M9 2018-01-05 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
Worldwide Air Couriers Logistics Ltd 180 W 3rd Av, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1E9 2018-01-02 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
Van City Courier Logistic Services Inc 180 W 3rd Av, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1E9 2018-01-02 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
Northern Event Services And Logistics Inc Toronto, ON 2017-12-20 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
OOCL Logistics (Canada) Limited 555 W Hastings St, Unit#1560, Vancouver, BC V6B 4N6 2017-12-18 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
Sankyo Global Logistics (Canada) Inc 701 W Georgia St, Unit#1500, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1C6 2017-12-15 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
North American Logistics Services Inc 1112 W Pender St, Unit#605, Vancouver, BC V6E 2S1 2017-12-13 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
Freshtap Logistics Inc 1575 Vernon Drive, Vancouver, BC V6A 3P8 2017-12-12 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
Crossrange Logistics Inc 5455 West Boulevard, Unit#303, Vancouver, BC V6M 3W5 2017-12-11 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
Canfleet Logistics Ltd 1166 Alberni St, Unit#801, Vancouver, BC V6E 3Z3 2017-12-06 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
Pangea Logistics Inc 555 W Georgia St, Unit#320, Vancouver, BC V6B 1Z6 2017-11-22 ~ 2018-12-31 Inactive
First Canadian Logistics Ltd Richmond, BC 2017-11-20 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
Citilogistics Inc 1586 Rand Av, Vancouver, BC V6P 3G2 2017-11-20 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
ICS Logistics Ltd 1066 W Hastings St, Unit#1220, Vancouver, BC V6E 3X2 2017-11-17 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
Nuna Logistics Limited 666 Burrard St, Unit#720, Vancouver, BC V6C 2X8 2017-11-15 ~ 2018-12-31 Issued
Exploration Logistics BC Ltd Calgary, AB Gone Out of Business
A HQ Logistics Inc Burnaby, BC Pending
CharterOne Lease & Loan Logistics Ltd 534 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2N7 Pending
Pana Logistics Inc 2115 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5N 2T4 Pending
Freightera · Freightera logistics Inc 375 Water St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5C6 Pending
Freshtap Logistics Inc 1565 Vernon Drive, Vancouver, BC V6A 3P8 Pending
Harvest Logistics Corporation 470 Granville St, Unit#804, Vancouver, BC V6C 1V5 Gone Out of Business
Total Marine Logistics Inc 355 Burrard St, Unit#680, Vancouver, BC V6C 2G8 Pending
HD Logistic Management · Petro Kopyl Vancouver, BC Gone Out of Business
ZLV International Logistics Ltd 1188 W Georgia St, Unit#1220, Vancouver, BC V6E 4A2 Cancelled
K Trans Worldwide Logistics Ltd 310 E Kent Av South, Unit#101, Vancouver, BC V5X 4N6 Gone Out of Business
Total Access Logistics & Consolidators Ltd Vancouver, BC Cancelled
Griffin Marine and Offshore · Griffin Marine Logistics Canada Ltd 1155 Robson St, Unit#406, Vancouver, BC V6E 1B5 Gone Out of Business
SBS Computer Logistics Ltd 14745 Wellington Dr, Surrey, BC V3R 8Z8 Gone Out of Busi
Grocery Star Logistics Inc 4650 Ross St, Vancouver, BC V5V 4T9 Pending
Sahota Logistics · Sahota Diesel Repairs Ltd 4784 Ross St, Vancouver, BC V5V 4V2 Gone Out of Busi
VDR Transport & Logistics Inc 2150 Pandora St, Unit#423, Vancouver, BC V5L 1N5 Gone Out of Busi
C H Robinson Project Logistics Ltd 1245 W Broadway, Unit#301, Vancouver, BC V6H 1G7 Gone Out of Busi
1-Bridge Logistics Corp 2729 Woodland Drive, Vancouver, BC V5N 3P7 Gone Out of Busi
Infinitus Logistics and Trading · Roberto Franceschini Mckenzie Smith (Roberto Smith) 1949 Comox St, Unit#501, Vancouver, BC V6G 1R7 Gone Out of Busi