Vancouver Business Licence

Jurisdiction: Vancouver, BC
Source: City of Vancouver, Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date Status
Katerina Gill, Registered Massage Therapy · Katerina Sophie Irina Gill (Katerina Gill) 1160 BURRARD ST, Unit#508, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Vancouver Animal Massage · Nicola Katherine Way (Nicola Way) 4629 ROSS ST, Vancouver 2017-10-25 Issued
Mountainview Movement Massage & Wellmess · Caitlyn Fry 207 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#908, Vancouver 2017-08-31 Issued
Chillax Massage & Wellness Center · Chillax Massage & Wellness Center Inc 3665 KINGSWAY, Unit#219, Vancouver 2017-08-17 Issued
Chillax Massage & Wellness Center · Roy Henry Lim (Roy Lim) 3665 KINGSWAY, Unit#219, Vancouver 2017-08-17 Issued
Zen Anywhere Massage · Katherine Eileen Metz (Katherine Metz) 2017-08-04 Issued
Registered Massage Therapist · Priya Devi Sharma (Priya Sharma) 1160 BURRARD ST, Unit#508, Vancouver 2017-07-24 Issued
The Treatment Room · The Treatment Room Massage Therapy Ltd 1854 W 1ST AV, Unit#3, Vancouver 2017-07-19 Issued
Acorn Massage & Wellness · Kathleen E A Beddice (Kathleen Beddice) 249 E GEORGIA ST, Unit#204, Vancouver 2017-07-18 Gone Out of Busi
Acorn Massage & Wellness · Kathleen E A Beddice (Kathleen Beddice) 2657 COMMERCIAL DRIVE, Vancouver 2017-07-18 Issued
Body Dynamic Massage Craniosacral Therapy · Birgit Agnes Michels (Birgit Michels) 2678 W BROADWAY, Unit#204, Vancouver 2017-07-07 Issued
Davie Village Registered Massage Therapy · Kyle Tarry & Christian Motiu 1160 BURRARD ST, Unit#508, Vancouver 2017-07-04 Issued
Andrea De Vos RMT, Coastal Massage Therapy · Andrea De Vos 850 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#403, Vancouver 2017-06-16 Issued
Movement Massage Therapy · Daniela Jones 3369 FRASER ST, Unit#210, Vancouver 2017-05-29 Issued
Joyce Massage Therapist Corporation 5118 JOYCE ST, Unit#300, Vancouver 2017-05-24 Issued
Be Well Massage Inc 2441 W 41ST AV, Vancouver 2017-05-17 Issued
Reach Massage Studios · Madonna Capital Partners Inc 2017-05-08 Issued
Healing Tree Massage Therapy And Wellness Studio Ltd 175 E BROADWAY, Unit#209, Vancouver 2017-04-18 Issued
Be Well Massage Inc 2441 W 41ST AV, Vancouver 2017-03-27 Inactive
Coal Harbour Massage Therapy Clinic · Painpro Therapeutics Inc 1112 W PENDER ST, Unit#705, Vancouver 2017-03-17 Inactive
Burrard & Broadway Massage Therapy & Pain Clinic · Timothy Mothe R Tilden (Timothy Tilden) 2515 BURRARD ST, Unit#303, Vancouver 2017-03-02 Issued
Ellery Espino Mobile Registered Massage Therapy · Ellery Jr Grageda Espino (Ellery Espino) 1001 RICHARDS ST, Unit#508, Vancouver 2017-03-01 Issued
TDN Massage Inc 757 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#R228, Vancouver 2017-02-28 Issued
Sage Massage Therapy & Integrated Health · Julia Suzanne Sage (Julia Sage) 2902 W BROADWAY, Unit#315, Vancouver 2017-02-24 Issued
Registered Massage Therapist · Robyn Michelle Culley (Robyn Culley) 11 E 11TH AV, Unit#206, Vancouver 2017-02-24 Issued
Relief Massage Therapist Corporation 9588 162A St, Surrey 2017-02-22 Issued
Marpole Chiropractic and Massage Theraphy Clinic · Fredrick K Chan (Fredrick Chan) 8289 Granville St, Vancouver 2017-02-21 Issued
Jose Leon Massage Therapy · Jose Luis Leon (Jose Leon) 1160 BURRARD ST, Unit#703, Vancouver 2017-02-19 Issued
Kirsten Fallows, Holistic Massage Practitioner · Kirsten Fallows 2017-02-16 Issued
New Spirit Massage and Bodywork · Tanya Lee Lowry (Tanya Lowry) 2017-02-09 Issued
Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage Ltd 342 WATER ST, Unit#300, Vancouver 2017-01-30 Issued
Massage Therapy Centre · Bridget Cowie Managerial Services Inc 805 W BROADWAY, Unit#302, Vancouver 2017-01-27 Issued
Aurora Massage Therapy Clinic · Kathy Sheck 2233 BURRARD ST, Unit#210, Vancouver 2017-01-16 Issued
Deborah's Therapeutic Massage · Deborah M Newlyn (Deborah Newlyn) 4570 W 10TH AV, Vancouver 2017-01-16 Issued
Coletin Thomas Registered Massage Therapy · Coletin Thomas 1112 W PENDER ST, Unit#705, Vancouver 2017-01-14 Issued
Yaletown Massage Therapy · Fibie Nia 1168 HAMILTON ST, Unit#203, Vancouver 2017-01-11 Issued
Balance Acupuncture and Massage Inc 4338 MAIN ST, Unit#105, Vancouver 2017-01-10 Issued
Therapia Centre For Massage And Structural Realignment Inc 1377 HOMER ST, Vancouver 2017-01-07 Issued
Cristy's Rejuvenating and Relaxing Massage · Cristy J Chandler (Cristy Chandler) 2017-01-06 Issued
Massage Works · Sharon Louise Martin (Sharon Martin) 1210 W 8TH AV, Unit#303, Vancouver 2017-01-06 Issued
Megan Sprout Registered Massage Therapist · Megan Helene Sprout (Megan Sprout) 1450 E 10TH AV, Unit#202, Vancouver 2017-01-05 Issued
West Tenth Therapueutic Massage · Linda Ann McDermot 4570 W 10, Suite#3, Vancouver 2017-01-04 Issued
Massage Therapy Clinic · John C Chow (John Chow) 1353 Hornby St, Unit#2, Vancouver 2017-01-04 Issued
Marpole Massage Therapy & Rehabilitation Clinic · Kris Miernik 8041 Granville St, Suite#202, Vancouver 2017-01-04 Issued
Colleen Moser Massage Therapy · Colleen Moser 3256 CAMBIE ST, Unit#203, Vancouver 2017-01-04 Issued
Bodhi Thai Massage Ltd 2016-12-31 Issued
Blue Skies Massage Therapist Corporation 2184 W BROADWAY, Unit#550, Vancouver 2016-12-31 Issued
NK Skin Therapy and Massage Clinic · Natalia Kirillov 3195 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#204, Vancouver 2016-12-30 Issued
Vancouver Sports Massage · Camelia Eisentraut 885 DUNSMUIR ST, Unit#108, Vancouver 2016-12-30 Issued
Big Buddha Massage & Esthetics Mobile Service · Lisa A Hewitt (Lisa Hewitt) 2016-12-29 Issued
Raku Therapeutic Japanese Head Massage · Tomoe Jimbo 2016-12-29 Issued
Willow Rock Massage · Danielle Victoria Worrall (Danielle Worrall) 2016-12-29 Issued
Willow Street Massage Therapy · Sophia Sirkka Joyce (Sophia Joyce) 2525 WILLOW ST, Unit#509, Vancouver 2016-12-29 Issued
Meaghan McCreath Massage Therapy · Meaghan Jean McCreath (Meaghan McCreath) 1950 W 8TH AV, Unit#215, Vancouver 2016-12-29 Issued
Marly Hill Massage Therapy · Marliese Lauren Hill (Marliese Hill) 2016-12-27 Issued
Yaletown Massage Therapy · Elizabeth J Vasko (Elizabeth Vasko) 1168 HAMILTON ST, Unit#203, Vancouver 2016-12-27 Issued
Roots Massage Therapy · Roots Registered Massage Therapy Inc 1238 HOMER ST, Unit#3, Vancouver 2016-12-27 Issued
CC Massage Therapy Ltd 1015 W KING EDWARD AV, Vancouver 2016-12-25 Issued
Jin's Massage Therapy Inc 350 SE MARINE DRIVE, Unit#10, Vancouver 2016-12-24 Issued
Tania Haqq Registered Massage Therapist · Tania Haqq 636 W BROADWAY, Unit#201, Vancouver 2016-12-24 Issued
Alisha Tacoma, Registered Massage Therapist · Alisha Tacoma 2190 FIR ST, Unit#206, Vancouver 2016-12-23 Issued
Adele Wong, Registered Massage Therapist · Adele Elizabeth Wong (Adele Wong) 1239 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#902, Vancouver 2016-12-23 Issued
East Vancouver Therapeutic Massage · Debbie Bisgaard 2386 Kingsway, Vancouver 2016-12-22 Issued
Oakridge Kerrisdale Massage Therapy Clinic · Noni Galliazzo 5511 WEST BOULEVARD, Unit#207, Vancouver 2016-12-22 Issued
Bayswater Neuromuscular & Massage · Christopher C Quirk (Christopher Quirk) 2475 Bayswater St, Unit#218, Vancouver 2016-12-21 Issued
Commercial Drive Massage Therapy · Paula Margaret Bethune (Paula Bethune) 1416 COMMERCIAL DRIVE, Unit#102, Vancouver 2016-12-21 Issued
Sole Spa Reflexology & Foot Massage Lounge Inc 3086 CAMBIE ST, Vancouver 2016-12-20 Issued
Sole Spa Reflexology & Foot Massage Lounge Inc 1226 HAMILTON ST, Unit#101, Vancouver 2016-12-20 Inactive
Marilyn's Mobile Massage Therapy · Marilyn Chang 6772 GLADSTONE ST, Vancouver 2016-12-20 Issued
Changing Hands Massage Therapy · Michael Hills 876 W 16TH AV, Unit#208, Vancouver 2016-12-20 Issued
Power Paws Animal Wellness Massage · Tazuko Kai 1876 W 6TH AV, Unit#107, Vancouver 2016-12-19 Issued
Yang Health Massage Treatment Clinic Ltd 3373 KINGSWAY, Unit#102, Vancouver 2016-12-19 Issued
Broadway at Yew Chiropractic & Massage · Beverley Steinhoff 2221 W BROADWAY, Vancouver 2016-12-19 Issued
Franz F Sutter Registered Massage Therapist · Franz Friedrich Sutter (Franz Sutter) 5780 CAMBIE ST, Unit#225, Vancouver 2016-12-19 Issued
Priority Therapeutic Massage · Leanne K Lloyd (Leanne Lloyd) 3195 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#102, Vancouver 2016-12-16 Issued
West 4th Massage Therapy Co · Justin Yap 2211 W 4TH AV, Vancouver 2016-12-16 Inactive
Trikinetic Massage Therapy · Karen Fleming 1750 E 10TH AV, Unit#302, Vancouver 2016-12-15 Issued
Coastal Massage Therapy · Jennifer Nene Crichton (Jennifer Crichton) 850 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#403, Vancouver 2016-12-15 Issued
Rebekka Brandli Registered Massage Therapist · Rebekka Cristina Brandli (Rebekka Brandli) 2496 NAPIER ST, Vancouver 2016-12-15 Issued
Pacific Coast Massage Therapy · G Christopher Robins (Christopher Robins) 736 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#1118, Vancouver 2016-12-13 Issued
Rebecca Hsu Massage Therapy · Rebecca Jui Yi Hsu (Rebecca Hsu) 456 W BROADWAY, Unit#305, Vancouver 2016-12-13 Issued
The Cat Nanny/All Paws Massage · Marta Banat 3238 QUEBEC ST, Unit#5, Vancouver 2016-12-12 Issued
Main Massage Therapy and Acupuncture · Hyunhee Choi 232 E 11TH AV, Vancouver 2016-12-12 Inactive
Mobile Registered Massage Therapy · Rory Frances Perrier (Rory Perrier) 1777 E 8TH AV, Vancouver 2016-12-11 Issued
Mount Pleasant Massage Therapy · Benjamin Kobayashi 3223 MAIN ST, Vancouver 2016-12-11 Issued
South Van Massage & Physiotherapy Centre · Alaaeldin Badreldin P.T. 5990 FRASER ST, Unit#101, Vancouver 2016-12-11 Issued
Oakridge Kerrisdale Massage Therapy Clinic · Catherine Saul 5511 WEST BOULEVARD, Suite#207, Vancouver 2016-12-09 Issued
Serenity Therapeutic Massage · Katrina Anne Douglass (Katrina Douglass) 750 W BROADWAY, Unit#1203, Vancouver 2016-12-08 Issued
Veluna Massage Therapy · Alison Nowak & Danica Lebel 2083 ALMA ST, Unit#242, Vancouver 2016-12-08 Issued
Oceana Massage · Susan Cristina Polano (Susan Polano) 2016-12-06 Issued
Shauna McGuire Massage Therapy · Shauna Rene McGuire (Shauna McGuire) 2016-12-05 Issued
Tanja's Massage & Bodywork · Tanja Ulrike Wuerstlein (Tanja Wuerstlein) 2016-12-05 Issued
Rain City Massage Therapy · Terri Green & Derek Wone 3195 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#211, Vancouver 2016-12-05 Issued
Cedarwood Massage Therapy · Tracy C Mack (Tracy Mack) 2096 W 41ST AV, Unit#102, Vancouver 2016-12-04 Gone Out of Busi
Adam Mullock Registered Massage Therapy · Adam Mullock 3303 W 4TH AV, Vancouver 2016-12-02 Issued
The Massage Studio Whole Body Wellness · Nathallee K Hartwell (Nathallee Hartwell) 1687 W BROADWAY, Unit#60, Vancouver 2016-11-30 Issued
Flexible Massage · Peter Krak 2016-11-29 Issued
Colleen Boddez, Registered Massage Therapist · Colleen Boddez 2323 W 2ND AV, Unit#104, Vancouver 2016-11-27 Issued
Body Alchemy Massage · Nathan Paul Johnson (Nathan Johnson) 1546 BALSAM ST, Unit#4, Vancouver 2016-11-26 Issued
Bayswater Neuromuscular & Massage · Jack Quon 2475 BAYSWATER ST, Unit#218, Vancouver 2016-11-24 Issued