Vancouver Business Licence

Jurisdiction: City of Vancouver, BC
Source: Vancouver, Community Services Group - Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date Status
Spacecraft Film and Media Sets · Spacecraft Film and Media Sets Inc Vancouver 2018-07-20 Issued
China Mainstream Media National Film Capital Canada Group Inc Vancouver 2018-07-19 Issued
Habitat & Co. Media Inc Vancouver 2018-07-11 Issued
McMedia · RGB Mcmedia A/V Services Ltd 1690 W 75TH AV, Vancouver 2018-07-05 Issued
Rareborne Media · Erin Katherine Puckey (Erin Puckey) Vancouver 2018-07-04 Issued
FreemantleMedia Ltd High Wycombe Bucks 2018-06-18 Inactive
Vivo Media Arts Centre 2625 KASLO ST, Vancouver 2018-06-14 Inactive
Wanderlust Digital Media Inc Vancouver 2018-06-07 Issued
Less Of The Excess Media · Pia A Edberg (Pia Edberg) Vancouver 2018-06-04 Issued
Timelapse Film Media House Inc 510 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#822, Vancouver 2018-05-16 Issued
Liddleworks Indie Media · Joanne Rina Liddle (Joanne Liddle) Vancouver 2018-05-11 Issued
Euforia Spanish Media · Jose A G Eguizabal & Marisela G B Mancia 777 HORNBY ST, Unit#600, Vancouver 2018-05-09 Issued
Red Rebel Media · Kelly Daniel Anthony Williamson (Kelly Williamson) Vancouver 2018-04-27 Issued
Georgia Street Media Inc 297 E 6TH AV, Vancouver 2018-04-23 Issued
Market One Media Group Inc 440 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#320, Vancouver 2018-04-23 Issued
Sea Level Media Ltd 887 GREAT NORTHERN WAY, Unit#101, Vancouver 2018-04-19 Issued
Pacific Poke · CBI Media Inc 2151 W 4TH AV, Vancouver 2018-04-12 Issued
Discourse Media · Discourse Media Ltd 877 E HASTINGS ST, Unit#308, Vancouver 2018-04-10 Issued
Pixieset Media Inc 152 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#200, Vancouver 2018-03-27 Issued
Affility Media Inc Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Koncha Media Ltd 1238 SE MARINE DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-03-20 Issued
VCP Ink Construction · VCP Media Inc Vancouver 2018-03-16 Inactive
VCP Ink Construction · VCP Media Inc Vancouver 2018-03-16 Issued
Bell Media Inc 969 ROBSON ST, Unit#600, Vancouver 2018-03-15 Issued
The Hive Mediaworks · 0853176 BC Ltd Vancouver 2018-03-13 Issued
Newad Media Inc 1120 Hamilton St, Unit#209, Vancouver 2018-03-12 Issued
NIBC Live Media Incorporated 422 RICHARDS ST, Unit#300, Vancouver 2018-03-11 Issued
Healthy Family Media 3050 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver 2018-03-05 Inactive
Powershifter Media Corp 38 E 5TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-04 Issued
509 Media Group Inc Winnipeg 2018-03-02 Inactive · Plentyoffish Media ULC 555 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#2400, Vancouver 2018-02-21 Issued
Urban Bicycle Parking Systems · C-Media Global Services Inc Surrey 2018-02-20 Issued
Blender Media Inc 1190 MELVILLE ST, Unit#430, Vancouver 2018-02-19 Issued
Adviant Media Inc Vancouver 2018-02-16 Issued
Pantoscope Media Inc 625 HOWE ST, Unit#1250, Vancouver 2018-02-15 Issued
Forward Digital Media · Kelly Warren Vancouver 2018-02-14 Issued
Destiny Media Technologies · Destiny Software Productions Inc 885 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#1110, Vancouver 2018-02-13 Issued
Roche Online Business Services · Roche Media Group Inc Vancouver 2018-02-13 Issued
Adaptive Media · 0642999 BC Ltd Vancouver 2018-02-12 Issued
Media Factory Animation And VFX Film Studios Inc Vancouver 2018-02-11 Issued
Codetactic Media Inc 1200 W 73RD AV, Unit#1100, Vancouver 2018-02-10 Issued
Two 4 The Money Media Inc Vancouver 2018-02-09 Issued
Investing News Network · DIG Media Inc 560 BEATTY ST, Unit#L200, Vancouver 2018-02-08 Issued
CobbySoft Media Inc Richmond 2018-02-07 Issued
Smart Media Technology Inc · Mainstreamdollars Publishing Inc 1090 W PENDER ST, Unit#710, Vancouver 2018-02-07 Issued
Fortune World Media Inc 999 CANADA PLACE, Unit#485, Vancouver 2018-02-05 Issued
WOW Unlimited Media Inc 2025 W BROADWAY, Unit#200 + 300, Vancouver 2018-02-05 Issued
Mixed Media Painting · Karen Anne Bagayawa (Karen Bagayawa) 1000 PARKER ST, Unit#480, Vancouver 2018-02-05 Issued
Narcoleap Media Inc Burnaby 2018-02-01 Inactive
Mediakraft Digital · Thomas Petryshen Vancouver 2018-01-26 Issued
KZG Times Media Inc 475 MAIN ST, Unit#226, Vancouver 2018-01-25 Issued
DHX Media (Vancouver) Ltd 380 W 5TH AV, Vancouver 2018-01-19 Issued
Konchamedia · Seon Young Yang (Seon Yang) 1238 SE MARINE DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-01-19 Gone Out of Business
City TV Vancouver · Rogers Media Inc 180 W 2ND AV, Vancouver 2018-01-18 Issued
Rogers Media Inc 2440 ASH ST, Vancouver 2018-01-18 Issued
Hootsuite Media Inc 5 E 8TH AV, Vancouver 2018-01-17 Issued
Rolling Peaks Media Inc Vancouver 2018-01-12 Issued
Soho Road Food Carts · Mundmedia Enterprises Inc 401 INDUSTRIAL AV, Vancouver 2018-01-11 Issued
Assorted Media Inc 422 RICHARDS ST, Unit#300, Vancouver 2018-01-10 Issued
LBMG · Laura Ballance Media Group Inc 27 W 6TH AV, Vancouver 2018-01-10 Issued
Buzz Connected Media Inc Vancouver 2018-01-08 Issued
Save On Drive · Speed Media Inc 4902 VICTORIA DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-01-05 Issued
Touchbox Media · Tarek El Nahal Vancouver 2018-01-05 Issued
CrowHop Media · Donald Keith Owen (Donald Owen) Vancouver 2018-01-04 Issued
Companyman Production Services/Backlot Media · 0772185 BC Ltd 422 RICHARDS ST, Unit#170, Vancouver 2018-01-04 Issued
Quantec Media · Ronesh Raj Singh (Ronesh Singh) Vancouver 2018-01-03 Issued
GlobalLeaks Media · Joshua Joseph Baker (Joshua Baker) Vancouver 2018-01-03 Issued
Power Hoot Media Ltd Vancouver 2018-01-03 Issued
QMAAS · Quin Media Arts & Sciences Inc Vancouver 2018-01-02 Issued
Spectramedia · Juliette Schmerler 4213 GLEN DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-01-02 Issued
Victory Square Media Inc 353 WATER ST, Unit#500, Vancouver 2018-01-02 Issued
Image X Media Inc 163 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#405, Vancouver 2018-01-02 Issued
Blackhammer Media Operations Ltd Vancouver 2018-01-02 Issued
Busker Dues Media Inc Vancouver 2018-01-02 Issued
Jana Lynne White Media · Jana Lynne White (Jana White) Vancouver 2018-01-02 Gone Out of Business
Ocean Media Inc 1758 W 2ND AV, Vancouver 2018-01-02 Issued
Wobo Media Inc 725 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#420, Vancouver 2018-01-02 Issued
Basetwo Media Inc 887 GREAT NORTHERN WAY, Unit#101, Vancouver 2018-01-02 Issued
Deena Media · Edin Muric 2949 MAIN ST, Unit#14, Vancouver 2018-01-01 Issued
Interactive Bee Media · Brenda P Kapitan (Brenda Kapitan) Vancouver 2017-12-31 Issued
Rebecca Visser Marketing and Media · Rebecca Visser Vancouver 2017-12-31 Issued
Hallographix Design And Multimedia Group · Tammi Hall 525 SEYMOUR ST, Unit#310, Vancouver 2017-12-31 Issued
Code Media · Ragbir Singh Surrey 2017-12-30 Issued
Yuki Matsuno Mediation Services · Yuki Matsuno Vancouver 2017-12-30 Issued
Zhidao Media Inc 1285 W BROADWAY, Unit#280, Vancouver 2017-12-30 Issued
Martin Knowles Photo/Media · Martin J Knowles (Martin Knowles) Vancouver 2017-12-30 Issued
Roche Media · Deborah Roche Vancouver 2017-12-29 Inactive
La Scala/Smart FX · La Scala Integrated Media Corporation 1385 BOUNDARY ROAD, Vancouver 2017-12-28 Issued
TOC Media Group Ltd Vancouver 2017-12-28 Issued
La Scala/Smart FX · La Scala Integrated Media Corporation 1385 BOUNDARY ROAD, Vancouver 2017-12-28 Issued
Shoal Media (Canada) Inc 1715 COOK ST, Unit#103, Vancouver 2017-12-27 Issued
Phongphusion Multimedia Design · Anna Yan Vancouver 2017-12-27 Issued
Dragon Chopsticks Media Solutions Ltd Vancouver 2017-12-27 Issued
Affility Media Inc Vancouver 2017-12-27 Inactive
Ansal Media Group Inc Vancouver 2017-12-27 Issued · Kraftmedia Industries Inc 227 ABBOTT ST, Vancouver 2017-12-27 Issued
Elevenseven Media Group · Mark Douglas Mountenay (Mark Mountenay) 887 GREAT NORTHERN WAY, Unit#125, Vancouver 2017-12-24 Issued
Quietly Media Inc 33 WATER ST, Unit#808, Vancouver 2017-12-22 Issued
NGX Interactive · Netgenetix.Com Media Inc 265 E 1ST AV, Vancouver 2017-12-22 Issued
Quotemedia Ltd 885 DUNSMUIR ST, Unit#440, Vancouver 2017-12-21 Issued