Vancouver Business Licence

Jurisdiction: City of Vancouver, BC
Source: Vancouver, Community Services Group - Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date Status
Fraserview Photography Ltd 8430 JELLICOE ST, Unit#305, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Karizma Photography · Tatiana Berdyugin & Natalia Leonova 970 BURRARD ST, Unit#229, Vancouver 2018-03-21 Issued
Eden Bao Photography LLC 3804 163rd St SE, Bothell 2018-03-20 Issued
Susan Lu Photography · Jun Qing Lu (Jun Lu) 1255 BIDWELL ST, Unit#1609, Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
Emmy Lou Virginia Photography · Emmy-Lou Canedo Estrada (Emmy-Lou Canedo Estrada) 5895 ARGYLE ST, Vancouver 2018-03-08 Issued
360 and Beyond Photography · Roger Alexander Hamill Middleton (Roger Middleton) 422 RICHARDS ST, Unit#300, Vancouver 2018-03-07 Issued
Bestway Photo · Enhance Development Corp 15453 85 av, Surrey 2018-03-02 Issued
Ben Glassco Photography · Benjamin Robert Glassco (Benjamin Glassco) 1600 BEACH AV, Unit#1604M, Vancouver 2018-03-02 Issued
Juna Photography · Justin Morrison 4374 W 8TH AV, Vancouver 2018-02-27 Issued
Jubilee Photobooth · Louis Li 6662 CLARENDON ST, Vancouver 2018-02-22 Issued
Eric Scott Photography · Eric Scott 950 POWELL ST, Unit#202, Vancouver 2018-02-21 Issued
Kristy Ryan Photography · Christine Mary Ellen Ryan (Christine Ryan) 55 E CORDOVA ST, Unit#516, Vancouver 2018-02-21 Issued
Framwerk Photography & Design Inc 629 ATLANTIC ST, Vancouver 2018-02-18 Issued
Clinton Hussey Photography · Clinton Hussey 25 E 6th Av, Unit#2, Vancouver 2018-02-17 Issued
Kiran Polach Photography · Kiran Polach 1228 MARINASIDE CRESCENT, Unit#1705, Vancouver 2018-02-13 Issued
Allan Liang Photography · Jun Wei Liang (Jun Wei Liang) 3788 W 10TH AV, Unit#302, Vancouver 2018-02-13 Issued
Zoom Photographics · Khalid Hawe 990 Lagoon Dr, Suite#505, Vancouver 2018-02-10 Issued
Bokeh Wedding Photography · Wai Kin Leung (Wai Leung) 8074 16th Ave, Burnaby 2018-02-09 Issued
Vision Event Photography Inc 252 E 17TH AV, Vancouver 2018-02-09 Issued
Gordon Waddington Photography · Gordon Waddington 3855 W 36TH AV, Vancouver 2018-02-07 Issued
Hubert Kang Photography · Hubert Kang Photography Ltd 990 NICOLA ST, Vancouver 2018-02-07 Issued
Darina Kopcok Photography · Darina Anna Kopcok (Darina Kopcok) 2133 DUNDAS ST, Unit#207, Vancouver 2018-02-06 Issued
Bischoff Photography · Alexander Bruce Bischoff (Alexander Bishocc) 343 RAILWAY ST, UNit#305, Vancouver 2018-02-05 Issued
Lung Liu Photography · Sinh Lung Liu 1770 DAVIE ST, Unit#1500, Vancouver 2018-01-25 Issued
Jeremy Segal Photography · Jeremy Segal 792 W 54TH AV, Vancouver 2018-01-24 Issued
Ian Redd Photography · Ian S Redd (Ian Redd) 2018-01-22 Issued
Broda Photography · Ryan Broda 128 W 1ST AV, Vancouver 2018-01-22 Issued
Site Photography · Robert Scott Massey (Robert Massey) 272 E 4TH AV, Unit#206, Vancouver 2018-01-19 Issued
Danielle Wong Photography · Danielle Win San Wong (Danielle Wong) 6868 ANGUS DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-01-17 Issued
Perfect Look Laser Hair Removal and Photo Facial Centre · Mandana Moradi 830 DENMAN ST, Vancouver 2018-01-15 Issued
Ea Sorila Photography · Eero A Sorila 1348 E 35, Vancouver 2018-01-09 Issued
Birgit Berghofer Photography · Birgit Berghofer 545 E 49TH AV, Vancouver 2018-01-07 Issued
Bruce McPherson Photography · Bruce McPherson 458 E 44th Av, Unit#206, Vancouver 2018-01-05 Issued
Jana Photography · Jana Photography Ltd 3680 E HASTINGS ST, Unit#305, Vancouver 2018-01-02 Issued
Randal Kurt Photography · Randal Kurt Hrytzak (Randal Hrytzak) 2132 W 8TH AV, Vancouver 2017-12-31 Issued
Barn Owl Photography · Michael Arthur O'Hanley (Michael O'Hanley) 633 W 8TH AV, Unit#313, Vancouver 2017-12-31 Issued
Photo Dynamicz Photography · Dennis Aveno 5365 COMMERCIAL ST, Vancouver 2017-12-31 Issued
Stephanie Lamy Photography · Stephanie Pauline Lamy (Stephanie Lamy) 1371 HARWOOD ST, Unit#305, Vancouver 2017-12-31 Issued
Stephanie Lamy Photography · Stephanie Pauline Lamy (Stephanie Lamy) 1371 HARWOOD ST, Unit#305, Vancouver 2017-12-31 Issued
France Edward Photography · Emma Campbell & Mitchell Stookey 2017-12-30 Issued
Ivan Chan Photography · Ivan Chiu Man Chan (Ivan Chan) 11788 River Rd, Unit#156, Richmond 2017-12-30 Issued
Martin Knowles Photo/Media · Martin J Knowles (Martin Knowles) 989 RICHARDS ST, Unit#703, Vancouver 2017-12-30 Issued
Greg Blue Photography · Howard Gregory Blue (Howard Blue) 128 W CORDOVA ST, Unit#3701, Vancouver 2017-12-30 Issued
Colin Douglas Photography · Colin James Douglas (Colin Douglas) 2017-12-29 Issued
Magic Hour Photo Moments Ltd & Norman K Pruss 2017-12-29 Issued
James Stevenson Photography · James Peter Stevenson (James Stevenson) 1277 NELSON ST, Unit#502, Vancouver 2017-12-29 Issued
Mahi Photo Studio 2005 Ltd 6647 FRASER ST, Vancouver 2017-12-29 Issued
Oaxaca Studio Graphic Design And Photography · Gonzalez Alenjandro 1300 W 7th Av, Vancouver 2017-12-28 Issued
Michael Mesa Digital Photo Ads · Michael Postrado Mesa (Michael Mesa) 6913 INVERNESS ST, Vancouver 2017-12-27 Issued
Mikako Chiba Photography · Mikako Chiba 788 HAMILTON ST, Unit#1211, Vancouver 2017-12-26 Issued
Larry Goldstein Photography Inc 2707 W 43RD AV, Vancouver 2017-12-24 Issued
Stephen's Photolab Ltd 1200 Hornby St, Suite#101, Vancouver 2017-12-23 Issued
Jennifer Friesen Photography · Jennifer Friesen 1075 W 15TH AV, Unit#2, Vancouver 2017-12-22 Issued
Jelger and Tanja Photography · Jelger Vitt & Tanja Maria Francois Aelbrecht 425 E 11TH AV, Unit#206, Vancouver 2017-12-21 Issued
Honey Cat Photo · Candice R Foster (Candice Foster) 1720 BALSAM ST, Unit#401, Vancouver 2017-12-21 Issued
Colorific Photo & Digital Imaging Ltd 195 W 7TH AV, Unit#101, Vancouver 2017-12-21 Issued
Karoly Banath Photography · Karoly Banath 1798 E 11th Av, Vancouver 2017-12-20 Issued
J3 Photo Booth · Rosita Escaler & Jaime Escaler 2032 E 12TH AV, Vancouver 2017-12-20 Issued
Heckl Photography · Brian F Heckl (Brian Heckl) 4264 W 11TH AV, Vancouver 2017-12-19 Issued
Main Street Photography · Reece Terris 360 E 10TH AV, Vancouver 2017-12-18 Issued
Photo Station · Sukhbir Mahi 4485 Dunbar St, Vancouver 2017-12-18 Issued
WRJ Photographics · William R Jans (William Jans) 3436 Sophia St, Vancouver 2017-12-17 Issued
Siu Photo Imaging · Siu Kit Wong (Siu Wong) 3580 E HASTINGS ST, Vancouver 2017-12-17 Issued
Frame It Photography Ltd 5243 WALES ST, Vancouver 2017-12-15 Issued
Rolling Photo Studio Ltd 1750 Augusta Ave, Unit#207, Burnaby 2017-12-13 Issued
Photosat Information Ltd 1188 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#580, Vancouver 2017-12-13 Issued
Aiota Photography · Pamela Gregoriadis 525 SEYMOUR ST, Unit#205, Vancouver 2017-12-13 Issued
BetterSweet Photography · Minjung Kim 602 CITADEL PARADE, Unit#1002, Vancouver 2017-12-13 Issued
Don MacGregor Photography Ltd 1545 W 75TH AV, Vancouver 2017-12-12 Issued
Best Quality Photo · Angelove Photo Studio Inc 2228 E HASTINGS ST, Vancouver 2017-12-11 Issued
Best Quality Photo · Angelove Photo Studio Inc 2228 E HASTINGS ST, Vancouver 2017-12-11 Issued
Miya Photography · Raymon Kiyoshi Miya (Raymon Miya) 4075 VALLEY DRIVE, Vancouver 2017-12-09 Issued
PhotoReal Renovation · Yen-Hung Lai 4985 ROSS ST, Vancouver 2017-12-08 Issued
AGX Photo · Gregory Jack Beatty (Gregory Beatty) 2017-12-07 Issued
Claudette Carracedo Photo · Claudette Therese Carracedo (Claudette Carracedo) 2017-12-07 Issued
Victoria 1 Hr Photo Studio · Ji Hwan Yoo (Ji Yoo) 5467 Victoria Dr, Vancouver 2017-12-06 Issued
D&R Photo Drop Ltd 6530 Fraser St, Vancouver 2017-12-06 Issued
Penelope Slack Photography · Penelope Jean Slack (Penelope Slack) 6450 EAST BOULEVARD, Vancouver 2017-12-03 Issued
Stephen Davis Photography · Stephen Davis 1315 BROUGHTON ST, Unit#107, Vancouver 2017-12-02 Issued
Bello Wedding World · Samtal Wedding And Photography Ltd 3207 MAIN ST, Vancouver 2017-12-01 Issued
hyperfocus photography · Justin T Eckersall & Stefanie A Kobialka (Justin Eckersall) 1749 CHARLES ST, Vancouver 2017-12-01 Issued
Bello Wedding World · Samtal Wedding And Photography Ltd 3207 MAIN ST, Vancouver 2017-12-01 Issued
Trevor Brady Photography · Trevor Brady 2017-11-30 Issued
Evangelos Photography Ltd 3156 W BROADWAY, Vancouver 2017-11-30 Issued
David Photography · David Cooper 950 Powell, Suite#202, Vancouver 2017-11-28 Issued
Fortune Hill Photography · Vanessa Fukuyama 3468 PORTER ST, Vancouver 2017-11-28 Issued
Flashpoint Photographic Rentals Ltd 171 W 3rd Av, Vancouver 2017-11-28 Issued
Flashpoint Photographic Rentals Ltd 171 W 3rd Av, Vancouver 2017-11-28 Issued
Karen Cooper Photography · Karen E Gardener & Robert Gardener 1506 DURANLEAU ST, Vancouver 2017-11-22 Issued
Gloss Boudoir Photography · Gloss Boudoir Photography Inc 119 W PENDER ST, Unit#502, Vancouver 2017-11-22 Issued
The Apartment Photography and Creative Media Group · Jeffrey Yunion Chang (Jeffrey Chang) 5629 DUNBAR ST, Unit#308, Vancouver 2017-11-20 Issued
Gastown Photo · Gastown Photo Inc 757 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#143, Vancouver 2017-11-20 Issued
Image This Photographics Inc 1610 CLARK DRIVE, Unit#201, Vancouver 2017-11-20 Issued
Keys and Notes Photobooth Rentals · Timothy Yeok Luen Lau (Timothy Lau) 8075 COLUMBIA ST, Vancouver 2017-11-19 Issued
Invisionation Photography · Invisionation Creative Group Inc 5629 DUNBAR ST, Unit#405, Vancouver 2017-11-17 Issued
Lit Within Photography · Norbert Tissier 938 SMITHE ST, Unit#1608, Vancouver 2017-11-16 Issued
Simply Rose Photography · Rosalee Grace Dykstra (Rosalee Dykstra) 635 E 54TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-15 Issued
Shari and Mike Photographers · Shari Lee Vallely & Michael William Vallely 33 W PENDER ST, Unit#602, Vancouver 2017-11-15 Issued
ABC Photo Ltd 472 W 15TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-14 Issued
Goga Bayat Photography · Ghogha Bayat 1500 HOWE ST, Unit#308, Vancouver 2017-11-13 Issued